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 Fated Pregnancy Chinese Novel Introduction

It all Started with a Transaction that forever Changed Xia Mo's life. Due to her father's Staggering debt, Xia Mo reluctantly became a Surrogate mother for Ling Yichen and his wife. However, as the baby started to grow, so did her maternal instinct Which eventually led to her subsequent decision that set the stage for everything that followed next. 

Fated Pregnancy Story

Things took a turn for the worst when a maliciously calculated plot took everything from Xia Mo and by the time Ling Yichen realised his feelings for her, it was already too late.
Time passed and fate once again brought them together. One was Married & the other without prior memory.

Fated Pregnancy Novel Online Chapter List

Chapter 1-200

Chapter 1-3                    Chapter 4-6

Chapter 7-8                    Chapter 9-10

Chapter 11-13                Chapter 14-16

Chapter 17-18                Chapter 19-20

Chapter 21-23                Chapter 24-26           
Chapter 27-28                Chapter 29-30

Chapter 31-33                Chapter 34-36           
Chapter 37-38                Chapter 39-40

Chapter 41-43                Chapter 44-46           
Chapter 47-48                Chapter 49-50

Chapter 51-53                Chapter 54-56           
Chapter 57-58                Chapter 59-60

Chapter 61-63                Chapter 64-66           
Chapter 67-68                Chapter 69-70

Chapter 71-73                Chapter 74-76

Chapter 77-78                Chapter 79-80

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