Amazing Son-in-law 2503-2504 English version

  Chapter 2503

Sir Wade currently has no extra energy to take care of Cynthia. 


 Now he is very happy, and he has only one thought in his mind: "The Bank family has fought hard, and the time is near for the Wade family to outperform the Bank family!" 


 At that moment he immediately said to Man: "Four seas, we must closely follow the actions of the whole Bank family, and with that, secretly send more workers to Aurous Hill, if by chance they see Charlie., we should not stand to look! "


 And the man said," Sir, sir, sir. Just prepare it! 


 After speaking, He repeated: "Master, or I will go there myself!" 


 Lord Wade says harshly: "You still do not want to go, you yourself are more sensitive, if you go to Aurous Hill this time, the Family Bank must think that this problem has something to do with we, so you just stand still in Eastcliff, join me, and watch the changes. "



" Zoo! Agree and say, "Master, what more do you have?" Order? "


 Lord Wade asked:" You can tell others now. I will have a meeting in 20 minutes. In addition, if there is an event on Aurous Hill, you should report to me in a timely manner! "


" Good lord! "


 Lord Wade hung up the phone. , Cynthia was offended here and said: "Father ... what should I do ..." 


 Lord Wade realized that the video call with Cynthia had not been hung, so she said: "Arent you easy to deal with? Just call your brother. and ask him to arrange a plane to pick you up. "


 After that, Lord Wade remembered something and blurted out:" By the way, Charlie let the people under his hands release you. 


 right? Then didn't you see him in person? "" No ... "Cynthia said angry. 


 Lord Wade humbly said, "Well, you call Charlie and tell him you're gone. You call him to apologize for his previous offense. Do not forget to say one thing, a lot. The sky at Aurous Hill, and its 


 causes it trouble. "Cynthia said calmly:" What ?! Father! He made me so miserable, you let me apologize to him? "


" Also! He kept me at Aurous Hill. After so many hard days, why should I cause him trouble? ! "

Lord Wade said coldly: "Your character really needs to change. You go to Aurous Hill this time, and there are problems with many things. , It is reasonable to apologize to Charlie, and the senses you left about Charlie are very bad. This could be a major obstacle to his return to our Wade family in the future. If he doesn't want to abandon his prejudice, then 


 don't talk about Charlie in the future. I will not forgive you! “Cynthia almost passed out. 


 But when she thought of Lord Wade's tone just now, she knew that if she didn't do this, the old man would never forgive herself. 


 So she could only be angry: "Okay ... I'm calling it ..." 


 "Well, probably the same thing." The Lord nodded wade in satisfaction, and said: "Okay. Yes, that's it, I am going to the meeting. "


 spoke, the old man hung up the video. 


 Cynthia wiped away her tears, reluctantly found Charles' cell phone number and called him. 


 This time Charlie was editing the video, and suddenly Cynthias' phone rang. He couldn’t help bending over, hesitated for a moment, and then connected. 




 Cynthia became even more angry when he heard Charles's cold voice, but he dared not do any negligence in his mouth, so he could only smile and say, "Charlie, I am your aunt... 


 Charlie asks quickly: "What is the problem? "


 Cynthia hurriedly said:" your aunt called to apologize to you ... I came to Aurous Hill this time because your aunt didn't know what to do. It caused you a lot of trouble and made you mad. We also hope you can forgive your aunt this time. "


 Then, he said:" Also, your aunt is going back to Eastcliff tonight. This period of time is indeed causing you trouble. 


 Charlie did not expect that this aunt would call me and convince himself. 


 And, this is after she regained her freedom. 


 It stands to reason that this aunt is not likely to know her mistake and repent. 


 Chapter 2504 


 If you make this call before you regain your freedom, then 80% is to let yourself let it go. 


 But after she regained her freedom, she called herself to overpower her, which is really strange. 


 may be the old man forced to apologize. 


 But Charlie bothers to cut her pull too much, after all, called the explosion at hand there's a level of video to release, so he said lightly :. “I hope you can do a low key, do not be too arrogant and dictatorial, watch yourself.” 


 ended and he hung up the phone directly. 


 On the other side of the phone, Cynthia mumbled secretly, twisting his teeth and stepping on his feet. "Well done, you wait for me, I'll release it soon!" 


 Charlie with Cynthia seems.

Charlie Continue editing the video. 


 Currently, it received a news feed. 


 He could not immediately laugh out loud when he saw the title. 


 The title is: "The Banks Group suffered a series of plots. After Deana and Zara went missing, James, the Vice President of the Banks Group, was also kidnapped from Aurous Hill! "


 Charlie found this news by clicking on this headline interestingly. It was about the kidnapping and disappearance of Jamess on Aurous Hill. 


 In addition, the journalist also felt the need for companies, families, or organizations that deliberately created attacks on the Family Bank. 


 First, Deana and Zara are kidnapped, and James is now out of the world. All this came to the Bank family! 


 He urged the majority of netizens to discern the truth and not be misled by those who deliberately discredit the Bank family on the Internet. He also maintained that all co-operation would eventually break down, and those behind it would leave and accept the law. sanctions. 


 Originally, some netizens did not believe that the banking family was really innocent. 


 However, when they saw that James was also missing in Aurous Hill, they changed their minds. 


 In their view, this must be someone who is improving the Family Bank. 


 The Family Bank is still poor. His daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and son have been kidnapped one after another, life and death are uncertain, and they are almost framed and mistaken for the murder of their daughter-in-law -the law and their granddaughter ... 


 In short, comment. The region is full of sympathy and support for bankers. 


 When Charlie saw this, a smile appeared on his face. 


 In his opinion, it naturally worsened the more the banking family desperately seized every opportunity to cleanse. 


 But this former Lord Banks is a real hero today. 


 Xion said he could sell the granddaughter; Deana, the daughter-in-law, said she could kill. 


 Now that his own son has disappeared, he has not forgotten to take this opportunity to wash the land for the Bank family. The method is very unique. 


 However, he must never have imagined that all these efforts he made will not only help the Bank's family to reverse public opinion, but also make the death of the Bank's families worse! 


 He used ten minutes to edit all the videos. 


 In the last 10 minutes, the Banks family has bought almost all of the media software and just pushed the press release enthusiastically. Public opinion on the Internet has fully supported the Bank’s family. 


 Charlie slowly opened up a short video platform at this point and uploaded the edited video using the vest. 


 He was entitled: "The case of the hijacking of the Aurous Hill property site and the unknown incident of a forbidden mountain accident!