His True Colors Chapter 841-843


His True Colors Chapter 841

Seeing Tian Ling'er walk in towards him, Tian Chang Sheng was still quite good at judging the situation and quickly shouted to Han Qianqian, "Master, I'm so old, can you still bear to see me being tortured?"

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, this old geezer was still the same old prude, the head of the Heavenly Family, not having the dignity of an elder at all, much less the aplomb of a first-tier world master.

        "That's right, how can you not call someone when you meet your master." Han Qianli smiled.

        Tian Honghui on the side couldn't laugh or cry, although this scene seemed like a farce and bystanders would mistakenly think that Han Three Thousand was disrespectful, but this kind of treatment was not something that ordinary people could enjoy.

        Tian Honghui had once looked down on Han Qianli and didn't even think that Han Qianli could have much of a future in Cloud City, but now, even he was very glad that his family could have such a relationship with Han Qianli.

        One weight of master and disciple, one weight of brother and sister, these two relationships were the only way to secure the Tian family's position in Cloud City today.

        "Master, I heard that it was you who went to a faraway place this time, why did you return so soon?" Tianchang Sheng asked to Han Qianyan, the news to the outside world was just that Han Qianyan had left Cloud City, someone like Tianchang Sheng had no idea that Han Qianyan had gone to the apocalypse, let alone what kind of place the apocalypse was.

        "Haven't seen you for a while, your brain is getting worse and worse, I came back, what else could it be but because of Ying Xia." Han Giangli said.

        Tianchang Sheng nodded repeatedly and said, "How's the situation with your teacher's wife?"

        When it came to Su Yingxia's situation, Han Qianli's expression unconsciously became a bit more serious, as he was now unable to determine what would become of Su Yingxia.

        Originally, he should have stayed by Su Yingxia's side, but he was afraid that his excessive worry would affect the development of the situation, so he simply left the hillside villa.

        "I'm sure she'll get better," Han Giangli said.

        Seeing the change in Han Giangli's expression, Tian Ling'er followed suit and said, "Grandpa, what a nonsense question you have, of course my sister will get better."

        Knowing that he had misrepresented himself, Tianchang Sheng simply changed the subject and asked, "Are you still going to leave this time when you return?"

        "Go." Han Qianli said without thinking, "I'll leave as soon as Yingxia is well enough."

        The Second World had now become a great danger to Han Three Thousand's heart, and if this matter was not resolved as soon as possible, there was no way to guarantee the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian, so he wanted to go to the Second World as soon as possible more than anyone else, and even if the unknown of the Second World gave one the feeling of being deep in hell, Han Three Thousand did not fear it in the slightest.

        When faced with something that couldn't be chosen, facing it openly was the best option, as hesitation couldn't change the outcome.

        "I don't know if there's a sentence to be said or not," Tian Changsheng said.

        "Go ahead and say it, don't act like it." Han Marchiang said.

        "I always feel that you ...... "Tianchang Sheng's expression slowly became unkempt and continued, "You are carrying a great deal of responsibility, and for you, this matter may even involve the safety of Ying Xia and Nian Er ."

        Han Giangli's eyes glazed over, this old fox was truly clever, and with no knowledge of the apocalypse at all and without any basis, he was able to fathom this idea. This was definitely not something ordinary people could do.

        Han Giangli was very curious as to how he had guessed it.

        "Where's your basis?" Han Qianli asked curiously.

        Tianchang Sheng smiled faintly and said, "Nian'er is still young and growing at a rate of one day at a time, it's exactly the time when she needs you, her father, to accompany her, and you'd rather give up this company, isn't the matter serious enough?"

        Han Qianqiang has multiple feelings, Tianchang Sheng knows it very well, for three whole years of entering the Su family, he has endured humiliation and abuse, what is this for? Isn't it just for Su Yingxia?

        Such feelings were beyond what Tianchang Sheng could understand, after all, he was the youngest young master of the Yanjing Han family, so why would he need to be humiliated in the Su family with such a status?

        And now that Han Qianqiang's identity was exposed and he had forcefully overpowered the Tian family to become the number one person in Cloud City, he should have accompanied Su Yingxia and Han Nian at this time, but he still chose to leave, and if it didn't involve the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian, Tian Changsheng couldn't think of any reason why.

        "You're an old fox, you really are powerful enough." Han Giangli exclaimed, these traces weren't much of a clue at all, but it wasn't simple that Tian Changsheng could still figure them out.

        Tianchang Sheng shook his head and said, "It's not that I'm powerful enough, but I'm aware of the importance you place on Su Yingxia and Han Nian, perhaps you yourself can't even notice that in the eyes of others, these two are the only two people in your world that can be worthy of your leaving during this time, and there's no other possibility but to concern yourself with them."

        "Really?" Han Giang touched his nose, he himself hadn't noticed this, but he didn't expect Tianchang Sheng to see it so thoroughly.

        It wasn't just Tianchang Sheng who would think this way, but also people like Mo Yang who would think the same, being in the game, Han Giang might not be able to truly perceive how much importance he placed on Su Yingxia and Han Nian, but the others could see it clearly.

        In his world, there were only these two, which might be an exaggeration, but it definitely made sense.

        "If I say I'm going to save the world, do you believe me?" Han Qianli smiled.

        Tianchang Sheng frowned, the words save the world carried a little too much weight, but coming from Han Qianli's mouth, it didn't seem like a joke.

        "I believe." Tian Ling'er replied without even thinking about it, to her, the person in this world who deserved complete trust and didn't need the slightest doubt was Han Qianqian, so no matter what Han Qianqian said, she would always believe it.

        "So this matter should be very dangerous for you then?" Tenchansheng asked.

        "Nine deaths." Han Qianqian said calmly.

        Tian Ling'er tensed up and walked over to Han 3,000 and merely grabbed his arm, asking, "Brother, what are you going to do, why is it so dangerous! It's okay if you don't go."

        Han Giangli patted Tian Ling'er's shoulder and said, "I'm just joking, you're too serious, with my current position, is there anyone else who can threaten me?"

        Tian Ling'er was relatively simple-minded and based on her trust in Han Three Thousand, so she quickly got over it and directly punched Han Three Thousand, saying, "Brother, don't scare me anymore, I'm a coward, if I get a heart attack, you won't have such a good sister like me anymore."

        Tian Ling'er took Han Qianli's words as a joke, but Han Qianli's sudden change in attitude made Tian Changsheng become worried inside, because in his opinion, Han Qianli's words were true and definitely not a joke.

His True Colors Chapter 842

Han Qianqiang and Tian Changsheng played a game of chess that ended with Tian Changsheng's defeat.

        After Han Giangli left the Tian family villa, Tian Changsheng called Tian Honghui to his study.

        "Dad, do you have something to explain?" Tian Honghui asked.

        Tian Changsheng shook his head and said, "How do you feel about what Han Giang said before?"

        "Didn't he say it all, it was just a joke, saving the world, that's something only superheroes can do in movies, this is real life, not a movie." Tian Honghui said with a smile, looking at his attitude, it was clear that he wasn't taking this seriously.

        But for the average person, it was true that they couldn't believe Han Qianqian's words, how much weight did the words save the world carry, who would be able to do such a thing? Besides, it wasn't like a world war had broken out, so why did the world need saving.

        "You think he's joking, but feel that he's just using jokes to hide the truth." Tian Changsheng chimed in.

        Tian Honghui smiled helplessly, Han Qianqian casually said something, but Tian Changsheng was so upfront, it was a bit too exaggerated.

        Although Tian Hong Hui was aware of how much Tian Chang Sheng valued Han Three Thousand, and he admitted that Han Three Thousand was indeed amazing, but was there any need to be more serious about something that rose to such a level?

        "Dad, don't think too much about it, don't hurt yourself with one of his jokes," Tian Honghui advised.

        Tian Changsheng looked at Tian Honghui and couldn't help but roll his eyes and said, "I know you're forced to acknowledge Han Qianli's excellence because the truth is in front of you and you have to believe it, but you still have a barrier in your heart towards Han Qianli, but what do you think could make Han Qianli leave Cloud City at a time like this?"

        Tian Honghui didn't argue, in his heart, he did indeed still have some dissatisfaction with Han Qianli, this dissatisfaction probably came from jealousy, from the last bit of struggle in his heart, after all, he didn't look favorably on Han Qianli in the past, which showed that there was something very wrong with his vision.

        "Dad, it's better if you don't think too much, if something will really happen, we'll know sooner or later, it's useless to speculate wildly now," Tian Honghui said.

        Tian Changsheng sighed, the power of human curiosity was very strong, and he even wanted to investigate this matter, but unfortunately the energy of the Tian family was only in Cloud City, and it was very hard for the Tian family to investigate what happened outside of Cloud City.

        "If this world is so different, I hope I can see it before I die." Tian Changsheng said.

        After leaving the Celestial Family, Han Qianxiang didn't rush back to the hillside villa, but instead skirted the streets and alleys of Cloud City with no particular purpose in mind, just to see the familiar city.

        The next oldest had already informed him of the dangers of the Second World, and Han Three Thousand himself was clear that this was a journey of nine lives, and the reason he was insistent on going was that he had to go because he was carrying the safety of Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        Han Three Thousand's current mood was like saying goodbye to the familiar city of Cloud City, in case he didn't have the chance to come back, he would still be able to reminisce before he died.

        Arriving at Mo Yang's former kiosk, Han Three Thousand unconsciously lit a cigarette.

        Thinking that when he first arrived at the Su family, Han Three Thousand would look at Su Yingxia's back every day, there were too many Han Three Thousand's curses in Cloud City during this time, but Han Three Thousand felt that he was living a peaceful and happy life, and the outside world's opinion of him would not affect Han Three Thousand's mood of transporting Su Yingxia to and from work at all.

        A cigarette finished, Han three thousand just threw away the cigarette butt, then listened to a familiar woman's voice from the side: "It's a fine to throw cigarette butts everywhere, it's everyone's responsibility to take care of city hygiene."

        Han Qianli was startled as the woman approached her, then picked up the cigarette butt and threw it back into a nearby trash can.

        "What's wrong, didn't think I'd come back?" Chi Yi Yun once again walked up to Han Giang and looked straight into Han Giang's eyes.

        "Indeed I didn't expect it, when did you come back?" Han Qianli wondered, to be able to see Qi Yi Yun in Cloud City, this was something Han Qianli never expected, and she was able to appear here, perhaps she had been tracking herself for some time, Han Qianli didn't even notice this, it seemed that just now he was too involved in remembering the past, if anyone were to kill him at this time, Han Qianli wouldn't have a chance to resist at all.

        Chi Yi Yun didn't say anything, but jumped right into Han 3,000's arms.

        "Don't move, let me lean on you." Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Giangli stood like a stake in the ground, and they could almost feel each other's heartbeats.

        It was so still for up to five minutes before Qi Yiyun released Han Qianqian.

        Only then did Qi Yiyun, whose eyes were clearly a little moist, say to Han Qianqian, "I actually went back to Cloud City a long time ago, I wanted to go see her, but I didn't know how I should face her."

        The so-called her in Qi Yiyun's mouth was naturally Su Yingxia.

        Her return to Cloud City was probably also the reason why Su Yingxia was sick, after all, Nangong Boling mobilized major famous doctors all over the world, such a big battle, Chi Yi Yun could know without any deliberate investigation.

        "Why?" Han 3000 said knowingly.

        "I betrayed our love for our best friend, I even fell in love with her husband, do you think I can still be honest with her?" Chi Yiyun bit her lips and said.

        Such a straightforward performance, Han Giang had experienced it countless times with Chi Yi Yun, and Chi Yi Yun never hid her feelings in front of him.

        But every time Han Giangli refused, it was also very painful, and this time would be no exception.

        "Since you know you were wrong, there's still a chance to turn back now," Han Three Thousand said.

        Chi Yiyun's tears instantly came to her eyes, shaking her head like a rattle drum and said, "I don't want to turn back, why should I, I just like you, can't control it, how do you want me to turn back."

        Han Giangli took a deep breath, then heaved it out and said, "Don't best friend feelings matter anymore?"

        "Important." Qi Yiyun said without hesitation, in her heart, liking the girlfriendship between Han Qianqian and Su Yingxia was equally important, it was just that the two feelings were not able to coexist, and that was what caused her the most pain.

        This time back in Cloud City, Qi Yiyun had been struggling for a long time, she had originally planned to give up on going back to Mi, but then she heard that Han Qianqian had returned to Cloud City, so this was why she didn't leave directly.

        To Chi Yi Yun, she had already made up her mind which of the two feelings was more important, but it was a pity that she couldn't get anything back from Han Qianqian for her choice.

        "I've told you countless times that it's impossible between me and you." Han Qianqian had lost count of how many times she had said such words herself.

His True Colors Chapter 843

This kind of rejection was also customary for Qi Yi Yun, but this time her reaction was completely different.

        Wiping away the tears on her cheeks, Qi Yiyun's expression slowly became firm as she asked Han Qianqian, "What if Ying Xia agrees?"

        Han Qianli was shocked, how could Su Yingxia agree to such a thing.

        Although once Su Yingxia had joked about finding a polygamous country to settle in, in Han 3000's opinion, this was just a trap for Su Yingxia, and Han 3000 didn't fall for it.

        How could a woman be willing to share her husband with another woman?

        Switching stances to think about it, it's categorically impossible for Han Giang to share Su Yingxia with another man.

        But the fact that Qi Yi Yun suddenly said such words meant that she must have some sort of plan.

        "What do you want?" Han Qianqiang was wary of Chi Yi Yun, he didn't want her to mess up.

        Chi Yiyun shook her head and said, "Don't be afraid, I'm just talking, I don't want to do anything."

        "Chi Yi Yun, I'm warning you, don't mess around." Han Giangli said seriously.

        Qi Yiyun's heart ached, she had given all her feelings to Han Qianqian, but Han Qianqian didn't feel anything for her, this was undoubtedly a blow to a woman that the sky was falling.

        But Chi Yi Yun was a person who wouldn't give up lightly.

        "I'm already satisfied to see you for a moment." After saying that, Qi Yiyun turned around and walked away.

        Looking at Chi Yi Yun's back as she walked away, Han Qianli exhaled a cloudy breath.

        For this woman, he was still soft sometimes, after all, it was very hard for a woman to do this for him.

        Thinking back to the time when Han三千 was in danger of life and death in the rice country, Qi Yiyun also did not hesitate to stand by his side, completely disregarding the serious consequences it might bring to the Qi family.

        Unfortunately, this love was truly unbearable for Han Third Thousand, and he wouldn't do anything to wrong Su Yingxia.

        "I'm sorry, but if there's reincarnation, I'll use my next life to make it up to you." Han Three Thousand said faintly.

        After being disturbed by Qi Yiyun, Han Three Thousand also didn't feel like continuing to shop, and took a taxi how to get to the hillside villa.

        After getting into the car, Han 3,000 yuan reported the destination, and the driver uncle was stunned.

        What's the situation in the villa area of Cloud Peak Mountain now, all the people of Cloud City knew that those big families were now in a situation where they couldn't return home, and this young man actually took a taxi to the villa area.

        Could it be that he was an outsider and didn't even know about the situation in the Genting Mountain villa area?

        Out of kindness, the driver uncle reminded Han Qianqian, "Young man, what are you doing in Genting Mountain villa area? You probably don't know what's going on there."

        "Uncle, I'm going home." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Your house is in the villa area, didn't your family tell you that you can't go back there lately?" The chauffeur uncle was confused.

        "Uncle, I'm staying at the hillside villa, so feel free to drive me there," Han Marchiang said.

        Hillside villa!

        Even a three-year-old in Cloud City knew whose house it was.

        The driver's uncle tensed up for a moment.

        Although he hadn't met a big man like Han Qianqian, he knew that Han Qianqian was very young and should be around the same age as the passenger in front of him at the moment.

        If he was living in the hillside villa, wouldn't he be Han Three Thousand's original self?

        The driver uncle's mouth was so dry that he even forgot how to put it in gear, shaking his hands, at a loss for words.

        Seeing this situation, Han Qianli helplessly smiled, it is obvious that the driver uncle has guessed his identity, but his behavior is too exaggerated, he is not a beast, so is it so scary?

        "Uncle, it's almost time to go, I have some urgent business to return to." Han Giangli said.

        "Oh, good, good, good, this is going, this is going." The chauffeur uncle stammered.

        On the way back to the Genting Mountain villa area, the driver uncle kept using the rearview mirror to quietly check on Han Marchant, this was the most powerful big shot in Cloud City, to be able to take a glance at him was a glance, and there would be no such opportunity in the future.

        Finally, he arrived in front of the gate of Genting Mountain villa area, and saw the blocked gate, the driver uncle finally knew what the situation was.

        After all, the Genting Mountain Villa Area was inhabited by various rich families, and even the former Heavenly Family would not dare to block those people from going home.

        "How much is it?" Han Giangli asked.

        "No, no, it's my honor to drive you," The driver's uncle said quickly.

        Han Three Thousand wasn't a master who lacked money, and the driver made his living from this, so of course he wouldn't sit for free, but Han Three Thousand, who had pulled out his trouser bag, suddenly realized that he didn't have any money on him, which made him a little embarrassed.

        "Uncle, do you have children in your family?" Han 3000 asked.

        "There's an indisputable son, he's almost twenty this year." The driver uncle didn't understand why Han Qianqian would ask this, but since he had asked, he definitely had to answer honestly, there was no need to hide anything in front of such a big man.

        "Just out of society, since that's the case, you tell him to report to Weakwater Real Estate tomorrow, and tell him that Han Qianli arranged it, I believe he can get a good job at Weakwater Real Estate." Han Marchiang said, pushing open the car door and stepping out of the car.

        The driver's uncle was stunned for a long time, his startled expression slow to return.

        Weak Water Real Estate, which was Han Three Thousand's company, was also the most powerful company in Cloud City right now, countless people wanted to cut their heads to get into this company to work without being able to get a job, and now his son had been given such a great opportunity.

        After the driver's uncle came back to his senses, he walked off the car in a panic, and even though Han Qianli had already entered the villa area and walked away, he was still kneeling on the ground in excitement.

        "Thank you, Mr. Han, thank you Mr. Han, I'll make sure my son works well for you."

        "Three thousand, what's going on, why is that driver kneeling down?" Mo Yang, who was traveling with Han Qianqian, saw this situation and asked, puzzled.

        "I forgot to bring money, he just happens to have a son, I asked his son to report to Weakwater Real Estate tomorrow, you help me remind Tang Long." Han Marchiang said.

        Mo Yang laughed, no wonder that driver was so excited, being appointed by Han Qianqian himself, it meant that his son was already flying high in Cloud City, if he had a little more ability, it would never be difficult to become a Cloud City celebrity in the future.

        "That's fate, some people can only live hard throughout their lives, while some people are lucky enough to carry big names, and their fate changes in an instant." Mo Yang smiled.

        "Mo Yang, are you ridiculing me, have you gotten itchy skin lately?" Han Three Thousand Thousand said in a cold voice.

        Mo Yang jumped straight out three meters away, looked at Han 3,000 with a wary face and said, "3,000, I'm just joking, just joking, don't take it seriously."


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