Amazing Son-in-law 2379-2380 Charlie wade

 Chapter 2379


Hearing this value, Director Chen was confused.

This is too amazing, right?

The three members of Doris Young's family are more sensitive to this data.

After all, several years ago, Doris Young's father had already begun to suffer from uremia, this family of three, for such a long time, has been considered a long-term illness into a doctor.

They are very clear about the numerical range of blood creatinine, and each different range, representing the state of the kidneys, is even clearer to them.

The relatively broad normal value of blood creatinine is between 40 and 130.

So when they heard the number 45, a family of three burst into tears of excitement!

Doris remembered something, which is why she asked Director Chen: "Hello Director Chen, I seem to remember that the value of 45 is more or less low for normal people?"

Doris Young is right, the value of 45 is almost to the lowest limit, so it is actually a bit low for most normal people.

Generally speaking, the blood creatinine index of adult men is mostly in the range of 70 to 80 to 100.

Director Chen said, "This is actually very normal. Your father has been sick for some time, he lost a lot of weight quickly, his body has become very thin, and there is also a certain degree of malnutrition, in this case, the blood creatinine will definitely be low. "

Doris Young's entire body relaxed and she hurriedly asked, "Director Chen, is my father's condition now considered healed?"

Director Chen nodded and said with conviction, "Healed! It must be healed! It's simply amazing!"

Doris was so excited that she turned around and looked at Charlie, her eyes red.

She had many words of gratitude she wanted to say, but the words came to her mouth but felt like a stalk in her throat.

This is because, in her opinion, this kind of life-saving kindness is greater than heaven, and if she always thanked others, she would appear to have no sincerity, and even less devotion.

Sue Young knew that her husband should have been cured, but she did not have complete proof before, and now the numerical results of the blood creatinine have come out, completely dispelling all the doubts in her heart, making her entire body burst into tears.[Get more Update at]

Immediately, she looked at Charlie and suddenly knelt down in front of him, saying with great gratitude, "Little wade ...... Thank you ...... Really thank you so much ......"

When Charlie wade saw this, he rushed forward to help her up and said, "Oh auntie, what are you doing? Get up quickly ......"

Sue Young choked at this point: "Auntie is feeling that this kindness of yours is too much for our family, Auntie really doesn't know how to thank you ......"

At this point, Sue Young exclaimed, "Little wade, Auntie is not a fool, the medicine you gave us has such a miraculous effect, if it were sold to those top rich people, it would be worth a fortune, not to mention hundreds of millions, even hundreds of millions, to those rich people whose lives are at stake."

Although Sue Young was not a university professor, she was also an older generation intellectual.

Chapter 2380

The advantage of an intellectual is that although she may not really know anything about medicine, she has a more accurate perception and judgment of many things than the average person.[Get more Update at]

Doris went forward to support her mother, crying as she said: "Mom, don't worry, Charlie saved my father, later I will be an ox or a horse to repay him ......".

Sue Young nodded gently and choked, "Little wade, you will be the great benefactor of our family in the future ......".

Doris's Father, who was in the hospital bed, also couldn't help but have red eyes, and said seriously: "Little wade, this old life of Uncle is saved by you.

Charlie helplessly smiled, gently shook his head, said seriously: "Aunt and uncle are important words, Doris is my friend, this is just mutual help between friends, Doris usually did not seldom help me, I also considered this return her favor."

Doris heard these words, heart moved.

She knew the meaning of Charlie's words, she must have felt that she helped him manage the Emgrand Group without much trouble.

However, she was very clear in her heart: "Taking care of the Emgrand Group is completely my own job, it's my part of the job ......".[Get more Update at]

"I took the young master's salary, I have to serve the Emgrand Group, it's natural and righteous, so it doesn't count as me helping the young master at all."

"Moreover, not long after the young master took over the Emgrand's Group, he doubled my salary, and I worked hard for him, isn't that the right thing to do? ......"

Just when she was ashamed, Director Chen, who had been silent on the side, plucked up the courage to ask, "This little brother, can I ask you a question?"

Charlie wade nodded and said, "Director Chen, please speak."

Director Chen was busy asking, "I would like to boldly ask, what kind of medicine did you give to Professor Young? Of course, if it's something confidential and you can't tell me, I understand 100%."

Charlie wade smiled slightly: "It's not a secret, except that I begged this medicine from the divine doctor Shi Tianqi Shi, it is said that the divine doctor Shi is not the creator of this kind of magic medicine, his old man also by chance obtained a small amount of ancient famous doctors inherited medicine, the amount of survival was very small, and now is to eat one less one."

When Director Chen heard this, he suddenly realized and patted his thigh with emotion, "I remember! Last time in our hospital, there was a paraplegic patient who recovered instantly because he ate the miracle medicine brought by Dr. Shi Tianqi Shi. It is said that Dr. Shi used the ancient Chinese medicine pills whose recipe has been lost, but I didn't expect that this medicine was so amazing that it could not only cure paraplegia, but also cure acute kidney failure which is irreversible in the eyes of modern medicine ...... "

At this point, he couldn't help but feel sorry for himself, and said rather forlornly, "Our ancestors left behind so many miraculous things, but it's a pity that we couldn't preserve them well enough to pass them on, if this kind of miracle medicine can be rediscovered and produced again, it would really be a gospel for people all over the world ......".

Charlie wade nodded his head and smiled, and didn't say anything more.

Director Chen looked at the time and spoke, "Oh my, it's almost eleven o'clock, I have to go to the other wards for rounds first, so I won't bother you much."[Get more Update at]

Doris hurriedly sent Director Chen out, and after she came back in, Charlie also spoke up and said, "Uncle, auntie, Doris, it's really late, I have to go back first."

Sue Young hurriedly said: "Oh my little wade, what's the hurry, sit down for a while longer."

Doris Young, who was afraid that her mother might show too much enthusiasm for Charlie wade, hurriedly said, "Mom, this is a hospital room, not her own home.

After saying that, she hurriedly said: "Besides, Dad's body is now completely healed, let's hurry up to do the discharge procedures to go home, this time the hospital gives me a feeling too depressing, I don't want to stay here for a minute more."

When Sue Young heard this, she had to say to Charlie wade with some regret: "Little wade, then Auntie won't keep you today, tomorrow Auntie will cook a big meal at home to thank you, you must be grateful." Get more Update at] Share this site with your friends. Sharing is Caring!