Amazing Son-in-law 2519-2520 (Charlie wade)

 Chapter 2519

One thing that Lord Banks is better than Zayne is that he used clues to construct a general framework in his brain, and in this framework, he calculated the existence of Charlie, a mysterious person.

In fact, Lord Banks has always been a very shrewd old fox, and there are almost no loopholes in many of his plans, but several times because he could not foresee a variable like Charlie, so he missed the slightest point and was wrong.

This time, he speculated that Zara was dead, and speculated that Zara must be rescued by an expert, so he decided to try his best to restore Zayne's family.


The first breakthrough point was naturally Zayne, the head of the family.

The call just now not only calmed Zayne, but also expressed his apologies to Fitz  in front of Zayne.

If the father and son believed his words, he would have saved at least half of the family of four.

Although it is impossible for Zayne to forgive Lord Banks so easily, at this moment, his heart was indeed relieved a little bit because of Lord Banks's initiative to admit his mistake just now.

After all, Lord Banks never bowed his head to admit his mistakes in his entire life, and suddenly apologized in person, which really surprised him.

Moreover, Lord Banks couldn't count the existence of the mysterious factor Charlie, so he didn't know the real motive of the old man's softness.

In addition, he himself was sent to Australia. 

Even if the father did something sorry for him, there is absolutely no need to bow his head to him. 

Even the father can completely put him under house arrest.

This is what the father has always done. style.

But the old man didn't have to choose this way. 

Instead, he actively bowed his head to admit his mistake and begged for forgiveness. 

This made Zayne feel that the old man might really have a real understanding, and he has the idea of   reforming and making up for himself.

The old man is willing to make up for himself and agree to let himself go back to China, which is equivalent to preparing to restore his heir status.

There are no people who will have trouble with the trillions of fortunes, so in addition to surprise, Zayne's heart also has an uncontrollable excitement.


However, on the one hand, there was the grief and worry of the unidentified life and death of his own daughter, and on the other hand the excitement and excitement of  turning over. 

These completely different moods mixed together, which made Zayne a little ashamed.

The reason why he was ashamed was also because he found that he couldn't stop the excitement in his heart under such circumstances.

This also made him thoroughly understand a truth.

Why was there a series of battles for the throne and power between the flesh and blood of the closest relatives in ancient times?


Older brothers killed younger brothers, younger brothers killed older brothers, fathers killed sons, sons killed fathers, and so on.

The reason is that the benefits placed in front of them are so great that they can leave their blood and affection behind.

Sacrificing one's dearest relatives, if only one hundred yuan can be exchanged, how many people in this world will agree.

However, if you sacrifice your loved ones, what if you can get back ten billion, or even one trillion?

I am afraid that many people will be completely confused by this huge benefit.

Zayne is also a mortal, and he also has seven emotions and six desires.

After being sent to Australia, he felt the loss of power, and this sense of loss made him unforgettable.

Now that he finally saw the opportunity to turn against the wind, how could he not be excited deep in his heart.

So, he called Fitz  and briefly explained the situation to him, and then asked him: "Fitz, I think your grandpa really realized his mistake this time,

so you should not be here either. I touched him too much, you know?"

Chapter 2520

Fitz  said angrily: "Dad! Mom and Zara are now being killed by him. You tell me not to touch him too much? Don't you watch the videos circulating on the Internet? Mom and Zara are in that car. What's going on in the car!"


"Stupid!" Zayne shouted angrily: "It has already happened, what can you and your grandfather try to save?"


"Not only can you not save anything, you will also be forever!"


"You know, I am the eldest son of the Bank family, and you are the eldest son of the Bank family.Your grandfather will live for more than ten years at most. At that time, if I can't be the head of the Bank family, I will have to go away. !"

"If your second uncle, your third uncle or your fourth uncle take the position of the head of the house, will it make our family feel better?!"


"I ask you, do you know what your grandfather's brothers will end up after your grandfather becomes the owner of the house?"


"My uncles and uncles don't even have one who can live in China! The day they failed to seize a prostitute, it was the beginning of their family's departure overseas!"


Speaking of this, Zayne said emotionally: "Those who have failed to seize the concubine, leave Eastcliff and go overseas, can get less than 1% of the assets of the Banks family, and the most unlucky one can't even get 1%. Arrived! Do you want to wait ten years to be kicked out of China, take back all the positions, funds and assets given to you by the family, and the whole family with hundreds of millions of assets to live overseas?"

Fitz  fell into silence.

As the saying goes, it is easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality.


Now I don't care about money at all. 


I have private jets when I go out, and the world has my own business.

 I can do whatever I want. 

But once my father has said that he fails to seize his prostitute and is sent overseas, he will lose everything instantly.


A better private jet costs hundreds of millions $. If you really deprive all your assets and leave only a few hundred million in assets for your family, what will you live on?

Zayne also knew very well that his words had touched his son's heart, so he was very wise to choose enough to stop instead of rushing for success.

So he opened his mouth and said: "Okay, I will tell you so much first. Your grandpa asked me to meet him in southern region.  You will find a place to stay in Aurous Hill tonight and drive to southern region in the morning. ,I will be able to arrive in southern region almost tomorrow afternoon, when you come to the airport to see me, let's meet your grandpa together again!"


Fitz  was silent for a moment, no longer showing his rebellion and confrontation, and said in a low voice: "I know Dad, after you take off, send me a WeChat account, I will find time to pick you up."

"Well, be careful yourself!"


This night, the reality is extremely calm, but the online world continues to boil.

The attack and abuse against Lord Banks has intensified.


What Lord Banks did has even begun to be reported by overseas media.

And Lord Banks himself, quietly hiding  overnight.


Zayne boarded the private plane of the Bank family and departed from Australia for a direct flight to southern region.


As for Fitz , for the sake of caution, he did not go to seek refuge

 in anyone, nor did he go to the hotel. Instead, he lay in his limousine with the heater on all night.


This night, the three generations of the Bank family, the grandparents, all had no sleep.


In sharp contrast to them, Deana and Zara, mother and daughter, lay on the extremely comfortable bed in the hotel and slept peacefully all night.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Zara was the first to wake up and opened his eyes slightly...