Amazing Son-in-law 2431-2432 English version

  Chapter 2431

Hearing Charlie wade's query, Isaac Cameron exclaimed, "Young master, then who do you think could be behind this matter?"


      Charlie wade thought for a moment and said, "I currently feel that the Banks family is the most likely to be behind this."


      "The Banks family?!" Isaac Cameron said, dumbfounded, "Young master, why would the Banks family make a move on the two women? There's no reason for that."


      Charlie wade said with a serious expression, "To really talk about reasons, I think there are many, this Auntie Deana is determined to divorce Zayne, this in itself hurts the face of the Banks family, Zayne must have resentment in his heart, and the old man of the Banks family must be the same."


      Isaac Cameron nodded and said, "For any respectable family, a wife or daughter-in-law who openly wants a divorce will definitely cause damage to the family's face, but this doesn't have to come down so hard, does it?"


      Charlie wade spoke, "After all, it's a big family, sometimes they feel that face is above everything, what's more, Auntie Deana and that Zayne, not just wanting a divorce, she came all the way to Aurous Hill for what, you know, I know, and so many people from the big families in Eastcliff must also know."


      Isaac Cameron could not help but nod and sighed, "It is indeed true that back then,  Deana liked your father, it was a matter known to everyone in Eastcliff, now she came to Aurous Hill, and also participated in this auction, with a high price of tens of millions of dollars to auction off the old house where your father lived, this is obvious to all, she must still have not forgotten your father in her heart"


      Charlie wade gave a somewhat melancholy expression and said, "I'm surprised at her feelings for my father, but the more surprised I am, the more I can't help but look at things from the other direction as well."


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly asked, "Young master, what is the other direction you are talking about? My mind is a bit dull at the moment, I really can't understand it."


      Charlie wade said indifferently, "The other direction is naturally Zayne, if Auntie Deana has not been able to forget my father for so many years, then does she have true feelings for Zayne in all the years she has been married to him?"


      "This," Isaac Cameron was silent for a moment.


      A moment later, he said with some sudden realization, "I see! Auntie Deana openly came to Aurous Hill to remember your father, and also openly participated in this auction and auctioned off the old mansion where your father lived, this is almost like telling others that she has been deeply in love with your father for all these years, in that case, then she must not have loved Zayne for all these years! This is a great shame for Zayne!"


      "That's right." Charlie wade sighed, "That's why I suspect that the person behind the scenes driving all this before us is probably Zayne."


      Isaac Cameron frowned and spoke, "Young master, Zara is Zayne's flesh and blood, even if he hates Auntie Deana, he definitely can't even harm Zara, right?"


      "Yes." Charlie wade spoke, "A tiger's poison does not yet eat its son, Zayne should not have done anything to Zara, perhaps Zara is just a blindfold."


      Isaac Cameron said helplessly, "Banks's family has always done things with little modesty, what you said might even be the truth."


      At this time, Charlie wade said, "If it's really the Banks family that wants that Auntie Deana to die, then I won't let them have their wish!"


      After saying that, Charlie wade immediately said to Isaac Cameron, "Cameron, immediately investigate the exact location of that Rolls Royce, and also have the helicopter ready!"


      Upon hearing this, Isaac Cameron immediately asked, "Young Master, do you want to go and save the two of them?"


      Charlie wade smiled coldly and said, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, I can even save Xion, let alone Deana or Zara!"


      Isaac Cameron immediately said, "Yes, Young Master! I'll have someone track the location of that car, and have the helicopter ready!"


      With the rapid development of technology nowadays, most of the cars were equipped with certain remote functions.


      The lesser ones can remotely check the car's position, fuel level, and the closing of the doors and windows.


      The better ones can remotely open and close the doors, even start the car remotely and start the air conditioning.


      Some new energy cars, for example, can even be remotely summoned and operated by mobile phone, allowing the car to drive itself to the driver rather than the driver going to the car.

Chapter 2432

 Although the Rolls-Royce did not have the function of remote summoning, other remote functions were all in place, which included the car's location being able to be accessed in real time from the Rolls-Royce Centre's software.


      Soon, Isaac Cameron's men sent him the track of the car's movement.


      After reading it, he spoke, "Young master, Liu Zhan drove off towards the mountains."


      "The mountains?" Charlie wade frowned, "What's the exact location?"


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, "It's in the direction of the Champsley Hot Spring Hotel."


      "Good!" Charlie wade immediately ordered, "Turn to your hotel now and take the helicopter directly to intercept his car in advance!"


      Isaac Cameron blurted out, "Young master, Liu Zhan is strapped with explosives, are you sure of subduing him?"


      Charlie wade sneered and said disdainfully, "If I wanted to, I could make Liu Zhan not even have the ability to blink, let alone press the detonation switch!"


      "That's good!" Isaac Cameron breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly drove towards the hotel.


      At the same time, he also immediately pulled out his mobile phone and instructed the hotel's helicopter pilot to get ready


      At this moment, it was Liu Zhan who was already driving the Rolls-Royce, speeding towards the mountains south of Aurous Hill.


      This was the route that Master Banks's men had arranged for him.


      After entering the mountains all the way from here, there were more than thirty kilometres of mountainous roads, which had no exit or entrance, so as long as the car ran fast enough, it was impossible for anyone to catch up.


      This is also the reason why Liu Zhan must ask the police to prepare a Rolls Royce.


      When an ordinary car ran on a mountainous road, a very obvious drop in power would occur, but for a twelve-cylinder beast like a Rolls-Royce, even if it was a mountainous road, the power was completely sufficient to distance itself from its pursuers.


      Moreover, the other side had already arranged a golden escape for Liu Zhan.


      When Liu Zhan drove his car into a two-kilometre-long tunnel on the Pan Mountain Road, immediately two cars would have an accident at the entrance of the tunnel and completely block the tunnel, and when Liu Zhan drove his car to the middle of the tunnel, there was a special safety island for emergency parking, where he was required to take out Deana and Zara.


      After finishing off the mother and daughter, he would dump the bodies inside the safety island as planned, and then drive onwards.


      There would be a container van waiting at the point where he was about to exit the tunnel.


      When the time came, he would drive the Rolls-Royce directly into the interior of the container lorry, and the other party would use the prepared cargo to hide the Rolls-Royce in it and transport it away unnoticed.


      Moreover, the container van prepared to pick up Liu Zhan had powerful signal shielding equipment installed on it, so even if there were a hundred gps devices installed on the Rolls Royce, it would never be discovered.


      When the time comes, the Rolls-Royce Centre will find that the car has never gone out since it entered the tunnel.


      I'm afraid the police will also concentrate on searching for him in the tunnel first.


      By the time the police realise that he might have got away with it, he would have already escaped!