Amazing Son-in-law 2465-2466 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2465

Isaac Cameron once heard Charlie wade said, to keep James as well as Steve Hogewitz, immediately exclaimed, said: "Young master, Steve is okay, he should not bring many people from the United States this time, but James hired dozens of security personnel on the surface, behind the scenes hidden experts do not know how many, want to catch him afraid of a little difficult ah ...... "

        Charlie wade blandly said: "It does not matter, there is no impervious pants in this world, catch Zayne and Walter, I alone is enough."

        Said, his mind suddenly flashed a person, so he immediately changed his words, "No, it is better to add another person."

        Isaac Cameron immediately stood up and said without hesitation, "Young master, I am willing to join you!"

        Charlie wade smiled and said seriously, "Cameron, your courage is commendable, but you are still a bit short in strength, you might have been discovered by James's men hiding in the shadows before you even got close to him."

        Isaac Cameron said awkwardly, "This ...... Young master ...... If you don't mind, I'll try to practice my hands from now on!"

        Charlie wade laughed: "Now practice, it is definitely too late."

        Isaac Cameron was busy asking, "Then when do you plan to do it? If I need to do any work on my side, so I can prepare in advance!"

        Charlie wade opened his mouth and said, "If it's quick, I want to do it tonight, otherwise in case they focus their attention on Doris Young, this matter will be a bit tricky."

        Saying that, Charlie wade said: "I'll call Doris Young first, let her work overtime at the company today, in that case, I'll do it tonight."

        Immediately after that, Charlie wade took out his cell phone and called Doris Young.

        As soon as the phone rang, Doris's voice came over, "Young master!"

        Charlie wade gave a hint and asked her, "Doris, where are[] you now?"

        Doris Young said respectfully, "Young master, I'm in Hong Kong."

        "Hong Kong?" Charlie wade asked curiously, "Why did you go to Hong Kong?"

        Doris Young explained, "In these few years, Hong Kong real estate is declining, and our mainland market is very competitive, so the Emgrand Group intends to develop a commercial real estate project with the Xu family in Hong Kong, and I just came over this morning to negotiate with them further."

        After saying that, Doris Young hurriedly asked, "Young master, you are looking for me something?"

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, "I don't have anything important to do, since you are not in Aurous Hill right now, let's talk about it when you come back."

        Doris Young had to say, "Then okay young master, if there is anything urgent you can tell me, I can fly back anytime."

        Charlie wade said, "No, no, you can stay in Hong Kong."

        Doris Young didn't know what Charlie wade meant, so she said, "Okay, Young Master, then I will concentrate on negotiating the cooperation in Hong Kong in the next few days, if you need me to go back for anything, let me know at any time."


        Hanging up the phone, Charlie wade slightly breathed a sigh of relief.

        Doris Young happened to not be in Aurous Hill, so this matter was not so urgent.

        Since that was the case, it would be better to put James and Steve both under close surveillance first, to see what kind of medicine these two people, especially that James, were selling in their gourds.

        But Charlie wade is not prepared to give them two too long, within two or three days, let them directly in Aurous Hill evaporated!

        At this time, when Isaac Cameron saw Charlie wade hang up the phone, he also hurried up to ask: "Young master, Miss Doris has gone to Hong Kong?"

        "Right." Charlie wade smiled faintly, "It's a coincidence, she just left this morning."

Chapter 2466

Isaac Cameron asked again, "Then when are you going to make a move on James and Steve?"

        Charlie wade thought about it and said, "Just for a day or two, first observe and watch them both to see what moves they have."

        Saying that, Charlie wade further instructed, "Cameron, you have the most extensive connections in Aurous Hill, you must give me, keep a close eye on them both, no matter where they have been or what they have seen, report to me at the first time!"

        Isaac Cameron did not hesitate to say, "Young master do not worry, I will arrange it!"

        Charlie wade nodded and said with a little regret, "How come they both didn't choose to stay at your hotel."

        Isaac Cameron laughed: "Young master, that Walter lived in the Aurous Hill International Hotel before he disappeared, it's normal for his father to stay there, and as for James, the Banks family knows very well that this is the wade family's property, so how could he come and stay here."

        Charlie wade curiously asked, "Banks family so big family property, own in Aurous Hill did not buy a little industry?"

        Isaac Cameron shook his head and said, "The Banks family had a negotiation with the Wade family some years ago, the two sides mutually agreed on the business map of their development, the Banks family selected the city, the wade family will not go over the property, and vice versa, Aurous Hill is within the wade family's selected map, so the Banks family did not engage in industry here."

        Charlie wade asked him, "Then what is the basis for the two sides to divide the business map?"

        Isaac Cameron said: "is your grandfather and Lord Banks face to face, after all, the strength of the two families are similar, and business is all over the place, if you go where to fight, especially in first-tier cities, everywhere in the competition, so we do not want to think of the second-tier cities or so constantly fight, it is privately specified a range, such as the southeast of these provincial capitals. Aurous Hill is the wade family, Suhang is the Bank family."

        "In the end, the Banks family has a stronger voice, when the division of the commercial map, Suhang data are significantly better than Aurous Hill, so the Banks family first picked Suhang away, leaving Aurous Hill to the wade family."

        "Understood." Charlie wade nodded slightly and asked, "Since Webb is the richest man in Suhang, how come I haven't heard of him having any involvement with the Banks family?"

        Isaac Cameron smiled, "You see, the Moore family is the richest man in Aurous Hill, so there is nothing to do with the wade family."

        Saying that, Isaac Cameron went on to explain, "In fact, the main purpose of the Banks and wade families to delineate the scope is to avoid you and me fighting between the two sides, equivalent to a gentleman's agreement."

        "However, the local families are generally deeply rooted, it is very difficult for us to go against the local ground snake in the area, or even crush each other."

        "After all, most of the strength of the two families is still concentrated in Eastcliff, China is so big, everyone can be scattered throughout the country, are not so strong."

        "Whether it's the wade family or the Banks family, the total number of assets that can be invested in other cities in the country is only a few hundred billion, but the country, in addition to Eastcliff, there are three first-tier cities, like Aurous Hill, the second-tier cities are a whole lot more, so on average, the human, material and financial resources that can be invested in each city is not large."

        "In the end, I am in Aurous Hill, just to guard a stronghold of the wade family in Aurous Hill."

        Saying that, Isaac Cameron added: "Just like the wade family, if you don't count the Emgrand Group that was bought for you, young master, then the wade family in Aurous Hill, in fact, doesn't have too many Industries.[Read Fun Stories at]"

        "Wade family in Aurous Hill is the big head is the hotel, in addition to a few superficially do not see any relationship with the security company, and then participate in some projects only, in Aurous Hill total assets, scattered add up, only in one or two hundred billion up and down, than the Moore family's hundred billion assets to be far worse."

        "Over the years, my most important task is not to help the wade family make money in Aurous Hill, but to help the wade family develop contacts, networks and a complete intelligence system in Aurous Hill, turning Aurous Hill into an integral part of the wade family's neural network, like a tentacle of an octopus, finding any wind and grass movement, and feeding it back to the wade family in time."

        Speaking of this, Isaac Cameron could not help but smile to himself and said, "In fact, if it were not for you in Aurous Hill, young master, the wade family does not pay much attention to the situation in Aurous Hill, the wade family throughout the country, and I have dozens of spokesmen, really have a very strong voice, in addition to the Tang housekeeper, is the remaining three first-tier city spokesmen."

        Charlie wade nodded: "I understand, since the Banks family has little roots in Aurous Hill, it would be more proactive for us."

        Isaac Cameron agreed and said, "That's right, when the Banks family gets here, even if there are any emergencies, they can only temporarily transfer troops from Eastcliff, and it will take a few hours at the earliest."

        Saying that, he asked: "Right young master, if the time is right and you are ready to make a move against them, do you have any suitable candidates for helpers?"

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled: "Of course! In this regard, I already have a most suitable candidate in mind!"

        Isaac Cameron asked, "Who is it?"

        Charlie wade said with a smile, "Xion!"