Amazing Son-in-law 2499-2500 English version

  Chapter 2499

James did not expect that Charlie wade would be interested in matters concerning his private life.

        He was from a large family and was very concerned about the privacy of his private life, so when he heard Charlie ask about this matter, he subconsciously became a little nervous and did not dare to respond even though he was stammering.

        Charlie could not help but frown and asked him, "What? Not willing to say?"

        Seeing that Charlie was somewhat dissatisfied, James hurriedly shook his head and said, "No, no, no, I am willing to tell, willing to tell ......"

        Immediately after that, he said, "That woman is ...... It's Vienna ......"

        "Vienna?" Charlie asked in surprise, "Is it that Vienna, who is known as a jade girl flower girl in the film industry?"

        "Yes ......" James nodded nervously, "That's her ......"

        Charlie couldn't help but sigh: "Aiya, I really didn't expect that the jade girl Vienna, who was said to be ice-clean and pure in the news media, was actually your adopted lover ...... In vain, my wife still approves of her very much and keeps saying that she is one of the benchmarks of the entertainment industry, saying that she is very clean, never spreads scandals, and never even takes kissing scenes with other male stars, it seems that most of the people in this circle also have another side that is not known to the public."

        James nodded awkwardly and stammered, "She ...... She doesn't take kissing scenes because I don't let her. ...... I've told her before that she must never be intimate with other men, even if it's acting ......"

        Charlie smacked his lips and said, "Tsk ...... If the people of the country knew that the goddess of their hearts was going to be crushed by a big, ugly, old, fat, middle-aged, fat pig like you at night, they wouldn't know how sad they would be."

        James's expression was depressed and his face was red and dark, and he could tell that his pride had been hurt by Charlie's words.

        However, even though his pride had been hurt, he did not dare to say anything in front of Charlie, so he could only nod his head in the most embarrassed way and agree, "Yes, yes, what Mr. Wade said is ......"

        Charlie snorted and asked him, "Has this Vienna been in Aurous Hill all this time, or did she come over from somewhere else specifically to have a rendezvous with you?"

        James hurriedly said, "She came over from somewhere else ...... In fact, she was recently filming a movie and my father suddenly asked me to come to Aurous Hill, so I let her come over to keep me company ......"

        Charlie laughed, "Seeing that you are quite old, I didn't expect you to still have a lot of energy."

        James said awkwardly, "No no ...... Not even when you're old ......"

        Charlie smiled and said lightly, "Alright, it's not too early, you should rest well here, you won't have a starlet like Vienna to warm your bed in the future, so adapt to the life in the dog farm as soon as possible, when the time is right, I will send your father over with you, so you can reunite father and son."

        James bowed his head deeply, not daring to answer.

        Charlie looked at Steve next door and said indifferently, "Take good care of your son here."

        Steve had to nod repeatedly, "I know Mr. Wade ......"

        Charlie didn't say any more and said to Cameron, "Send me back."

        "Okay Young Master!"

        Albert sent Charlie and Cameron out of the dog farm, and while only Cameron was around, he said to Charlie, "Young master, on your aunt's side, it's time for tonight, do you think we should let her go?"

        Charlie frowned: "It's time?"

        "It's here." Albert hurriedly said, "This time your aunt behaved quite well, she didn't make any noise or fuss."

        "Mm." Charlie nodded and said, "Then let her hurry up and leave, tell your little brother to open the door, she can leave whenever she wants."

        Albert hurriedly said, "Okay Young Master, I'll make a phone call and arrange it!"

       Charlie patted him on the shoulder and instructed, "This side of the dog farm is of great importance, so you must keep an eye on it for me, don't let anyone from unknown sources approach the dog farm, and strictly prevent your junior brothers from leaking secrets to the outside world!"

        I have already made all the arrangements for the dog farm, and every one of the people working in this are my beloved ones, and during this period of time, I have asked them not to leave the dog farm 24 hours a day, and not to have any contact with the outside world, all of them are under closed management. management, absolutely no word will leak out."

Chapter 2500

Charlie gave a hmph and said, "The Banks family is extremely powerful, although they didn't have any industries or connections in Aurous Hill before, once they want to, they can immediately turn Aurous Hill upside down, it's possible that tomorrow there will be at least dozens of helicopters going back and forth and searching for clues in the skies over the entire Aurous Hill, you have to be very careful."

        Albert nodded and said seriously, "Young Master, don't worry, I will do my best!"

        "Good." Charlie smiled, "I'm still at ease with your work, that's all, I'll go first."


        Leaving Albert's dog farm, Charlie took the Rolls Royce driven by Cameron and returned to the city.

        Because he had just gotten James and Steve to come to the dog farm, Banks's family must now be looking for clues all over Aurous Hill, so Charlie's didn't take the helicopter back again.

        It was too late at the moment, and a helicopter at night without the cover of fireworks must be very loud and definitely very noticeable.

        So it was safer to take a car, at least it wouldn't give any hints of clues to Banks's family.

        On the way back, while driving, Cameron asked Charlie, "Young master, when do you plan to send out the video?"

        Charlie spoke, "At the latter half of the night! I'll go back and edit the video and process my voice as well, then I can send it out."

        Cameron hurriedly asked, "Then are you planning to post it on the short video platform?"

        "Yes!" Charlie nodded and said, "The Banks family as a whole is still very strong, if I post it on other platforms, it will probably be PR'd by them the first time, but if I post it on the wade family's own short video platform, with such a great opportunity to step on the Banks family, the wade family will definitely however miss it, so they definitely won't delete the video."

        Cameron said with a smile, "If you really post the video on the wade family's short video platform, the wade family will not only not delete it, but I'm afraid they will also try to promote it by all means frantically ......"

        Charlie laughed, "That would be perfect."


        When Charlie returned home, Claire was still busy in the study.

        Before Charlie left for the Aurous Hill International Hotel, she had been busy with the company's business, and now that she was back, she hadn't finished working.

        He gently pushed the door of the study open a crack, and Claire was with her back to him, adjusting the design manuscript in front of the computer.

        Charlie looked at his wife's back and felt more or less heartbroken in his heart.

        "If I had known that my wife would work so hard for the cooperation of the Emgrand Group, I actually might as well not have given her this project ......"

        "It's just that there's no turning back from the opening bow, my wife attaches such importance to this cooperation, if I let Doris call off the cooperation now, then she will definitely be doubly devastated."

        Thinking of this, he sighed softly and closed the door of his room again without disturbing Claire.

        Back in his room, Charlie put water on himself and soaked into the bathtub, while holding his mobile phone in his hand, he used a simple video editing software to start processing some of the footage shot today.

        The main footage was in two parts.

        One was the part of the tunnel where John Garet was filmed.

        The other part is the part at the dog farm, filming James.

        These two parts not only clearly stated the fact that it was Lord Banks who ordered the killing off of Deana, but also dumped the pot on Zara's head as well.

        Charlie's knew very well that as long as he sent out the edited video, the Banks family's reputation would suffer a devastating blow!

        Lord Banks would also become the oldest dog in the country to be spat upon!