Amazing Son-in-law 2487-2488 English version

 Chapter 2487

As soon as Walter heard Charlie wade mention the words Steve Hogewitz, his expression immediately became one of horror!

        He really did not expect that his father would personally rush to Aurous Hill to look for himself.

        This did not make him feel half happy, but instead made him, deep inside, feel a deep sense of trepidation.

        Although he is still using the name of the Hogwarts family, as well as the Rothschild family to try to scare Charlie wade and make a death struggle.

        However, he knew very well in his heart that he was just a fox pretending to be a tiger.

        "Our family is just an ordinary relative of the Rothschild family, the weight and energy is not that strong at all."

        "The so-called foreign relatives, in ancient and modern times, said the emperor, the king's mother, as well as the wife of these two relatives, the straightforward meaning is also very simple, is the outside relatives, unimportant relatives."

        "So, the Rothschilds, basically, will not stand up for me ......"

        "And our Hogwarts family, and the strength is indeed a bit insufficient, in front of Charlie wade, is not worth mentioning ......"

        "Father he came all the way to Aurous Hill, it is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of a local snake like Charlie wade ......"

        "What's more, Charlie wade is still the young master of the wade family in Eastcliff ...... Chairman of the Emgrand Group ...... Strength is a hundred thousand miles stronger than the Hogwarts family ......"

        "So, he came to Aurous Hill, there is little possibility other than sending his head for a million miles ......"

        "In case he also falls into Charlie wade's hands, wouldn't that be all over?"

        Thinking of this, Walter hurriedly spoke, "The surname wade, this is between the two of us, and my father has nothing to do with it!!!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Oh? Then what do you mean?"

        Walter said: "My meaning is very simple, in the words of your Chinese people, that is, the disaster is not as bad as the family, so, what you have to come directly at me, do not involve my father too!"

        Charlie wade nodded approvingly and said seriously, "Walter, this point you made sounds like it makes sense."

        Walter was busy saying, "Then you have to promise me that you won't do anything to my dad!"

        Charlie wade sighed helplessly and laughed: "I'm really sorry Walter, you're a little late."

        Walter's eyes widened: "A little late?! What do you mean?!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Your father has been captured by me, I will bring him over to see you in a moment, so that you two can reunite as father and son."

        Walter's entire body was struck by lightning and roared out of his mouth, "You ...... Why are you touching my father!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Why can't I move your father? Is your father made of gold?"

        Walter said with his eyes wide open, "My father has never provoked you! Who are you to touch him?"

        Charlie wade asked curiously, "Since you've said so, then I'd quite like to ask you, has Doris Young's father ever provoked you before?"

        "I ......" Walter was speechless for a moment.

        He knew very well that the whole thing was entirely because of his own despicable shamelessness.

        If he hadn't let someone poison Doris Young's father and forced Doris Young to give in, he wouldn't have ended up in such a miserable state today.

        So, now Charlie wade asked him rhetorically, and immediately left him speechless.

        At this time, Charlie wade sneered and said, "Just be good and wait here, I will send your father over to reunite with you later."

        After saying that, he turned around and said to Don Albert, "Don Albert, go to your office."

        Don Albert hurriedly said, "Okay Master Ye, please come with me!"

Chapter 2488

At this moment, James and Steve had already been taken by Don Albert's men and brought to Don Albert's office.

        Because both of them were unconscious and tied up, Don Albert's men could only use scissors to cut their clothes into numerous strips of cloth.

        When all the clothes on their bodies were cut off and only a pair of pants was left, one of his men stepped in.

        He was holding an empty basin in one hand and a huge bucket in the other, and said with some difficulty, "Oh, this bucket of water is really heavy."

        One of the little leaders named Biao walked up to him, reached out and lifted the water in the bucket, smacking his lips and said, "Little Four, this water is not very cold, what's wrong?"

        The little brother called Xiao Si said hurriedly, "Brother Biao, this water is from the bathroom faucet, the water in the pipe may not be cold itself."

        Biao spoke up and said, "Hurry up and get some crushed ice from the cold store, go!"

        Don Albert's dog farm, raising hundreds of different breeds of fighting dogs, without exception, are extremely large breeds of dogs, and in order to maintain the wild nature of fighting dogs, he generally feeds raw meat to the dogs here.

        There is such a large consumption of raw meat here, Don Albert spent money to build a small cold storage, specifically for storing a variety of frozen meat.

        Xiao Si brought back a large pile of ice, Biao then instructed him to pour the pile of ice into a bucket of water.

        The water in the bucket immediately became cold and bone chilling.

        Then, Brother Biao looked at James and Steve, who were bundled together, smacked his lips and said, "Master wade instructed to pour a basin of water for the two of them, but these two old dogs are bundled together, you guys, hurry up and separate them first!"

        The words just fell, then heard a voice speak: "No need to separate them again, directly a bucket of water to them both to a rain dew it ......"

        The person who spoke was Charlie wade.

        When Brother Biao saw Charlie wade coming, he hurriedly said respectfully, "Yes, Master wade!"

        After saying that, he directly picked up the bucket and poured the whole bucket of ice water on the bodies of James and Steve.

        This bucket of ice water with ice ballast immediately poured James and Steve a cold heart.

        Also instantly let these two wake up!

        The bone-chilling cold made them both scream, and the whole body was shivering violently.

        James's head, even topped with a pile of not completely melted ice slag.

        The two men found themselves tied up in a bundle of five, and were suddenly terrified.

        James shouted offhandedly: "wade ...... Charlie wade ...... What have you gotten me into?!"

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, "Didn't I tell you long ago? Seeing that you came all the way here, I, the host, naturally have to do my part as a host, I prepared a good room for you, so you can come over and enjoy yourself."

        Steve on the side also asked with a face full of panic: "You ...... What are you? What do you want to do?"

        Charlie wade looked at him and said with a smile, "Mr. Steve, right? First time meeting, let's introduce ourselves, my name is Charlie wade, the leaf of leaves, the star of the star."

        Steve was nervous and said, "Charlie wade? I don't seem to know you, why do you want to kidnap me?"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Mr. Steve came to Aurous Hill this time to find your son Walter, right?"

        Steve exclaimed with wide eyes, "You know Walter?!"

        Charlie wade nodded and said lightly, "More than know, he was invited here by me."

        Steve couldn't hide his excitement at that moment and said, "Where is he? I want to see him!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Don't rush, I've arranged a grand reunion ceremony for you two, but you have to wait a little longer, I have something to do, I have to talk to Mr. Banks first!"

        After saying that, he looked at James and sneered, "Mr. Banks, be sensible and say what you have to say, don't wait for me to force you to say it!"