Amazing Son-in-law 2493-2494 English version

 Chapter 2493

At this time, Charlie looked at James who was flustered, smiled slightly, and said: "The video just now has three parts in total. The first part is your confession. It was Lord Banks who wanted to kill Deana. But you shake the pot to Lord Banks saying that he also wants to kil l Zara. In the second part, you confessed it personally that you hired Liu Zhan to kil l Zara. The third part is your confession that it was Lord Banks who betrayed Xion secretly, and then threw the pot to your elder brother Zayne..." 

At this point, Charlie smacked his lips and continued: " Tsk tsk ...but well, no. The first part and the second part themselves are somewhat contradictory, so if I want to send them out, I can only choose one of the two..."

After that, Charlie looked at him with interest and asked: "James, which do you think I will send out?"

James shook his head, he couldn't figure out Charlie's preferences, he didn't know what Charlie wanted to do. In fact, the first and second part, no matter which one is sent out, I will have bad luck.

Seeing that he was not talking, Charlie smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, I plan to send out the first and third paragraphs, because these two paragraphs put the three, Deana, Zara, and Xion on Lord Banks alone. This should be enough for that old dog to drink a pot! I still prefer to concentrate firepower to fight tough battles, so we must first concentrate all firepower together. This old dog Lord Banks will get a beat down!" After speaking, Charlie smiled, changed the conversation, and continued: "As for the second video...I plan to keep it first and send it to your elder brother Zayne in the future."

James asked dumbfounded: "Why... why would you send it to my elder brother..."

Charlie smiled and said: "If I send the first and third videos to your elder brother, your elder brother knows that Lord Banks wants to kill his two daughters and also wants to kill his wife. Do you think he will fight Lord Banks desperately?"

James said embarrassingly: "This...My elder brother is afraid, he doesn't have this ability..."

"It doesn't matter." Charlie said with a smile: "Does Zayne have this ability? As long as I can completely turn them against each other, it is enough for me." 

James couldn't understand why this young man in his twenties is so cruel. "If he really sends out the video, the eldest brother and the old man will become deadly enemies... The key is that I shake the old man's affairs out, and also throw Zara's pot to the old man, the old man will hate me to the bone!" 

At this time, Charlie said again: "Wait for the first and the Third. After the two videos are sent out, Zayne definitely wanted to kill Lord Banks, and Lord Banks, I guess he will want to kill you! At that time, you will beg me to take you in and save you, otherwise, you just have to go out. I'm afraid that Lord Banks will kill you. Even if he doesn't kill you, he will make you wish you were dead." 

James was even more panicked. "Charlie is not wrong at all. If these two videos are posted, father will definitely strip me alive... This is not an exaggeration! At that time, I am afraid I will really have to beg Charlie to take me in. Otherwise, as long as he let me go out, even if the old man knew that I was being threatened by Charlie, he would definitely not forgive me. ....."

Chapter 2494

Charlie continued to say at this time: "As for the second video just now, that is, the video where you confessed that you wanted to kill Zara, I will wait for your eldest brother to kill Lord Banks and become the head of the Banks Family. Then I will give it to him. In case Zayne has a chance to come back, even if Lord Banks is killed, you can't breathe a sigh of relief, because once your elder brother knows that you want to kill his daughter, he will also find a way to find you, then kill you at all costs. How do you like my closed-loop design? Whether your dad wins or your brother wins, you will end up with death."

Hearing this, James burst into tears. He got it. He really understood this time! "What Charlie has to do is to keep my father and brother and elder brother in a state of war with each other all the time so they will fight each other and one will die... These videos In his hands, I am dead anyway! The game between the old man and the big brother, if the old man wins, I will die; if the big brother wins, I still die!"

"Charlie... have a poisonous heart!"

Seeing James's tears, Charlie sneered and said: "So if you want to, you just stay here honestly, I will let Don Albert prepare for you a single room. It is definitely the best treatment here. As long as you are still here, I can save your life, but it doesn’t matter if you want to escape. It’s either your father who wants to kill you, or your older brother. You die, you weigh the options yourself."

James suddenly cried: "Mr. Wade... please give me a way to survive... or let us work together, you help me kill my father and My eldest brother, after I inherit the Banks Family's fortune, all the Banks Family's assets will be divided and 30% will go to you!"

After that, James quickly said again: "Mr. Wade, if you are willing to cooperate with me, I can cooperate with you immediately. First go to Eastcliff to kill my father, and then go to Australia to kill my eldest brother!"

Don Albert Hearing this, he immediately cursed: "F*ck! James, you f*cking want to be slapped? Do you try to fool Master Wade to help you? You f*cking deserve to die!"

Xion heard James wanted to provoke Charlie to kill his father and hurriedly blurted out: "Young Master Wade, you can't listen to him slanderously! This kind of person has no credibility!"

Charlie smiled slightly and said: "James, even if I kill your Dad and your eldest brother, I won’t let you inherit the Banks Family.” 

At this point, Charlie’s expression suddenly became very cold, and he sternly said: “I will continue to work harder and flatten the entire Banks Family!” 

James was beaten by Charlie. His eyes were scared. Because Charlie's eyes were full of killing intent!

At this moment, Charlie turned around, looked at Xion, and said lightly: "Xion, I know you care about Zayne, after all, he is your father, I can understand, but I can tell you clearly now if Zayne has something to do with the death of my parents. I will kill him personally. If you dare to stop me, I will kill you too."

Xion's body trembled immediately and quickly lowered her head, and said respectfully: "Young Master Wade, if you save my life, I dare not stop you from doing anything, if my father is really your father’s enemy, you must avenge your father, I will not stop... "

After saying this, Xion knelt on the ground with a puff, sobbing and begging: "Master Wade, I have only one request! If my father has nothing to do with the death of your parents, please raise your hand and forgive him. Let him live..."

Charlie said blankly, "Don’t worry, I only kill the scum, if your father is not linked to my parents death, I’ll naturally spare his life." Immediately afterwards, Charlie turned around and said coldly: "However! In any case, Zayne will have to pay the price for the formation of the Anti-wade Alliance back then! Even if the death penalty is unavoidable, punishment is still inevitable!"