Amazing Son-in-law 2439-2440 English version

  Chapter 2439

Liu Zhan clearly saw that the two black shadows coming fast directly behind the Rolls-Royce were the lorries that were scheduled to cause a crash at the tunnel entrance and block the intersection!


      These two vehicles were travelling very fast and side by side, taking up the whole road completely, and now, seeing that they were getting closer and closer to the Rolls Royce he was driving, they had no intention of stopping at all.


      This startled Liu Zhan!


      After all, he was a man with a strong sense of anti-surveillance, so he instantly realised that something had gone terribly wrong!


      He thought nervously and secretly in his heart, "Before this, the whole thing was moving forward exactly according to the plan I had worked out with Banks's family."


      "Including me being discovered by the police, including me being chased into the Treasure Pavilion, including me holding Deana and Zara as hostages, and even including me escaping with the two of them, everything had not gone beyond the original plan!"


      "However, the only thing that has deviated significantly from the original plan is these two trucks in front of me!"


      "The two of them, they shouldn't be here!"


      "These two vehicles are now barreling towards themselves at such a fast speed, and at first glance, they are not good comers!"


      Liu Zhan was not a fool.


      He hadn't watched much news and videos of major car accidents on TV.


      He knew that a high speed truck was simply the most deadly vehicle on the ground.


      The force of the impact of a truck of several tens of tonnes, hurtling at over a hundred kilometres per hour, might not be able to be carried even by a tank.


      If it was a small car, it would have been knocked out straight away!


      What's even more frightening is that there is no f*cking way out in front of you!


      If the front was clear, with the power and acceleration of the Rolls Royce, these two big lorries would only be able to eat shit behind them!


      But the road ahead was blocked by two other lorries, so there was nowhere to run!


      Seeing the two big lorries getting closer and closer, Liu Zhan was so furious that he could not help but grit his teeth and cursed, "Damn it! I never thought the Banks family would be so untrustworthy! They told me to ki ll you two, but they wanted to ki ll me as well! The Banks family has really played a good trick to ki ll the donkey!"


      Zara had thought that Liu Zhan would just shoot her and her mother and ki ll them both.


      But she didn't expect that Liu Zhan would suddenly look at the rear windscreen and curse the Banks family with an indignant face.


      So she subconsciously turned around and instantly saw the two large lorries that were getting closer and closer.


      With her intelligence, she understood the situation in front of her almost immediately, and with a bitter laugh, she said to Liu Zhan, "You should have known that the Banks family would ki ll even their own people, and you should have thought that there was no way they would let you leave alive!"


      Liu Zhan's expression was incomparably desperate as he muttered, "You're right I've been completely f*cking used as a gun by the Banks family"


      After saying that, Liu Zhan suddenly became very angry and cried out, "What a bunch of people you stupid clans are! Since you are out to be a gangster, you should at least talk about the righteousness of the jianghu, right?"


      Zara laughed coldly, "You are a murderer who takes other people's lives after receiving money from them, what kind of moral righteousness is there to talk about?"


      Liu Zhan immediately cursed angrily, "Damn it, if you keep talking nonsense to me, do you believe I will shoot you dead?"


      Zara smiled miserably and said without giving in, "Just shoot me and give me a good time! It's better to be shot by you than to be hit by a truck and then die a painful death!"


      When Liu Zhan heard this, his face turned pale with fear!


      Although he was a tough bandit with many lives, he was also afraid of death and pain. If he really wanted to die slowly after being hit like the victims in a major car accident, then he would rather die in a more clean way.


      Zara saw that he had completely panicked, and with a look of utter contempt in his expression, he said in a cold voice: "What, you usually kill people like hell, and now you're afraid of death too?"


      At this moment, Liu Zhan could not care less about Zara's mockery and asked out of turn, "Aren't you afraid of death?"

Chapter 2440

Zara said in a cold voice, "If it's certain death, what's the use of being afraid? Can you escape if you're afraid?"


      Liu Zhan fell silent for a moment.


      What Zara said was true.


      In this situation right now, there was no chance of escape.


      The car couldn't drive through, and it would be even worse if they got off.


      If the human body was directly run over by a heavy-duty truck, it would basically turn into mush!


      At this time, Zara said, "Don't you have a bomb on you? Why don't you just detonate it? That way you can die with a little less pain!"


      Liu Zhan laughed bitterly, "I don't have any f*cking bombs, they're all f*cking fake."


      As he said that, he picked up the detonator and pressed it several times, saying with a bitter face, "Look, nothing is happening."


      Zara did not expect that this Liu Zhan was just a piece of trash who was strong from the outside, and when she thought that she and her mother would be buried in this tunnel because of this man, she had ten thousand resentments in her heart.


      However, at this moment, she also realised that she and her mother no longer had any chance of escaping, leaving herself with a window of life of a few dozen seconds at most.


      At this moment, she could already feel the strong vibrations caused by the two heavy-duty trucks travelling at high speed.


      At the same time, the helicopter Charlie wade was in, had swooped down and appeared at the other end of the mountain.


      The helicopter kept lowering its altitude over the tunnel entrance at this end, but because it was getting closer to the ground, the pilot's descent speed became more and more cautious.


      Just now, watching the Rolls Royce go in and the two large trucks follow, Charlie wade realised the other party's ploy.


      The Banks family must have wanted to create a serious traffic accident to take care of Deana, Zara and Liu Zhan all at once.


      In the tunnel, there was no way that these three people would have any chance of escaping either.


      Therefore, Charlie wade kept urging the pilot, "Go down faster! If you're slow, I'm afraid it will be too late to save them!"


      The pilot blurted out, "Young master! There is radar at the bottom of the plane, which detects the distance between the fuselage and the ground in real time, once the distance is within twenty metres, it will force the descent speed to maintain a safe range, I can't go faster even if I want to"


      Charlie wade looked at the ground, the current height was almost a dozen meters, not to say more, it was at least five stories high.


      If he followed this rate of descent, he would have to wait at least twenty to thirty seconds before he could land, so he immediately unfastened his seat belt, pulled open the cabin door and said to Isaac Cameron, "Bring someone to set up guns to guard the tunnel entrance, anyone who dares to come to support, fire directly!"


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, you are still not going to jump"


      Before he finished his sentence, Charlie wade had already leapt from the helicopter!


      To Charlie wade, although she had never jumped from such a high place before, he had taken many rejuvenation pills one after another to improve his physique, and he still had his aura as support.


      Therefore, he could be sure that with his current body strength, there would be no problem jumping from such a height.


      Sure enough!


      Charlie wade leapt and landed heavily on the ground in the blink of an eye. Although his legs took a huge impact in an instant, it was completely within the bearable range of his body.


      The moment he landed, he did not dare to delay and quickly ran wildly in towards the tunnel entrance.


      At that moment, only a loud crashing sound was suddenly heard from inside!