Amazing Son-in-law 2443-2444 English version

  Chapter 2443

At this moment, Liu Zhan had already realised that he had been completely tricked by the Banks family.

        Moreover, he was now seriously injured and dying, with only a few minutes left to live at most, so naturally, his heart was filled with anger towards John Garet, the Banks family's dog.

        John Garet was also scared and frightened at the moment. He was merely following his old master's instructions to follow the example of the European royal family and use the same method to finish off Deana.

        That European royal princess was similarly involved in a car accident in a tunnel back then, and then died in Paris, along with her fiancĂ© and the child in her womb.

        Having a car accident in a tunnel was indeed a good way to cover up the situation, so John Garet followed the old man's instructions and found Liu Zhan, the scapegoat.

        But what he didn't expect was that the eldest lady, Zara, was also sitting in the same car with Deana ......

        John Garet was not a fool, he knew that the old master loved Zara, his granddaughter, and the whole Banks family regarded her as the jewel in the crown.

        No matter how much he explained or proved his innocence to the old man, he would never be able to clear his name. When the old man was furious, he didn't know how he would punish himself!

        Now, the damned Liu Zhan was so disrespectful to him that he was not even willing to tell the truth, which made John Garet furious. If you don't tell the truth, I'll send you to f*cking hell right now!"

        Liu Zhan faced the gun, his face undaunted, and smiled miserably, revealing a mouthful of blood-stained teeth, and said coldly, "Fine, shoot me! Daddy is hurting all over right now, good son you hurry up and fire a shot to help relieve daddy!"

        "You ......" John Garet was almost furious, he directly shoved the muzzle of the gun into Liu Zhan's mouth and sternly cursed, "Son of a b*tch, go to hell!"

        After saying that, he immediately pulled the trigger.


        A mist of blood burst out from the back of Liu Zhan's head, kil ling him completely.

        At this time, John Garet saw that Zara in the back row was so weak that she was about to lose consciousness, and hurriedly shouted, "Quick! Get Missy out of there!"

        One of the men looked at the Leslie, which had been smashed into a heap of scrap metal, and said awkwardly, "Captain, we don't have the equipment to get rid of these deformed car frames! At the very least, we need a large hydraulic shear, or large cutting equipment, to be able to take apart the metal frames ......"

        John Garet cursed out of the blue, "I don't care what the f*ck you do, get Missy out of there now! Otherwise, if the master blames us, one of us will be buried with the rest of us!"

        When the others heard this, they were shocked and several of them rushed forward, trying their best to get Zara out of the deformed frame in front of and behind her body.

        However, although they were all top bodyguards, their real strength was far from that of martial arts masters, and even Xion, who had practiced internal martial arts since she was a child, had a certain gap, so how could they break open the deformed metal frame with their bare hands?

        Just as John Garet was exerting all his strength, but there was nothing he could do, Zara said, "Don't save me, save my mother!"

        John Garet's expression suddenly became very difficult and he said, "Miss, I don't have such great authority, the only decision I can make now is to get you out and take you to the hospital as soon as possible ......"

        Zara cried out, "You call Lord Banks! You tell him that if my mother can't be saved, I won't spare him even if I die!"

        John Garet was embarrassed and said, "Miss ...... This ...... Such words ...... I am a subordinate like me, there is no way to tell the old man, so you should not make things difficult for me, the key now is to get you out ......"

        Zara cried out loudly and said, "I don't want you to save! If you want to save me, save my mother first, or else let me go with her!"

        Several of John Garet's men were at a loss as to what to do, and one of them asked, "Captain, what should we do? ......"

        John Garet gritted his teeth and blurted out, "Let's not worry about that first, let's get Missy out first!"

        Zara shouted with great urgency, "I told you to save my mother first!"

        As she said that, she felt a sharp pain in her entire brain, and her entire body fainted.

Chapter 2444

When John Garet saw this, he blurted out, "Quick! Quickly find a way to get Missy out!"

        At that moment, someone suddenly shouted angrily.

        "Stop it!"

        John Garet was taken aback by this shout.

        The tunnel was one-way and the entrance had been blocked by the accident car, so no one was supposed to come in, so the sudden appearance of an unfamiliar voice at this time made him tense up.

        The other three men did the same.

        The four of them looked at the sound at the same time and saw a man with a cold expression striding in from the direction of the exit of the tunnel.

        This man with an extraordinary aura was Charlie wade!

        John Garet stared at Charlie wade with frightened eyes and asked, "What are you?!"

        Charlie wade said in a cold voice: "You are not qualified to ask who I am! I am giving you four people a chance to live. Put down your guns, put your hands on the ground with your heads in your hands, and then give me an honest explanation one by one as to who told you to do this!"

        John Garet gritted his teeth, pointed his gun at Charlie wade and said in a stern voice, "Kid, you're looking for f*cking death!"

        After saying that, he immediately pulled the trigger without hesitation!

        However, the moment the gun went off, Charlie wade had already disappeared from his sight.

        Just when he was confused, he suddenly felt a black shadow appear in front of him, followed by a pair of large hands grabbing his gun-wielding hand in a deadly grip.

        His eyes widened subconsciously, and before he could see the clear outline of the black shadow, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his wrist.

        Immediately afterwards, with a click, he realised that his wrist had been broken!

        Once his wrist was broken, the gun on his wrist also fell to the ground.

        Only then did he see that the young man in front of him was the one with the most arrogant attitude!

        He was horrified and asked, "You ...... Who the hell are you?!"

        Charlie wade looked at him with contempt and said in a cold voice: "As I said, you are not qualified to ask!"

        After saying that, he directly grabbed John Garet's neck and said in a cold voice, "I'll give you another chance to tell me exactly who ordered you!"

        John Garet hurriedly shouted, "What are you three still standing there for? Quickly finish him off for me!"

        The other three were originally intimidated by Charlie wade's strength and did not dare to make a move, but when they heard John Garet's yell, they hurriedly took out their guns from their waists.

        However, before they could aim their guns at Charlie wade, Charlie wade had already swung John Garet up and slammed him into the three men.

        The three men had no time to react, and they were heavily smashed to the ground by the flying John Garet like a bowling ball.

        Because Charlie wade's force was so great that the four men's bodies had taken a tremendous pounding, they had no ability to resist at this point and could only lie on the ground and wail.

        Charlie wade stepped in front of the four men, took out his mobile phone, turned on the video recording, first filmed the surrounding situation, then the camera was aimed at the four men and asked in a cold voice: "Tell me, who is behind all this that you have done!"