Amazing Son-in-law 2505-2506 English version

 Chapter 2505

At this moment, the entire internet is sympathetic to the Banks family's plight, and at the same time can't wait to find out who is behind the crime as soon as possible, so that the whole case can be brought to light.

        However, at the moment, neither the Banks family, nor the police, nor the general public can find any real valuable clues.

        So as soon as any so-called clues are released on the internet, they will immediately cause countless people to gather around.

        After Charlie sent out this video, it immediately attracted many users to click on it because of the title mentioning the big reveal.

        This look did not matter, the whole video was clearly and visually displayed in front of the audience.

        At the beginning, there is the scene of the tragic car accident.

        Liu Zhan is dead, Deana and Zara are seriously injured and their lives are uncertain.

        Immediately afterwards, John Garet faced the camera and introduced himself.

        He then reveals the shocking secret that shocks everyone!

        It turned out that the reason why Deana and Zara were kidnapped by Liu Zhan was not a coincidence at all.

        It was all because Lord Banks, the old man of the Banks family, was behind it!

        The reason was that he was very unhappy about Deana wanting to divorce his son, and was even more annoyed at her for coming to Aurous Hill to attend the auction.

        He even wanted to kill his own granddaughter!

        Seeing this, all the audience could not help but feel an extremely strong disgust towards Lord Banks.

        At this point, Charlie's questioning, which had changed his voice, appeared in the video.

        Charlie questioned him about this old dog, Lord Banks, and why he had to create such a horrific and horrible incident for the sake of that sh*t in his own family.

        It was only then that everyone remembered that Liu Zhan had strapped on explosives, stormed into the Treasure Pavilion and shot several hostages, all at the behest of Lord Banks!

        Not only did several innocent hostages die in vain because of Lord Banks's conspiracy.

        More importantly, the safety of hundreds of people were constantly threatened by Liu Zhan's explosives!

        It almost came close to an exceptionally tragic and major incident!

        And behind all this, it was all Lord Banks's idea!

        This old dog is so bad that he's a bad man to the bone!

        Immediately afterwards, everyone saw a video of James, a wretched James, admitting to the camera that Lord Banks, that old dog, not only wanted to harm Deana and Zara, but even Xion before, was also the victim of Lord Banks!

        What's even more outrageous is that this old dog, Lord Banks, not only harmed his own granddaughter, but also pushed Zayne out to take the fall for the gun, which is simply inhumane!

        In an instant, all the netizens who saw this video were all enraged by Lord Banks's shameless and extremely shameless act.

        These netizens instantly turned into part of the fission propaganda, forwarding this explosive video to all their friends and family around them.

        In an instant, the video's traffic skyrocketed by hundreds or thousands of times!

        In just 10 minutes, the video had been viewed by tens of millions of people.

        Public opinion on the internet immediately shifted 360 degrees.

        Netizens have been cursing Lord Banks, the old dog, online using every vicious word they can think of.

        The police were struggling because they could not find any relevant clues, and after suddenly discovering this video, they were greatly annoyed.

        Just an hour ago, the public relations director of the Banks Group had made a special phone call to urge the police to solve the case as soon as possible and give the Banks family an explanation, as well as to rescue the three missing members of the Banks family as soon as possible.

        The police were also feeling a lot of pressure, because the Banks family is after all the most powerful family in the country. As a result, they never expected that three members of the family would go missing in Aurous Hill one after another, which put pressure on the Aurous Hill police comparable to that of the Tokyo Police Department during the Tokyo chaos.

        But they never imagined that just when they were trying their best to solve the case, a video like this would suddenly break out!

        It turned out that the whole thing was just a case of the Banks family crying out for a thief!

        The Banks family kept saying that they wanted the police to solve the case as soon as possible so that they could give them an explanation, but in fact they were behind all this bloodshed!

        What's even more unacceptable is that they chose to implicate several innocent hostages in this way, even if their own family members were fighting among themselves!

        This is a disregard for the law!

Chapter 2506

The Aurous Hill police immediately reported the situation to higher authorities and asked them to investigate and deal with it severely.

        At this moment, the exhausted Lord Banks had just fallen asleep.

        A sharp knock at the door woke him up from his sleep.

        "Master! Master! Something big has happened!"

        The one shouting at the door was the Banks family's great butler.

        Lord Banks opened his eyes violently and sat up from the bed in a flash.

        At this moment, he was very nervous deep inside, because what had happened today was almost completely out of control for him, so much so that even his own son was unaccounted for, so he was now afraid that there would suddenly be some other bad news.

        He hurriedly got up, threw on a robe and stepped to the door to open it.

        Outside the door, the housekeeper's face was pale and his face was covered in beads of sweat, and it was clear that he was in a state of high tension and fear.

        Lord Banks's heart thudded, looking at the stance of the housekeeper, he knew that something very serious must have happened.

        So, he hurriedly asked, "What's wrong?

        The big housekeeper said with a tearless voice, "Master ...... Just a few minutes ago, someone suddenly posted a video on top of the short video platform, which was taken of John Garet and the second son ......"


        Once Lord Banks heard that the video was filmed of John Garet, and his second son James, his heart burst into panic!

        Both John Garet and James had disappeared, and there were no valuable clues yet.

        If a video related to the two of them was exposed on the internet, the matter would definitely not be simple!

        So, he hurriedly asked, "What video? Let me see it quickly!"

        The big butler shivered and took out his phone, opened the short video platform, and played the video, which was already approaching the 100 million hits mark.

        As soon as he saw the crash scene, Lord Banks panicked!

        The moment John Garet said in front of the camera that it was Lord Banks who wanted to kill Deana, Lord Banks's face was as white as paper!

        He had lost control of his emotions and roared in a trembling voice, "This ...... Who the hell filmed this? Who shot this? I ...... I'll kil l him! Kil l his whole family!"

        The butler stammered, "Master, you ...... You can read on ......"

       Lord Banks subconsciously swallowed his saliva and continued to look at the back.

        At this time, John Garet was in front of the camera and put the death of Zara on Lord Banks head as well.

       Lord Banks was instantly outraged!

        "What is John Garet babbling about?! When did I try to kil l Zara? That son of a b*tch! I have raised him for so many years and he betrayed me! I'm going to cut him into pieces!"

        "And! The person who took this video must be the one who is working against me behind my back, I will find him and kil l him no matter what!"

        The first butler spoke up, "Master, the Second Prince is also in the hands of this mysterious person!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, the video also switched to James's part.

        The James in the picture was as miserable as he could be.

        He was a fat middle-aged man of fifty, stripped down to a pair of trousers, his body was doused with cold water, and his head was still covered in ice.

        His expression, moreover, was full of fear and pleading, where was there any semblance of the aura of the Banks family's second son, he was completely a middle-aged iron waste.

        Lord Banks couldn't help but feel some heartache in his heart.

        After all, he was his own son, and after his eldest son had been abandoned by himself, this second son had become the best candidate for the heir in his own mind.

        Seeing him being tortured in such a way, Lord Banks naturally felt a deep sense of licking his calf.

        However, as soon as James spoke in the video, the little bit of love Lord Banks had for him disappeared without a trace!

        A few moments later, he was like an active volcano erupting, roaring in anger, "This beast! How dare you sell your father for glory! I ...... I ......"