Amazing Son-in-law 2455-2456 English version

  Chapter 2455

To a sophisticated old fox like Lord Banks, a thief calling out to catch a thief is just a very common trick.

        The reason why the condemnation and reward were issued was actually to divert the attention of the public to the greatest extent possible.

        In Lord Banks's view, most of the people are wallflowers, and they do not have too strong an ability to distinguish right from wrong. They only rely on the amount of information they receive to vaguely judge whether a matter is right or wrong, true or false.

        If they have heard too much from the right side, then they will feel that the result is positive.

        But if they have heard too much of the opposing side, then they will naturally feel that the opposing side is the right one too.

        Now there are so many people speculating on the internet, everyone has a mouth and hands, they can say and speculate whatever they want on the internet.

        Even if the Banks family is capable, it is impossible to influence everyone.

        So what the Banks family needs to do now is to do everything they can to post more statements on the internet that are favourable to the Banks family.

        As long as there are enough statements that are favorable to the Banks family, then it will naturally be able to overwhelm those statements and speculations that are unfavorable to the Banks family.

        This is like yelling at someone on the street. If 10 people yell at you, you can't beat 10 mouths with one mouth.

        But if you can get 10,000 people to help you curse, the curses of those 10 people across the street will soon be completely drowned out.

        When James heard the old man's command, he immediately said without hesitation, "Yes dad! I'll find some more well-connected media reporters, as well as internet vloggers, and ask them to help us voice out as well!"

        Lord Banks nodded gently.

        At this point in time, he couldn't think of any other better way.

        Afterwards, he hurriedly said to James, "There is another thing I want you to do immediately!"

        James hurriedly said, "Dad, if you have any orders, just say it!"

        Lord Banks said in a cold voice, "If Zara and Deana have met with an untimely death, then the person who took them away must not have run far with the bodies, and must have chosen to find a way to dump them in Aurous Hill and the surrounding areas;"

        "If Zara and Deana are still alive, then judging from the photos at the scene, the two mothers must be seriously injured now!"

        "Such serious injuries are definitely not something that can be solved by a small clinic or a black hospital, the other party will definitely send them to a regular tertiary hospital, and there is no way they can run far away for treatment when they are seriously injured, so you should send someone to Aurous Hill right now and search for them in Aurous Hill and the surrounding areas, especially the regular hospitals in Aurous Hill, I want to see people alive and dead bodies! See the corpse!"

        James hurriedly nodded and said, "Then I'll make the arrangements!"

        Lord Banks waved his hand, "You don't just have to make arrangements, you have to go there yourself! If this matter leaks out, it will be a crushing blow to our Banks family, so you must not take it lightly!"

       James nodded, "Then I'll arrange a plane and fly directly to Aurous Hill!"

        Just then, outside the door of Lord Banks's study, there was a sudden clamour.

        Fitz shouted eagerly from the doorway, "Don't you stop me, I want to see grandpa!"

        The Banks family's housekeeper said bitterly, "Young master, the old master is talking to the second master about important matters and has instructed me that no one can go in ......"

        "No!" Fitz said in a trembling voice, "My mother and sister are now alive or dead, I want to ask grandpa for clarification!"

Chapter 2456

The steward had to beg, "Young master, please calm down and wait a little, I will go in to inform the master after he has finished his business with the second master!"

        Fitz shouted, "No! I can't wait any longer! I want to go in now, if you stop me again, then I will not be polite to you!"

        The housekeeper was at a loss as to what to do when Lord Banks said to James with a black face, "James, go and bring Fitz in."


        James hurriedly turned around and went out of the study and said to the housekeeper, "Master has said to let Fitz in."

        Only then did the housekeeper breathe a sigh of relief and hurriedly gave way to the passage.

        Fitz rushed into the study with a single step, and as soon as he entered, he questioned Lord Banks with some fervour, "Grandpa! Where the hell are my mother and my sister?"

        Lord Banks said seriously, "Fitz, I have only just learned of this matter, as for where your mother and your sister are now, and how they are, I know nothing about them."

        "Just before you came in, I just told your second uncle to immediately put out a reward to the public, to put out fifty million to collect useful clues, and I will directly give one hundred million to anyone who can save your mother or your sister."

        Fitz clenched his fist and questioned indignantly, "There are many people on the internet now saying that it was you who tried to ki ll my mother, is that true?!"

        Lord Banks's face changed dramatically and he said in a stern voice, "Ba sta rd! What are you talking about? I am the head of the Banks family, would I do such a disgraceful thing?"

        James, who was looking at his father's righteous anger and majestic face, was appalled!

        "Old master is indeed an old master, to speak with his eyes wide open, how can he speak so righteously! If I didn't know everything, I would have thought it was really impossible for him to do such a thing ......"

        "Ai, it seems that the gap between me and the old man is not just a little bit!"

        Fitz said aggressively at this point, "If it was before, I definitely wouldn't have believed it! But the betrayal of Xion just happened some time ago, and although the outside world now thinks that my father did it, I know my father better than that, even if he's bad, he's not so bad that he would plot against his own daughter! So, he is simply taking the blame for you!"

        Speaking of this, Fitz gritted his teeth and said, "Xion is your granddaughter, you can[] even do it, let alone my mother!"

        When Lord Banks heard these words, his entire expression instantly became furious!

        He angrily grabbed a piece of embossed dragon inkstone worth over ten million dollars on his desk and slammed it onto the ground, smashing it to pieces with a loud snap.

        At the same time, he pointed at Fitz and roared in anger, "How dare you! How outrageous! Do you still have me as a grandfather in your eyes? In your eyes, do you still have me as the head of the family?"

        Fitz did not back down and angrily rebuked, "If my mother and sister were really ki lled by you, not only will I disown you as a grandfather, I will also fight you to the death!"

        Lord Banks was furious and pointed at James, shouting, "James! Give me a slap! Slap your mouth a hundred times!"

       James immediately stepped forward and grabbed Fitz's collar, cursing through clenched teeth, "You rebellious son who has no respect for his elders! Your father is not here, so I, as an uncle, will teach you a good lesson for him!"

        Fitz gritted his teeth and pushed James away from him, then immediately took a few steps back and retreated to the door of the study, pointing at Lord Banks and yelling word for word, "Remember what I said! If you are responsible for my mother and my sister's death, I will have your life!"

        After saying that, he immediately turned around and darted away!

        Lord Banks covered his chest in indignation and tried to speak, but he coughed several times in a row because he couldn't pour out a breath: "Cough cough ...... Ah cough cough ...... The rebellious son ...... You are indeed a rebellious son! The boss's family, all of them are born with f*cking rebellious bones!!!"

        Then, after another violent and violent cough, he immediately said to James, "Go! Go! Quickly bring this bas ta rd back to me!!!"