Amazing Son-in-law 2381-2382 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2381

Charlie wade did not expect that Sue Young would suddenly invite herself to her home for dinner.

I was thinking of finding some excuse to decline, as a result, Sue Young did not wait for her to say, and then hurriedly said: "Just tomorrow Saturday, winter snow is not working, can help me at home, more dishes."

Doris's Father, who was in the hospital bed, also spoke in agreement: "Yes, Little wade, come home and have a meal with us, as if you were recognizing the door."[Get Fastest Update at]

Only, Doris Young's father didn't know that Charlie wade had actually been to his home earlier.

Seeing that Sue Young and Doris's Father both said so, Charlie wade was more or less embarrassed.

He didn't really want to agree to the dinner party, but he didn't think it would be a good idea to disagree with them.

Just when he was in a difficult situation, Doris Young hurriedly said, "Mom, I have something to do tomorrow, the company has to work overtime, how about another day?"

"Huh? Still working overtime tomorrow?" Sue Young was very dissatisfied and said, "It's the weekend, why are you still working overtime?"

Doris Young didn't really want to work overtime, but she saw that her parents might be quite fond of Charlie wade, and guessed that they might want to take the opportunity to invite Charlie wade to dinner to get to know him better.

So, she also guessed that her parents must not know that Charlie wade was now married, otherwise they would not have acted so directly.[Get Fastest Update at]

So, she was going to postpone the matter of inviting Charlie wade to her home for dinner, and then make it clear to her parents that even if she couldn't tell them his real identity, she would at least let them know that Charlie wade was already married, so that they would stop thinking about him.

I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I'm very serious about it," she said, "Mom, I really have something tomorrow.

Sue Young heard her say so, also know that there is no way to continue to insist, what she wants is Charlie wade to come home to eat with their family of three, but if her daughter is unable to come, she and her husband to invite Charlie wade to eat at home, more or less strange.

So, she had to say: "That's fine, then we won't ask Little wade to come to the house for dinner this week. Depending on your work situation next week, let's set it early and try to invite Little wade to the house for dinner next weekend."

After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade again and said with an apologetic face, "Little wade, I'm really sorry, then let's meet up again next week, what do you think?"

Charlie wade nodded his head and said with a smile, "Auntie, I can do it."

Sue Young then hurriedly said to Doris Young: "Doris, next week you can't work overtime on weekends again!"[Get Fastest Update at]

Doris Young said awkwardly: "It's not up to me to decide whether I want to work overtime or not, just in case there is something really important I need to do next week, I can't just leave it behind.

Sue Young was a bit dissatisfied and said, "You work too hard every day, why does your boss have to give you so much work? Isn't that exploiting the employees?"

Charlie wade, who was on the side, was somewhat embarrassed when he heard this.

After all, he was the boss who was squeezing the employees, as Sue Young said.

Charlie wade spoke at this time, "Uncle and aunt, it's getting late, so I won't bother you much."

Sue Young knew that she had delayed Charlie wade a lot of time, hurriedly said: "Okay little wade, auntie send you out, let Doris send you to the parking lot."

Charlie wade smiled: "No auntie, I can walk on my own."

Doris Young busy said: "Charlie, how about ...... I'll go see you off!"

Charlie wade waved his hand: "Okay Doris, you don't send me, stay here with the aunt and uncle, in addition, if the uncle is ready to leave the hospital tonight, you also have to hurry and busy to get the discharge procedures done."

Hearing these words, Doris Young did not insist.

She was very grateful and said to Charlie wade: "Thank you so much for today ......".

Charlie wade waved his hand: "No need to be so polite, you stay, I'm leaving."

Chapter 2382

Doris Young sent Charlie wade to the door, saw Charlie wade leave, which only then returned to the hospital room.

Just into the hospital room, Sue Young rushed over, pulling Doris's hand, concerned about the question: "Doris, that Little wade and you what is the relationship?"

Doris Young was busy saying, "Just an ordinary friend."

"Ordinary friend?" When Sue Young heard this, she hurriedly asked her, "So do you have that kind of affection in your heart for Little wade?"[Get Fastest Update at]

Doris Young said in a panic, "Huh? I ...... I'm not!"

Sue Young shook her head in disbelief and said, "Is your mother that gullible? You can tell at a glance with this expression that you must have a crush on Little wade!"

Doris Young didn't know how to reply at once.

She naturally had a good feeling in her heart for Charlie wade, and the good feeling was very deep.

Especially this time, not only did Charlie wade help himself to punish Walter who poisoned his father, he even saved his father's life with an incomparably precious divine medicine.

This made her heart's affection for Charlie wade reach an unprecedented level.

However, she knew very well: "Charlie wade is the young master of the wade family, an Emgrand group alone is worth more than 100 billion yuan, how could I possibly be with him with such a status?"

"Not to mention, he was already a married man, even I and his wife, Claire, also did not have a lot of dealings in the work ......".

Thinking of this, Doris's heart is still more or less a bit confused: "Why did Charlie wade marry Claire? Claire I have also come into contact with a few times, she is really pretty, but her ability to really do things is not really outstanding ......"

"If it wasn't for Charlie wade who has been secretly helping her, she wouldn't have been able to get the cooperation of the Emgrand Group for the Claire's Company in the first place ......"

"Even the design studio that she started her own business to engage in, the overall strength is not considered first class, if she followed the normal process, her studio would not have been able to get any project from the Emgrand Group, or even qualified to bid for the Emgrand Group's projects."

"However, it's because Charlie wade spoils her that she's all kinds of building bridges and paving roads for her ......"

"Moreover, Claire's family conditions are not too good, and when the Claire's Group was at its peak, it was just a very worthless, third-rate family ......"

"So ......"

"In terms of ability, I am not inferior to Claire;"

"In terms of family, I'm no worse than Claire's family ......"

"Even in terms of looks, I can't say it's hard to distinguish from her, but at least it's not much different ......"

"It's a pity that Charlie wade chose Claire, a girl who is not too brilliant, this, is Claire's luck, I may not have such an opportunity in this life ......"

Thinking of this, Doris Young was inevitably a little melancholy.

At this time, Sue Young said seriously: "Doris, Mom really think, you and Little wade you two, is really a good match, and Little wade this young man is really quite good, people are so concerned about our family matters, is probably also a bit interesting to you, plus you are also interested in him, you can't go along with the boat with him focus on the development of development? "

When Doris Young heard her mother's words, the whole person was embarrassed and said, "Oh my mom, what are you thinking about? ...... People Charlie wade has already been married!"[Get Fastest Update at]

"Huh?!" When Sue Young heard this answer, she exclaimed in shock and asked incredulously, "Did you say that Little wade got married! Seriously?!"

Doris Young said helplessly, "Of course it's true ...... Can I still lie to you about such things?"

Sue Young at once became incomparably sorry, sighing and saying, "Hey, how do you think this good boy is getting married one by one ......".