Amazing Son-in-law 2413-2414 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2413

At this moment in time, Aurous Hill.


      A man wearing a mask appeared at the entrance of the underground station near the Jumbo Pavilion.


      The underground station entrance had a large number of surveillance cameras, partly security footage of the underground, partly the city's Skynet surveillance, and a few new high-end cameras equipped with face recognition features.


      Over the years, with the rapid development of technology, facial recognition has successfully moved out of science fiction movies and into the lives of ordinary people.


      Not only do mobile phones support facial recognition, but more importantly, the police also have a whole suite of facial recognition systems that are connected to big data.


      The greatest use of this system is to quickly screen large numbers of people.


      If, for example, hundreds of people come up to you and there is a wanted criminal in the mix, it is not only inefficient to rely on police officers to check them one by one, but it is also particularly easy to miss them.


      However, with the facial recognition system now in place, hundreds of people quickly walk past and the system is able to identify them all directly through facial recognition.


      At the same time, the system will immediately verify the identities of hundreds of people, and if there are fugitives or suspects in the area, the police will be alerted by the system in the quickest possible time.


      A typical example is when a famous Hong Kong singer came to the mainland for a concert, and the police were always able to catch a few fugitives from the tens of thousands of concert-goers at each concert.


      Why is this so efficient?


      Almost all of them rely on the power of facial recognition!


      So, as society becomes more and more technologically advanced, the possibility of criminals trying to escape justice becomes less and less.


      The man, who was wearing a mask, looked around, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a very dry and somewhat wrinkled pack of cigarettes.


      He tore open the packet and found that there was not a single cigarette inside.


      The boss hurriedly asked, "Soft or hard?"


      The man said, "Soft."


      The boss said, "Sixty-five." as he took a packet of soft Chinese out of the glass case and handed it to him, "Sixty-five."


      The man threw him a hundred-yuan note and said, "Keep the change." The man was delighted.


      The boss was delighted, but he was too busy smiling and said, "Oh, thank you."


      The man took the cigarette, turned around and at the same time had removed the plastic film from the outside of the cigarette and then ripped open the right side of the cigarette pack.


      He then skilfully tapped his finger on the left side of the cigarette pack and a cigarette emerged from the torn opening on the right side.


      He took the cigarette out and removed the mask he was wearing, revealing a somewhat fierce national face.


      He held the cigarette in his mouth, lit it and took a hard drag, then turned his head left and right to look at it.


      He glanced at the rows of security cameras at the underground entrance, and a determined smile crossed his lips.


      He had been on the run for three years.


      He had lived like a ghost for three years, hiding and hiding, and was already exhausted.


      He wanted to find a chance to sneak overseas so he could breathe a sigh of relief, but he simply didn't have the ability or the opportunity to do so.


      So he had to go hungry and hide everywhere.


      The only thing that brought him comfort was a very secret contact with his family that even the police didn't know about.


      It was because of this contact that his family contacted him two days ago and told him that he had been offered 10 million dollars to kill a man and, afterwards, to use his connections to send him abroad.


      Since his family had already received the 10 million, he was moved almost instantly.

Chapter 2414

He was tired of hiding out anyway, and there was no reason to turn down the chance to make 10 million for his family and a chance to set himself free once and for all.


      So, he rolled over to Aurous Hill yesterday, ready to play the game!


      According to the Kingpin, he had to find a security camera to expose himself before fleeing to a place called Jumbo House.


      Now, all he is doing is exposing himself and letting the Aurous Hill police know he is here!


      At this moment, the Aurous Hill Police General Command Room.


      The police facial recognition system suddenly emitted a piercing warning tone and the officers on duty were shocked at the sight of it!


      On the computer screen, a system prompt has popped up with a line that reads, "Identified by the facial recognition system, Class A wanted criminal Liu Zhan is in our city, please verify immediately!"


      The police officer on duty rushed to access the scene footage automatically intercepted by the system, took a closer look, was shocked, hastily picked up the emergency phone on the desktop, and blurted out: "Class A wanted man Liu Zhan appeared at the Li Dong Road underground station in our city! Please make an arrest immediately!"


      The entire police force in Aurous Hill blew up at once!


      The presence of a class A wanted criminal in Aurous Hill is definitely the last thing the local police want to see, because if this wanted criminal makes a big case in the area, not only will the local people suffer, but the local police will also have to endure tremendous social pressure!


      So the police immediately mobilised the city's police force and decided to arrest Liu Zhan.


      At this time, Liu Zhan's mobile phone in his arms received a text message: "Aurous Hill police have found you! There's a patrol car on its way to catch you, watch your right, 800 metres away!"


      After reading the text message, Liu Zhan gritted his teeth and stared unblinkingly to the right.


      Soon, a police car came into view in the distance and was approaching.


      However, the policeman didn't turn on his lights or siren, and it didn't look like he was on any emergency mission.


      However, Liu Zhan knew in his heart that the person who paid for his services was very astute, and since the other party said that the car was here to arrest him, there must be no mistake.


      He watched as the car got closer and closer, and his heart was in his throat.


      He was in no hurry to flee because he knew that the man who had hired him had requirements that he had to be chased by the police officers into the nearby treasure house, rather than running over there himself first.


      So, with his cigarette in his mouth, he kept puffing on it while calculating the distance and timing.


      He was now standing on the pavement, higher up, and there were a large number of shared bicycles on the roadside.


      Therefore, it was impossible for the police car to pull up directly in front of him after following him from the driveway, so he had to pull over to the side of the driveway and come over on foot.


      The ten metres or so that he had to walk over was his chance to escape.


      He knew that this was a downtown area and the police would not shoot directly, so with the advantage of 10 metres and a faster start, the police would not be able to catch up with him and he would be able to run into the treasure house.


      That way, the other side would chase all the way, and he would flee all the way, directly into the treasure house.


      At this time, the police car had almost reached his front, he pretended to be surprised at the police car, seeing that the police car pulled over to the side and stopped, he began to cautiously retreat continuously.


      At this time, the door of the police car opened and a few police officers, pretending to be on routine patrol, slowly got out of the car, ready to paralyse Liu Zhan and then wait for an opportunity to approach.


      However, Liu Zhan showed great nervousness as he took a puff of smoke, slammed the butt of his cigarette on the ground, turned around and ran backwards.


      A few police officers wanted to approach quietly, but they didn't expect Liu Zhan to be so nervous.


      Liu Zhan didn't even look back and ran forward like a madman.


      Several police officers hurriedly chased after him.


      With his lead, Liu Zhan led the police officers around twice before rushing straight towards the Treasure House not far away!


      The lead police officer, who was desperately trying to catch up, reported over the intercom: "Liu Zhan has a strong sense of counter-surveillance and started fleeing when he saw us, but now he's fled into the Treasure Pavilion! Request the City Council to immediately dispatch police forces to cordon off the Jumbo House and carry out full-scale arrests!"