Amazing Son-in-law 2477-2478 English version

  Chapter 2477

The moment Charlie wade said his identity, James's whole person was simply like a thunderstorm!

        He looked at Charlie wade with dumbfounded eyes and asked in a panic: "You ...... Are you really Bruce's son?"

        After these words, he didn't wait for Charlie wade to answer, he muttered, "It looks so similar, there must be no mistake ......"

        Immediately after that, he hurriedly spoke: "Little Wade, I have some friendship with your father, according to reason, you should also call me an uncle ......"

       Charlie wade said disdainfully, "Let me call you uncle? You are also worthy?"

       James hurriedly said, "I know, your perception of the Banks family is certainly not too good, but our Banks, Wade two families have long had a non-interference, non-confrontation agreement, these dozens and dozens of years, we have also been following the purpose of the well not to offend the river, each economic development, you ...... You can not break this agreement ah!"

        Charlie wade coldly snorted: "The agreement between you and the Wade family, is a matter between you, has nothing to do with me."

        James said in a panic: "You ...... Your surname is also Wade ...... The agreement between the wade family and us, you have to abide by it too!"

        Charlie wade sneered, "I don't recognize any agreement between you and the Wade family, I only recognize eight words."

        "Which eight words?!"

        Charlie wade said word by word: "The revenge of parents, not to be shared!"

        James became even more flustered and said offhandedly, "But the death of your parents has nothing to do with our Banks family!"

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: "Your Banks family led an anti-leaf alliance back then, just these four words alone will require you to pay the price!"

        James hurriedly explained, "Little Wade ...... When your father had an accident, I had not yet begun to specifically take over the Banks family affairs, the Anti-Leaf Alliance has even less to do with me ......"

        Charlie wade stood up, grabbed James's bathrobe collar, and said sternly: "Whether there is a relationship or not is not up to you, but up to me!"

        After saying that, he smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Banks, I have prepared a fine room for you in Aurous Hill, since you are here, come over with me and enjoy yourself!"

        James did not know where Charlie wade was going to take him, let alone what he planned to do to him.

        Just by looking at Charlie wade's expression, he knew that it was definitely not a good thing, so he sobbed and begged in fear: "Charlie wade, I really didn't do anything to hurt your father, the anti-wade alliance was made by my father and my elder brother back then, the wrongdoer has a head and a debt, you want revenge is also to find them ah ......"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Your Banks family is really a f*cking raccoon, as soon as something happens let their own family members to take the blame."

        After saying that, his tone steeply raised a few points, stern voice: "But you do not rush, your father and your brother can not escape, but it is just a matter of time! Today, please come with me first!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Charlie wade reached out his hand and slapped him hard on the head.

        James only felt a dizziness in his brain, and the whole person instantly lost consciousness.

        Immediately afterwards, Charlie wade asked Xion, "Where is Steve?"

        Xion hurriedly said respectfully, "Back to Lord Wade, Steve was tied up after I knocked him out and is on the balcony."


        Charlie wade nodded and said to Xion, "Xion, you help me take care of the traces, don't leave any clues."

        Xion said without hesitation, "Okay Mr. Wade, dealing with the scene is one of the things I am best at."

        In the past, Xion worked for the Banks family, there were often assassinations or kidnappings, and each time Xion was able to handle all the clues without leaving any traces, and her ability in this area was very good.

        Charlie wade handed over the scene to her, and dragged the dead pig-like James to the presidential suite's huge balcony.

        At this time, the unconscious Steve has been firmly bound by the bed sheet hands and feet, the body curled into a ball.

Chapter 2478

Charlie wade took out his cell phone and asked Isaac Cameron to inform the helicopter pilot to lower the ropes and use the strong nylon ropes to tie Steve and Banks firmly together, and then these two were quietly lifted up by the winch.

        At this time, Xion, while backing up and dealing with the footprints he left behind, retreated step by step to the balcony and respectfully said to Charlie wade, "Sir wade, it's all taken care of!"

        Charlie wade nodded, at this time, Isaac Cameron sent a message: "Young master, there is a business car coming from the airport, into the hotel basement, James's people just blocked the basement, it is estimated that the people in this car should be looking for him, you and Miss Banks's action has to be slightly faster."

        Charlie wade smiled faintly: "It should be James's good friend coming."

        Saying that, he grabbed another rope and said to Xion, "Time is short, you hold my waist, let's both go up together."

        The helicopter only has a total of two ropes left and right, that one hanging Steve and James, if you wait for the winch to raise the two up, untie the rope, and then put the rope down, it is estimated to take at least seven or eight minutes.

        Since James's lover has reached the hotel basement, it is estimated that soon will come up, so in order not to leave any clues, it is better to leave as soon as possible.

        So, if the two use the same rope, you can save a lot of time.

        Xion immediately nodded, but the thought of holding Charlie wade, cheeks have been vaguely a little hot.

        At this time, Charlie wade has grabbed the rope, said to Xion: "Hold my waist, do not be afraid, I will hold you tight."

        Xion whispered, "Okay Charlie wade ......"

        After saying that, she gathered her courage and stepped forward to hug Charlie wade's waist.

        Feeling Charlie wade's hard pectoral muscles, the temperature on Xion's face became hotter and hotter.

        This is the first time she and a man so close, so lovingly.

        Charlie wade did not think much about it, hold her tightly, the rope in the two waist wrapped a few, then the end of the rope, clutched in the hand that holds Xion.

        After making sure the rope is tied solidly, his other hand picked up the phone and sent a voice message to Isaac Cameron: "Directly let the helicopter pull up, grab the time to get out of here!"

        "Okay Young Master!"

        Isaac Cameron did not dare to delay and immediately asked the pilot to pull up the altitude.

        Charlie wade held Xion and was quickly lifted by the helicopter.

        To ensure safety, Charlie wade kept holding Xion tightly, while Xion also wrapped her arms around Charlie wade's waist with force.

        Immediately afterwards, the two of them got higher and higher off the ground, and the helicopter kept pulling up to an altitude of hundreds of meters, then it flew towards Don Albert's dog farm.

        After the plane flew away, the fireworks show on the river finally subsided.

        Both sides of the Yangtze River quickly returned to calm from the noise.


        A woman wearing a mask, sunglasses and a duck-tongue cap arrived at the second basement parking lot of the Aurous Hill International Hotel in an Elfa nanny car.

        James's people had been waiting here for a long time.

        The nanny car was parked directly at the entrance of the elevator, which had been completely purged by James's men, so that there could not be any paparazzi lurking in, and even the CCTV footage of the hotel parking lot had been asked to be turned off.

        The car door opened, the woman who completely covered her face stepped down, James's assistant stepped forward and whispered, "Miss Zheng(Miss Vienna), please come with me, the boss has been waiting for a long time!"

        The woman hurriedly said, "Oh, then take me up quickly! We mustn't let him wait anxiously!"