Amazing Son-in-law 2469-2470 English Version

  Chapter 2469

At this moment, the Aurous Hill International Hotel.

        James's motorcade, directly in front of the hotel, stopped in a row.

        Before he got off the car, the security personnel already rushed down and cleared all the people around.

        The manager of the hotel also brought dozens of security guards at this time, and greeted them with great diligence, respectfully saying to James's assistant: "May I ask Mr. Banks what we need to serve? As long as there is, please feel free to ask Mr. Banks, we will definitely do our best!"

        James's assistant said in a cold voice: "This place is not needed for the time being, you tell all your people to stand back, don't let any of your staff, without permission, rush Mr. Banks! As for the other guests, they must not come within 10 meters of Mr. Banks!"

        The hotel manager nodded without hesitation and said with unparalleled earnestness, "As long as there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to ask!"

        James only then and Steve Hogewitz came down from the car together, James got out of the car after the collar, the tone with a few majestic said: "Steve, let's have dinner together tonight, by the way also communicate in detail the details of your son's disappearance."

        Steve was naturally flattered and said in a panic: "Yes, Mr. Banks! I'm sorry for your trouble."

        James asked him again, "Oh yes, which room are you staying in? Do you know the room number?"

        Steve said, "Because the rooms above the Executive Deluxe Suite are all gone, so I can only book a general deluxe suite, the specific room number, I'm not quite sure, I guess I can only know after checking in at the front desk."

        James said indifferently, "The reason there are no rooms above the Executive Deluxe Suite is because I have the entire executive floor all wrapped up."

        Steve faintly froze, hastily complimented, "No wonder, Mr. Banks is really big!"

        James waved his hand slightly and said indifferently, "What's this, if not for the agreement with Wade, I would have bought this hotel as easily as I could."

        Saying that, he said to his assistant, "Say hello to the hotel, change the room for Mr. Steve, let him stay next to me."

        The assistant immediately nodded and said, "No problem, I'll let the front desk arrange it."

        Steve was in a bit of a bind, because he didn't come alone this time, he also brought some attendants and bodyguards with him.

        Only those people did not have the opportunity to ride in James's motorcade, so they could only take a taxi to the hotel, and they have not arrived yet.

        If he stayed on the executive floor by himself and separated from the rest of his entourage of bodyguards, there would be more or less trouble.

        James could see his concern and opened his mouth and said, "Let's do this, I will arrange another room for you, you can let your assistant stay in it, but your bodyguards should not come to the executive floor, with my people there, it will definitely make you safer."

        Steve also knew in his heart that the bodyguards he brought with him were not much.

        Plus the ones that his son brought to China before, the accompanying people have basically all disappeared, so he doesn't have many people he can use in Aurous Hill, and the security force is not really strong.

        But James is a different story.

        He is the second in the Banks family, the Banks family is so strong, there is no telling how many experts are secretly protecting his safety at all times.

        For Steve, if he could live on the same floor with James, or even next door, then his own safety could be greatly guaranteed.

Chapter 2470

So he said with great gratitude, "Thank you, Mr. Banks! You really take too much care of my humble servant!"

        James smiled faintly and said to Steve with a superior posture, "In China, as long as you befriend the Banks family, you will be guaranteed unhindered no matter where you are."

        After saying that, he asked Steve: "Do you know the name of that college classmate of your son in Aurous Hill? I'll have someone look up her relevant information now."

        Steve hurriedly said, "I once heard my son talk about it, it seems to be called something like Doris Young, it is said that this woman is quite capable, and she is the chairman of a very large listed company in Aurous Hill."

        James looked at his assistant and commanded in a serious tone, "Give you 5 minutes to check, what is the origin of this Doris Young!"

        "Okay boss!"

        Five minutes later.

        James had just stepped into his presidential suite when his assistant hurriedly ran over and said, "Boss, I've already investigated, that Doris Young is the vice chairman of Aurous Hill Emgrand Group, very famous in Aurous Hill, a well-known entrepreneur."

        James nodded and ordered, "Before 12:00 this evening, bring this Doris Young here to see me, I have something to ask her face to face."

        The assistant hurriedly said, "Boss, Doris Young took a flight to Hong Kong early this morning, they have real estate related cooperation in Hong Kong."

        "Gone to Hong Kong?" James frowned slightly and was a little puzzled at first, but quickly figured out that he had come over today on a whim, and it seemed that this person should not have intended to escape from Aurous Hill, but could only say that it was a coincidence.

        So he nodded and said, "Then you keep an eye on the movement of the airport, once this Doris Young back to Aurous Hill, the first time to tell me."

        After saying that, he asked, "What is the origin of the Emgrand Group you mentioned?"

        The assistant hurriedly explained, "Emgrand Group is the largest group of companies in Aurous Hill, with a market value of more than 100 billion, originally a local real estate company born and raised in Aurous Hill, but last year it seems to have been wholly acquired by the Wade family."

        "Acquired by the wade family?" James was surprised and asked, "The wade family ran to Aurous Hill to acquire a real estate company, in the end what is the intention?"

        "This is still unclear." The assistant said truthfully: "I only know that there are rumors that the current owner of the Emgrand Group is the wade family, but who is the wade family, can not be found out."

        James snorted coldly, "Isn't the wade family just a few people, Bruce died, so it's either one of those bunch of mediocrity."

        The assistant nodded and asked, "Boss, since this Doris Young is a member of the wade family, are we still moving her?"

        James immediately replied, "Move, of course we should move! This woman is the only clue I can find that might be relevant at the moment, so I can't just give up because she's a member of the wade family."

        After saying that, James said again in a cold voice: "When the time comes, as long as you do it unnoticed, do not leave any evidence, the wade family can not find us to say anything."

        "Okay boss, I know!"

        James lowered his voice and continued to order: "Now deploy ten experts to investigate the whereabouts of Deana and Zara at the major hospitals in the city this year.

        The assistant hurriedly asked him: "Boss, after finding what to do?"

        James smiled coldly: "Give them both a little ricin, with ten times the lethal dose, to make sure that they can not escape death even if their lives are hard!"