His True Colors Chapter 939-940


His True Colors Chapter 939

"Why are you asking so much, brother?" Yanran Chen said in confusion.

        Chen Tiesin hid his urgency and said with a smile on his face, "I'm just curious about how much he likes flowers and plants, after all, I've never seen a grown man like flowers and plants."

        Yan Chen smiled, not doubting it, after all, to her, Chen Tiesin was the best brother, and she believed in Chen Tiesin one hundred percent.

        "He was very serious and also very angry, and told me not to even touch it in the future, or else he would throw me out," Yanran Chen said.

        Chen Tiesin's heart was moved, perhaps there was some ulterior secret in the ground, that's why he reacted so violently.

        Just some flowers and plants, was it really worth his anger?

        In Chen Tiesin's opinion, this was absolutely impossible.

        Then what was in the ground?

        Why would the Imperial Court send people to Long Yun City again and to find out what happened to those three people last time, it was obvious that there was a possibility that those three people had some sort of accident or even died.

        Dead people.


        Could it be that Han Three Thousand Thousand had killed the last three from the Imperial Court and buried them in his garden.

        If that was the case, Chen Tiexin would find a chance to bring down Han 3,000, as long as he could dig up the secret of the garden in front of those three and all the truth would be revealed, Han 3,000 would be subject to the Imperial Court's wrath after all.

        Chen Tiexin was excited.

        What he couldn't get, destroying was the best way to end up.

        "You go first, I'll take care of the flowers and plants for you." Chen Tiesin said.

        Yan Chen nodded her head, and having already packed her clothes, she directly left the Chen family compound.

        By the afternoon, Chen Tiesin received the news that the three of them had left the Royal Inn and were heading towards Han Giangli's alibi.

        This made Chen Tiesin's heart soar, not expecting that he would only get the news of Yan Chen in the morning and have the chance to appear in the afternoon.

        Chen Tiesin didn't think much about it and also set off towards Han Three Thousand's aliens' courtyard.

        The Other Courtyard.

        Huang Snap Yong appeared sweating and looking panicked, and said to Han Qianqian, "Master, the people from the Imperial Court are coming this way, they should be looking for you."

        "Find me if they're looking for me, do you need to be so panicky." Han Qianli said calmly.

        How could Snapdragon Huang be calm, if he didn't know that Han Qianxiang had killed those three people, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

        "Master, you really aren't worried at all?" Huang Snap Yong was curious.

        Han Qianliang shook his head, not only was he not worried, he didn't take this matter seriously at all, if these three really wanted to make things difficult for him, the worst that could happen would be to kill again.

        It wasn't like there was no way out in Xuanyuan World, so Han Three Thousand didn't need to worry too much, even if he hadn't found Jiang Ying Ying yet, there would still be opportunities in the future.

        "If you can't calm down, just get out of here and don't stab me," Han Marchiang said.

        At a time like this, how would Snapdragon Huang be willing to leave.

        "I'm going to take a shower and calm down." Huang Snapdragon ran towards the backyard after saying that.

        Although Bai Ling Wan'er appeared to be calm, Han Giang could tell that there was still a lingering hostility shrouded between her brows.

        "Wan'er, you stay in your room later," Han Qianli said.

        "Do you know who's coming this time?" Bai Ling Wan'er asked inexplicably.

        Han Qianli didn't know what he wanted to say, but there was no need to know, saying, "Your current state is not suitable for meeting them."

        "Bi Yang is a powerful person close to the Nine Lanterns Realm, back then, the Imperial Court sent a total of ten squads to hunt down the Bai Ling Family, and he was the head of one of those squads, and he has the blood of countless people from the Bai Ling Family flowing through his hands," Bai Ling Wan'er said.

        "My nanny told me that my father was the one who died in Bi Yang's hands."

        Han Qianli's brows furrowed, no wonder Bai Ling Wan'er was so nonchalant that she had come to kill her father's enemy.

        Since that was the case, Han Qianqian would not allow Bai Ling Wan'er to appear in front of Bi Yang, lest she couldn't control her emotions.

        "Why don't you go out for some air, it's time to go out after being at home for so long." Han Giang suggested.

        Bai Ling Wan'er walked up to Han Giang and said with a firm look, "I want to take a look at him, I want to remember his face so that when I avenge my father's death in the future, I'll know who I should kill."

        Bai Ling Wan'er's words were extremely hostile, this was not a proper state of affairs in Han Giang's opinion, in the event that Bi Yangyang noticed something was wrong, not to mention taking revenge, Bai Ling Wan'er, the only seedling of the family, would most likely be strangled in its cradle.

        "If you really want to take revenge, just listen to me, with your current state being seen by Bi Yang, he will definitely notice something." Han Giang persuaded.

        Bai Ling Wan'er still shook her head.

        At that moment, Yanran Chen happened to walk out of the room, so the two of them had to close the subject.

        "Don't worry, I'll restrain myself." Bai Ling Wan'er said softly.

        Han Giang sighed, there was nothing he could do about Bai Ling Wan'er's stubbornness.

        Not long after, the three of them finally appeared.

        This was the first time Han Giang had seen an eight-light realm powerhouse, and their aura and momentum was indeed not something ordinary people could compare to, even those three seven-light realms from last time had a huge gap.

        Just by standing there quietly, they gave the impression of being as imposing as a mountain.

        "Three, I've been waiting for you for a long time," Han Giang said.

        Bi Yang took a step forward and made an arching gesture towards Han Three Thousand, a gesture that was considered very respectful to Han Three Thousand, who was, after all, close to the Nine Lanterns Realm.

        "We also wished to meet you a long time ago, but we were delayed by other matters, so please forgive me Mr. Han," Bi Yang said.

        With this attitude, seeing Huang Snapdragon suddenly wasn't nervous and unconsciously straightened his back, he couldn't lose his master's face even if he was a disciple who respected him so much.

        "Let's cut to the chase." Han Giangli said.

        "The Imperial Court has always valued talent, so the Emperor ordered us to come here to invite Mr. Han for a gathering at the Imperial Court, and Mr. Han can choose his internal official position as much as he likes." Bi Yang said.

        Huang Snapdragon stared at him, internal official positions, as much as you please to choose, wouldn't Master have the status of one person under ten thousand?

        "If I don't want to, the Imperial Court shouldn't make it difficult for me, should it?" Han Marchant said.

        "Naturally not, a strong man like Mr. Han, it's human nature for the imperial court to pull in, as for Mr. Han's choice, the imperial court won't interfere much, but I hope Mr. Han will give it more consideration, after all, the position the imperial court has given you is something no one can give." Bi Yang said.

        "I've always been indifferent to fame and fortune, I don't value status, I just want to get away with my life and go where I want, I don't want to be tied down by anyone."

        The moment Han Qianqiang's voice fell, the door to the other courtyard was suddenly pushed open and Chen Tiesin entered with a sardonic smile on his face.

His True Colors Chapter 940

After Chen Tiesin appeared, it made the atmosphere in the other courtyard instantly become different.

        Whether it was Han Qianqian or Huang Snap Yong, they all knew that this guy had come for a bad reason, but what exactly he had come for, Han Qianqian and Huang Snap Yong couldn't guess.

        Yan Chen walked to Chen Tiesin's side at the first time and asked, "Brother, what are you doing here?"

        Chen Tiesin looked at Han 3,000 with a sneer on his face and said, "I'll break down what this guy has done."

        Han Qianqian looked indifferent, although he didn't know what the things Chen Tiexin was talking about were so-called, even if he knew about the death of the three people at the Imperial Court last time, Han Qianqian wasn't the least bit afraid.

        Wouldn't the worst outcome be to go against the Imperial Court? It wasn't something Han Three Thousand Years couldn't handle.

        But Huang Snapdragon became afraid when he heard this, and his face instantly turned pale.

        He was born in the Imperial Court and knew very well how powerful the Imperial Court possessed, once the news of Han Three Thousand's killing of the Imperial Court people spread, the Imperial Court would never let Han Three Thousand off the hook.

        And with these three Royal Court experts in front of him, it was already enough for Han Three Thousand to drink.

        "Brother, what are you doing, don't mess around." Yan Chen said with an eager look on her face, she had found a chance to possibly redeem Han Three Thousand with great difficulty, and although she hadn't seen results yet, she believed that as long as she had patience, she would be able to do it sooner or later, but if Chen Tiesin messed up, it would ruin her chances.

        "This matter has nothing to do with you, if you want to see a good show, don't talk, if not, go home." Chen Tiesin said with a cold face.

        Yanran Chen suddenly felt a rejectionist coldness on Chen Tiesin, which made her a bit confused, her brother would never treat her in this manner, so why did he suddenly change?

        Chen Tiesin walked up to the three of them in front of Bi Yang, cupped his fists and bowed deeply and said, "Three lords, I know that you have been investigating the news about the three who came to Long Yun City last time, and I know where they are."

        "Oh?" Bi Yang raised his eyebrows and looked at Chen Tiesin, although he didn't know who this person was, but he should be very clear about his position, there was no need to say what would happen if he talked nonsense in front of him, since he dared to say so, I'm afraid that he had some clues.

        Snapdragon Huang at the side was already covered in cold sweat, how could this guy Chen Tiesin know, this matter was clearly known only to him and Han Qianqian.

        "Master, what's going on, how did Chen Tiesin know?" Snapdragon Huang whispered to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand Year looked at Yanran Chen, is this her fox tail?

        But Yan Chen hadn't shown anything unusual during this time, this was definitely not an effect that could be staged by acting.

        Could it be that Chen Tiesin was just using this sister?

        "I'm not sure," Han Giangli replied back.

        Huang Snapdragon shuddered and took a long breath, continuing to ask, "What should we do, if they find out, we're screwed."

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "It's not finished yet, don't worry, I'm in the way if there's trouble, it has nothing to do with you."

        That didn't reassure Huang Snapdragon, even if he wouldn't have any collateral damage, it wasn't half as comforting to Huang Snapdragon, as he didn't want anything to happen to him, nor did he want anything to happen to Han Three Thousand, who was his master, after all, he would have to rely on Han Three Thousand for his future realm breakthroughs.

        "Where is it?" At this time, Bi Yang opened her mouth to ask Chen Tiesin.

        He never dreamed that the opportunity could come so suddenly, finally having the chance to destroy Han 3,000, as long as Han 3,000 died, the City Master's Palace would also be implicated, and the pattern of Long Yun City would change drastically.

        Add to that Chen Tiesin's merit in this matter, and with a casual word from the imperial court, the Chen family's position in Long Yun City was something that no one could shake.

        "Han Qianqian, do you still think that the matter can be hidden? Need I say more about the weirdness of this garden of yours?" Chen Tiesin said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqian didn't expect Chen Tiesin to actually know, on second thought, it seemed that it was Chen Yanran's overreaction when he was hoeing that caused Chen Tiesin's suspicion, which was too careless of him, he didn't expect Chen Tiesin to be able to deduce the truth of the matter through such a small matter.

        "If there's any weirdness, please help me find it," Han Giangli said.

        Chen Tiesin had a mocking expression on his face, and in his opinion, Han Qianli didn't dare to admit it, which was clearly fear.

        "I didn't expect you to be afraid too, are you afraid of death or of the Imperial Court's ruling? I've heard that the Imperial Court has a pain that is even worse than death, and perhaps this pain will come to you." Chen Tiesin said.

        Han Giangli shook his head indifferently and said, "I'm leaving here today, no one can stop me and I'll be able to kill you before I leave, do you believe that?"

        Chen Tiesin's expression instantly froze, he didn't dare to use his life to test the truth or falsity of Han Giang's words.

        When it came to being afraid of death, Chen Tiexin was the one who was truly afraid of death, and if he wasn't unwilling to take the risk, he wouldn't still be staying in the Second Lamp Realm.

        Chen Tiesin subconsciously took a few steps back, seemingly seeking the protection of the Imperial Court three.

        But to the three of Biyang, Chen Tiexin's death or death was irrelevant, and the words Han Qianli had just spoken were enough to warrant their caution.

        No one would be able to stop them if they left the place.

        This was clearly saying that the three of them couldn't stop Han Sangsan at all.

        "Three lords, I want to expose the truth, but if someone wants to kill me, you must protect me." Chen Tiesin said to the three of them, Bi Yang.

        Bi Yang looked a bit impatient, he wanted the truth of the matter, but would never have any conflict with Han 3000 because of this truth.

        The emperor had ordered that even if those three people died at the hands of Han Three Thousand, the imperial court would not be bothered by it, so Bi Yang's attitude was simply wanting to know what was going on.

        "Since you know the truth, do it quickly and don't waste time." Bi Yang said.

        Instead, Chen Tiesin was in a difficult position because he was only guessing that those people's bodies were in the garden, but the garden was so big, how could he calculate where the exact place was?

        "My lord, their corpses are in this garden, but where exactly they are, only Han Giangli knows." Chen Tiesin said.

        Hearing the word corpses, the two of them, Floating Mountain You Hai, visibly frowned, this was the last consequence they wanted to see, but they did not expect this to be the case.

        This Han Three Thousand Years was inordinately arrogant, daring to kill someone from the Imperial Court!

        "Ahem." Biyang coughed twice, signaling Fuyama and Youkai to pay attention to their emotions.


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