Amazing Son-in-law 2387-2388 English

  Chapter 2387

The mercuric dichloride that had been poured into Walter's mouth soon took effect, and Walter felt more and more discomfort and pain.

He knew that this must be why the kidneys were beginning to deteriorate so rapidly!

It wasn't until this moment that Walter truly realized what a mess he had gotten himself into.

He used to think that with his status, position, and family history, he could walk around anywhere in the world.

After all, most things in the world were too cheap in front of him compared to a $10 billion family fortune.

When he was in the United States, he didn't cause much trouble, but even if he did kill someone, he could at most take out a few million dollars to fix it, and it wouldn't cause him any trouble at all.[]

If the poisoning of Doris's Father is in the United States, once the east window is exposed, he only needs to spend a few hundred thousand dollars, he can immediately arrange a scapegoat.

Even if the whole world knew that he was behind it, what if the whole world knew that he was behind it?

He could find tough enough connections in the US justice department to pin all the crimes on one scapegoat and never get himself into any trouble.

However, the bad thing is that he even offended Charlie wade this time.

Since he offended Charlie wade, it's not something that can be solved with money!

In just a few hours, Walter went from being a strong young man to a terminally ill patient who had lost almost all mobility and could only lie on the floor crying out in pain.

The doctors that Isaac Cameron had arranged in advance were following up on Walter's physical condition, measuring his blood creatinine every half an hour.

In half an hour, Walter's blood creatinine value went from 75 at the beginning to 200, 500, 800, 1000, and even soon exceeded 1500.

This figure meant that Walter's kidneys had been completely destroyed.

After that, the doctor immediately put him on dialysis equipment.

The dialysis equipment, to be frank, was an artificially created mechanical kidney.

When one's own kidneys are no longer functioning, such a device is used to replace the kidneys to perform the tasks of detoxification and filtration.

So, when the dialysis equipment is activated, Walter's life is saved.

However, although his life is saved, he can't get rid of the dialysis equipment no matter what! 

At the same time, New York City, USA.

In a Manhattan skyscraper, a white man in his fifties is pacing anxiously in his office.

He was Walter's father, Steve Hogewitz.

It was already three o'clock in the afternoon in New York, and Steve had been trying to contact Walter since nine o'clock in the morning, and had been unable to reach him until now.[]

Fearing that anything bad might happen to Walter in Aurous Hill, he contacted Walter's entourage again, but, without exception, all of them disappeared.

The other family executives who had followed Walter to Aurous Hill could be contacted, but they had no idea where Walter had gone after sunset.

In order to determine Walter's whereabouts, the executives immediately alerted the Aurous Hill police, but the Aurous Hill police couldn't find any trace of Walter either.

It was as if the man had disappeared from the face of the earth.

After receiving the feedback, Steve immediately realized that the situation was very bad.

He pressed the phone on his desk and sternly commanded, "Arrange a plane immediately, I want to go to Aurous Hill."

The next day.

Aurous Hill in the morning, looks no different from the usual

Chapter 2388

The dozen or so people who went missing, including Walter, did not make much of a difference to the nearly 10 million people in Aurous Hill.

Charlie wade slept soundly this night, plus he had Ma Lan(his mother-in-law) to worry about breakfast, so he was still asleep.

At the same time, Deana drove alone from her family's residence to the door of Charlie's father former residence.

Ever since she came to Aurous Hill, Deana has been dreaming about Bruce every night.

Last night, in particular, she dreamed that she became the wife of Bruce wade, dreamed that Bruce wade took her away from Eastcliff and came to Aurous Hill, and also dreamed that she accompanied Bruce wade, in the yard that will be auctioned, living a happy life with husband and wife.

It was because of this dream that she couldn't help but want to come back and take a look at the old courtyard.

Deana parked her car outside the gate, pushed open the courtyard's worn iron gate, and stepped inside.[]

At that moment, all she could think about was the shadow of Charlie's father, and she didn't even notice that someone was secretly taking pictures of herself with a camera.

Ten minutes later, Eastcliff, the wade family.

The patriarch was so excited that he called a meeting with his three sons.

Wade Changkong, the eldest, wade Changyun, the third, and wade Changjun, the fourth, received the notice, immediately got out of their beds and hurried to the patriarch's study.

The patriarch looked at his three sleepy-faced sons and said excitedly, "I asked you to come over so early because I have found another way to strike the Zayne's family .......

Good idea!"

Wade Changkong asked in surprise, "Dad! What's the best way?"

The patriarch smiled mysteriously, picked up a tablet, opened a photo, handed it to the three of them, and smiled, "See for yourselves!"

Wade Changkong and his two brothers immediately leaned in for a closer look.

It was a photo of a woman, and it could be seen that the photographer was using a telephoto lens and had taken it from a relatively distant location.

Then wade Changkong was the first to recognize the woman and exclaimed, "Isn't this Zayne's wife, Deana?"

The third, wade Changyun, hastily agreed, "It's really her! Dad, why did you ask someone to secretly film Deana?"

The partriach sneered: "The Zayne's family's reputation has suffered a great blow because of his daughter's affair. That old fox, Zayne's father, even betrayed his son, for the sake of his own reputation, and Zayne also fled to Australia to avoid the limelight.

Wade Changkong asked, "Dad, what does this have to do with Deana? I heard from the grapevine that Deana has already planned to divorce Zayne."

The Patriarch smiled, "Do you know where Deana is now?"

The three sons all shook their heads involuntarily.

They had always regarded Zayne's family as their great enemy, but they did not pay much attention to Deana, the daughter-in-law of Zayne's family.[]

When the patriarch saw that his three sons all looked dumbfounded, he smiled casually and said: ......

"Deana is now in Aurous Hill!"

"Aurous Hill?" Wade Changkong was surprised and asked, "Is there anything strange about her being in Aurous Hill?"

The patriarch pointed to the photo on the tablet and asked him rhetorically, "Can't you see where this photo was taken?"

Wade Changkong looked seriously at the dilapidated courtyard in the photo and said blankly, "Dad, isn't this just a dilapidated courtyard? What's so special about it?"

The patriarch sighed lightly and said slightly forlornly, "This ruined little courtyard is the place where Charlie's father lived in Aurous Hill back then."

Wade Changkong and the other three brothers were suddenly enlightened.

Wade Changkong was the first to react and sighed, "Deana went to Charlie's father's old residence, is it because he still has feelings for Charlie's father in her heart?"

"Well!" The patriarch nodded his head and said, "In my opinion, see it must be so!"

It's a good idea to go all the way to Aurous Hill just to take a look at the old home of the Bruce, Charlie's father."

The partriach sighed: "Not only that, the courtyard where the Bruce lived will soon be judicially auctioned off, and Deana has also signed up to attend the auction on Monday!"

The partriach sneered and added, "This is our chance to strike Zayne's family! As long as we have this photo sent out, and spread the news that Deana is still in love with Charlie's father, and even wants to buy Charlie's father old home, Zayne's family's last bit of face will be gone."[]