Amazing Son-in-law 2417-2418 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2417

Most criminals who commit felonies will be targeted by the police, so those like Liu Zhan who are able to escape all the way without being caught have a very deep sense of sophistication and counter-surveillance, and know how to hide themselves extremely well.


      Therefore, the moment he saw Deana, although his heart was so excited that he could not wait for his eyes to shine, he could not see any ripples on the surface.


      He shook the gun in his hand and said coldly, "All of you in the back hurry up, don't f*cking dawdle there!"


      Neither Deana nor Zara noticed anything unusual and hurriedly followed the others to the auction hall.


      Seeing that Deana was already under his control, Liu Zhan did not search for other rooms, but waited until everyone had entered the hall, then followed them directly inside and closed the door tightly.[]


      At this time, there were more than 100 men, women and children in the hall, all of whom were looking at Liu Zhan nervously, not knowing what he was going to do to them next.


      Liu Zhan walked up to the auction table at this time, picked up the microphone and said arrogantly, "Gentlemen, it's not a bad fate that we can meet in this place today in this way, so I will first introduce myself to you all."


      At this point, Liu Zhan cleared his throat and spoke, "My name is Liu Zhan, I'm from the north, I'm a police listed Class A wanted criminal, I fled all the way to Jinling, I didn't expect to be f*cking discovered by the police while buying a pack of cigarettes at the underground entrance, I had no choice but to hide here and take you all hostage."


      I just hope that everyone will stay here honestly and use it as a bargaining chip for me to negotiate with the police, and when the police agree to my terms, I will naturally continue my escape career and everyone can leave here safely. "


      Liu Zhan's words made the vast majority of people feel slightly relieved.


      These people all felt in their hearts that since they were going to cooperate as hostages, they should cooperate honestly, and when this Liu Zhan got what he wanted, they would naturally be able to go home safely.


      Deana and Zara also didn't notice anything unusual, but like everyone else, their mothers just felt more or less unlucky.


      It's like coming out to get money and encountering a bank robber, although the chances of it happening are small, it's not impossible.[]


      Now that it has happened, the most important thing at the moment is to ensure their personal safety as much as possible.


      Liu Zhan continued, "As I said earlier, I just need everyone to cooperate with me, so you just need to keep your hands on your heads and don't make any small moves.


      Everyone knew that Liu Zhan was ruthless and murderous, so naturally they did not dare to make any moves.


      Liu Zhan was worried that he might not be able to fully deter the gang, so he revealed his explosive-rich waistcoat again and said coldly, "I see that there are quite a few young people in their twenties and thirties among you, and I also came from this age, so I know that people at this age are often hot-headed and impulsive. By joining forces, we can find a way to subdue me!"


      "I'll admit I'm a bit of a two-fisted wreck and the bullets in my gun are nowhere near enough to ki ll everyone here, but I've got enough explosives strapped to my body to blow this place to rubble, enough to get you all on the road with me, and even if you snatch my gun away and shoot me in the head, with a flick of my wrist and the flick of a switch, I'll get you all! Bring it along for the funeral, do you understand?"


      The crowd was horrified when they heard this!


      No one expected that Liu Zhan would not only have a gun, but also such a weapon of mass destruction![]


      All those present were flesh and blood, and if the weapon had actually exploded, it would have been almost impossible for anyone to survive!


      So, at this moment, everyone's innermost thoughts of resistance are completely snuffed out!


      Even among the security forces, a few ex-military boys who had been in the army gave up on the idea of finding a way to turn the tide.


      For many young men who have joined the army, it is not difficult to subdue a person.


      But subduing a man while making sure that his fingers don't touch a tiny switch is almost impossible.

Chapter 2418

After all, even with a bullet to the head and unconsciousness in the brain, the nervous system can make the entire torso twitch for a few minutes, which can trigger a switch even if the person is dead.

      Therefore, no one dared to risk their own lives, or the lives of so many people.


      Liu Zhan was relieved to see that everyone was shocked.[]


      A vicious person like him was actually worried that an accident might happen.


      After all, although he was an outlaw, he wasn't really afraid of death, and he also wanted to smuggle himself out of the country smoothly and regain his life, which was why he had taken on such a mission.


      Seeing that he had taken complete control of the situation with over 100 people with just a few words, he knew that he had achieved more than half of what he had set out to do.


      All that was left was to negotiate with the police for a car and escape with Deana.


      Just as he was about to go to the main gate to negotiate with the police outside, his mobile phone suddenly rang in his pocket.


      The phone, which he had bought from the black market, was stolen from its owner and had nothing to do with him, so he wasn't afraid of being traced by the police.


      As for the phone number, only a few of his immediate family members know about it, and their contact details are very secret.


      He never allows his relatives to contact him from mobile phones, landlines or payphones, only from Internet phones that he can call anonymously, so that no one can check for clues.[]


      The moment the phone rang, he looked down to see that the caller ID was for an out-of-country number and pressed the answer button.


      Although the call looked like it came from outside the country, it was actually made by his relatives using a VoIP phone.


      Liu Zhan answered the phone and just after saying hello, he heard a woman ask in a low voice, "Honey?".


      Liu Zhan hmmmed and asked in a disgruntled whisper, "Why are you calling at this time? Didn't know I had big things to do?!"


      The one who called was Liu Zhan's wife.


      Liu Zhan is thirty-five years old, married for eleven years, has three children and his parents are still alive.


      After all, his parents are old and his wife doesn't have much education, so after he fled the country, his family is almost sitting on the sidelines, and the financial situation is getting worse and worse.


      However, after taking over the mission this time, the other party gave his family 10 million yuan, which has already arrived in his account, almost enough for his family to live carefree in a small place for the rest of their lives.(a v r a c i t y. c o m)


      On the phone, Liu Zhan's wife said with some excitement, "Hubby! The man who asked us to do something has put another 20 million in my account!"


      "What?!" Liu Zhan was shocked and asked, "Really!


      "It's true!" Liu Zhan's wife said excitedly, "They said they're giving the family the 20 million because they want to add one more condition to you, and if you agree, the money will be given to our family.


      Liu Zhan was also excited and asked, "What are the conditions?"


      Liu Zhan's wife said truthfully: "They said to ki ll the target's daughter along with you!"