Amazing Son-in-law 2457-2458 English version

   Chapter 2457

By the time James rushed out, Fitz had already disappeared.

        He chased after him for a couple of hundred metres, but seeing that he had no chance of chasing his nephew back, he could only turn around and walk back.

        On the way back to the old man's study, James was in a particularly good mood and could not help but think in his heart, "Oh, I am really lucky, I was worried about how to divert the old man's attention, but Fitz, this son of a b*tch, coincidentally came to touch the old man's bad luck at this time, and made the old man so angry. "

        The first time I saw him, he said, "Dad, that kid Fitz is running faster than a dog, I can't even catch up with him. ......"

        Lord Banks chided coldly, "You're also a waste!"

        After saying that, he immediately called the housekeeper in and ordered in a stern voice, "Inform all the subordinates, if you see this rebellious son Fitz, bring him back immediately to be dealt with by the family law!"

        The butler dared not disobey him and immediately bowed and said, "Don't worry, Master, I will convey this to you."

        Lord Banks waved his hand, and the butler hurriedly left.

        Immediately afterwards, he said to James, "Hurry up and prepare for crisis PR as I said, the stronger the better! Also, get to Aurous Hill immediately! I want to see Deana and Zara alive, and I want to see their bodies dead!"

        James hurriedly nodded and said, "I know, Dad! You'll see!"

        At this moment, Fitz had already driven away from the Banks family and sped towards the airport.

        As he drove, he took out his mobile phone and prepared to call his family's crew chief.

        The Banks family had several private planes, and Zayne had one of his own, but he was currently in Australia, so the private plane was left in Eastcliff.

        However, just as he was about to make the call, Zayne's phone suddenly called in.

        Fitz hurriedly picked up and said in tears as soon as he came up, "Dad! Mum and sister are missing ......"

        Zayne's heavy voice came out of the phone, "Fitz, I already know the situation, where are you now?"

        Fitz busily said, "I'm on my way to the airport, I plan to go to Aurous Hill now, no matter what I have to find my mum and sister!"

        Zayne immediately instructed, "Listen to me, don't go to the airport, I just received news that your grandfather has the entire Banks family looking for you and is going to take you back to be dealt with by the family law, what exactly did you do to offend him?"

        When Fitz heard this, he said indignantly, "I heard that something had happened to my mother and Zara, I always felt that grandpa had something to do with it, so I went to confront her about it, but I didn't expect him to get angry and have second uncle slap me a hundred times on the spot, I didn't pay any attention to him and ran out."

        "Confused!" Zayne immediately rebuked and scolded, "You are over 20 years old, have you lived in vain for these 20 years? What kind of character is your grandfather, don't you still have a little bit of it in your heart?"

        Fitz said angrily, "But ......"

      Zayne immediately interrupted him, "But what? Your grandfather's only real concern in his life was himself, and all he cared about was his absolute power in the Banks family!"

        "Once anything and anyone affects him and his power in the Banks family, he will not hesitate to get rid of the other party, am I not the best example of this?"

        "You know that even I am not a match for your grandfather, so why do you still confront him without thinking of yourself? Do you not want to stay in the Banks family anymore?"

        Fitz gritted his teeth and said, "If mum and Zara were really ki lled by grandpa, not only will I not remain in the Banks family, I will even ki ll him myself to avenge mum and sister!"

        "You ......" Zayne was instantly anxious, but then, he deliberately lowered his voice and warned in a low voice, "Even if you have such thoughts, you must not say it out loud, a real man relies on doing, not on saying!"

Chapter 2458

However, even if we want to fight against him, we have to think long and hard before we act! Otherwise, if you really die before you get there, how can you avenge your mother and your sister?"

        Fitz was silent for a moment before he said resentfully, "Dad, I know ......"

        After saying that, he couldn't help but choke up and asked in tears, "Dad! When the hell are you coming back?! I'm now ...... I really don't know what to do now ......"

        Zayne sighed and said, "I can't go back now, it will take me more than ten hours to fly back to Eastcliff from here, but as soon as I leave here on the first foot, your grandfather will immediately receive the news on the second foot, it is likely that as soon as I get off the plane, I will be caught by the Banks family and repatriated back to Australia, or directly arrested back to the Banks family and put under house arrest ...... "

        Fitz asked, bewildered and helpless, "Dad ...... So what should I do now? ...... I want to go to Aurous Hill to look for Mum and Zara ...... Their current whereabouts are unknown, at least there is a possibility of survival ......"

        Zayne thought about it and spoke, "This way, don't go to the airport, drive straight to the highway and drive all the way to Aurous Hill."

        He said, Zayne took another calculation and said, "From Eastcliff to Aurous Hill, if you take the highway, it's about 1000 kilometres, you can drive faster, you might be able to get there in 10 hours."

        Fitz immediately said, "Okay Dad! I'll drive straight to Aurous Hill!"

        Zayne hurriedly instructed again, "When you go to Aurous Hill, you must keep a low profile and keep a low profile again, don't try to call on any Banks family forces, because once they know you are in Aurous Hill, they will definitely take you back."

        Fitz was dumbfounded for a moment, "Dad, if I don't call on the power of the Banks family, how can I find Mom and Zara ah ......"

       Zayne said helplessly, "Fitz, the only person you can trust now is yourself, no one else is reliable."

        Saying that, he added: "By the way, I heard that grandpa has sent your second uncle to Aurous Hill, he[] will definitely go by plane and will arrive in Aurous Hill in two or three hours, you must be careful when you arrive in Aurous Hill!"

        Fitz felt very helpless all of a sudden, he choked up and asked, "Dad ...... Do you think Mum and Zara are still alive ......"

        Zayne was silent on the other end of the phone for about ten seconds, then, he spoke, "Fitz, as long as things are not yet finalized, you must hold on to hope."

        He added, "But remember, you must be prepared for the worst possible outcome!"

        Fitz said solemnly and unmistakably, "Dad, I know!"


        Just as Fitz was driving his car fast towards Aurous Hill, the Banks family's crisis PR had already started to kick in.

        An overwhelming army of water soldiers brought up the tempo on the internet, and although each of them said something different, the core view they wanted to express was that the Banks family was the victim, and that the person who kidnapped Deana and Zara mother and daughter must be someone else.

        More than two hours later, the private plane James was on landed on the first runway of Aurous Hill International Airport.

        Coincidentally, at the same time, another private jet landed on the second runway of the Aurous Hill International Airport at almost the same time.

        This private jet had flown all the way from New York, USA, for more than ten hours to get here.

        After landing, the plane was directed by the tower to stop at the apron reserved for private jets.

        Interestingly, this plane, and the private plane James was on, were parked next to each other in two adjacent spaces.

        The American plane was the first to open its doors and a Jewish man in his fifties stepped out of the cabin.

        He stood on the spiral staircase for a moment, looked around and whispered, "Walter, my son, Daddy will find you and bring you home!"