Amazing Son-in-law 2473-2474 English version

  Chapter 2473

James has planned well for himself.

        The first thing you can do is to take a bath and relieve your fatigue, and when Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) arrives, you can get right to the point with her.

        It is rare to have such an opportunity to get rid of the yellow face at home, naturally, we must take advantage of the opportunity to warm up with Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) a few days.

        Putting on the hot water, James undressed and climbed into the bathtub, letting his slightly fat body soak in the hot water.

        He did not know that he was only twenty minutes away from hell on earth.

        At this moment, Charlie wade and Xion, has quietly, touched into the Aurous Hill International Hotel.

        Charlie's skills need not be mentioned, as for Xion, originally is the He family carefully cultivated internal martial arts experts, and received a large number of bodyguards, killers professional training, this aspect of strength is also very good.

        What's more, during this period of time, Xion's Ren vein was completely opened up with the help of Charlie wade, and her overall strength has improved a great deal, so it was not a problem to infiltrate the Aurous Hill International Hotel together with Charlie wade.

        Before coming, Isaac Cameron had already investigated the location of James's and Steve's rooms in the Aurous Hill International Hotel.

        James had directly chartered the entire executive floor, so his bodyguards, as well as those experts of the Banks family, were mostly arranged in the rooms near the elevator and stairway entrances.

        In their opinion, the stairway and elevator are the throat of the entire executive floor, and the executive floor is on the 20th floor, the highest floor of the hotel, so as long as they guard the stairs and elevator, they can ensure that James will be safe and sound.

        However, they did not expect that Charlie wade and Xion, would choose to take a helicopter and break through their defenses directly from the top floor.

        However, the roar of the helicopter was so loud that even if the helicopter was at an altitude of several hundred meters, the ground could hear it clearly and even somewhat deafening, so Charlie wade deliberately asked Isaac Cameron to arrange a fireworks show to give himself cover.

        11:30 at night.

        On the river opposite the Golden Collar International Hotel, huge fireworks were suddenly set off.

        The fireworks were set off from a boat on the river. The huge firework projectiles shot straight up into the sky and exploded at a height of over a hundred meters above the river, making the whole river lively for a while.

        Fireworks exploded one after another, the sound resounded continuously on both sides of the Yangtze River, for a time, so that many people woke up from their dreams, but also many people who did not sleep ran to the bedside to watch excitedly.

        No one knows why there are still people setting off fireworks on the river at this late hour.

        However, Aurous Hill itself is a city of fireworks and romance, from time to time, people will set off fireworks to confess their love, we are used to it.

        The fireworks are constantly set off, reflecting the entire river and both sides of the river in a colorful way.

        The side of the Aurous Hill International Hotel along the river was also illuminated like daylight.

        However, because this side is too bright, the other side will naturally look darker.

        At this time, a helicopter in the sky quickly came towards the roof of the Golden International Hotel.

        The helicopter was kept at an altitude of one hundred and fifty meters, and although it could not eliminate the roar generated by the flight, the sound of the fireworks explosion was stronger, so people could not detect the helicopter's presence at all.

        At this moment, inside the helicopter.

        Charlie wade and Xion were sitting side by side, while opposite them sat Isaac Cameron and two of his men.

        When they were approaching the hotel, Isaac Cameron said with some concern: "Young master, as far as I know, James has at least 20 to 30 experts around him, not including some bodyguards he hired from the local security company, you and Miss Banks only have two people, will it be too dangerous? How about I transfer some more people over!"

        Charlie wade waved his hand and said indifferently, "No, only a small number of people can quietly touch in and quietly withdraw out, if there are many people, won't they have to come in the open?"

        Isaac Cameron some apprehension, said: "But young master, I do not know now, the strength of how exactly, in case of danger, we are also very difficult to effectively support you ......"

Chapter 2474

Charlie wade laughed: "This you do not have to worry about, a moment to the hotel above, the helicopter does not need to go down the height, I and Xion with a rope descent down, and then you will hover overhead and wait, about ten minutes, we will take James and Steve on the balcony, then you adjust the rope, pull us up, we will go directly to Don Albert's dog farm. "

        Isaac Cameron saw that Charlie wade had made all the arrangements, and no longer said anything more, said firmly, "Okay young master, we will wait for you above the hotel."

        Charlie wade at this time said to Xion again, "Xion, later on you are responsible for taking care of Steve Hogewitz, James leave it to me."

        Xion nodded gently and said respectfully, "Yes, Sir wade!"

        Charlie wade instructed, "Remember, try not to alarm the others, let's get in and out quickly, and strive to make it seem to the others that James and that Steve just evaporated and no clues can be found."


        A minute later.

        The plane hovered over the roof of the hotel.

        Isaac Cameron's men immediately lowered two extremely strong nylon ropes from both sides of the helicopter.

        After Charlie wade and Xion exchanged a look with each other, each grabbed a rope and quickly slid down from both sides of the helicopter directly.

        In the blink of an eye, the two landed silently on the rooftop of the hotel.

        Subsequently, two people from the outside of the hotel, quietly touched the James and Steve's room balcony above.

        Steve, at this time, did not have any interest in the fireworks outside, he was lying on the bed, some anxiously trying to sleep, but because of jet lag, he was almost sleepless.

        In desperation, he had to decide to drink some wine to help sleep.

        So he stood up and prepared to take a bottle of whiskey from the liquor cabinet in his hotel room.

        Just then, the sound of exploding fireworks sounded outside again, and he cursed with some annoyance, "I don't know which damned son of a b*tch is setting off fireworks at this hour!"

        Just muttering, he suddenly felt that someone tapped his shoulder.

        This instant, Steve scared even sweat hair stood up.

        Only one person in the room, how can someone tap their shoulders?

        He subconsciously turned his head to look, a delicate looking Chinese woman is looking at him with a smile on her face.

        This woman, it is Xion.

        Steve immediately realized that the other party is not good, panic, about to open his mouth to call for help, then felt a sudden hard blow to the neck, the whole person immediately fainted.

        At this time.

        Charlie wade also touched into James's presidential suite.

        At this time, James had just finished taking a bath, wrapped in a bathrobe, holding a cigar, while walking out of the bathroom, while holding his cell phone, sending a voice weibo to Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna): "Baby, how long will it take to arrive?"

        The other party quickly replied, the voice of a delicate voice said: "Honey you wait for me ten minutes, I have entered the city, soon to arrive!"

        James lewdly laughed: "Let the driver drive faster, if you do not arrive within ten minutes, then later when we meet, I will have to beat your ass yo!"

        After saying that, he loosened his fingers and sent his voice over.

        At that moment, he suddenly heard a man laughing: "Mr. Banks, I think that beautiful girl's ass, you can not hit on yo!"