His True Colors Chapter 849-850


His True Colors Chapter 849

Two days later.

        Han 3,000 returned to the apocalypse, and the first time he returned, he dropped a bombshell on the apocalypse.

        He was going to enter the Demon King's Cave again.

        This news exploded throughout the apocalypse like a thunderbolt from a clear sky.

        Especially those Heavenly Character powerhouses, they knew full well how dangerous the Devil King's Grotto was, and it was purely a fluke that they were able to come out alive, but for Han Third Thousand to go back in was a very irrational act in their opinion, and they couldn't even figure out why Han Third Thousand was doing it at all.

        Even the next oldest, faced with such a death-defying act as Han Three Thousand's, flatly refused.

        "No, you should know very well by now how dangerous the Demon King's Grotto is, and having gotten away with letting you escape once, do you really think you'll be so lucky every time?" The second old man was furious and said to Han Qianxiang, he felt that Han Qianxiang had swelled out of control and was going to go to the Devil King's Cave a second time to seek death!

        "Don't get too excited, Old Next, since I'm going, I'm naturally confident that I'll come out alive." Han Qianli said to the next old man with a cozy face.

        The Devil King's Cave was indeed very dangerous for others, a place of nine lives, but for Han Three Thousand, with the protection of the Red-Eyed Jade Python, it was almost 100% safe, and he had a purpose this time as well.

        Why the Red-Eyed Jade Python didn't harm him, Han Three Thousand didn't know, but going to the Second World would be an extra point to ensure Han Three Thousand's safety if he could take this guy with him.

        Also, the red fruit in the Devil King's Grotto was one of the reasons why Han 3,000 went in, it was something that could improve one's abilities and would most likely be useful in a critical time.

        "Bullshit grasp, are those exotic beasts something you can grasp, Han Three Thousand, are you crazy." The next old man walked up to Han Three Thousand, his expression almost distorted.

        Han Three Thousand Year shrugged helplessly.

        At this moment, He Qingfeng ran to the Four Gates Hall.

        When he saw Han 3,000, Qingfeng He walked in front of Han 3,000 at first.

        "Are you out of your mind to even go to the Devil King's Grotto, do you really think that's a place for fun?" Qingfeng He questioned Han Qianli.

        "Hall Master He, this is a matter for the four gates, it has nothing to do with your three halls, right?" Han Giangli said.

        He Qingfeng looked furiously at the next old man and said, "This is your man, do you still not care, but he's going to die."

        Before the next old man spoke, Han Qianli said with a firm attitude, "I have to go on this trip, no one can stop me, you can try."

        "Kid, you're really big-headed now, you dare to provoke us?" Qingfeng He said with a cold face.

        Han Giangli headed out of the palace, and Qingfeng He was directly in front of him.

        Han Qianli blasted out a punch without hesitation.

        Qingfeng He smiled indifferently and said, "Kid, although you are now a strong Heavenly character, don't get too inflated, I am the Master of the Three Temples, and my strength is above the Ten Great Masters, so you dare to take a shot at me even with you?"

        As soon as He Qingfeng's voice fell, Han Qianli's fist soared.

        He Qingfeng raised his right hand without moving a muscle, ready to push Han 3,000 back.

        But when the two fists collided, He Qingfeng retreated three steps in a row, while Han Qianli stood still!

        The entire palace was instantly silent and silent, and the needle could be heard.

        The second old man and his assistant stared at the scene before them with wide eyes, not daring to believe it.

        He Qingfeng was even more so, his jaw was about to drop to the ground.

        Han Qianli's punch was actually able to push him back!

        And the backlash caused his right hand to tremble.

        This caused He Qingfeng to be horrified to no end within himself.

        Although he didn't exert his full strength, in his opinion, it should have been a simple matter to interrupt Han Qianxiang's attack.

        But the truth was that he had been forced back by Han Qianxiang!

        "I told you, none of you can stop me." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        As the words fell, Han Qianli had already walked out of the palace.

        The next old man looked at Han Three Thousand Year's back and his breathing suddenly became quicker.

        In his opinion, Han Qianli had indeed become much stronger, but he hadn't expected that Han Qianli would be able to push back He Qingfeng with a single punch.

        The Heavenly Apocalypse had four levels of Heaven, Earth, and Yellow, and the strength of the Ten Great Masters was above the Heavenly Character level, and he and He Qingfeng were even above the Ten Great Masters.

        The strike Han Qianqian had just delivered was enough to prove that his current strength was at least among the top ten experts, which was unimaginable to the next oldest.

        After all, it had only been less than a month since he'd arrived at the apocalypse!

        Walking up to He Qingfeng, the next oldest asked in a deep voice, "How much force did you exert?"

        "Five points." He Qingfeng said without changing his face.

        "Exactly how many points." The next old man gritted his teeth.

        He Qingfeng's face was embarrassed and he bit his teeth before saying, "Eight points."

        The next oldest took a heavy, deep breath, He Qingfeng's eight points of strength was already terrifying, yet he hadn't blocked Han Qianqian, instead he was forced back by Han Qianqian.

        This was proof that even if he used all of his strength, he wouldn't necessarily be able to stop Han 3,000, which was too unbelievable in the eyes of the next oldest.

        "This guy, is he a pervert?" He Qingfeng was devastated, and for the first time, he felt whether or not he should reexamine his own strength.

        The next old man trembled his hands and said, "It seems that my guess is right, he is indeed the savior."

        "But no matter how powerful he is, wouldn't going to the Demon King's Grotto again be just as much of a death sentence?" He Qingfeng said.

        The next oldest was very much against Han Third Thousand going to the Demon King's Grotto, but now, he shook his head and said, "Since he's sure, there will never be an accident, although I don't know where he got the strength to do it, but I believe him."

        Would Han 3000 go to his death for no reason?

        This was clearly an impossibility.

        The next oldest knew exactly how much he valued Su Yingxia and Han Nian, and Han 3000, who seemed to not be afraid of death, was actually very afraid of death because he didn't want Su Yingxia and Han Nian to lose themselves, so he would value his own life even more.

        Since he had made such a decision, he must be sure of himself.

        At this time, outside the palace, Jiang Ying Ying smiled and asked Han Qianli, "Brother Qianli, I didn't expect that even He Qingfeng, the master of the three palaces, couldn't stop you, how many points of strength did you use?"

        Han Giangli smiled and said, "Eight points."

        "Really?" Jiang Ying Ying looked at Han Marchian suspiciously.

        Han Marchian touched his nose and said, "If I said five points, would that be too much."

        Jiang Yingying smiled like a silver bell and said, "Of course it's not too much, but if He Qingfeng finds out, he'll probably be very hurt, he can't even block your five points of strength, and if he uses his full strength, he'll already be useless with that punch just now."

        "It's true that he'll be useless, but one must keep a low profile, he's the Lord of the Three Temples anyway, so save some face for him." Han Qianli smiled.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded her head in deep thought, her face already smiling.

        Fortunately, these words were just a private conversation between the two of them, if the next oldest He Qingfeng heard them, I wonder how they would feel.

His True Colors Chapter 850

Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying arrived at the entrance of the Devil King's Cave, the others didn't understand why Han Three Thousand had to turn back to the Devil King's Cave, but Jiang Ying Ying knew very well in her heart.

        At first in the Demon King's Cave, the little white snake insisted on leaving with Han 3,000, but Han 3,000 was worried that it would bring danger to the apocalypse after leaving the Demon King's Cave, so he used a delaying tactic to hold back the little white snake.

        Now that Han Three Thousand was about to go to the Second World, it was clear that he was planning to take the wanted little white snake with him.

        "Brother Three Thousand, do you really want to take it with you? After all, it's a cold-blooded animal, what if it regains its freedom and turns against you?" Jiang Ying Ying asked worriedly to Han 3000.

        It wasn't that Han 3,000 hadn't thought about it, but he had a feeling that the little white snake wouldn't harm it and bringing it to the second world would only pose a threat to the second world, even if the little white snake rebelled.

        "There are too many unknown dangers in the Second World, and if it's willing to help me, it might be able to reduce our danger in the Second World, so it's worth a try," Han 3,000 said.

        Jiang Ying Ying was worried, but she never interfered to block anything that Han Marchant decided to do, as she trusted Han Marchant one hundred percent.

        Without much hesitation, the two of them walked straight into the entrance of the Demon King's Cave.

        Shortly after Han Qianli and Jiang Ying Ying had entered, Lintong was standing where they had just been and had a very fierce expression on her face.

        As a former pride of the heavens, Lin Tong was proud of the entire younger generation of the Apocalypse, but ever since Han Qianqian came, his name was no longer mentioned by anyone, and everyone only remembered the name Han Qianqian, forgetting about him, the former pride of the heavens.

        Although Lin Tong had a thousand dissatisfactions in his heart, he could only swallow his anger, after all, what Han Qianqian had achieved was not something he could do, countless geniuses had fallen to the Demon King's Cave, and although Lin Tong wanted to prove himself, he was afraid of becoming a wronged soul in the Demon King's Cave if he slipped up, and this fear from death made him not have the courage to face the challenge of the Demon King's Cave at all.

        "Lintong, you, the pride of heaven, can really be crushed by him, he has already entered the Devil King's Grotto for the second time while you, however, can only look at the entrance." He Xiaoxiao's voice came from behind him.

        Lintong turned his head with a cold face and said, "He Xiaoxiao, if I remember correctly, you have been relegated to the yellow level and are not qualified to come here."

        After all, He Xiaoxiao was He Qingfeng's daughter, and it was true that on the surface she was not qualified to come to the Devil King's Grotto, but she had insisted on coming, so who would be willing to forcibly stop her? In case he accidentally offended Qingfeng He, his future days in the apocalypse would be difficult.

        And the reason why He Xiaoxiang came was to see if Han Qianxiang really wanted to go to the Demon King's Cave or not.

        She had thought that Han 3,000 was just deliberately using this method to build momentum for her reputation, and that it might even be a plot by the Four Gates to boost their influence in the Apocalypse, but she had never thought that she would actually watch Han 3,000 enter the Demon King's Grotto again.

        "Lin Tong, I don't have the qualifications and you don't have the guts, we belong to the same kind of people, so why do you need to flaunt your power in front of me? If you really have the ability, compare it to Han Qianqian." He Xiaoxiang said disdainfully.

        "He Xiaoxiang, I didn't expect you to change your mind about Han Qianli, when was it that the person you Miss He hated was actually able to change his attitude?" Rintori sneered.

        "Bullsh*t." He Xiaoxiao sneered and said, "I have not changed my mind about him, and he is still trash in my eyes."

        Lintong laughed up at the sky.


        What a loser!

        It was ridiculous that in just a month's time, having been promoted from Yellow Character to Heavenly Character, and now entering the dreaded Devil King's Grotto for the second time, He Xiaoxiang still had to treat Han Marchand as trash.

        "He Xiaoxiang, you're calling one mouthful of trash after another, so have you ever thought about what you are?" Lintong said.

        He Xiaoxiao was livid, then scoffed and said to Lintong, "I didn't expect that you would have to speak up for him after being robbed of the limelight, but it seems that this pride of heaven of yours has really been beaten down by him and lost his temper."

        "If you're not as strong as others, you should recognize reality." Lintong's heart was unconvinced, but the strength displayed by Han Qianqian made him irrefutable, he knew very well that boasting was nothing more than something done by incompetent people, if he wanted to regain the name that belonged to his pride of heaven, he had to prove himself with his strength, but unfortunately, this was not something he could do now.

        He Xiaoxiao was slightly surprised that Lin Tong was able to say something like that, it was something she had never expected, she had thought of joining forces with Lin Tong to find another way to deal with Han Giang, but now it seemed that Lin Tong would no longer do so.

        "Are you really willing?" He Xiaoxiao asked tentatively.

        "He Xiaoxiang, I advise you to be honest, in front of absolute power, intrigue and trickery won't be of any use, those thoughts of yours are useless against Han 3000, unless you can surpass him in strength, it's not just the next oldest who values him now, even your father," Lin Tong said.

        He Xiaoxiang took a deep breath, the four gates and three halls had always been at odds, but now even He Qingfeng valued Han 3000!

        "Lin Tong, I won't resign myself to my fate like you trash, I'll find a way to kill Han Giang sooner or later." He Xiaoxiang gritted his teeth and said.

        Lintong smiled faintly, hearing this now really made him feel ridiculous from the bottom of his heart.

        Killing Han Three Thousand.

        On what basis?

        Could it be that He Xiaoxiao was less than a yellow-letter fighter?

        It was ridiculous.

        "I'm going back to my retreat, good luck." After leaving behind this sentence, Lin Tong turned around and left.

        He Xiaoxiang clenched her fists, her expression fierce, if it wasn't for Han Qianxiang, she wouldn't have been relegated to the yellow level, and if it wasn't for Han Qianxiang, she wouldn't have been insulted.

        For this Three Temples Princess, the more powerful and excellent Han Qianli was, the more anger would grow in her heart, but no matter how powerful Han Qianli was, she would always feel in her heart that she had a chance to kill him.

        After all, she was the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, and this status was in no way comparable to Han Three Thousand Thousand.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, my men are almost at Cloud City, and if you want them to live, you'll have to kneel down before me and kowtow to their mistakes."

        In the Devil King's Grotto.

        Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying were no longer nervous or fearful this time, after all, with the Little White Snake accompanying them, the other exotic beasts didn't even have the guts to show their faces.

        But Han Three thousand looked at the little white snake with strange eyes, from Fang Zhan's mouth, he knew that the red-eyed jade python in the Devil King's Grotto was the most terrifying exotic beast in terms of strength, but Han Three thousand looked at this little thing, he really couldn't see what was so special about it, it couldn't even eat a full meal after scraping its skin, but it could still be called Mang, could it be that the information from the apocalypse was wrong?


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