Amazing Son-in-law 2423-2424 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2423

Hearing Charlie wade's analysis, Isaac Cameron also couldn't help but nod and said, "This matter is indeed strange, normally, only a fool would run towards a building when being chased, normal people should want to rush away and escape as far as possible."


      Charlie wade gave a hmph and said, "Since Liu Zhan has been a long-running Class A wanted criminal, he could never make such a low-level mistake, otherwise he would have been caught long ago, so I speculate that the biggest possibility is that Liu Zhan deliberately wanted to enter the Treasure Pavilion!"


      "Intentionally going into the Treasure Pavilion" Isaac Cameron couldn't help but mutter, puzzled, "What is he doing in the Treasure Pavilion? There's no big auction at the Treasure Pavilion today, today's undertaking is a judicial auction, selling big items like houses and cars, there's no point in grabbing these things!"


      Charlie wade laughed, "Don't forget, he was chased into the Treasure Pavilion by the police, or rather, he deliberately pretended to be chased into the Treasure Pavilion by the police, so it's unlikely that he was running for the Treasure Pavilion's stuff."


      Isaac Cameron asked in confusion, "Young master, if he wasn't running for something, then what was he running for?"


      Charlie wade coldly snorted, "Since he's not running for something, then he must be running for a person!"


      "Running for people? He's a Grade A wanted criminal, once he's found out the odds are he'll be caught or even killed, what kind of person could he be running for if he's taking such a big risk?"


      Charlie wade said seriously, "The ones who appeared in the Treasure Pavilion today, the ones with the highest value, should be just five people, one is me, one is you, one is Bao Fu Gui, the remaining two, are Deana and Zara, who do you think he is running for?"


      Isaac Cameron thought about it and said seriously, "It's slightly less likely that he's running towards the[] two of us, after all, we've all come out and he's only just gone in, so the odds are that these three are the only ones left."


      Saying that, he muttered, "Bao Fu Gui is slightly more likely, right, after all, he is quite famous locally in Aurous Hill, his worth is not as much as Miss Jasmine of the Moore family, nor as much as Graham Quinton's stream, but he at least has a few billion in assets."


      "As for Deana and Zara I think it's less likely, the Bamks family, like the wade family, is one of the top families in the country, and the protection of their family members is very well in place, no media, dare to expose the information of their members without the consent of these big families, so even if they are the richest people in Aurous Hill, it's very difficult to find out the information of the members of the Banks family, let alone Liu Zhan such a wanted criminal."


      Charlie wade frowned and spoke, "You don't understand the core of this matter, the core of this matter, is that Liu Zhan risked his life to put on a play, he can't put on a play just to find Bao Fu Gui, or to find this mother and daughter of the Banks family to ask for money, I think the probability is that there is some kind of conspiracy."


      "Conspiracy?" Isaac Cameron was a bit puzzled and said, "Young master, when you say there is a conspiracy, could it be that the Banks family's enemies want to deal with the Banks family's mother and daughter? Or Bao Fu Gui's enemies who want to use this Liu Zhan's hand to take him out?"


      Charlie wade nodded, "I think both are possible, what exactly is going on will depend again on how this matter develops afterwards."


      Isaac Cameron said, "This Liu Zhan wants a Leslie to escape, I don't know if he can get away this time."


      Charlie wade laughed, "Whether he can escape or not depends on whether there is someone behind him, otherwise, with his own ability, making such a big commotion and still wanting to escape, that is simply a fool's dream!"


      Speaking of this, Charlie wade sneered, "However, since he dares to play such a big game, I believe there must be someone behind him to help!"


      Soon, Isaac Cameron drove to the Treasure Pavilion.


      When he was almost at the Treasure Pavilion, Charlie wade had already taken out his mask and put it on, so as not to expose himself by drawing too much attention to this matter.


      At this moment, the Treasure Pavilion was already surrounded by a large number of police officers and police cars, and even wheeled armored vehicles for anti-terrorism were deployed.


      Several roads close to the Pavilion had been blocked off by the police, and a large number of police officers had even been deployed to disperse the[] crowd of spectators.


      As soon as Isaac Cameron's Rolls-Royce reached the blocked intersection, a middle-aged man hurriedly ran over and greeted Isaac Cameron through the car window.


      Isaac Cameron lowered the window and said, " Wang."


      The man who was called Old Wang was the captain of the Aurous Hill Police, Wang Haixin.

Chapter 2424

Wang Haixin had been waiting for Isaac Cameron's Rolls-Royce for a long time, and although Cameron was fast, he could not help but feel that the situation inside was really critical and of great importance.


      Therefore, he said in a hurry, "Mr. Cameron, thank God you are finally here, do you think it is convenient for you to drive in? If it's convenient for you, you can help me drive the car to the entrance of Treasure Pavilion, if not, I'll drive it in."


      Isaac Cameron turned around and asked Charlie wade in a low voice, "Mr. Charlie, what do you mean?"


      Charlie wade also wanted to go in and see what exactly was going on, so he said, "Just drive straight in."


      Isaac Cameron then said to Wang Haixin, "Old Wang, I'll drive the car in directly."


      "Good!" Wang Haixin nodded and hurriedly asked again, "Mr. Cameron, is the fuel in your car still full? That Liu Zhan demands that it must be filled up, if you're not satisfied, I'll arrange for someone to draw a little from the other car to even it out."


      Isaac Cameron took a look at the fuel gauge and said, "My car is basically full."


      "That's good!" Wang Haixin breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You can drive directly to the entrance of Jumbo Pavilion, but don't get too close, when you park the car and leave the keys in the car, then hurry up and pull out, this is safer."


      "Good." Isaac Cameron nodded his head.


      At this time, Wang Haixin immediately had someone open the barricade set up to allow Isaac Cameron's Rolls-Royce to pass through.


      Once Isaac Cameron's car drove into Jumbo Court, he parked it at a distance of five or six metres from the entrance.


      Afterwards, Isaac Cameron then said to Charlie wade, "Young Master, let's get out of the car!"


      "Good." Charlie wade said, "But you should say hello to Old Wang later and see if we can stay at the scene to see how things develop, so that we are not driven outside the quarantine circle as soon as we get out of the car."


      Isaac Cameron was busy saying, "That's not a big problem, I'll talk to him!"


      Charlie wade nodded, "OK, get out of the car!"


      The two then immediately opened the car door and stepped down from the car.


      At this time, Liu Zhan inside saw the Rolls Royce coming and immediately rushed to the door, holding the gun in one hand and the detonation switch in the other, and shouted, "Open all the doors of the car! Open the trunk too so I can see if there's anything hidden inside!"


      Isaac Cameron immediately opened all the doors so that Liu Zhan could see into the car and shouted, "There[] were just the two of us in the car, there's nothing there now, you saw everything, right?"


      Liu Zhan continued to shout, "Where's the trunk? Open the trunk too!"


      Isaac Cameron responded, "Okay, I'll open it now."


      After saying that, he hurriedly opened the trunk again.


      Isaac Cameron had multiple Rolls-Royces, and although they were all allocated by the wade family, the right to use and decide was all in his hands.


      The one he drove today was the one he had reserved specifically to receive Charlie wade, and every time he used this car, he personally drove it, and would only drive it out if Charlie wade needed it, so there were no personal belongings in the trunk of this car.


      After opening it, the trunk was empty.


      Liu Zhan also naturally saw it clearly, then nodded in satisfaction, looked up and down at Charlie wade and Isaac Cameron, and said in a cold voice: "Don't turn off the car, leave the keys, and you two can go!"