Amazing Son-in-law 2433-2434 English version

  Chapter 2433

As he got closer and closer to the intended tunnel, Liu Zhan's heart became more and more nervous.


      For him, victory or defeat was only a matter of time.


      Therefore, he kept praying in his heart, "God, I have never begged anyone in my life, now I beg you to show your spirit and bless me with everything going well today!"


      "If it goes well, after I've finished with this bunch of mothers and daughters behind me, God you only need to keep me with one hour to escape!"


      "One hour would be enough for the Banks family to arrange for me to escape!"


      "By this time tomorrow, I will have changed to a new identity and started a new life abroad!"


      At the thought of this, Liu Zhan was also excited deep inside.


      At this moment, Deana and Zara were sitting in the back row of the Rolls-Royce, both mother and daughter were a little apprehensive deep inside.


      Zara's heart was always highly tense, and as she watched the car drive into the mountains, she felt an inexplicable panic in her heart, as if something was not quite right, but she could not figure out what was wrong.


      Deana realised that Zara was a little uneasy, so in order to prevent her daughter from being overly frightened, Deana kept holding her hand and gave her a look of encouragement every now and then, telling her to relax as much as possible.


      Zara, however, could hardly relax and she could not help but ask, "Where are you taking us anyway?"


      Liu Zhan did not even turn his head back and said in a cold voice, "Don't worry about where you are going, just sit honestly in the car!"


      Zara continued to ask, "Then when are you going to let us go?"


      Liu Zhan held the steering wheel in one hand and kept shaking the gun around in the other, and said with some impatience, "When to let you go, or whether to let you go, all depends on my mood, if you sit honestly and don't talk so much, I may still keep you alive, but if you keep asking questions here, I'll f*cking ki ll you now! "


      Deana knew that Liu Zhan would ki ll without blinking an eye, so he immediately scolded Zara and said, "Zara! Keep your mouth shut and stop talking!"


      Zara had to obediently do as she was told and shut her mouth.


      However, her heart grew more and more apprehensive, and the feeling that something was wrong became stronger and stronger.


      She searched her mind carefully for all the details, hoping to find a clue that she had overlooked.


      After a few minutes, a detail suddenly came to her mind.


      It occurred to her that while she was at the Jumbo Pavilion, Liu Zhan's mobile phone had received a call!


      Moreover, it seemed that he had also pulled out his mobile phone and sent a message to someone.


      This detail made her tense up all of a sudden!


      "A wanted criminal who has been on the run for a long time across the country, why would he still have the energy to call and send messages to others when he is alone and being rounded up, and he took that call for quite a long time"


      "Even if the people calling and messaging him were all his family, that would be hard to explain away, because a normal person at a time like this would have told his family he was busy in the quickest way possible and then rushed to hang up the phone, there's no way he would have talked straight away."


      "Because, since he has a mobile phone and can contact his family at any time, he can communicate anytime and anywhere. If there is no important matter, there is absolutely no need to distract himself from communicating with his family at such a critical moment, that will easily distract himself and affect the main business, especially the important matter that concerns his life and safety."


      "It's like a doctor who is focused on performing surgery on a patient, it's absolutely impossible to bring his mobile phone with him to call and text with his family, it would be very disruptive to his work and the slightest inattention could have serious consequences."


      "It would be understandable if Liu Zhan had only just embarked on a criminal path and was inexperienced, but he is, after all, a wanted criminal who has been on the run for a long time and should have a strong sense of anti-surveillance of all kinds, this kind of person, should not make such a low-level mistake."


      "So, regardless of whether the person who called or texted with him is his family or not, what the other party communicated with him must be something very important!"

Chapter 2434

"It's even, most likely, something closely related to his storming into the Treasure Pavilion today!"


      Thinking of this, Zara came to a conclusion in her mind, "Behind Liu Zhan, there must be someone else! If that's the case, then his rushing into the Treasure Pavilion today is not a coincidental event!"


      "If this is not even a coincidence, then it is equally not a coincidence that he kidnapped me and my mother!"


      "Could it be that MoFei is coming for me and mum?!"


      Zara's heart instantly became even more panicked!


      "If Liu Zhan was really in the process of being chased and rushed into the Treasure Pavilion by chance, then as long as my mother and I cooperate with Liu Zhan in his escape, when Liu Zhan is safe, the chances of my mother and I surviving will be more or less greater, after all, he has already been exposed to the police, there is absolutely no need to ki ll me and my mother to anger the police and to create social opinion, that will only be more detrimental to him subsequently"


      "However, if Liu Zhan was instructed by someone to escape from the police and kidnap me and my mother, then we are really in a bad situation."


      At this thought, Zara suddenly said, "Brother Liu, if you release me and my mother, I can give you $50 million as a reward, I'll do what I say!"


      "Fifty million?!" Liu Zhan froze for a moment.


      The figure of fifty million was indeed not small, and to him, it was already enough to move him.


      Moreover, he did not doubt Zara's ability in the slightest.


      After all, it was someone from the Banks family, and it was easy to take out five hundred million dollars, let alone fifty million.


      However, Zara dared to give it, but he did not dare to ask for it.


      Because, in his heart, he knew that the one who offered money for him to have to take out this mother and daughter was actually the Banks family.


      "Moreover, this matter is more complicated than I imagined before!"


      "At first, someone approached me and asked me to take out that Deana, and today, someone gave me 20 million dollars at home, asking me to take out that Zara along with it"


      "Why is the Banks family so cruel? It's fine to ki ll Deana, he's an outsider after all, but why do they want to ki ll Zara?"


      "A family that won't even spare their own people can't be described as ruthless. If I follow their arrangement honestly, I can still get a chance to live abroad, but if I play smart behind their back, or even secretly take Zara's money again, then the chances are they won't let me go."


      "What's more, my family is still in China, if they really anger the Banks family, they won't even spare their own family, how can they spare my family?


      Zara looked through the rear-view mirror of the car and saw that Liu Zhan's expression was full of entanglement, so she realized that the situation was even worse, so she hurriedly added: "Brother Liu, you must know my situation, not to mention $50 million, even if it's $60 million or even $80 million, as long as you nod, I can also give it to you! As long as you nod, I can make a phone call and have the money credited to your account immediately!"


      Saying that, Zara hurriedly said, "I won't talk to you for 50 or 80 million either, I'll round it up for you, 100 million, as long as you nod, I'll have someone credit your account with 100 million cash within ten minutes!"


      As soon as Liu Zhan heard that he could have 100 million in his account as long as he nodded, he instantly had the feeling of a starving man who was looking at a table full of mountains and seafood but did not dare to open his mouth.


      This made him feel very irritable and he subconsciously blurted out, "Don't f*cking bullsh*t me! This is not about money at all!"


      As soon as Liu Zhan's words came out, Zara's heart thudded and he immediately looked at Deana beside him.


      Deana had also realized that her daughter was deliberately setting up Liu Zhan's words, and when she heard Liu Zhan's reply, she also instantly realized the root of the problem.


      Therefore, she also looked up at Zara at this moment.


      Mother and daughter looked at each other in unison, and each could see in the other's eyes the other's deep shock!