Amazing Son-in-law 2479-2480 English version

  Chapter 2479

This woman is the young actress who is currently popular, Vienna.

        The people in the entertainment industry know that Vienna has a super powerful golden master behind her, but most people don't know who this master really is.

        Since she got close to James, Vienna's resources in the entertainment industry are so good that all actors are envious to death.

        Other actresses with good resources usually have the opportunity to appear in some larger productions of movies and TV series every now and then.

        Those actresses with good resources can get a big annual drama from a famous director every year.

        The actress, like Vienna, who has the best resources, usually does not have to do anything, the owner behind her will spend money to hire the best director, the hottest male lead, the hottest supporting cast, and surround her with a play that is completely tailored to her alone.

        Other people can be in a big drama with hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, a leading role will be burning incense and thanking the gods.

        She, however, is James directly take a few hundred million, and invite a bunch of big names from the entertainment industry to serve her.

        In this way to mix the entertainment industry, it can be said that the world is shocking.

        It is also because James's energy in the entertainment industry is unparalleled, so Vienna is obedient to him.

        No matter where she is or what she is doing, as long as James makes a phone call, she will fly to James's side even if she is far away to accompany him and serve this super golden master with all her heart.

        James's assistant, directly invited Vienna into the elevator, and then used the elevator's administrator key to adjust the elevator to a manually operated state, directly allowing the elevator to go to the top floor.

        As long as the elevator was adjusted manually inside, it was useless to press the elevator no matter who was outside and on any floor, this elevator would not stop.

        In a few dozen seconds, the elevator arrived at the top floor of the hotel.

        As soon as the elevator door opened, the assistant couldn't wait to step forward and respectfully said, "Miss Vienna, please follow me!"

        Vienna also hurried to follow, while walking quickly, while raising her wrist, looking at the[] limited edition Richard Mille on her wrist, which was worth tens of millions of dollars.

        At this moment, there were still about forty seconds before the ten-minute deadline James said.

        Vienna breathed a sigh of relief, forty seconds was enough to get himself to James's room.

        Although James might not be angry if she was a few minutes late, Vienna still didn't dare to let him have any slightest dissatisfaction with herself.

        She knew that serving James well was the most important thing for her right now.

        Arriving at the door of the presidential suite, the assistant rang the doorbell and whispered, "Boss, Miss Vienna is here."

        There was no response from the room.

        The assistant pressed the doorbell again, but there was still no movement in the room.

        He turned back and said to Vienna, "Boss may be taking a bath, wait a moment, I'll ring again."

        Vienna was busy saying, "Or I should call him!"

        Saying that, he immediately took out his cell phone and dialed James.

        Soon, the ringing of the phone was vaguely heard in the room, but not only did James not answer the phone, there were no other noises in the room.

        The assistant's expression froze for a moment and said nervously, "Oh no! It's probably something wrong!"

        "Something happened? What happened?"

        When Vienna heard this, the whole person was shocked.

        The assistant hurriedly said, "I'm not sure what happened, wait a moment!"

        After saying that, he immediately took out his cell phone, made a call, and said in a low voice: "You come quickly, the boss may have an accident!"

        Five seconds later, the doors of several rooms near the elevator entrance opened almost at the same time.

Chapter 2480

An old man with pale white hair and wearing a Tang suit took the lead, running as fast as he could.

        Behind, more than a dozen men with extraordinary breath followed, each with a gloomy expression, but also with a few hard to conceal the panic.

        The crowd quickly ran to the door of the presidential suite, the leader of the white-haired old man hurriedly asked: "What happened?

        The assistant said in a panic: "The boss didn't respond to the doorbell, and no one answered the phone, but the phone kept ringing inside."

        One of them opened his mouth and asked, "What was the boss doing the last time you saw him?"

        The assistant was busy saying, "The boss said he was preparing to take a bath ......"

        The man asked again, "Could it be that the boss fell asleep while taking a bath?"

        The assistant shook his head: "I'm not too sure, but with my knowledge of the boss, I don't think so!"

        Some words, the assistant could not say too clearly.

        For example, he knew very well that James liked Vienna very much.

        Every time he asked Vienna to come to see him quietly, he would be exceptionally exuberant and wait for Vienna to appear.

        Some times, he would even arrange himself to prepare some cheer-boosting drugs in order to find a better state.

        So, that reasoning, should not fall asleep at this time.

        At this time, that white-haired old man looked grave and opened his mouth and said, "The boss even if he fell asleep in the bath, it's easy to have an accident if you don't keep an eye on it, let's break the door and go in!"

        The assistant also hurriedly nodded.

        Want to know how James in the end, breaking the door is the only way.

        So, he immediately said to the old man: "Elder, everything has your decision!"

        The old man nodded and immediately sank his internal energy into his right leg and kicked out the door, which was made of pure copper!

        Immediately after that, he took the lead and rushed in.

        James's presidential suite is very large, with a usable area of more than 400 square feet, and even has its own indoor swimming pool, which can be said to be extremely luxurious.

        So, a bunch of people rushed in, the painstaking Bara every corner to find once, and then the people met, came to a conclusion that they were appalled: James's missing!


        Not missing.

        Is evaporated!

        Originally a very immortal old man, now also panicked to death, his face piled with wrinkles from the tension.

        While pacing back and forth in the living room, he said eagerly, "This ...... What the f*ck is going on here? We've been watching the elevator entrance and the stairway, and we can be sure that the boss never left at all, and we haven't heard any unusual movements, so how could the boss just disappear?"

        The assistant asked offhandedly, "Elder, should we ...... Should we send someone downstairs to take a look? Could it be an accidental fall or something like that?"

        As soon as the old man heard this, he immediately rushed to the balcony, lying on the luxurious and incomparable railing and looking down, while looking, he said, "There is nothing abnormal below, it is definitely not a fall."

        Someone couldn't help but mutter, "It didn't go down, and it wasn't in the room, did it go up?"

        "Upwards?" The old man heard this, frowned and said, "Upstairs is the rooftop, and from the room also can not go up, it is even more impossible ...... It can't be that it just flew away, right?"

        "This ...... This is too bizarre ......" Someone said in a panic: "Even a fart will leave a little smell ah, a good living person, how can suddenly say disappeared?!"

        After looking around, the assistant spoke: "The boss's clothes are still there, the bathrobe is missing one, if he left quietly on his own, at least he would have changed his clothes, could it be that he was kidnapped?