Amazing Son-in-law 2421-2422 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2421

A car like a Rolls-Royce is really not something that the average person can afford.


      If we count all the Rolls-Royces in Aurous Hill, it is estimated that there are only a few dozen of them.


      And among them, a large part of them are old cars that are already many years old.


      Most of these old Rolls-Royces are not expensive, and have changed hands many times, eventually flowing into wedding companies as wedding cars, specially used to fool some young people who love face.


      Therefore, there are very few genuine Rolls-Royces that can really be taken out.


      Captain Wang had previously thought about whether he could simply ask the wedding company to temporarily commandeer an old Rolls Royce.


      After all, if there was any damage to the car, this old car would be cheaper overall and the pressure to compensate would not be too great.


      However, he thought to himself: "Liu Zhan is a tough bandit with a strong sense of anti-detection, and it is impossible to fool him, so the most urgent task now is to get this god out of the Treasure Pavilion, preferably directly from Aurous Hill, and the faster he goes, the better. If we get an old Rolls Royce to anger him, it will easily cause trouble instead!"


      "Moreover, Isaac Cameron's own car is a Rolls-Royce, and the hotel is equipped with four different models of Rolls-Royce, unlike others, most of them only have one Rolls-Royce, and they are still very precious, so it is the best chance to borrow it from him"


      Thinking of this, he then immediately took out his mobile phone and made a call to Isaac Cameron.


      Meanwhile, Isaac Cameron had just parked his car in front of the old mansion where Charlie wade and his parents had lived, and accompanied Charlie wade into the mansion.


      Charlie wade looked at the depressed courtyard and sighed with some reluctance, "Back then when my dad rented this small courtyard, it was as dilapidated as it is now, and then my mum and dad worked together to clean it up a little bit and turned it into a cozy home"


      Speaking of this, Charlie wade couldn't help but sigh and spoke, "That Auntie Deana, she would have tidied up the place like my parents did, right"


      Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, "Young master, don't worry, the second Miss of the Deana's family is known to be virtuous in the capital, after she buys this old mansion, she will definitely take great care to restore it, I believe that in a month or two, when you come over to see it again, it will have changed greatly."


      Charlie wade waved his hand, "Forget it, I was already seen by this Auntie Deana last time I came over, I'd better come to this place less often in the future, unless she goes back to Eastcliff."


      Isaac Cameron said seriously, "Young master, actually there is no need for you to avoid the second Miss Deana's family, she is a good person, and she has liked your father for so many years, if you recognize her, she is afraid that she will treat you like her own."


      "That's all the more reason to forget it." Charlie wade waved his hand and said seriously, "I don't want to be treated like a son by an aunt who loves my father dearly, that feeling is too awkward."


      Saying that, Charlie wade added, "Moreover, when I was in Japan, I saved the two Banks siblings, I don't want to have anything more to do with them."


      "Ai," Isaac Cameron sighed helplessly, "Young master, just because you saved Fitz and Zara, that old bastard of the Banks family would not even kneel down and kowtow three times in front of you!"


      Charlie wade sneered, "I don't need him to kneel to me, when the time is right, I will make him, and all the men of the Banks family, go kneel before my parents' graves and kowtow in repentance for the anti-wade alliance back then!"


      Isaac Cameron said firmly, "Young master, I believe that with your strength, this goal will definitely be achieved in the near future!"


      Charlie wade nodded slightly, his eyes refocusing on the small, decaying courtyard again.


      Just at this moment, Isaac Cameron's mobile phone suddenly rang.


      He hurriedly took a few steps back so as not to disturb Charlie wade, then respectfully said to Charlie wade, "Young master, I'll take a call first."


      Charlie wade gave a hmph and said nothing more.


      Isaac Cameron walked to the door before he picked up the phone and asked, "Old Wang, what's the matter with me?"


      Captain Wang hurriedly said, "Mr. Cameron, there is a matter that I need to ask for your help, this time it may be necessary for you, I also hope that you will not refuse!"

Chapter 2422

Isaac Cameron laughed, "We've known each other for so long, what else do you have to be polite to me about? Tell me straight, what is it?"


      Only then did Captain Wang explain, "Mr. Cameron, there's a big case at the Treasure Pavilion, a Grade A wanted criminal has stormed in and taken over a hundred people hostage, and this guy has explosives strapped to him.


      Saying that, Captain Wang added, "There are not many people in Aurous Hill who have Rolls-Royces, and you are the only one who owns more than one Rolls-Royce, so please help us out and save the day!"[]


      Isaac Cameron exclaimed, "Jumbo Pavilion? Are you sure it's Jumbo Court?"


      "Yes!" Captain Wang hurriedly said, "I'm outside Jumbo Pavilion right now, basically all the police forces in the city that can be deployed are here"


      Isaac Cameron couldn't help but say, "I just came out of the Treasure Pavilion ten or twenty minutes ago."


      Captain Wang sighed, "Then you are really lucky, if you had come out a little later, you would have been blocked in by this Liu Zhan"


      After saying that, Captain Wang hurriedly asked, "Mr. Cameron, I wonder if it's convenient for you to lend us a Rolls Royce? Don't worry, if there are any problems with this car, our city bureau will bear your losses!"


      Without hesitation, Isaac Cameron said, "Wang, you don't have to be so polite with me, as a law-abiding citizen, it's my duty and obligation to provide assistance to the police!"


      After saying that, he immediately said, "Wait a moment, I'll call and arrange for someone to send a Rolls Royce to you!"


      "Good!" Captain Wang said excitedly, "Mr. Cameron, thank you so much then!"


      "You're welcome!"


      After hanging up the phone, Isaac Cameron was ready to call his men so that they could hurry up and prepare the vehicle.[


      Charlie wade walked up to him at this time and asked him openly, "Isaac Cameron, something happened to Treasure Pavilion?"


      "Yes!" Isaac Cameron hurriedly gave Charlie wade a general introduction of what had happened.


      As soon as Charlie wade heard this, he said, "This is an urgent matter, people's lives are at stake, so don't call, just drive your car over there!"


      Isaac Cameron immediately said, "That's fine! Young master, then I will drive to the Treasure Pavilion, so you can nostalgic yourself first, I won't take you back!"


      Charlie wade said, "I'll come with you!"


      After saying that, Charlie wade had already left the courtyard in the first place.


      Without much thought, Isaac Cameron was ready to help Charlie wade pull open the car door, but Charlie wade took the first step to pull the door open and pushed him, saying, "Time is of the essence, hurry up and drive!"




      Isaac Cameron rushed into the driver's cab, started the car and flew towards the Treasure Pavilion, Charlie wade was looking out of the window at this moment, his brows slightly knitted as he spoke, "Isaac Cameron, the police said that Liu Zhan, was found by chance and then chased into the Treasure Pavilion?"[


      "Yes young master!" Isaac Cameron said, "I reckon this guy should have fled to Aurous Hill and wanted to get some money in Aurous Hill to continue his escape, but he didn't expect to be discovered by the Aurous Hill Municipal Bureau, so he panicked and fled into Jumbo Pavilion."


      Charlie wade shook his head and spoke, "I always feel that things don't seem to be quite right."


      Isaac Cameron was surprised and asked, "Young master, what's not right?!"


      Charlie wade didn't answer his question, but asked him rhetorically, "A Grade A wanted criminal who has been in hiding for a long time must be someone with an extremely strong sense of counter-surveillance and an extremely good judgement of his environment"


      "How would such a person, who is extremely experienced in escaping, choose to escape into a single building like the Jumbo Pavilion, which is extremely well enclosed? Running inside the building, isn't this a clear way to let others catch him in a jar?"