Amazing Son-in-law 2471-2472 English version

 Chapter 2471

In the evening, when Charlie wade returned home, the ten experts of the Banks family, divided into five ways, began to map out every hospital in Aurous Hill.

        At the same time, James had someone prepare a sumptuous dinner to entertain Steve in the restaurant of his presidential suite.

        Although the economic strength of Steve's family is a hundred thousand miles worse than the Banks family, but in James's opinion, Steve's mother is a Rothschild family member after all, so there is no harm in maintaining a certain friendship with him.

        Steve's heart was naturally excited.

        Although his mother is indeed a woman from the Rothschild family, but he knows very well in his heart, the Rothschild family like his mother's women, at least hundreds of women.

        And his mother, as well as his grandfather's line, would not rank much in the Rothschild family.

        He is a relative of the Rothschild family, and frankly speaking, he is just rubbing a popularity.

        Now he has the opportunity to make friends with the Banks family, the top family in China, which is naturally a very valuable good thing for him, and may be able to rely on the Banks family in the future, and quickly establish a foundation in China.

        So, Steve's excitement, for the time being, not to look for his son Walter, who has been missing for a long time, and focus on the wine table to sit up James's faithful licking dog.

        Just when the two of them were having a drink, Charlie wade received a WeChat from Isaac Cameron, which read, "Young master, people from the Banks family are investigating the background of the Emgrand Group, and also sent experts to infiltrate the major hospitals in Aurous Hill, secretly looking for the whereabouts of Deana and Zara."

        Charlie wade sneered in his heart and replied, "James can ah, all investigated to the Emgrand Group, this is impatient to find me out to meet ah."

        Isaac Cameron said, "Young master don't worry, the outside world only knows that the empire group Wade family acquisition, but don't know who the chairman of the Emgrand group is really, I believe he is not likely to investigate to you in a short time."

        Charlie wade immediately replied, "Don't give him a chance, take him to visit Don Albert's dog farm tonight."

        Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, are you going to do it tonight?"

        Charlie wade replied, "That's right, just tonight. You go and tell Xion to get ready."

        Isaac Cameron was busy saying, "Okay young master, then is there anything I need to prepare?"

        Charlie wade said, "Tell Don Albert to tell the dog farm to get ready, James is the second master of the Banks family after all, his status and background is not ordinary, tell Don Albert to make a separate dog cage for him."

        Isaac Cameron then asked, "What about Steve? Want to prepare him?"

        Charlie wade said, "When Steve arrives at the dog farm, it will be a touching scene with Walter's father and son, let him live with his son in a dog cage, oh yes, you tell Don Albert to prepare some flowers, give the father and son some warm atmosphere."

        "Okay young master, I know!"


        Aurous Hill International Hotel.

        James, who had eaten and drank enough, stood alone in front of the luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows of the presidential suite, looking at the night view of Aurous Hill.

        However, he was not in a good mood at this time, because the whereabouts of Deana and Zara were unknown, and he was afraid that his murder of Zara would be revealed as a result.

        He actually knows very well in his heart: "Even if the old man is no longer a thing, the old man's heart's love for Zara is indeed from the bottom of his heart."

        "If Zara died, of course, for me is all happy, then, Fitz and Zayne are exiled to Australia, there is no one in the Banks family can threaten my position."

        "Moreover, if Zara dies, it will definitely deal a big blow to the old man, and it may even make the old man hiccup sooner, which will also help me to inherit the Banks family headship sooner."

        "But, if Zara didn't die, it would be a huge threat to me all the time!"

        As he was thinking this way, the assistant knocked on the door.

        After James let him in, he opened his mouth and asked, "How are things going?"

Chapter 2472

The assistant hurriedly said respectfully, "Boss, the experts sent out have touched all the hospitals in the entire Aurous Hill, and no two of them have been found."

        "No?!" James frowned and asked, "Are you sure that every hospital has been investigated?"

        "Sure." The assistant nodded and said seriously, "Not only the tertiary hospitals, even the ordinary small clinics have been searched, and they were not found."

        James immediately smacked his lips and said, "Tsk ...... This is a bit f*cking strange ah! Not in the hospital, could it be that people have died?"

        After that, he immediately spoke: "Go and feel the progress of the current police investigation, is there any breakthrough?"

        The assistant said truthfully: "Boss, the police side of the situation I have inquired, they now also do not have any clues, now is the tunnel scene to collect the bullet casing for gunshot monitoring, want to push back from the bullet gunman clues."

        James frowned and asked him, "What about Deana and Zara? The police have no clues whatsoever?"

        "No." The assistant nodded; "The police are as confused as we are right now."

        "Damn it ......" James cursed in a low voice, and then continued to ask: "Then is there any investigation result about the gang of mysterious people? The gang rushed in from the mouth of the tunnel, took away Deana and Zara not to mention, also took away John Garet four of them, not to mention the six living people, even six corpses are not so good to deal with ah! The end is to leave some clues, right?"

        The assistant spoke: "About this, the police currently have no clue."

        James stomped his foot in annoyance and cursed, "Damn evil!"

        After saying that, he asked, "How is the network water army doing now?"

        The assistant replied, "The water army has basically taken control of the situation now. 70% of the discussions on the Internet about this matter are now in favor of the Banks family, believing that the Banks family is the biggest victim, and that the person who wanted to ki ll Deana and Zara must be someone else. We are innocent."

        James sighed with relief and spoke, "You have done a good job in this matter, if the old man is also satisfied, I will not treat you badly."

        The assistant immediately bowed and said, "Thank you, boss!"

        James gave a hint and commanded, "There is one more thing, you arrange it for me."

        The assistant busily said, "Please speak, boss."

        James said with a sinister expression, "Although Liu Zhan's family doesn't know that I gave them 20 million and told them to tell Liu Zhan to ki ll one more Zara, once they shake out this matter and spread it to the ears of the old man, then I am the biggest suspect, so you have someone go to his old house tonight and set a big fire to destroy all the evidence, got it? "

        The assistant nodded: "Okay boss, I get it!"

        Saying that, the assistant received a message, hurriedly glanced at it and reported to James, "Boss, Miss Zheng's(Vienna) plane has landed at Aurous Hill Airport, it will be at the hotel in forty minutes."

        Once James heard this, his eyes instantly flashed with a hint of lust, and his heart and soul could not help but be a little swept away.

        The assistant's mouth Miss Zheng(Vienna) is one of the four youngest flower girls in the entertainment industry today, Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna).

        This Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) is only 26 years old this year, four years after graduating from the film school, beautiful people, but because the acting skills are not very good, but also little background, so the first two years in the film and television industry has been obscure.

        But from the previous year, this Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) successively get a number of top directors of the film resources, can be said to be a step forward, soon among the sequence of super first-line actors.

        Many people speculate that there must be a golden master behind her, but as soon as the speculative postings are sent, they are immediately deleted and cannot be spread at all.

        The reason for this is that Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) has been selected by James to be his canary in the bag.

        Normally, as long as Zayne has the opportunity to leave the capital, he will let Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) rush over to meet with him, and today is naturally no exception.

        When Zayne decided to come to Aurous Hill, he asked Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna), who was filming in Nanhai, to prepare to come over immediately, so Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) finished filming today's scene and immediately took a sick leave with the crew, secretly took a private plane and rushed to Aurous Hill.

        Once I heard that Zheng Xiaoqi(Vienna) almost landed, James's heart can not help but be a little excited, so he said to his assistant: "Okay, you go out, I want to take a bath, later Miss Zheng(Miss Vienna) came, send her directly into the room to see me!"