Amazing Son-in-law 2521-2522 (Charlie wade)

 Chapter 2521

What jumped into Zara's eyes was a luxurious suite in a hotel, and he was lying on a comfortable bed with a width of more than two meters.


At this moment, she thought she was the soul after death.



So she immediately wanted to find her mother's whereabouts, and when she looked around, she found that her mother was lying beside herself!



At this time, she didn't care about the dream and reality. 

She stretched out her hand eagerly, shook her mother's body, and shouted: "Mom...Mom, wake up..."


Deana, who was still asleep, woke up faintly. After she recovered, she looked at Zara in front of her and exclaimed: " have nothing to do?!"



Zara hurriedly said: "Mom, I...I don't know if I have something to do..."


Deana looked around and asked subconsciously: "Aren't the tunnel? How come..."

Zara also shook his head subconsciously: "I don't know what's going on, it looks like this is a hotel..."



With that, Zara suddenly thought of Charlie's face!

Suddenly it occurred to him that before he fell into a coma, what appeared in front of him was the benefactor that he was thinking about and trying his best to find him.


So she understood one thing and exclaimed: "Mom! Grace must have saved us!"


"My benefactor?!" Deana asked subconsciously: "You mean, the benefactor who saved you in Japan?!"


"That's wrong! It's him!" Zara was so excited that her voice was trembling, and her tears were completely uncontrollable, and her cheeks were completely choked.


 I'm dead, and my consciousness has reached the edge of fragmentation, and...then I saw Grace!"



Deana couldn't help asking: "Could it be the hallucinations caused by unconsciousness at that time? Isn't that person in Japan? How could he appear in Aurous Hill?"


Zara said unswervingly: "Mom. It's him, it's really him! I will never remember it wrong!"

With that said, she hurriedly checked her body.


Soon, she discovered that her body, which had been severely injured in the car accident, was now unscathed, and she said excitedly: "Mom! My benefactor must have rescued us from the tunnel! And our body injuries. , He must have cured it!"



Only then did Deana realize that his body did not feel any abnormality at all at this time.


You know, before that, she and her daughter suffered a man-made car accident in the tunnel and suffered huge injuries.


She couldn't help exclaiming in her heart: "In such a serious car accident, it is almost impossible for anyone to survive!"


"However, Zara and I are unharmed now… This is incredible..."

So she hurriedly asked: "Zara, why did your benefactor come to save us?"


"I don't know either." Zara shook his head blankly, and said, "I have recruited him for a long time, but I have never found him. This is the second time I have seen him..."


As she said, she couldn't help sighing: "Mom, my dear , he saved me again..  and not only saved me, but also saved you.  Let's count it down, my wife, and my brother, three I owe my grandfather four lives..."


Immediately afterwards, Zara couldn't help complaining: "Mom! The Feng Shui master that grandpa looked for is nothing but nonsense! He told me not to look for my benefactor, and talk about my life style and my life style recoil. , There will be a catastrophe, but he must not have thought that it was the benefactor who rescued me again! I said at the time that his calculations were not credible, and you scolded me..."

Chapter 2522

Deana immediately stopped and said: 


u! Don't talk nonsense! How do you know that Master  is inaccurate? Master  said long ago that if you weren't looking for him


, if you were obedient and went back to Eastcliff, naturally you would not I will encounter such a big thing."


Zara was not convinced, and blurted out: "Then if I go back, mother, your safety will not be guaranteed!?


 If I am not here, my benefactor will not show up, then mother, you will be more auspicious Up..."



Deana sighed and said, "Hey, this is the world's cause and effect. Master  only neglected the connection between you and him at the time. 


I would not even have a connection with your benefactor through you. Even though I will be saved by your grace..."



Speaking of this, she couldn't help but sigh: "This benefactor is really a noble person in our family... I don't know if I can find him and thank him in person..."



Zara came back to her senses and said excitedly: 


"The hotel we are staying in must have been arranged by my benefactor. I will go to the service staff and ask!"


After speaking, she hurriedly got up from the bed, rushed out of the bedroom in two steps, and went straight to the door of the executive suite.



As soon as Zara pushed the door open, he saw four strong young women outside the door completely blocking the way.



She hurriedly asked: "Hello, where am I?"


One of the women said, "Hello Miss. Banks, you are in a hotel arranged by our young master for you and Ms. Thorne."


Zara asked in surprise, "Then, who is your young master?"


The woman shook her head and said, "I'm sorry Miss. Banks, the identity of our young master is highly confidential, and we must never disclose it to the outside world."

Zara was not reconciled, and asked, "Can you take me to see him? I want to thank him in person..."

"I'm sorry." 

The woman continued to shake her head, and said apologetically: 


"Our young master has ordered that if you and Miss Du wake up, you should have a good rest in the room.You can talk to us at any time if you need it, but you can't leave the room. step."

"Huh?" Zara couldn't help asking: "I don't know what your young master's intention is for this arrangement?"



The woman explained: "That's right, our master told you that your grandfather is deliberately trying to kill your mother, and your own safety is not guaranteed,


so he needs you and Ms. Thorne to stay in the hotel room temporarily. 


Go out."

Zara feels a little lost, but when she thinks that her benefactor is also for the safety of herself and her mother, 


she nodded and said helplessly: "Well then... please help me thank you young master... ..."

Then she hurriedly asked: "I...I have another question."



"Miss. Banks, please say."



Zara asked expectantly: "Will your young master come here? I...I want to see him…


I don't know if there is such an honor?"



The woman smiled slightly: "Miss. Banks, I have no way to answer you exactly. Master did not tell me if he will come."



Zara felt even more disappointed.



Unexpectedly, I was rescued by my benefactor again, and even got into a high-end hotel by the benefactor, but I still couldn't see my benefactor.



At this time, she couldn't help asking: "Then, do you know where my phone is? If you know, can you return it to me?"



The woman said, "I'm sorry, Miss. Banks, our young master has ordered that you and Ms. Thorne cannot contact anyone outside for the time being,


 because many people are looking for your whereabouts. Once they know you are still alive, I am afraid they will You are not good, I hope you can understand!"