Amazing Son-in-law 2367-2368 Charlie wade

  Chapter 2367


Walter, on the other side, whispered in a stunned voice

Then, he wondered, "What the f*ck do you mean, soon? This surname wade, speak simply inexplicable Well I f*cking hate the Chinese people is this point, everything like to say vague and unclear,"

Just when he still didn't understand what Charlie wade meant, he said to Isaac Cameron: "And, Isaac Cameron, try to get me some mercury dichloride, I'm useful.

Charlie wade said to Isaac Cameron again: "And, Isaac, try to get me some mercury dichloride, I'm useful."

As soon as Charlie wade said this, Walter was struck by lightning!

"Huh?! What does the surname wade want with mercuric dichloride?

"And what does he have people preparing dialysis equipment for?!"

"And! He just asked for dialysis equipment to be prepared and said that it would be available soon, what soon? What's there?"

"Now, he's having mercury dichloride prepared, so this is not going to be for me, is it?"

Thinking of this, Walter felt his whole body almost collapsed.

He crawled to Charlie wade on his knees and cried, "Master wade, please don't play with me, $100 million if you are not satisfied, I can give you another $100 million, please be noble and let me go as a fart."[Google search "Avracity" for fastest update]

Charlie wade waved his hand and said with a serious face, "Walter, we have an old saying in Aurous Hill that says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

"You're an American, you probably know very little about Chinese culture, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to get hands-on experience, isn't it?"

Walter went crazy and cried, "I don't want to practice! I don't want to practice! Master Charlie, please give me a way out, no matter how much money you want, just say the word, I'm willing to give any amount of money, just please don't screw me, I'm still young."

Charlie wade smiled: "Then I really have to congratulate you, so young and happy to mention double kidney failure, but don't worry, I'll keep you alive as a dog, and then connect you to the dialysis equipment 24 hours a day to make sure you don't die." This

He said, Charlie wade coldly said: "Compared to what you did, I am really much more merciful."

Walter wailed in fear: "Master Charlie, I beg you to spare me, or you let me call my father, I ask him how much he can do and how much he can pay you."

Charlie wade laughed and shook his head, calmly said: "You should not daydream, from now on, you have completely disappeared in his world, it is impossible for him to find any clues about you, from now on, you just lay down in the cage in the dog farm, you should eat, drink, and dialysis."

After saying that, Charlie wade added: "And don't worry, compared to your dirty tricks, I'm much softer than you, you only know how to poison people, and don't care about the treatment, and don't care how long the person you poisoned can live, you are considered to be a bandit who k i lls without burying!

"But my mother, after all, is still a civilized person, our civilized way of doing things, that is, since we manage to kill, we have to manage to bury, I not only give you free treatment, but also give you food and shelter, and most importantly, I guarantee that you will not die for at least ten years."[Google search "Avracity" for fastest update]

After hearing this, Walter's spirit and emotions completely broke down!

He has been a dude for more than twenty years, and although he has harmed many people, he himself has never tasted any bitterness.

Right now, Charlie wade has pronounced his future, and his future is to lie in a dog cage in the dark, living on dialysis.

To him, this kind of punishment is far more horrible than hell!

He never dreamed that Charlie wade would be such a ruthless character.

Chapter 2368

It was only then that he realized what a mess he had gotten himself into!

So, he looked at Doris Young and cried and begged, "Doris! Please turn me over to the police! Let me be punished by the law and judged by justice, please, Doris! Have pity on me, Doris!"[Google search "Avracity" for fastest update] 

Walter's mind is very clear, although the prison is terrible, but at least he can go to prison in good health.

If it really falls into the hands of Charlie wade and let him torment himself like that, he will not only suffer from all kinds of pain and suffering, but he may even end up dying in a dog pound.

So in comparison, going to jail is really too humane.

Charlie wade sneered and ridiculed, "Walter, you are a person who has become really too fast, just now you were begging Doris to never turn you over to the police, why only a few minutes later, you started begging her to turn you over to the police?"

Walter cried out to the heavens and said: "Master Charlie, please do me a favor, call the 110, let the police take me away, I am a criminal, criminals should be punished by the law, so don't bother".

He said, he also looked at Doris Young, crying and begging: "Doris please say something, help me to beg for mercy for Master Charlie ah Doris I kowtow to you".

Before the words fell, Walter turned desperately kowtow to the floor, knocking the floor thudding.

Doris Young at this time did not say a word.

Charlie wade just said that he would use his own way, but also to treat his own body, although the means are a little scary, but in a nutshell, for people like Walter, is just the best end.

After all, Charlie wade also planned to keep him alive, but he didn't have this intention when he harmed his own father!

He would never have reached out to Dad if he hadn't agreed to his nasty demands!

In the end, my father will end up dead!

So, Doris Young knew very well in her heart that at this time, she absolutely could not have any woman's kindness!

So, she said to Walter in a cold voice, "Sorry Walter, but a piece of trash like you doesn't deserve my sympathy! You're where you are today, and you're totally asking for it!"

Walter was so desperate that he cried, "Doris, I know I was wrong, and I beg you to give me a chance to make amends and make things right."

"Otherwise, even if you torture me to death, your father can't turn back time!"

"We are all adults, now that this has happened, we should negotiate a follow-up solution and remedy, which is much more realistic than pursuing fault alone."

Before Doris Young opened his mouth, Charlie wade said in a cold voice, "Walter, from now on, if you say one more word without my permission, then I will give you an extension of one year on the ten-year period."

When Walter heard this, he was scared out of his wits and didn't dare to say another word.

 Even if the Rothschilds came in person, they couldn't find any trace of him!"

Isaac Cameron said without hesitation: "Young Master, don't worry, I will completely erase him from the surveillance records. Even if the King of Heaven were to investigate, it would be impossible to find out anything about his whereabouts or clues!"

Charlie wade smiled in satisfaction and said, "Good, I'll leave these things to you and Don Albert, hurry up and land me, let me know when it's done, and I'll send Walter downstairs to you, and you take him and his men to the dog pound."