Amazing Son-in-law 2409-2410 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2409

Although James has the word virtue in his name, he himself has no 'virtue' at all.


      Not only was he devoid of morality, he was equally devoid of martial virtue.


      Lord Banks, on the other hand, is also an amoral person, but at least he is wise and calculating.


      Such people are generally full of benevolence and morality on the surface, but inside they are full of men and women thieves and prostitutes.


      But the key is that a belly full of male thieves and female prostitutes cannot be seen by others.


     Lord Banks's stomach has been festering with bad water all his life, and he has done countless unethical things, but the only time he really messed up was that time with Xion.


      For the most part, Lord Banks is still very good at doing superficial things.


      At this point, Lord Banks already considered James as his future successor to cultivate, so he said in a long-winded tone: "James, you must know that the rules of living and the tips of dealing with high society, in general, is four words, the master is famous!".


      "The division is famous?" James hurriedly followed up with, "Dad, can you be more specific?"


    Lord Banks explained: "The so-called teacher's name is anything that has a name to speak of!"


      "If we don't have a name at all and we just go up there and give the other side a whack, then that's a young man who doesn't follow the rules and belongs to the martial arts, so we'll just have to make do with what we have."


      "You see, in wars between countries throughout the ages, even if the aggressor wants to invade a country, he will usually find a barely plausible reason."


      "Just like the Lugou Bridge Incident of 7/7, the Japanese also lied about a missing soldier and then used the opportunity to stage the Incident."


      "Countries still need a reason among themselves, let alone, our families."


      At this point, Lord Banks said with a cold expression, "Actually, I've wanted Deana's life for a long time! From the moment I found out that Deana was planning to go to Aurous Hill, I hated to see Deana's plane crash and die on the way to Aurous Hill, so that we could put an end to this once and for all."[]


      "But I can only think about it in my mind, I can't just do it!"


      "Because, Deana was just going to Jinling, and didn't do anything to degrade the Banks family's reputation, if I get her private jet down because she's going to Aurous, then the whole Banks family is bound to be finished once the east window goes up!"


      "So, if you want her life, you have to be a teacher after she has done something substantially damaging to the reputation of the Banks family!"


      "Now, Deana, while her marriage to your big brother was still alive, went to Aurous Hill to bid for the old home where Bruce lived, and at a price that exceeded the market price by dozens of times, this has indeed already had an impact on the Banks family's reputation, and at this time, making a move to kill her has at least possessed some justification."


      When James heard this, he said with an educated face, "Dad, I understand what you mean! Hearing you say that today has really enlightened me! I will definitely study and polish myself by your side in the future!"


      James has grown up so much, and today is really the first time I've heard my father talk about this kind of strategy.


      In fact, Banks's old man was a master of deep strategy and had countless strategies in his belly, which were only very superficial and could not be considered profound.


      However, because James was the second oldest, he never had the opportunity to learn such strategies.


      This kind of stratagem, like the ancient imperial art of the emperor, was often only passed on to the prince who was to inherit the unified power in the future, and other princes had no chance to learn it, and were not even qualified to listen to it.


      The reason why emperors are reluctant to pass on their strategies for governing the country to other princes is that they are afraid that other princes will threaten the prince's security in the future.

Chapter 2410

This is just like those martial arts sects, where the head of the sect will always pass on the core martial arts skills to the next head's successor, but not to other apprentices, with the aim of ensuring that the successor's strength is higher, so that he or she will not be overthrown by his or her own people.


      In the past, Old Master Banks devoted himself to teaching his eldest son, Zayne, every day, and as for the other sons, he never taught any real experience or strategy.


      But now, the eldest son, Zayne, has been completely abandoned by him.


      After the eldest son was abolished, the ideal successor in his heart became the second son, James.


      Therefore, he planned to properly cultivate James from now on.


      At this time, he felt in his heart: "I still have at most ten or twenty years to live in the future, and James's growth from now on, ten or twenty years, will just about settle down."


      "That way, he won't threaten my hold on the Banks Family's power for the next ten or twenty years."


      "But if Zayne were to be the heir instead, I might not be able to hold him down for another five or eight years."


      "Looking at it this way, it's not necessarily a bad thing that things have happened to this situation."


      Just then, James hurriedly pursued, "Dad, how are we going to get rid of that slut Deana now! You have already sent the best of the family to Aurous Hill?"


      "No." Lord Banks shook his head and spoke, "How can you use your own people for such things? Wouldn't that be getting yourself into trouble?"


      James was puzzled and asked: "Dad, didn't you say that we had to make a name for ourselves? Now that Deana has insulted the family name, don't we have a reason to take action?"


      Lord Banks was disappointed and rebuked, "James! It's a must, but never the only condition! If you can run around naked with your face covered so you won't be recognised, are you just going to wear a mask and no trousers when you go out in the future?!"[]


      James said in fear: "Dad, I didn't mean that."


      Lord Banks snorted coldly and said sternly, "Listen carefully, even if the division is famous, this kind of thing that takes a person's life, we have to leave everything out of it as much as possible!"


      Saying that, he added: "What we just said about the division is just to give us a fallback, the most important thing for us is that we don't get any evidence from the other side!"


      "The best solution to this matter is to find a way to get rid of Deana, and while the whole world thinks it must be our Banks family, no one can find any substantial evidence!"


      "Like the famous Princess of Europe, everyone knows how she died, but what's the point? No one can produce direct evidence of her murder, and all they can say is that she died in a car accident or an accident!"


      "To take a step back, even if the outside world had evidence that the royal family murdered her, the royal family would at least have a reason to exonerate itself or mitigate the crime."


      "For example, the fact that she was pregnant with a pagan child and was planning to marry a pagan, undermines the royal authority;"


      "For example, she had already given birth to a prince for the royal family, but once she marries a pagan on her second marriage, she will give birth to a pagan baby who happens to be the half-brother of the royal prince, and where does that leave the prince's face, where does that leave the face of the entire royal family, and where does that leave the face of the entire nation?"


      "These are all reasons for the royal division to be famous, as well as a backstop to clear their names in the future when the East Window is revealed!"


      James hurriedly asked, "Dad, do you have a way to make sure Deana dies for no reason?"


      Lord Banks sneered and said, "What I'm after is not for her to die an unexplained death, but for her to die an impeccable death!"