Amazing Son-in-law 2511-2512 (English version)

  Chapter 2511

Lord wade's mockery made Lord Banks furious at once!

        He really did not expect that he put himself down to beg Lord wade, Lord wade more or less must have a superficial courtesy, right?

        As a result, this old son of a b*tch said he was thinking of eating farts as soon as he opened his mouth!

        What an outrage!

        But he still gritted his teeth and said: "Brother wade! If you want to completely turn your back on me today, then when I, Lord Banks, get over my strength in the future, you can't blame me for being merciless!"

        Lord wade sneered: "Lord Banks ah, if I say that you are a thief f*cking meaningless, really have the ability to think of your own moves, running to play tough with me what is the point?"

        After saying that, he continued to sneer: "At this time you came to me to delete the video, think with your toes, I can not agree to you ah!"

        Lord Banks suffered a huge humiliation and said through clenched teeth, "Good! Lord wade, you do not want to delete the video, then I do not force, since there is no front, then we will talk business directly, I heard that your short video platform was bought for more than 80 billion, how about this, I directly give you 120 billion, you sell it to me, the net profit of more than 30 billion, how about it?"

        "Not for sale!" Lord wade refused without hesitation, "You don't know how bullish I am on the short video industry. The reason why I bought this platform in the first place is to make the short video industry bigger and stronger. How is it possible to make a move so early?"

        Lord Banks said in a cold voice: "After all, isn't it because the money is too small? I'll tell you what, I'm not going to rub it in with you, 150 billion! As long as you say the word, I will arrange for the finance to make the payment now!"

        "Impossible." Lord wade smiled faintly: "I never have a problem with money in principle, but this matter today is never a problem that can be solved by money, I advise you to die."

        After saying that, he did not wait for Lord Banks response, directly and simply hung up the phone.

        Lord Banks on the other end of the phone was so angry that his chest rose and fell violently.

        His butler hurriedly asked after him, "Master! This Lord wade clearly wants to see us laugh, do you think that he is the one who is secretly directing the matter in Aurous Hill? Maybe, the Second Prince is in his hands now."

        Lord Banks waved his hand with a black face and said in a cold voice: "Impossible, even if Aurous Hill is the wade family's territory, the wade family can't be behind all this."

        Saying that, Lord Banks added: "Don't you forget, Liu Zhan has never been to Aurous Hill before, he exposed himself in Aurous Hill when he just arrived."

        "Think about it, he had just arrived in Aurous Hill, and immediately had the sense to be discovered by the police, then he rushed into the Treasure Pavilion, kidnapped Deana and Zara."

        "Immediately after that, he drove carrying Deana and Zara to rendezvous with John Garet, then suddenly something happened, which left the wade family less than an hour to prepare."

        "In this less than an hour window of time, they not only have to accurately track down Liu Zhan, but also have the ability to directly take down John Garet and the four of them, John Garet's strength is very strong, as far as I know, no one in the wade family should be able to surpass him."

        Speaking of which, Lord Banks continued his analysis: "And James's disappearance! James in the hotel, there are more than twenty experts of our Banks family protection, but the other party can be in the more than twenty experts unaware of the situation, easily take him away, which proves that the other party's strength, far above our more than twenty experts, the wade family which has such a powerful person?"

Chapter 2512

"To put it in a bad way, if the wade family really had this ability, then they could have easily kidnapped me as well, or just assassinated me at home, and how would they have been pressed headlong by our Banks family?"

        "That's true ......" The butler hesitated for a moment, then opened his mouth and asked, "Master, then do you think it could be that the wade family has suddenly befriended some hidden expert?"

        "It's also unlikely ......" Lord Banks shook his head and spoke, "The wade family has never paid as much attention to martial arts masters as we do, old thing Lord wade only has eyes for making money and will spend a lot of money to raise a large number of martial arts masters, this kind of thing is not interested at all. So how is it possible that such a person can't find a real expert to help?"

        Said, Lord Banks face grim analysis: "I can now think of the possibility, there are three."

        The butler hurriedly asked, "Master, which three?"

        Lord Banks opened his mouth and said, "The first possibility is that the Xion's family is working against me behind my back!"

        "Xion's family?!" The housekeeper hurriedly asked, "Are you talking about Xion's mother's family?"

        "That's right!" Lord Banks gritted his teeth and said, "Since Xion's accident, Xion's family withdrew all the experts in our Banks family, but never asked me for a statement, the reason why they didn't ask me for a statement is probably because they plan to secretly seek revenge on me."

        "Moreover, Xion's family is a martial arts family, the family is full of experts, so maybe they are behind this."

        The butler asked again, "Master, what about the other two possibilities?"

      Lord Banks looked very serious and said, "Xion's life and death are still uncertain, if this girl died, that's all, but if she really escaped back, then with her character, the probability is that she will seek revenge on me!"

        The housekeeper said, "Master, since Xion's whereabouts are unknown, I have been following your instructions to keep an eye on the customs entry situation across the country, but there has been no clue about Xion."

        "That can't be taken lightly!" Lord Banks sighed, "Although Xion is very young, but her strength is really very good. If she is really still alive, it must be a time bomb."

        After saying that, Lord Banks smacked his lips again and continued, "However, whether it's the whole He family, or counting Xion, even though their strength is very strong, but really not so strong that they can make our two dozen top experts unaware, so this is also something I have never figured out ......"

        The housekeeper nodded and said seriously, "When Xion's family did not turn against us before, the situation within the family is almost all very clear to us, the strongest of their generation of young people is Xion, but she really does not seem to be strong to this extent either ......"

        Lord Banks sighed and said, "There is another possibility."

        The butler hurriedly asked, "Master, what is the possibility?"

       Lord Banks spoke, "Do you remember that Fitz and Zara had an accident in Japan and were saved by a mysterious Chinese man?"

        "I remember." The housekeeper said, "Miss Zara has been trying to find the whereabouts of that mysterious person."

        Lord Banks said, "That man is extremely strong! One person was able to kil l many top Japanese ninjas unharmed, which is almost the same as one person being able to ki ll many Chinese martial arts masters in a row! Absolutely the top of the top! If this person's strength is really that strong, then he quietly kidnapped James under the noses of more than 20 experts of the Banks family, there is still a great possibility!"