Amazing Son-in-law 2501-2502 English

 Chapter 2501

Early morning.

    Aurous Hill City Village.

    Cynthia, who had lost at least a dozen jins, walked out of the dark alley empty-handed. ?

    Five minutes ago, Don Albert's men opened her door and told her that she could leave.

    At that moment, Cynthia cried bitterly.

    She had been fed up with Aurous Hill, a cold, shabby, dark and humid city village.

    She stayed in this tattered place for so many days, and there was a cheap musty smell all over her body, which made her feel sick all the time.

    She could leave early, but Charlie delayed her for several days for no reason, and then added seven days to the original deadline.

    In fact, if you count it, it's past early morning, which means it's overtime again.

    However, this time Cynthia had learned well, and he dared not yell at Charlie, or even the servants who guarded him.

    Therefore, at the moment of getting permission, she almost didn't even think about it, and went straight out.

    After running out, she realized that she didn't know where to go at so late.

    She wants to return to Eastcliff immediately, but there can be no flights at this time. If her private plane is transferred from Eastcliff, it will take at least two or three hours, so where will she go in these two or three hours?

    Thinking of this, she immediately called Isaac Cameron.

    She felt that Isaac Cameron also had a private jet in Aurous Hill, and she could directly ask Isaac Cameron to send him back.

    However, what she didn't expect in her dream was that Isaac Cameron's mobile phone turned off.

    Isaac Cameron knew that Don Albert was going to release Cynthia tonight, so he set his phone to do not disturb mode long ago.

    In this Do Not Disturb mode, only Charlie can get through his phone, and any other number calling him will prompt the user to shut down.

    Seeing that the phone could not get through, Cynthia cursed and said: "This damn Isaac Cameron, how can the phone be turned off? Is he deliberately avoiding me? What a

    jerk !" Cynthia has no time to get angry with Isaac Cameron now. The most important thing for her now is to quickly return to Eastcliff.

    So, she sent a video call to her father, Lord Wade.

    At this time, the old man had already fallen asleep, and when he received the video, he asked a little sleepily: "

    what's the matter so late?" Cynthia cried and said, "Dad! Charlie, that little bastard, finally got people I let it out, but I can’t go back to Eastcliff now. Isaac Cameron’s bastard mobile phone is also turned off. You can quickly arrange a plane for me to pick me up..."

    Lord Wade said, 

 Then let's take a taxi to the airport, and I will arrange a plane to pick you up." Cynthia choked up: "Dad! You shouldn't be. Let me take a taxi to the airport. I’ve never taken a taxi before when I grew up. The taxi was broken. A car is worth less than the four tires on my car, and everyone in it is worthless. Sit, it's so dirty."

    Lord Wade said helplessly: You have lived in a dirty and messy village for so many days now in a special period. Are you afraid of taking a taxi?"

    Cynthia wowed. He was released and cried: "Dad! I came to Aurous Hill according to your request this time, but I really have eaten all the hardship I have never had in my life..."

    Lord Wade also had a headache, and said, "Okay. It’s OK, if you have anything to say, you’re a person of this old age, don’t cry at all, crying won’t solve any problems."

    After speaking, he yawned and said weakly, "Hey, I'm too sleepy. This man, he is very old. If his sleep is not good, the impact on his body will be too great, so I won't follow you. I'll talk more, you can take a taxi to the airport, I will go to bed first."

Chapter 2502

  Although Cynthia was very aggrieved in his heart, it was not good to see that his father said so. If he continued to insist on something, he could only be aggrieved and said: "Then dad, don't forget to order to sleep after the plane... .."

   Lord wade said tiredly : "You don't need to find me for such trivial things as dispatching a plane. You can call ur bro. and let him arrange it." Cynthia felt even more aggrieved when he heard this.

    "Of course I know that this kind of thing can be done directly to Him."

    "But the reason why I went to the old man directly was to pretend to be pitiful in front of him?"

    "This can also change the old man's impression of Charlie. It's worse."

    "Besides, the old man knows that I have suffered such a grievance in Aurous Hill, and he will definitely give me some compensation."

    "Unexpectedly, the

    old man doesn't value me so much..." Cynthia thought. I was dissatisfied, but didn't dare to continue to mess with the old man at this time.

    I was about to say goodnight to the old man and ended the video as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, at this moment, the landline on the bedside of the old man suddenly rang.

    The landline at the head of the old man's bed is his emergency communication line.

    Only when a major incident occurs and the old man is already resting, the subordinates who report the matter will find the old man through this dedicated line.

    At this time, Lord Wade also realized that something important might happen, so he hung up the video and picked up the landline directly and asked, "What happened?" On the

    phone, man blurted out, "Master! Just received the news. , James, the second child of the Bank family, went to Aurous Hill tonight, and disappeared in Aurous Hill!"

    "What?!" Lord Wade, who was tired a second before, immediately sat up and asked excitedly: "James Missed in Aurous Hill?! Really?!"

    Then he said: "It is true! The Bank family sent many people to Aurous Hill overnight to search for James's whereabouts in a carpet style!"

    Lord Wade suddenly became extremely excited, haha ​​laughed and said, "Great! It's great! Zayne went to Australia with a scapegoat, and James disappeared in Aurous Hill. The Bank family suffered two consecutive losses this time, which is equivalent to half of the hands and feet of the old fox Bank

    After speaking, he couldn't help sighing, "James incident. Er, it must be Charli! The entire Aurous Hill, he has this kind of strength and courage!"

    man said, "Master, there is no clear evidence that it must be  master Wade."

    Lord wade is incomparable. With a certain smile: "It must be him! It must be him! Apart from him, there will be no second person!"

    After that, Lord Wade said again: "Charlie  dare to move even the second son of the Bank family! Really a newborn calf is not afraid of it. Tiger!"

   The man said solemnly on the phone, "Master, Master Charlie  is the son of the second son! Someone has said that the second son is the destiny of the true dragon, and Master Charlie  is the son of the second son, so he is not What a newborn calf, he is... he is a dragon!"

    Lord Wade laughed loudly: "Yes, yes! He is the son ofBruse! He has the same species as his father!"

    Lord Wade was excited when he said this.

    He kept saying: "With Charlie  here, the Wade family's take off is just around the corner! Just around the corner!" Cynthia was shocked when he heard this.

    She has no energy to feel sad for the excitement of her father now.

    She was completely shocked by what Charlie did now.

    She was shocked in her heart, and she was also terrified: "Charlie...Is this guy crazy?! Even James dares to move?! That's the second son of the Bank family! This guy is not even James Put it in your eyes, and if you say you tie it up, what will I do to make him pay for the humiliation he made to me?!"