Amazing Son-in-law 2441-2442 English version

 Chapter 2441

The moment the sound of impact was recalled in the tunnel, Charlie wade's body couldn't help but stagnate for a moment.

With such a huge commotion, there was no need to look to know how great the force of the impact was.

Even a Rolls Royce would not be able to carry such a huge force, and I'm afraid that the people inside would be in a bad way!

At this moment, Charlie wade felt very sorry in his heart.

Although he had no friendship with Zara, in the end, he had no grudge against her. A girl in her early twenties and in the prime of her youth had been brutally murdered by her own family in such a cruel manner.

Apart from that, Charlie wade also felt a little more sympathy for Deana.

He had even less contact with Deana, unlike Zara, who had at least saved her life and her brother's in Japan.

However, because Deana had been infatuated with his father for so many years, and even incurred the trouble of kil ling himself this time, it was because he could hardly forget about his own father.

So Deana's image, in Charlie wade's mind, took on a few more tragic colours.

The man she loved did not choose her and the man she chose betrayed her ......

for so many years.

And she has not been able to forget the beloved man who died many years ago, even going so far as to pay a lot of money to buy back the old mansion where her beloved once lived.

However, it was also because of this move that she incurred all this for her.

So, how could such a woman not be pitied.

Charlie wade's heart could not help but feel chagrin: "If I had known this, I should have taken on Liu Zhan when I was at the Precious Treasure Pavilion!"

"That way, Deana and Zara wouldn't have suffered this calamity!"

"But then again, since the Banks Family wanted their lives, even if I had kil led Liu Zhan and saved them at the Treasure Pavilion, what would have happened? The Banks Family, hiding behind the scenes, would still find other ways to ki ll them, ki ll Liu Zhan, and Zhang Zhan, and Li Zhan."

Thinking about this, Charlie wade couldn't help but sigh.

"It seems that it was this mother and daughter's fate that deserved this."

However, in a flash, Charlie wade suddenly thought that he still had a few Spring Return Pills with him!

At the beginning, Don Albert had almost been strangled to death by Mr. Jones, and he himself had managed to save him with a rejuvenation pill.

If Deana and Zara still had a breath ......

If they were still alive, he would have a way to save them!

Thinking of this, Charlie wade accelerated his foot speed and rushed towards the interior of the tunnel!

At this moment, Isaac Cameron's Rolls Royce was already sandwiched between two front and two back four big trucks.

Due to the inertia of the two large lorries behind it, the entire engine compartment of the Rolls-Royce had completely collided with the cockpit.

And the trunk, too, was smashed into the rear seats!

The original 5.9 metre-long body had now been pinned back and forth and crushed to half its length!

The visual effect of the scene was extremely tragic!

Inside the cockpit, Liu Zhan's entire abdomen had been crushed into a puddle of rotten flesh by the intruding engine compartment, while his head was not too badly injured due to the protection of the airbags.

Although he was mortally wounded, he did not breathe immediately, but opened his mouth helplessly and vomited out a large amount of blood, which looked very gruesome.

The mother and daughter in the back seat had soft seats in front and behind them, so they were more or less in a better condition, but also had very serious internal injuries.

The most frightening thing about a car crash is the internal

Chapter 2442

Any internal organ that is ruptured by a heavy blow can cause severe internal bleeding.

Quickly, it can kill a person within minutes.

There was almost no possibility of resuscitation.

At this moment, Deana had passed out straight away, but Zara was still very conscious.

She felt her chest cavity was being squeezed by the front and back seats, and she could barely get up, and at the same time, the pain was excruciating in all parts of her body, and her whole body was extremely weak and incomparably painful.

At that moment, behind him, there was the sound of a door opening.

The two large lorries behind him, which had been the main impact, had also crashed into the ground.

However, because of the high cockpit of such vehicles, none of the drivers suffered any injuries.

At that moment, the two drivers pushed open the doors and jumped out of the cockpit, walking directly towards the Rolls-Royce to check out the situation.

The two lorries used to block the road in front of them also jumped down with the same two drivers.

All four of them came together to look at the side of the Rolls-Royce, and one of them exclaimed, "Captain, Miss is also in the car!"

"What?! How could Miss be in the car?!" The one who was called the captain was the Banks family's most trusted right-hand man,John Garet.

John Garet's father was Elder Banks's personal guard back then.


Later, when his father grew older, he was no longer suitable for the role of personal guard, so he inherited his father's mantle and became Lord Banks's personal guard.

At the same time, he was also Lord Banks's black glove.

Many dirty and bloody things were done by him personally on Lord Banks's behalf.

This time, he was instructed by Lord Banks to follow the example of the tragic death of the European Crown Princess and settle Deana.

So he found Liu Zhan, who was running around, through the channels of the underground world, gave him such an opportunity, and then tailored the whole plan for him.

However, he only explained that Liu Zhan had taken Deana as a hostage into the car and brought him into this tunnel, but he never dreamed that this Liu Zhan would bring Miss Zara into the car as well!

He was so shocked that he rushed over to check and saw that Zara was also sitting in the back seat!

At this moment, Zara's entire face was pale and almost bloodless, causing John Garet to panic.

At this moment, Zara also recognised John Garet and knew that this was the personal guard beside his grandfather, so he stared at him with a deadly gaze of indignation.

John Garet had been through a lot of hardships, but the moment he met Zara's eyes, he panicked!

He subconsciously dodged Zara's eyes, and then rushed to the driver ......

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Are you out of your f*cking mind? Who told you to bring Missy on board? What the f*ck did I tell you? What did I tell you? I told you to bring only Deana! It was one person, not two! Do you have any f*cking brains at all?

After saying that, John Garet suddenly realised that something was wrong, so he questioned with a furious expression, "Liu Zhan, tell me the truth, who the hell ordered you and told you to bring Missy on board?

Liu Zhan was at the end of his rope, and he opened his mouth with a resentful expression, as if he was saying something.

John Garet immediately put his head over and shouted in a stern voice, "What the f*ck are you trying to say? Speak louder!"

Liu Zhan said weakly in a mosquito-like voice, "I"

"Me? Me what?" John Garet lost his patience and cursed angrily, "Tell me what the f*ck you want! What the hell are you doing to me?"

Liu Zhan was about to continue talking, but when he couldn't catch his breath, he suddenly coughed violently, spraying blood all over John Garet's face.


John Garet didn't bother to wipe, grabbed Liu Zhan's collar and cursed through gritted teeth, "You f*cking say it! Say it!!! What the hell are you doing to me?!"

Liu Zhan put his best foot forward and uttered four words, "I - day - n - sister!