Amazing Son-in-law 2403-2404 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2403

Charlie nodded gently.

    He is also determined to win the former residence of his parents.

    After all, this former residence carries the last time of being together with his parents, which is of great significance.

    As several foreclosure cars were gradually taken away, the auction entered the real estate auction.

    This time, there were 13 sets of properties that participated in the judicial auction, but among the 13 properties, the cheapest starting price was the one that Charlie's parents once lived in.

    The main reason is that the old house has been classified as a protective building by Aurous Hill. Not only is it forbidden to demolish, but also to turn over.

    More importantly, whoever buys this old house has a certain obligation to protect this old house.

    The house is already very old, and it cannot be demolished to obtain greater economic value, even if you want to rebuild it, it is not allowed, so basically no one is interested in such a house.

    No matter who buys this house, there is no chance of realizing it again.

    However, Charlie and Deana are both waiting for the shooting of this house.

    Because this house has the lowest starting price, as soon as it enters the real estate auction, the auctioneer directly puts the photos of the house on the big screen and says: "The first house we are going to auction today is A protected old mansion located at the mouth of the old street. The specific information about this old mansion can be found in the auction manual, so we won’t introduce more here, and we will start the auction directly. It’s 880,000 yuan, and we will start bidding now!” As

    soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, Deana directly raised the sign and said, “One million.”

    “Good!” The auctioneer said immediately, “Bidder No. 34 A bid of one million, is there anything higher than one million?"

    A middle-aged man sitting in the corner raised a sign and said: "One and a half million!"

    This middle-aged man is Isaac Cameron's driver.

    "One and a half million?!" The auctioneer was dumbfounded, and the starting price was 880,000. After only two rounds, it reached 1.5 million, almost doubled!

    You know, there is almost no room for appreciation in this property!

    If you spend 1.5 million to buy such a house, the only possibility is to throw it into your own hands.

    Because of his surprise, before he came back to his senses, Deana raised the sign again and said seriously: "I'll pay two million." The

    auctioneer was even more surprised.

    He immediately looked at Deana and reminded: "Bidder No. 34, I have to remind you that the property is forbidden to be demolished and developed, and re-opening is prohibited. It must be kept in its original shape according to the requirements of the city, and at the same time, it must be Are you sure you know about these particularities?” Du

    Hai nodded, “I’m sure.”

    Although confused, the auctioneer nodded and said, “Bidder No. 34 bid 2 million. Is there anything higher than 2 million?" The

    middle-aged man in the corner immediately said, "I'll pay 3 million!" The

    "three million" auctioneer wiped his sweat and continued to ask: "Now the 22nd bidder bids 3 million, is there any higher than him?" 

    "Four million!" Deana raised his hand almost without thinking.

    As soon as the auctioneer heard this, he hurriedly

    said: " Bid No. 34, No. 4" , Isaac Cameron's driver said loudly: "I'll pay 5 million!"

    Deana didn't even give the auctioneer any time to think. He said: "I pay eight million."

    Eight million? !

    The scene suddenly exclaimed!

    This old house is worthless in the eyes of other people participating in the auction.

    An old and dilapidated old house not only has no commercial value, but it is also very uncomfortable to live in.

    An old house like this is either leaking or leaking. It must be very cold in winter and very hot in summer. If you live in such a house, you might as well just rent a low-rent house provided by the city.

    So everyone feels that, judging from the starting price of 880,000 yuan, this house is likely to be unsold.

    However, who would have thought that such a house of almost no value could be scrambled and pushed up to a price of 8 million in a short period of time.

Chapter 2404

Although Isaac Cameron's driver has no money, Isaac Cameron has already told him that he will take down this house at all costs, let alone just 8 million, even 80 million.

    Therefore, he was not to be outdone at all, and immediately raised his hand and said: "8 million eight hundred thousand!"

    Eight hundred and eight hundred thousand yuan, compared with the starting price of eight hundred and eighty thousand, a full 10 times.

    However, the competition between the two is just beginning.

    Deana didn't seem to want to continue to increase the price a little bit. She raised her hand directly and said: "Ten million." 

   The whole auction scene was in an uproar.

    In the box, Isaac Cameron said in Charlie's ear: "Master, the second lady of the THORN family seems to be determined to win."

    Charlie nodded and sighed helplessly: "I don't understand this aunt's thoughts too much, she After all, there is no substantial relationship basis with my father. Why should I seize this old house?"

    Isaac Cameron said with emotion: "To be honest, although I am not a few years older than you, I am also the same as Deana’s feelings for your father. I have heard about it, and it is indeed a

    sentimental one." Charlie hummed. At the auction outside, Isaac Cameron's driver had already raised the price to 12 million.

    At this time, Deana followed closely and raised the price to 15 million.

    Charlie couldn't help but frowned, and said to Isaac Cameron next to him: "Send a WeChat with your driver and ask him to bid 30 million directly!"

    "Good!" Isaac Cameron nodded, immediately took out his phone and sent a WeChat.

    Immediately afterwards, the middle-aged man outside the auction scene raised his hand again, and directly doubled Deana's 15 million yuan to 30 million.

    The scene was full of hissing inhales.

    A house worth less than one million was actually carried to a high price of thirty million, which is simply unheard of in the history of judicial auctions.

    Deana was also shocked at this time.

    She turned her head and looked at the man in the corner who had been raising the price with her, feeling very surprised.

    "I really don't understand why this strange man has such a strong desire to buy the house I am following."

    "In fact, before coming today, I had imagined that I would meet competitors at the auction.

    " However, the competitor I expected should be the young man I met in Bruce's former residence that day."

    "Because that young man and Bruse look almost exactly the same, if I guess right, he should be Bruce's son. "In the

    past few days, I have been thinking of ways to find his whereabouts, but I have never found any clues."

    "And now, the young man has not appeared at the auction, but besides him, who else will be? So obsessed with this old house? Who is this middle-aged man who bid 30 million? Or, who sent him?”

    Just as Deana’s thoughts were flying, the auctioneer said: “Three thousand ? Wan once, twice thirty million, there are more than thirty million price if it does not, then thirty million third "

    speaks, Deana recovered, quickly opening:" five Ten million! I     paid fifty million!"

    The auctioneer himself couldn't believe it, and tremblingly shouted: "50 million for the first time"

Isaac Cameron's driver was even a little nervous.

    Although it was not his money that was spent, he also felt that the money was spent too much.

    So he hurriedly sent Isaac Cameron a WeChat: "Boss, are you still bidding?"

    Isaac Cameron immediately replied: "Add another five million!"

    So the driver raised his hand again and said: "I'm out of fifty-five million!"

    Charlie looked at Deana beside Zara  through the one-way glass, sighed, and said to Isaac Cameron: , if the second lady of the Thorns family still increases the fare, let your driver abandon the shooting."

    Isaac Cameron asked dumbfounded: "Master, do you want to give up?!"

    After speaking, he hurriedly added: " Master! Don’t say fifty-five million, even fifty-five million, it’s a drop for us!"

    Charlie shook his head lightly and sighed: "Hey, forget it, it’s not a matter of money. Auntie!"