Amazing Son-in-law 2485-2486 English version

  Chapter 2485

At this moment, Aurous Hill.

        Helicopter all the way to Don Albert's dog farm.

        At this moment, the dog farm was already busy.

        Don Albert, with his inner circle, was waiting eagerly for Charlie wade's arrival.

        As the roar of the helicopter became louder and louder in the sky, the anticipation of the people was overflowing.

        Immediately afterwards, the helicopter slowly descended and came to a stop in the middle of the dog farm.

        Don Albert immediately led his men to welcome them.

        At this moment, Isaac Cameron opened the helicopter's hatch, then made an inviting gesture to Charlie wade and respectfully said, "Master wade please!"

        Charlie wade nodded and got off the plane together with Xion.

        Don Albert hurriedly spoke, "Master wade, the single room you asked me to prepare, as well as the warm father-son reunion ceremony, I have all ready, when do you think we will start?"

        "There's no rush." Charlie wade waved his hand, pointed to the cabin was tied together, still unconscious James and Steve, said: "First, they two to your office, take off all their clothes, leaving only a pair of pants, and then pour a pot of cold water on each of them, yes, remember to open the windows."

        It's still the first month, and the weather in Aurous Hill is still cold, with no sign of warming up.

        In this kind of weather, if stripped naked and poured on a basin of cold water, and still in a room with the windows wide open, most people are afraid that they can not bear.

        Don Albert did not hesitate and immediately said to his men around him, "Hurry up and carry these two guys to the office, in addition, go to someone else and pour a basin of cold water over!"

        Several men immediately went forward and dragged the unconscious James and Steve directly to Don Albert's office.

        Charlie wade opened his mouth and asked, "Don Albert, how is Walter's condition now?"

        Don Albert hurriedly said, "Back to Master wade, Walter is now in the advanced stage of uremia, don't worry, my side gave full play to the humanitarian spirit and actively rescued him, now he will be given hemodialysis once a day, basically he can save his dog's life."

        Charlie wade nodded and said, "Take me to see!"

        "Okay Master wade!"

        Don Albert led Charlie wade as well as Isaac Cameron and stepped forward to the kennel area of the dog farm, Charlie wade walked while observing left and right and sighed: "This place of yours, it is indeed going to be expanded, is there any plan when to start construction?"

        Don Albert said respectfully, "Master wade, after Mr. Cameron told me about this last time, I already had people working on an expansion plan!"

        Said, he very seriously to Charlie wade introduced: "My current preliminary plan, is in the courtyard, free up an area of 500 square meters, the area directly dug up, and then build a three-dimensional underground kennel, then the total use of the area of at least a thousand square meters, to build it seventy to eighty kennels, no problem!

        "This three-dimensional kennel, all around the use of reinforced concrete poured into the three underground floors are not set up any exit, all entrances and exits are concentrated in a large room located on the ground, personnel access to go through this large room for security checks, while twenty-four-hour security guards to ensure that no dog from the kennel out!"

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and teased, "In that case you can raise at least a thousand dogs in this dog farm."

        "Yes Master wade!" Don Albert laughed: "According to this scale of expansion, should be enough, but as long as you say, my side can continue to expand at any time, really can not, we can develop the entire dog farm underground all!"

        Charlie wade nodded with satisfaction and said, "If the money is not enough, feel free to tell me, I personally still very optimistic about this piece[a v racity. com] of your business, even if you invest more, there is no harm!"

        Isaac Cameron listened to the two people chatting on the side, somehow, what he imagined in his head was all the images of all kinds of people being locked up in dog cages.

        At this time, several people have arrived at the gate of the kennel.

Chapter 2486

Don Albert immediately asked someone to open the heavy iron door, as soon as he entered, he heard the dogs in the surrounding kennels began to bark wildly.

        When Don Albert saw this, he immediately roared with a cold face: "Shut the f*ck up, who dares to bark again, I will kil l it today and eat meat!"

        Miraculously, Don Albert shouted this voice down, the entire kennel dogs without exception all stopped.

        Only then was Don Albert satisfied and said to Charlie wade, "Master wade, this way please!"

       Charlie wade followed Don Albert into the interior of the kennel, in the middle of which he saw a group of Walter's men, and also saw Lord Banks's men, John Garet and the four of them.

        When John Garet saw Charlie wade, his eyes looked like he wanted to see a ghost.

        Since being locked up in the dog farm and seeing with his own eyes what happened to Walter, John Garet's fear of Charlie wade had deepened several layers.

        Now that he was locked up here, his biggest worry was how Charlie wade would send him down next.

        In case he was given a "package" similar to Walter's, wouldn't he be worse off than dead for the rest of his life?

        What scares him even more is that what if Charlie wade really let someone raise a pack of African hyenas?

        So, he saw Charlie wade walking over, across the iron cage, kneeling on the ground to Charlie wade begging: "wade ...... Master wade spare life ah ...... A few of us really know that we are wrong, please have mercy, bypass us a dog's life ......"

       Don Albert at this time sternly shouted: "A few of you again f*cking niggling, I will directly tie you up, thrown into the pile of hungry dogs for more than three days!"

        John Garet immediately shivered in fear, like those barking fighting dogs before, and instantly became afraid to say even a word.

        Don Albert hurriedly said to Charlie wade: "Master wade, don't mind, these new guys don't know the rules, you allow me to teach them well for a few days, in a few days, they will become honest and obedient."

        Charlie wade nodded and said indifferently, "These guys are extremely evil and have no more use, if they behave well, they will stay alive, if they don't behave well, just kil l them off."

        Don Albert immediately said, "Okay, Master wade!"

        When John Garet heard Charlie wade's words, he was even more scared out of his mind.

        He knew that he no longer had any use for Charlie wade now, because he had already recorded a video exposing the Banks family's crimes under Charlie wade's coercion, and in this situation, Charlie wade could really have someone take his life at any time.

        At this time, Don Albert led Charlie wade past the cages of John Garet and the four of them, pointed to an iron cage not far away, and spoke, "Master wade, Walter is in that cage."

        Charlie wade followed the direction of his finger and looked over, only to see a single hospital bed inside the iron cage, with several various medical equipment placed next to it.

        Walter weakly lying on the hospital bed, the whole person has swollen several circles.

        Seeing Charlie wade coming, he was scared and afraid, but also hated Charlie wade to the bone.

        After all, he is also the pride of heaven, these days suffered so much, the whole person is like falling into the 18 layers of hell, so naturally full of hatred for Charlie wade.

        Charlie wade came to the iron cage heel, looking at the pale, swollen Walter, asked with concern: "Mr. Walter, the last two days, feel okay? There's nothing unsatisfactory about this henchman of mine, right?"

        Walter roared in anger, "Surnamed wade, you are a complete devil!"

        Charlie wade asked curiously, "Oh? I'm a devil? I just let you taste the tactics you used to deal with others, how come I'm the devil?"

        Walter gritted his teeth and roared: "You better let me out quickly! Otherwise, the Hogwarts will not let you go! The Rothschilds won't let you go either! They will definitely come to Aurous Hill and kil l you with their own hands!"

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, "Your Hogewitz family is indeed powerful, I heard that in order to find you, a guy named Steve Hogewitz came specifically, is this guy familiar to you?"