His True Colors Chapter 959-960


His True Colors Chapter 959

"He Qingfeng, remove the people first and wait for me to explain it to you slowly." Yi Lao said.

        Qingfeng He was now completely dominated by anger, he only wanted to do one thing, he wanted to make Su Yingxia pay for ignoring him, he wanted to establish his prestige as the Master of the Three Temples, and he wanted everyone to know what would happen if he ignored him.

        "Next old man, I know that you treat Han Qianxiang as a disciple, that's why you're defending her, but I'm warning you, if you have to shield her, today the three halls and the four gates will be complete enemies, are you going to destroy the apocalypse for the sake of a mundane person?" He Qingfeng said.

        The next old man's face turned pale, was this guy crazy? How dare you make the Three Temples and the Four Gates oppose each other, this is going to destroy the apocalypse ah.

        "He Qingfeng, as the master of the Three Temples, you have taken the initiative to stir up conflict between the Four Gates and the Three Temples, do you know how great a sin this is?" The next old man spoke harshly.

        He Qingfeng snorted coldly, Sin?

        He had long since put this behind him, from the moment he was trampled under Su Yingxia's feet, He Qingfeng had been unable to care about the bigger picture, even if it would truly destroy the apocalypse, he would seek revenge.

        "Even if you're guilty, it's still your crime of harboring, Next Old Man, I advise you to mind your own business." He Qingfeng said.

        The next old man looked at Su Yingxia and sighed helplessly, she didn't give He Qingfeng any face at all, which would indeed make He Qingfeng angry.

        "You're blaming me?" Su Yingxia indifferently asked the next old man.

        This questioning tone made the next old man feel a sense of condescension, Su Yingxia's strength was by no means possessed by a mundane person, perhaps Fuyan really had some sort of relationship with her.

        If that was the case, not only the next old man, but the entire apocalypse, no one had the right to blame Su Yingxia.

        "The apocalypse exists to resist the Second World, if there is a civil unrest, the result will be unimaginable." The Second Elder said.

        "This matter was started because of me, I will resolve it, He Qingfeng wants revenge, so I will give him that chance." Su Yingxia said indifferently.

        "Now that the entire Three Temples share the same enemy, are you going to kill everyone in the Three Temples?" The next old man asked nervously.

        Su Yingxia shook her head, she wasn't violent to this extent yet, but the damned would naturally have to die.

        As long as He Qingfeng died, would the other Three Temples still dare to have any opinions?

        Su Yingxia put down Han Nian and walked out of the main hall, saying to He Qingfeng, "As the Master of the Three Halls, you disregarded the peace and stability of the apocalypse and started a war, this is a sin you committed, and for this, you need to pay with your life."

        "Hahahahahahaha." He Qingfeng laughed up to the heavens, he brought along all the experts of the Three Temples, at this time, he could be said to have a strong bottom, and how could he be so easily intimidated by Su Yingxia?

        "Su Yingxia, are you scaring me? Do you think that so many experts in my Three Temples are vegetarians?" He Qingfeng's face changed, fierce in its grimness.

        "So what if there are many experts, don't you know that an ant colony is worthless in front of an elephant?" Su Yingxia said.

        He Qingfeng gritted his teeth, how arrogant of her to compare the Three Temples to an ant colony!

        "You will pay for your contempt, I want not only your death, but also your daughter's pain."

        "Fortunately, this is for me to hear, if 3000 knew, your end would definitely be worse, he is very protective of his daughter." Su Yingxia actually laughed after saying this, not at all worried about facing a great enemy.

        "Give it to me!"

        He Qingfeng gave an order, and all the experts of the Three Temples poured out their nests, vowing to take Su Yingxia's life.

        But all of a sudden, Su Yingxia, who was standing on the spot, disappeared into thin air, everyone was confused at the first time, no one could see how Su Yingxia had disappeared and where she had gone!

        The only one who was standing at the entrance of the Four Gates Hall, facing He Qingfeng and the others with a reverse face, saw clearly where Su Yingxia landed.

        But in the blink of an eye, Su Yingxia actually appeared behind He Qingfeng.

        Such a speed, even the next oldest was shocked by this.

        How could a once mundane ordinary person achieve such a rapid promotion in cultivation in a short amount of time, how could this be possible for an ordinary person?

        The more the next old man believed within himself that Su Yingxia's past life was Fuyang.

        The current Su Yingxia had inherited Fuyan's abilities!

        "Where are the people?"

        "Where did the man go."

        "Why did they suddenly disappear!"

        Just when everyone was unsure, He Qingfeng suddenly felt a cool breeze coming from his back.

        The next thing he heard was Su Yingxia's voice, "If you die, they should subside, after all, no one wants to lose their lives again for a dead person, right?"

        He Qingfeng's eyes were filled with fear, and an aura of death enveloped him, making him unable to move.

        "You, you dare, I'm the Lord of the Three Temples, how dare you kill me!" Qingfeng He trembled and said.

        "The next oldest said that there is a strong person in the apocalypse named Fuyu, she is most likely my past life, do you think I dare to kill you?" Su Yingxia faded.

        Fu Shu!

        He Qingfeng's eyes became incredulous, she was actually Fuyuki's current life?

        How could this be, how could this happen!

        Just as He Qingfeng was trying to seek a last chance of survival, his eyes suddenly changed and a bead of blood suddenly oozed out of his eyebrow.

        He Qingfeng, who wanted to speak, tried to grow his mouth, but nothing could come out.

        At this moment, the only thing left in his thoughts was regret, if he could have been given the chance to choose together, he would never have come to trouble Su Yingxia.

        It was a pity that it was too late to birth such a thought.

        In a flash, Su Yingxia appeared beside the next old man once again.

        The gang hadn't understood what had happened, and seeing the target again, they were immediately ready to swarm him.

        "He Qingfeng is dead, do you still want to die?" Only Su Yingxia faintly said.

        Everyone stopped at the same time and turned to look at He Qingfeng.

        How could that be!

        It was just a momentary disappearance, how could He Qingfeng die?

        "Temple Master, how are you."

        "Temple Master, are you okay."

        "The temple master's forehead, everyone, look at that."

        Blood droplets dripped and gradually the blood stream grew larger, and the brow began to gush wildly, like a dam bursting its banks.

        This scene shook the hearts of all.

        It wasn't until He Qingfeng fell that they realized that He Qingfeng was truly dead, and in the blink of an eye, he had been killed by Su Yingxia!

        What kind of strength is this to be able to do that!

        Even He Qingfeng was dead, what qualifications did they have to deal with Su Yingxia?

        A cautious and Su Yingxia pulled away from the distance, no longer strong before, and did not rise half of He Qingfeng's revenge, after all, as Su Yingxia said, He Qingfeng is dead, who would be willing to give their lives for a dead man?

His True Colors Chapter 960

"He Qingfeng started the Apocalypse's civil war and death is not enough, who else wants to follow in his footsteps?" Su Yingxia spoke up, her tone was flat, but her deterrent effect was quite strong.

        None of the experts from the three halls at the scene dared to speak, even He Qingfeng's henchmen had to compromise at this moment, as they knew clearly that there was only a path to death if they helped He Qingfeng speak.

        And he had indeed provoked a civil war and violated the rules of the Heavenly Apocalypse, so it was only natural for him to die.

        "Since no one wants to avenge his death, why don't you leave?" Su Yingxia continued.

        With these words, the people of the Three Temples left one after another, and even He Qingfeng's corpse was left unattended, as no one was willing to show their closeness to He Qingfeng at this time, and since He Qingfeng was already dead, there was nothing worthwhile for them to curry favor with.

        Relying on the power of one person to deter the entire Three Temples, this was something that the next oldest could not even do, and in the face of this situation, the next oldest could only sigh.

        The conflicts between the four gates and the three temples had existed for many years, and no one dared to directly point them out for fear of a civil war, but now, this conflict would definitely be resolved a lot because of He Qingfeng's death, which was a good thing for the apocalypse.

        However, the position of Master of the Three Temples was not something that anyone was capable of, and once He Qingfeng died, it was feared that there would be a period of chaos in the Three Temples before a new Master of the Three Temples took office.

        Just as the second old man wanted to ask Su Yingxia's opinion, Su Yingxia took the initiative and said, "Zhuang Tang Gongtian, the two of you, who is more capable?"

        Zhuang Tang Gongtian was stunned, looking flattered.

        The meaning of Su Yingxia's words was very clear, to choose one of the two of them to become the Master of the Three Temples.

        If this was put in the past, the two of them wouldn't have dared to think about it.

        To be able to advance to the Heavenly Level was their lifelong dream, who would dare to covet the position of Lord of the Three Temples?

        And now, the truth was happening to them.

        "My master is more capable."

        "My apprentice is even younger, his future is boundless."

        Rather than competing for the position of the Third Hall's Master, the Master and Disciple were planning to give the opportunity to each other.

        "It's not that simple to become the Master of the Third Hall, you two are both going to try your hand at it, and it's still possible to say who will end up in this position." Su Yingxia said.

        "Miss Su, the two of us will definitely do our best."

        "We will never let Miss Su down."

        The two of them cupped their fists and bowed their heads and said.

        Su Yingxia looked at the next old man, now that the matter of the Three Temples had been settled, it was time to go to the secret house next.

        The next old man naturally understood Su Yingxia's meaning and said, "Come with me."

        He Qingfeng's death was so simple that it didn't even cause much commotion in the entire apocalypse, and even those who knew about this matter didn't dare to discuss it too much because the strength Su Yingxia displayed was too strong, and no one was willing to freely point it out behind their backs, after all, if Su Yingxia knew about it, there was no telling what would happen.

        A group of three people, arrived at the secret house.

        It was still a mountain wall, and it didn't look like there was a door at all.

        But Su Yingxia walked straight to the door without being guided by the next old man.

        The second old man couldn't help but breathe a little sharply, after all, whether or not his guess was valid had a lot to do with whether or not Su Yingxia could enter the secret hut.

        If she couldn't go in, then the guess was definitely wrong.

        But if she was able to enter, this matter would be quite incredible.

        "This door, He Qingfeng and I have thought of many ways but could not enter, but Han Qianli was able to easily enter, you can try it now." The next old man said to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia directly stretched out her hand and passed her hand through the mountain wall, which was like an imaginary shadow and did not pose any obstacle to Su Yingxia.

        Seeing this scene, the next old man's mouth went dry for a moment.

        She was really able to enter!

        By the looks of it, there was a good chance that his guess was correct.

        And it was the only way to explain why Su Yingxia had become so strong in a short period of time!

        "Apocalypse is saved, Apocalypse is saved." The next old man couldn't control his excitement, as today Apocalypse was in a weakening stage and there was no way to become stronger, the next old man had always been very worried about the Second World making a comeback and Apocalypse simply didn't have the ability to resist.

        But now, he didn't need to worry because Su Yingxia had inherited Fuyan's ability, and as long as she was there, Apocalypse would definitely be able to return to its peak very quickly.

        Su Yingxia's figure didn't enter the mountain wall and went into the secret room.

        The next old man was so excited that he was in tears that he actually faced directly to the east and kneeled down.

        Su Yingxia, who entered the secret hut, didn't have much familiarity with the environment here, and even a little bit of her memories hadn't awakened, which made her doubt the words of the next oldest.

        If she really was Fuyan, then coming to Fuyan's former residence, she should have remembered something, like coming to the apocalypse, she became familiar with the route of the apocalypse, it was a natural memory recovery.

        But here, it didn't make her feel that way.

        "Mom, what is this place?" Han Nian asked to Su Yingxia.

        "It's possible that it's where mom used to live, but I don't have any memory of this place," Su Yingxia said.

        "Did mom used to live in such a small place?" Han Nian asked with an innocent face.

        Su Yingxia couldn't help but feel happy, this place was indeed much smaller compared to the hillside villa, and Han Nian's brain was really clear enough to notice only this insignificant point.

        "Mom, where's dad, aren't we looking for him?" Han Nian Nian continued to ask.

        "Nian'er don't worry, we'll be able to see daddy soon, but I've heard that it's dangerous where daddy is, is Nian'er afraid?" Su Yingxia asked.

        "Daddy isn't even afraid, of course Nian Er isn't either." Han Nian replied without thinking.

        This secret house did not awaken Su Yingxia's other memories, there was no meaning for her here, and she was not interested in the things inside, she directly turned around and left the secret house.

        The next oldest outside the mountain wall was still kneeling on his knees, seeing that Su Yingxia had actually come out so quickly, he asked with some puzzlement, "Why did you come out so quickly?"

        "I didn't find any memories here, so maybe your guess is wrong." Su Yingxia said directly.


        How could it be a mistake when the next oldest was stunned?

        If Su Yingxia wasn't Fuyu, she would never have become this strong.

        Perhaps it was just certain sealed memories that she hadn't had the time to know yet.

        "What are you going to do now?" The next oldest asked.

        "Of course it's to the Second World, lead the way." Su Yingxia said without hesitation.


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