Amazing Son-in-law 2397-2398 Charlie

  Chapter 2397

When he heard Isaac Cameron say that Charlie wade was coming to his Treasure Pavilion for the auction, he was thrilled beyond words.


      He immediately had the biggest and best box prepared, and at the same time, he made a special phone call to Charlie wade.


      As soon as the call came through, he said respectfully, "Master Charlie, I am Bao Fugui, I heard that you are coming to the auction on Monday morning, so I have reserved the best box for you."


      Charlie wade hmmmed and said calmly, "Master Treasure Pavilion is kind, but don't reveal my identity this time, and don't reveal the news that I'm going to the auction."

        Bao Fugui said without hesitation: "Master wade, don't worry, I will tomorrow will be personally responsible for security work, the auction site, to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering, media reporter is not allowed near the Jumbo Court within the range of one hundred meters, to the time you can go directly to the internal channel, full identity is not exposed. "

      Charlie wade said with satisfaction: "Very good, then tomorrow will be a hard day's work for the Treasure Pavilion Master."


      "Where! Where!" Bao Fugui said flatteringly, "It is my honor to serve Master Charlie!"


      Charlie wade smiled and said, "Treasure Pavilion Master, then we'll see you tomorrow."


      "Okay, Master Charlie, we'll see you tomorrow!"


      After hanging up the phone, Bao Fugui's heart was still more or less confused, and his heart inevitably wondered: "I really can't understand why Master Charlie came to the Treasure Pavilion to participate in this kind of judicial auction."


      "In this Treasure Pavilion of mine, many large auctions are held all year round, and there is no lack of all kinds of rare and exotic treasures, but it seems that Master Charlie has basically never come to participate."


      "And this time's auction is just a very ordinary judicial auction, and the items auctioned off are just some assets that have been seized by the court, mostly second-hand cars and second-hand houses, which are simply unimpressive."


      "It's impossible for such an auction to attract any high-end people to attend, but why would Master Charlie, who is such a powerful figure, come here in person?"


      "The most valuable item is an old second-hand villa with a starting price of six million yuan and an estimated market price of just over eight million yuan.[]


      Although Bao Fugui was puzzled, he was still very excited at the thought that he would be able to have more contact with Charlie wade on Monday.


      During this period of time, he had heard that the several famous people in Jinling had received gifts from Charlie wade, and it was said that the pills Charlie wade gave them had the miraculous effect of bringing the dead back to life.


      Therefore, he felt that if he could have the chance to get in touch with Charlie wade, he might also have a chance to get a magic pill that could bring back the dead!


      Monday morning.


    Charlie wade washed up early, got dressed, and took a taxi to the Treasure Pavilion by himself.


      The auction itself was nothing valuable, so it didn't make any waves in Jinling, and not many people paid attention to it.


      However, thousands of kilometers away in Eastcliff, there were countless pairs of eyes staring at the auction.[]


      These people focused on only one thing, and that was the Banks family's eldest daughter-in-law, Zayne's wife Deana.


      The one thing everyone cares about is whether Deana will be present at the auction today or not.

Chapter 2398

Some people think that Deana will not appear, because they believe that the Banks family will definitely pressure Deana on this matter, no matter what, can not let Deana lose face of the Banks family.


      But others felt that since Deana had already gone to Aurous Hill, had already gone to Bruce's former residence, and had even signed up to participate in the auction, she would definitely go, even if it meant the sky raining knives, according to her character.


      So, the good people even opened a betting game in Eastcliff on whether Deana would show up or not.[]


      The Deana family's old house at this moment.


      Deana has also been prepared for the auction.


      She had already decided that she had to be present at the auction, so even though the Banks family had strong opinions about it, she was resolutely ready to go.


      Fitz, Zara and their siblings were at the door of Deana's room early in the morning, and the moment the door opened, the siblings immediately saw their mother, who was dressed very formally.


      Fitz became anxious and blurted out, "Mom! Are you really going to go to that auction?"


      Deana nodded slightly and said, "I've already signed up for this, so how can I not go?"


      Zara said with an anxious face, "Mom! You can't go! My friends told me that all the people in Eastcliff are watching you, and they say that if you really go, the Banks family will lose face completely.


      Deana said seriously: "The Banks family's face is not my decision, it's the Banks family's own decision, what your grandfather and your father did is the real key to the Banks family's face."


      Zara said urgently: "Mom, I understand what you mean, but the current situation is that the Banks family's previous incidents are irreversible, but if you can give up participating in this auction now, the Banks family can still save some face."[]


      Deana looked at Zara and said very seriously, "Zara, Mom never cared what anyone thought of me, including this incident, so anyone can think that way, but only you can't. Do you know why?"


      Zara subconsciously shook her head.


      Then, she asked, "Mom, why can't I?"


      Deana said very seriously, "The reason they think I should save the Banks family's last face is just because they think I'm a married woman."


      "They feel that as a woman who has married out, at all times, the interests of her husband's family should be paramount."


      "If your husband has a lover outside, you must not make a scene, but on the contrary, you must make a show of peace to everyone, so that everyone knows that you always put your husband's face first, and in their eyes, such a woman is called a woman of understanding."


      "But, in my opinion, such a woman is so pathetic! Why should I have to humiliate myself and pander to others? Who am I to begrudge myself and give in to others? Is it just because I'm a woman?"[]


      At this point, Deana looked at Zara and said solemnly, "Zara, Mom never wanted you to marry a rich or powerful husband, but she only hoped that you would maintain your dignity no matter what, and never become the kind of woman who puts the greater good before everything else, otherwise, you will never be happy in this life. "


      Zara was struck by lightning at that moment.


      She looked into her mother's steadfast eyes, and suddenly waves of shock and horror arose in her heart.


      She couldn't help but think to herself, "Why did I say that to my mother, and will I ask the same of myself when something like that happens to me in the future? Zara, Zara, how could you be so stupid?"


      At that, she couldn't help but clench her fists and grit her teeth, saying, "Mom! Since you have to go, I'll go with you!"