Amazing Son-in-law 2389-2390 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2389

This weekend, the entire Eastcliff's high society, once again, a bombshell broke out.

Deana, the wife of Zayne, the son of Bank's patriarch, has gone to Aurous Hill without divorcing Zayne yet!

Moreover, she went to Aurous Hill to remember Bruce, who had been dead for almost twenty years!

What's even more amazing is that Deana is going to participate in next Monday's judicial auction to bid on the old house that wade Bruce lived in back then!

Could it be that she is trying to see the world for what it is?

Could it be that she loves wade Bruce so much that she is so deeply in love with the marrow?

Otherwise, how could they still love Bruce so lowly so many years after her death?

In addition, the photo of Deana was taken secretly, she was very sad, and when the telephoto camera captured her beautiful and touching face, it actually captured two lines of tears.

It is important to know that Deana was the founder of the Eastcliff[]

From Deana's approach, the high society of Eastcliff immediately understood one thing.

That is: it turns out that Deana has been thinking about wade Bruce for so many years, even though she has been married to Zayne for over twenty years and has given birth to a son and a daughter for Zayne!

All of a sudden, the whole ......

The high society of Eastcliff was abuzz with discussion.

On the one hand, people were amazed that Deana had such a deep love for wade Bruce.

On the one hand, it mocks Zayne, who has not been able to win Deana's true love for so many years, and in Deana's mind, is not even comparable to a dead man who has been dead for twenty years!

The Banks family, which had already been ridiculed and mocked by the world because of the revelation of his illegitimate daughter's betrayal, has suddenly added a new and huge laughing stock!

Lord Banks angrily drops several expensive porcelain pieces in his residence in Eastcliff!

After a clanking sound of broken ceramics, he shouted angrily: "This Deana, at this time, actually went to Aurous Hill, to the place where that dead man wade Bruce lived, and also fake tears, call his mother is to hit our Banks family's face!".

 Zayne was out of the country, so the representative of the next generation of the Banks family became his younger brother, James, and at this point, James looked furious and said, "Dad! I didn't expect that my brother had married her for so many years and hadn't matured this white wolf yet."

"Now when our Banks family is on the cusp of a storm, she did such a shameless thing to add to our troubles, I think she is simply deliberately trying to bring disgrace to our Banks family!"


Jordan also immediately echoed, "Yes Dad! I never imagined that my sister-in-law would do such an ungodly thing! After all, my brother and her are not divorced yet."

Candice hurriedly said, "Dad! The most serious thing is that if your sister-in-law really buys wade Bruce's former residence, then we will really lose face."[]

"Right! Only then did James react, impatiently cursing, "Damn it! That b*tch! Before divorcing my brother, he went to buy the place where the dead man in wade Bruce lived, what the f*ck does that mean? Is a man who has been dead for 20 years stronger than my brother? No matter how bad my brother is, he can't be worse than a f*cking dead ghost, right?"

James's words not only scolded his sister-in-law, Deana, but also his elder brother, Zayne.

The implication of his words was to let the old man know that his big brother was a punk, a punk who couldn't subdue his woman, or even a punk who couldn't compare to a dead man!

The old man, Banks, naturally, could also hear what James's words were saying.

What's more, he actually agreed with James's words from the bottom of his heart.

In the past 50 years, he has never been so full of anger toward his eldest son as he is now!

Chapter 2390

In his opinion, the Banks family is in today's situation, Zayne is overwhelmingly responsible!

Therefore, in his eyes, Zayne was not only not a qualified family heir, he was not even a qualified bloodline heir.

The so-called family heir was the one who would inherit the entire Banks family in the future and become the head of the Banks family.

The requirements for the so-called bloodline heirs were naturally much more lenient, as long as they were from the Banks family.

The current Master Banks believed that Zayne was not only not qualified to be at the helm of the Banks family, he was not even qualified to inherit the Banks family's bloodline!

So he said in an angry, cold voice, "James! Call your brother! Make him stop Deana from participating in that judicial auction next Monday no matter what! I will never allow this woman to make the Banks family the laughingstock of the entire Eastcliff once again."

James's heart was already blossoming with joy when he heard this, while his mouth said solemnly, "Dad, don't worry. I'm calling my big brother!"

James took out his cell phone and prepared to dial the number.

Banks, who was on the other side, said coldly, "Put it on speakerphone! I want to hear what this adversary is going to say!"

James was delighted, busy ......

I had to call my big brother Zayne.[]

At this time, Zayne did not know what was happening in Eastcliff.

When he received James call, his heart was immediately filled with disgust.

Although he wasn't in Eastcliff these days, he could imagine in his mind exactly how his younger brother would ruin himself when he wasn't with the old man.

Now, at this critical moment, it is equivalent to the ancient emperor's dissatisfaction with the crown prince and his desire to depose him.

In front of the huge interests, brotherly love is nothing, not even a fart.

Therefore, he was so irritated that he didn't even bother to answer James phone call.

James called once and saw no answer, so he immediately said to the old man: "Dad big brother he does not answer the phone, do not know what he is doing."

"Rubbish! What a waste!" Master Banks cursed, "I told him to go to Australia to get away from the limelight, and he's done nothing but this, and he's still not answering his phone! Keep fighting!"

"All right!"

James immediately called Zayne again.

Zayne, who was in Australia, was distracted by the phone ringing ......

I was so annoyed that I thought I'd just turn it off, but then I thought about it and suddenly realized: "The old man is not happy with me right now, and if I don't answer James's phone, he'll sue me again in front of the old man, and that will be more than I can handle."

When he thought of that, he immediately pressed the answer key and asked in a cold, unkind voice, "What can I do for you?"

James immediately said, "Brother! Why don't you pick up the phone when there's such a big thing going on in China!"

Zayne didn't expect his younger brother to come up with a series of accusations against him, so he was very dissatisfied and asked: "I've been sent to Australia to escape the limelight now, do domestic matters still have anything to do with me? Shouldn't you be the ones to deal with domestic issues?"[]

As soon as he heard this, his face pulled down, but he didn't make any sound, instead he made a silent gesture to James, which meant not to let Zayne, who was on the other end of the phone, know that he was also listening on the other end of the phone.

James immediately understood and hurriedly said, "Big brother! Sister-in-law ran to Jinling, ran to wade Bruce's former home, but also in wade Bruce former home in tears, all of which were photographed by the paparazzi, exposed! And sister-in-law she also signed up for next Monday's judicial auction to buy Wade Bruce former home! Our Banks family's face has been disgraced by this b*tch."