His True Colors Chapter 921-923


His True Colors Chapter 921

"What happened to your face? Did my brother find out?"

        After the maid returned to the Chen residence, Yan Chen saw the swelling and redness on her face and mistook it for Chen Tiesin's beating, and for a moment felt a little guilty, as she was the one who had asked the maid to go find Han Giang.

        "Miss, I've seen Han Qianqian." The servant girl said.

        "Where is he, and why didn't you bring him to me." Hearing the words Han Qianqian, Chen Yanran's emotions instantly flared up, her desire to see Han Qianqian was urgent.

        "Miss, the wound on my face was inflicted by his wife." The maid continued.


        A spring thunderstorm sounded in Yanran Chen's ears.

        Han Qianqian already had a wife!

        How could this be.

        It had only been a short time since he left the Chen residence, how could he have a wife so soon?

        Yan Chen took a deep breath and asked, "What's going on, where did he get a wife?"

        "Miss, you're not really in love with Han Qianli, are you?" The maid was puzzled, she really couldn't understand why Miss was looking for Han Qianqian, and what was so worthwhile for Miss to keep this trash, who now had a new woman?

        "I'm not looking for him because I like him, but there are other reasons, which concern the Chen family's future position in Long Yun City." Chen Yanran said.

        "But he has made it very clear that there is no longer any connection between you and him, so he will not come to see you." The maid said.

        "Where he lives, you take me to him, I must see him." Yanran Chen said.

        "Miss, the eldest young master has ordered someone to watch over you, you have no chance to leave the Chen residence, so you should give up." The maid said.

        Yanran Chen shook her head.

        Give up?

        Those two words were absolutely impossible for her, and there was no way she would give up on seeing Han 3000 without confirming his strength.

        "Help me think of a way, I must see him, and I must see him." Yan Chen said in a commanding tone.

        The maid had a helpless expression, in her eyes, Yanran Chen was like a madwoman, how could a trash like Han 3000 be worth the risk to meet?

        If Chen Tiesin knew about this matter, Yan Chen wouldn't be punished, but the maid would be unable to escape the bad consequences.

        "Miss, if the young master knew, I would d*e." The servant girl said.

        "If I can't see Han Giang, you'll d*e too." Yanran Chen said with a frosty face.

        Thinking back to when Han 3000 was kicked out of the Chen family residence and Yanran Chen didn't ask any questions about it, at that time, she would never have dreamed that she would have such a desperate need to see Han 3000.

        The next day, Chen Tiesin and Chen Yuanhai, father and son, met in the backyard.

        Chen Yuanhai scattered the fish material in his hands, and the koi in the pond flipped up countless waves in order to grab food.

        "Father, I've ordered people to search all the places in the house where the bodies can be hidden, but we found nothing, so it seems our guesses were wrong." As he said this, Chen Tiesin revealed a relieved expression, as he inherently did not want this matter to be true.

        Chen Yuanhai frowned, if that Four Lantern Realm powerhouse hadn't died, how did he leave the Chen family without a reason?

        It was simply unrealistic for Han Giangli to be able to make the Four Lanterns leave with a single mouth.

        "Has every corner been searched already, are there any places we missed?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        "There's no way we missed anything, father, it should be us overthinking." Chen Tiesin said.

        Chen Yuanhai let out a long sigh and said, "But why did the experts brought by Wang Xie and his family leave for no apparent reason, and what is the explanation for what happened in the Central District of the Long Yan Mountain Range."

        "There's no doubt about this matter of Huang Snapdragon having a master, it's all related to Huang Snapdragon's master, we can't link his master to Han 3000." Chen Tiesin said.

        "But were Huang Snapdragon's words just a casual remark with no other deep meaning?" Chen Yuanhai was puzzled.

        On this issue, Chen Tieshin had also carefully thought about it, and in his opinion, it might be that Huang Snapdragon was just playing a mysterious game, trying to hide his identity for his master.

        "Father, I think that Huang Snap Yong deliberately diverted our attention in order to conceal his true identity for his master, probably because he was afraid of being found out by us." Chen Tiesin said.

        Chen Yuanhai shook his head and laughed, afraid of being found out?

        Isn't that a joke?

        If the Chen family really dared to go to its roots, that strong man could wipe out the Chen family overnight, so why would he be afraid?

        "Search again, even if you've searched, and then look at all the land in your home for any signs of soil turning," Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin sighed, in his opinion this was an unnecessary waste of manpower, it was simply impossible, so why waste time?

        "The grounding of your sister has also been lifted, perhaps it would be more prudent to have her meet with Han Giang." Chen Yuanhai continued.

        "Father, how can this be possible, my sister must not go to meet Han 3000 in her current situation." Chen Tiesin retorted.

        Chen Yuanhai turned around, looked at Chen Tiesin and said, "Do you know that if this matter isn't confirmed, my Chen family will live in a huge shadow, whether he is really a waste or a hidden strong man, we need real evidence to prove it, our arbitrariness will most likely lead to the destruction of the Chen family."

        Seeing Chen Yuanhai's tough attitude, although Chen Tiesin was still a little reluctant, he could only accept it.

        The current Chen family was still Chen Yuanhai's to say after all.

        "Yes, father, I'll go and explain my servant's work first."


        After Chen Tiesin left, Chen Yuanhai scattered all the fish material in his hands, the koi snatched food and exploded into huge water splashes, just as Chen Tiesin was about to exclaim that even the fish needed effort to live, his eyes suddenly changed.

        The Place of Hidden Corpses!

        Chen Tiesin had ordered his subordinates to search all the corners of the Chen residence, but the pond seemed to have been overlooked by Chen Tiesin, and wouldn't sinking the body at the bottom of the pond be the best option?

        Chen Yuanhai's breathing suddenly became quicker, his intuition telling him that the corpse of that Four Lantern Realm powerhouse was most likely in this side of the pond.

        "Call Chen Tiesin back immediately." Chen Yuanhai said to the housekeeper beside him.

        The steward was an old man, but was quick on his feet and quickly summoned Chen Tiesin back.

        "Father, what else have you ordered?" Chen Tiesin asked to Chen Yuanhai.

        "This square pond is something you have never looked for, right?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        "Father, the koi in this is your most beloved object, how dare I touch it." Chen Tiesin said.

        "Have your servant release the water." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin's eyebrows furrowed as Chen Yuanhai said that, and he immediately understood what Chen Yuanhai meant.

His True Colors Chapter 922

The entire Chen residence inside and out Chen Tiexin had his servants search the entire residence and found nothing, but this backyard pond Chen Tiexin did not dare to touch, because this pond is Chen Yuanhai's beloved koi carp.

        The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pond, which is a good place to hide the body.

        As the water level of the pond gradually dropped, Chen Tiexin became more and more nervous, even his breathing became rapid, this kind of reaction showed that he was worried and afraid, he was afraid that corpses would really appear here, afraid that Han 3000 was really as they suspected.

        One had to know that when Chen Tiesin had expelled Han 3000 from the Chen residence, he had deliberately laid a trap for Han 3000, causing many people to watch, deliberately trying to make those people look at Han 3000's jokes, hoping to use this to make Han 3000's reputation in Long Yun City infamous.

        Chen Tiesin had taken things this far, leaving absolutely no way out for himself, and he couldn't imagine how he would have faced this matter if Han Three Thousand was truly a strong man.

        "Father, do you think the corpse is really in here?" Chen Tiesin asked to Chen Yuanhai.

        Chen Yuanhai's expression also became more and more condensed as he thought about it, in the entire Chen residence, the easiest place to hide the body was here, so it was reasonable that the body could not be found in other places.

        But whether it was there or not, this was not something Chen Yuanhai could determine.

        "Everything can only be known when we see the results." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin no longer spoke, but quietly waited at the side.

        The water level wasn't dropping fast, but the two of them didn't feel anxious at all inside, and even Chen Tiesin hoped that the water would never be drained, only then would he have an excuse to escape reality.

        In the evening, the pond was finally only knee-deep in water, and under these circumstances, everything at the bottom of the pond could almost be visible to the naked eye.

        A human-shaped unidentified object appeared in front of the two.

        This situation caused Chen Tiesin to turn pale, it was impossible for this side of the pond to have drowned for no reason, if a corpse really existed, it would most likely be that Four Lantern Realm expert.

        "Father." Chen Tiesin took a deep breath and shouted to Chen Yuanhai.

        Chen Yuanhai's hands trembled slightly, this was not the outcome he wanted to see, but it was not something he could just run away from.

        "Have your servant go and see what's going on." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin immediately said to the servant beside him, "Go retrieve it and see what it is."

        A few of the servants went straight into the water and smelled a foul odor after getting close to the mannequin.

        "Master, young master, this is a corpse."

        "Lift it up." Chen Yuanhai said with a livid face.

        The corpse had been submerged in the water for too long, the corpse had perked up and would decompose upon touching it, a few servants endured the nausea inside and fought the corpse back to shore.

        When Chen Yuanhai approached, he was not frightened by the corpse's appearance, but asked the nearby servants, "Have any of you seen this person before."

        The best person to identify the corpse was Yanran Chen, but Chen Yuanhai didn't want Yanran Chen to know about it yet, and with such a terrifying aspect, Chen Yuanhai didn't want to scare Yanran Chen.

        The few servants nearby didn't say anything, which excluded the possibility that they knew each other.

        Chen Yuanhai continued to ask, "When the two Wang Xie families came to my Chen residence, who were present."

        "Master, the housekeeper should be aware of this matter, he was the one who received the heads of the two Wang Xie families." A certain servant said.

        "Where is the housekeeper, bring him to me immediately."

        In a short time, a middle-aged and elderly looking man ran over panting, and when he saw the corpse on the ground, he was frightened by its decaying appearance and sat directly on the ground.

        "Look at this man do you know him?" Chen Yuanhai said to the butler.

        The housekeeper shuddered in fear and said, "Master, this matter has nothing to do with me, I didn't kill the person ah, I beg your discernment."

        Chen Yuanhai helplessly looked at the housekeeper and said, "If you can kill him, why do you need to be a housekeeper in my Chen family, I know that you didn't kill the person, I'll let you see the person's face, do you recognize him."

        The housekeeper was already scared to death with just one look, how could he have the courage to take a second look, he shook his head straight and said, "Master, I don't recognize him, I don't."

        At this time, Chen Tiesin walked up to the housekeeper, grabbed the housekeeper's neck and said, "Open your eyes and take a good look, or you'll go to the Yellow Springs to be his companion."

        The words almost made the housekeeper pee, which forced him to open his eyes and carefully examine the corpse.

        Although the corpse's appearance had foamed and changed, it was still possible to see his previous appearance through the general outline.

        When the face was clearly seen, the steward's expression became stunned.

        "This ...... this, this is not ......"

        "It's not anything, so you should say it quickly." Chen Tiesin said impatiently.

        "Young Master, isn't this the Four Lantern Realm expert brought by the Wang Xie two families at first, how did he die here." The housekeeper said in horror, the day the Wang Xie two families came to the Chen residence to look for trouble, it was the housekeeper who personally received them, and he had specially observed that Four Lantern Realm expert, so his appearance, the housekeeper remembered very clearly.

        That day, the housekeeper had thought that Miss was going to compromise with the Wang Xie family, after all, they had brought an expert with them.

        But later on, when he heard that the Four Lantern Realm expert had inexplicably disappeared and the two families had returned without success, the housekeeper thought it was strange how a living person could disappear for no reason at all.

        It wasn't until this moment that the housekeeper realized how this was not a disappearance, it was simply death, and in the backyard pond!

        But who in the entire Chen residence could be a match for a Four-Light Realm expert, and who had the strength to kill him?

        "Hey, young master, what's wrong with you." The housekeeper suddenly found Chen Tiesin limp on the ground and hurriedly expressed his concern.

        With a face as white as paper, Chen Tiesin's limbs went limp and he didn't even have the strength to stand, because after confirming the identity of the corpse, it was already enough to show that he had made a terrible mistake and he had driven a truly strong man out of the Chen residence.

        For many years, Chen Tiesin had been running all over the imperial court territory in order to find a master with a profound realm and worship him as his master, thus improving his cultivation, but such a strong man had appeared in the Chen Family Residence, and he had passed by this opportunity.

        Not only that, the existence of such a hatred even made Chen Tiesin feel desperate.

        "Young Master, are you alright." The butler wanted to assist Chen Tiesin, but his strength could not help Chen Tiesin at all.

        Chen Yuanhai took a deep breath of cool air and said to the butler and the crowd of servants, "You guys go and dispose of the corpse, no one must know about this matter."

His True Colors Chapter 923

"Housekeeper, this is a Four Lantern Realm expert, why is the body in the backyard pond?"

        After the housekeeper and a group of servants led the corpse away, an unidentified servant asked the housekeeper.

        The housekeeper also found this strange, if it were an ordinary person, it would be understandable for him to accidentally lose his footing and die in the pond, but this person was an expert brought in by the Wang Xie family to deal with the Chen family, to say that he lost his footing and drowned in the pond, this was absolutely impossible.

        And looking at Chen Tiesin's reaction, this man's death was definitely not simple, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have that kind of overly shocked reaction.

        "I remember, it seems like this Four-Light Realm powerhouse was taken away by that trash that day, and it was precisely because he disappeared somehow after being taken away." The housekeeper said.

        "Butler, what are you joking about." The man laughed, and not only that, several other servants also laughed.

        "Butler, you're not going to say that that trash killed this man, are you."

        "How is that possible, he's a useless person who was unconscious in the Chen family for nearly half a year, how could he have killed a Four Lantern Realm expert."

        "Yeah, this is a Four Lantern Realm expert, in our Long Yun City, that's a first-rate expert."

        Hearing these words, the steward's face suddenly changed.

        On the surface, this matter was indeed unlikely, but judging from Chen Tiesin's reaction, it was most likely Han Qianqian's doing.

        Why would Chen Tiesin react in shock, even if this Four Lantern Realm powerhouse died in the Chen residence, what did it matter if the two Wang Xie families knew about it?

        The only possibility was that his death was not simple, and that was why Chen Tiesin was overly frightened.

        "Don't make wild guesses, this matter has nothing to do with us." After saying that, the housekeeper paused and continued, "Also, don't mention that person again in the future, don't blame me for not reminding you guys, be careful of talking too much and attracting death."

        When the steward said such words, those servants naturally did not dare to talk too much.

        By the pond.

        Both Chen Yuanhai and his son were as if they had lost their souls, although they could still make excuses that even if a Four-Light Realm expert died in the pond, it wasn't necessarily Han Qianqian's doing.

        But this excuse was so far-fetched that even Chen Yuanhai himself didn't believe it.

        Could it be that the entire Chen Residence could find another person who was qualified to kill a Four Lantern Realm expert?

        And wasn't that Four Lantern realm powerhouse from that day that disappeared after being taken away by Han Qianxiang, so there was only one explanation for this, and that was that Han Qianxiang had hidden his realm!

        Not only had the Four Lantern Realm powerhouse been killed by him, but even Huang Snapdragon's Seven Star Exotic Beast had been tamed by him, these two events could almost cause Chen Yuanhai and Chen Tiesin to despair.

        "Father, is this true?" Suddenly, Chen Tiesin slapped himself, he very much wished that he was dreaming, but the pain on his face told him that this was reality.

        At this time, Chen Tiesin was endlessly regretful.

        In the past, when he thought of Han Qianli being driven out of the Chen residence by him, he would still be proud of himself, but now, he had no other emotions other than regret.

        The corner of Chen Yuanhai's mouth raised a bitter smile, this should have been an opportunity for the Chen family to become stronger in Long Yun City, even to dominate the city and rule over the entire city, but now, the Chen family was in danger.

        Having offended such a strong man, who knew when he would take revenge on the Chen family?

        And once when his revenge came, it was something that no one in the Chen family was capable of resisting.

        "Never would I have thought that a person who was treated as trash by my Chen family would possess such a strong strength." Chen Yuanhai said with a sigh on his face.

        "Father, could it be, there are other possibilities?" Chen Tiexin looked at Chen Yuanhai with an expectant face, he especially hoped that Chen Yuanhai would be able to give an other reasonable explanation, as long as he could explain that the person was not killed by Han Qianqian.

        But the result was destined to disappoint Chen Tiesin.

        Even if Chen Yuanhai didn't want to admit it in his heart, he would never find an excuse to self-deceive.

        The facts were already in front of him, so was there any use in making excuses?

        Did he really mean it when he said he didn't kill Han Qianqian?

        "Even if you don't want to admit it or accept the reality, it's useless, other than him, who else in the Chen Family Residence can do this." Chen Yuanhai said weakly.

        After hearing this, Chen Tiesin's eyes became even more desperate, as if he had fallen into an endless abyss and could never get up again.

        "Father, what should I do now, I drove him out of the Chen family and brought him countless humiliations, what should I do." Chen Tiesin looked at Chen Yuanhai like a plea for help, he didn't want to die, and he didn't have the courage to bear the wrath of Han Qianli's revenge.

        Chen Yuanhai took a deep breath, it was indeed not a good thing to offend such a strong man, it would make the entire Chen family live in dire straits.

        This matter, however, was not without a solution.

        "There is only one way." Chen Yuanhai said.

        "What solution?" Chen Tiesin asked eagerly.

        "Only your sister can come forward, and perhaps we can still salvage this matter, he, after all, is a man." Chen Yuanhai said.

        Chen Tiesin immediately understood what Chen Yuanhai meant.

        As long as Yanran was able to reunite with Han Giang, then this hatred would naturally vanish, and Chen Tiesin would also be able to have Han Giang help him improve his realm as his brother, which was a more justifiable reason to even save the need to pay homage to his master.

        "I'll go find Yanran right away." Chen Tiexin said.

        Chen Yuanhai grabbed Chen Tiesin by the shoulders, it wasn't appropriate for him to meet Yanran in his current emotional state.

        "What's wrong?" Chen Tiesin asked in puzzlement.

        "Your sister still doesn't know that we've confirmed Han Qianli's strength, if you go to see her like this, she definitely won't agree to you." Chen Yuanhai said.

        "Then what should I do?" Chen Tiesin said.

        Chen Yuanhai frowned tightly, it was best for Yanran Chen to go to meet Han Giang with her true feelings, to give Han Giang the illusion that Yanran Chen was in love with him and wanted to get him back, in this case, Yanran Chen didn't know that Han Giang's strength was best, because it was the only way to show her true feelings.

        "Hasn't Yanran been distraught because of him lately?" Chen Yuanhai asked.

        Chen Tieshin nodded and said, "My sister should also be distraught because she doubts Han Qianli's true strength."

        "You should tell her tomorrow morning that the only way to know Han 3000's true realm is to salvage their relationship, and tell her that you are distressed and willing to let her try, but you have to remind her that she must not show her true intentions in front of Han 3000, so let her ...... show her love for Han 3000 The love will be fine." Chen Yuanhai said.


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