English Amazing Son-in-law 2331-2332


 Chapter 2331

Walter's words, so that Doris Young's heart suddenly tightened, that strong sense of oppression, so that her entire body feels like it is about to suffocate.

Although she was very disgusted and even hated the offer that Walter had given her, she also knew very well in her heart that this kidney source that Walter had found far away in the United States was the only kidney source that she currently knew of that could match her father's type, and nothing else.

If this kidney source was really bought by someone else, then he would have completely lost all hope.

Doris Young had studied in the United States back then, so she knew the situation in the United States very well.

Compared to Warsaw, the overall level of rule of law in the United States was relatively loose.

Not only was there a proliferation of guns and drugs, even the trade in human organs had no controls to speak of.

If a person wanted to sell their kidneys, even in an American veterinary hospital, they would be able to complete the kidney removal surgery, and everything was very easy.

This also means that if this donor finds the right seller, he can sell the kidney in almost a meal.

Once the kidney was removed, it would immediately be shipped to the buyer in the fastest way possible.

In that case, he would no longer have a chance ......

However, Doris Young was still unable to make a decision in her heart.

After all, the cost of wanting to leave this kidney source for father was too great.

It was even so big that it would require one to sacrifice everything of oneself.

Her own chastity, her own career, her own morals, and even her own life.

Walter saw her expression struggling immensely, deliberately smiled slightly and said seriously, "Doris, since you are so difficult to decide, then forget it, you should not embarrass yourself anymore, I'll tell the other party that I don't want this kidney, let him sell it to the French himself, this will also save you from being so torn and sad, what do you think?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Walter had pulled out his phone.

Almost unconsciously, Doris Young blurted out, "No! Walter! No!"

Walter smiles and asks, "What? Have you changed your mind?"

Said Walter with a serious face and continued: "Doris, in fact, I give you a really good deal, you do not have to be so resistant, you dedicate your ten years of youth to me, and I give you a return, is 20 years or even 30 years you can not earn back, ten years later you are only 30 years old, there are plenty of opportunities, with a lot of cash, to start your life again! ."

"As for the children you have given me in the past ten years, if you think they will become a burden to you in the future, they can all be brought back to the United States to be raised by me."

"In that case, ten years from now, you will be a single woman worth hundreds of millions, even billions!"

"In the words of you Chinese, you are a typical diamond king."

"What could be more wonderful in life than to have countless 20-something, handsome young men who will be on their knees around you licking like dogs?"

Doris Young's face was expressionless and silent, while her mother, who was crying on the sofa, could not stand it anymore and covered her ears with her hands.

She really wanted to throw Walter out, even fight out, but she and Doris Young shared the same concerns.

Throwing Walter out is very easy, but that would also be tantamount to closing the door on the survival of Doris Young's father.

Using the life of the other side of the family as a blackmail, Walter can be said to have done it to the extreme.

Chapter 2332

Doris Young was silent for a long time and spoke up, "Walter, if I agree to be your lover and go to work for your company, can you promise me that you won't force me to divulge any of the Emgrand Group's trade secrets?"

When Walter heard this, he frowned and opened his mouth to ask, "Why are you so loyal to this company when you are nothing more than a professional manager at Imperial?"

Doris Young said seriously, "It's the bottom of my professional ethics!"

Walter sneered, "Doris, your value to me has a total of three aspects. The first aspect is your body the second aspect is your ability; and the third aspect is your mastery of the core secrets of the Emgrand Group, these three aspects are indispensable in my opinion!"

Doris Young questioned through gritted teeth, "Does it have to be like this Walter? I can agree to so many of your most nasty conditions, don't you have any room to bargain with me at all?!"

Walter smiled, "It's not that the room for bargaining can't be left, but the minimum principles can't be lost, for example, these three aspects, I insist that one of them is indispensable, but if you have a little problem with the details of one of them, we can discuss it instead."

At this point, Walter smiled flippantly and opened his mouth, "You for example, I am a person who loves children, and I also firmly believe in the reverence of the four words of the Chinese people regarding the prosperity of people, according to my plan, you follow me for ten years, at least give me five children, but if you think that five children is too much, you can bargain with me, and if you finally decide to give me three, I think also It's acceptable, and that, that's what I approve of as a counter-offer, do you understand?"

Doris boarded up and snapped, "Walter! You're just a beast!"

Walter smiled and said, "I'm flattered, my father has always taught me that man, beastly!"

"He was fond of the famous quote from one of your Warsaw sci-fi authors: for humans, much is lost if they lose their humanity, but everything is lost if they lose their bestiality!"

"The reason humans have survived and climbed to the top of the food chain in such a cruel society is because of bestiality!"

"Aren't cows and sheep cute? Cute, but humans just have to slaughter it for meat to fill their bellies!"

"Aren't foxes and mink cute? It's cute too, but humans are trying to protect them from the cold by taking their skin off and making clothes out of them!"

"Humans love sashimi, so they take the meat from living seafood!"

"Humans love foie gras, so they fill the stomachs of geese with food!"

"Mankind hates rats, so they will k i ll them!"

"Humans hate mosquitoes, so they invest huge amounts of money to develop all kinds of poisons that only work on mosquitoes!"

"This, is bestiality!"

"To put it bluntly, all beastly creatures are beasts! They're all animals!"

"So, the beast does not mean anything derogatory to me; rather, it is a compliment to me!"

With that, he stared at Doris Young, sneered, and said, "Doris, for the sake of classmates, I'll help you again."

"Later I'll have my men in the U.S. pay that kidney donor $20,000 as a down payment to keep that kidney for me for another 24 hours!"

"This is the last 24 hours left for you to make a decision!"

"In 24 hours, if you still don't accept my terms, then prepare your father's funeral."

"When the time comes, I will buy the best wreath in all of Aurous Hill and personally deliver it to the funeral home!"