Amazing Son-in-law 2435-2436 English version

  Chapter 2435

Zara used money to bribe Liu Zhan for no more than two purposes.


      First, if spending money had an effect, it would be best to spend money directly to buy peace.


      Secondly, if spending money had no effect, at least she could determine Liu Zhan's situation through the conversation.


      Now, through a set of words he had devised, Zara had extracted a few key clues from Liu Zhan's mouth.


      "Firstly, when people hear a girl in her early twenties open her mouth and shut up about tens of millions or a hundred million dollars, they will not believe her and will only think she is talking out of her ass, but Liu Zhan does not doubt that I can get 50 million, 80 million or even 100 million!


      "This means that he knows who I am! Knowing that for me, a hundred million is easy, so he doesn't doubt what I say at all!"


      "From this, combined with Liu Zhan's previous actions of talking to people on the same phone and sending text messages, we can see that Liu Zhan must have been instructed by someone to kidnap me and my mother!"


      "Secondly, there is no way that a person like Liu Zhan is any kind of good man or woman who abides by the agreement, if I say that I am willing to give him 100 million, he can choose to take my money, betray his original employer, or even choose to take my money and then turn against me, with a tough bandit like him, there is no way that he would not consider these two ways that he can get the money."


      "However, these two ways, Liu Zhan unexpectedly did not consider them at all, which proves that the original employer behind him is someone he would never dare to offend!"


      "So, what kind of person bribed him and made him put on such a big show, just to kidnap me and my mother?"


      Thinking about this, Zara's heart  had no answer at all.


      She had also thought about whether it could be that grandpa was discontented with mum, so he wanted to clean up the mess.


      However, from what she knew about Lord Banks, she didn't think he would have murderous intentions towards himself as well.


      She also thought about whether it could be that her father had a dislike for her mother, but it was the same as what she had just speculated, both her father and her grandfather had reasons to kill her mother, but neither of them, for that matter, had the possibility to ki ll her.


      So, Zara had also wound herself into a dead end.


      Immediately afterwards, she thought, "Could it be that Dad or Grandpa was behind this, allowing Liu Zhan to kidnap me and Mum, but actually preparing to do it only to Mum alone?"


      Thinking of this, Zara became incredibly nervous and secretly thought, "If this is really the case, then when Liu Zhan reveals his true colours, I must fight to the death to protect mum!"


      As Zara made the decision to protect Deana to the death, deep inside her heart was filled with anger and despair towards the Banks family.


      How could she not understand why the Banks family would be so heartless towards her mother?


      What she couldn't understand was that it was clear that her father was at fault for the incident, so why did she have to kill her mother?


      Was it just because mum came to Aurous Hill this time?


      At this moment, Deana had guessed the whole story.


      Deep inside her heart, she had the same question: "Zayne could have given birth to an illegitimate daughter behind my back, and even be so reckless as to bring her around, while I have been married for so many years, never betrayed him, and now I just want to divorce him, so is he right and I am wrong?


      He only hoped that the tunnel on the map would arrive sooner, so that he could solve all this before him.

Chapter 2436

At the same time, a helicopter had left the city and was speeding towards the mountains outside of Aurous Hill.


      On the plane, Isaac Cameron was reporting to Charlie wade: "Young master, the target is still ten kilometres away from us in a straight line, given that their car can only take curves in the mountains, so we should be able to catch up soon."


      Charlie wade nodded and spoke, "I still have one more question I can't figure out."


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, what is the problem?"


      Charlie wade spoke, "I don't understand what exactly is the back way that Liu Zhan left for himself, he made such a big commotion, I believe that although there are no police people coming after him now, but there should already be police ambushes at every intersection in front of him, the Rolls Royce he drove, even if it is more expensive, is just a car, in this case it is hard for him to escape even if he has wings. "


      "Yes." Isaac Cameron nodded and agreed, "Maybe this Liu Zhan didn't want to escape at all, he was already a Class A wanted criminal, if he was caught, it would be hard to escape death, so he might as well live out his old life and earn a settlement for his wife and children from the Banks family."


      Charlie wade smacked his lips, "What you mean is that this Liu Zhan has already reported his determination to die and has no intention of escaping alive, right?"


      "Right!" Isaac Cameron said, "I think this is the most likely possibility."


      Charlie wade shook his head and said, "If he was really prepared to die, then he wouldn't have gone to such great lengths to put on such a show, he could have just found a random excuse and reason to ki ll Deana as a hostage at the Treasure Pavilion, so why would he need a Rolls Royce to come here non-stop?"


      Isaac Cameron thought about it, "Could it be that he is preparing to do a full set of drama?"


      "There's no need for that, is there?" Charlie wade said indifferently, "What's the point of putting on so much drama even before you die? If he just wanted to confuse people so that they wouldn't suspect the Banks family, then he would have killed so many hostages at the Treasure Pavilion, and the gun could have kil led Deana with a slight deviation, and people wouldn't have suspected it."


      Isaac Cameron then asked, "Young master, then you mean that Liu Zhan has a way to escape?"


      Charlie wade sneered, "Whether Liu Zhan really has a way to escape, I can't be sure yet, but what I can be sure of is that if it was the Banks family who gave him the promise and helped him escape, then the Banks family will definitely not leave him alive."


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, if you say so, then the Banks family must already be ready to take Liu Zhan's life!"


      "Right." Charlie wade nodded gently and said, "I think that given the Banks Family's style of action, they will definitely avoid dreaming too long into the night, so they will definitely settle Liu Zhan within reason and as soon as possible."


      Isaac Cameron thought for a moment and spoke, "Then the place the Banks family would choose would be on this section of the mountain road with no exit."


      Charlie wade gave a hmph and ordered, "Speed up and lock them down as soon as possible!"


      "Yes Young Master!"


      After the helicopter had flown for a few more minutes, Isaac Cameron pointed at a black car on the road diagonally ahead and said, "Young master, we've locked on to that car! It's that black stretch limousine down there!"


      Charlie wade glanced down and indeed spotted Isaac Cameron's Rolls Royce.


      However, due to the high altitude of the plane, that Rolls-Royce looked not even as big as a fingernail cap.


      At this point, Isaac Cameron asked him, "Young master, should we drop in altitude to catch up?"


      Charlie wade waved his hand, "No, so as not to alert the snake, first follow him from afar and observe!"