His True Colors Chapter 821-823


His True Colors Chapter 821

It's already dead!

        These four words were like thunderbolts in Su Yehan's head.

        In panic, Su Yehan kept kowtowing to Tian Ling'er, trying to defuse his mistake by doing so.

        "Tian Ling'er, I know I was wrong, I will never dare to do it again, please give me this chance again."

        "Opportunity?" Tian Ling'er laughed coldly and said, "You've done all the bad things, if I were Han Qianqian, I would have killed you long ago, he has given you so many chances, how many, but do you know how to cherish it, people like you, the only way is to die."

        Chen Yi on the side was chilled in his heart, the more he became aware of the other side of Tian Ling'er, the more he felt that his battering speech just now was too reckless and stupid, but unfortunately it was too late to regret it now, where was the chance to take back what he had said.

        Not long after, Mo Yang personally arrived at Chen Yi's house, when he saw Su Yeh Han's swollen cheeks, he didn't have the slightest sympathy, because he now also hated this woman very much, smearing Su Ying Xia, and even the infant Han Nian was affected by this, this was something he absolutely would not allow to happen.

        "How's the hand?" Mo Yang asked to Tian Ling'er.

        Tian Ling'er raised her hand, looked at it calmly and said, "It's fine, it's just a little swollen, it's not a problem."

        "I've taken the person with me, do you want to go?" Mo Yang continued to ask.

        "Of course." Tian Ling'er said without hesitation, she hadn't let go of her anger on this matter yet, so how was she willing to let go.

        Mo Yang nodded his head and gave Lin Yong a look.

        Lin Yong walked over to Su Yehan and said condescendingly, "Get up, you can't live with your own sins, when you did this, you should have thought of what would happen today."

        Su Yehan had been scared liver and gall bladder, her legs were weak, which still had the strength to stand up.

        When Lin Yong saw this, he grabbed Su Yehan's clothes with one hand and dragged her out towards the room.

        Before Tian Ling'er left, she said to Chen Yi, "Although what you said just now made me very upset, I'll give you what I promised you."

        Chen Yi looked at Tian Ling'er's departing back and heaved out a heavy sigh of bad luck, repenting.

        After everyone left, Chen Yi's parents also showed up, in their opinion, Chen Yi should have done a perfect job on this matter, after all, even the two of them, Tian Ling'er and Mo Yang, had appeared.

        However, when they saw Chen Yi in the living room, they noticed that something didn't seem quite right with his face.

        "Son, what's wrong, aren't things done quite beautifully, why aren't you happy at all?" Chen Yi's mother came to the side and asked.

        Chen Yi smiled bitterly, it was indeed well done, if it wasn't for his nosy remark, the result should have been ideal, but it was a pity that he was so eager to express himself that he had gotten himself into trouble instead.

        "Mom, I did a stupid thing." Chen Yi said with a sigh.

        As soon as Chen Yi's father heard this, he tensed up, not to mention whether there was still a project in the city village or not, if Chen Yi did something out of the ordinary and provoked Tian Ling'er or Mo Yang, the Chen family would be finished!

        "What have you done!" Chen Yi's father couldn't wait to ask.

        Chen Yi told the two of them about the extravagant act just now, and Chen Yi's father looked very surprised after hearing it.

        Tian Ling'er's image to the outside world had always been that of a do-nothing princess who enjoyed Tian Chang Sheng's favor to be able to run rampant in Cloud City, but I didn't expect Tian Ling'er to have such a thoughtful side to her.

        Moreover, her knock on Chen Yi was clearly to make Chen Yi distinguish the difference in status between the two.

        Even though they were friends, their status could not be ignored, and this was what Tian Ling'er wanted to express.

        "For so many years, the Heavenly Family has been without a male descendant, and in everyone's opinion, the prosperity of the Heavenly Family would be destroyed by the youth, but now, it seems that this Tian Ling'er is qualified enough to support the Heavenly Family ah." Chen Yi's father said with a sigh on his face.

        "Dad, what should I do now?" Chen Yi inquired, he was especially confused right now as the Tian Ling'er that appeared before him today was completely different from the previous Tian Ling'er, so he was confused as to how he should get along with her.

        "From now on, you can't treat her as a friend, but as a superior, which is the best thing for you to do now." Chen Yi's father said.

        "En, I remember." Chen Yi nodded his head.

        The basement of a certain manor was dark and damp, and after Su Haichao was caught here, a severe beating, he was now lying on the ground like a dead dog.

        He still didn't understand what was going on, how could Mo Yang suddenly come to his home to arrest him and bring him to such a place.

        Although the smear Su Yingxia this thing was his doing, but he asked himself did not reveal any flaw, the source also left Yun City, how could Mo Yang still find out?

        But other than this matter, Su Hachao and can't think of what else Mo Yang could have arrested him for.

        Could it be that Su Yehan leaked the rumor?

        Su Haichao thought of this, but also thought that it was unlikely, Su Yeh Han should know the severity of the matter, and he had also reminded that he should never show his foot, Su Yeh Han would not be able to tell others about this matter.

        At this time, there were footsteps approaching, and Su Haichao shivered in fear.

        After the footsteps entered the basement, the lights in the basement turned on, and the white light illuminated all the darkness.

        Su Haichao lifted his head with great effort, and when he saw Su Yehan, whose cheeks were swollen, a sense of foreboding arose within him.

        He and Su Yehan were both arrested at the same time, and if it wasn't for slandering Su Yingxia, what else could it be?

        "Mo Yang, what are you arresting me for?" Su Haichao asked Mo Yang without giving up.

        Before Mo Yang opened his mouth, Tian Ling'er walked towards Su Haichao.

        A little girl should not have been intimidating, but the killing intent in Tian Ling'er's eyes at this moment made Su Haichao's head and feet feel cold.

        "Tian Ling'er, what do you want, don't come over." Su Haichao said in fear.

        However, his words did not make Tian Ling'er stop in her tracks.

        At this time, Mo Yang, who was behind Tian Ling'er, suddenly said, "There is a stick next to you, don't hurt your hand."

        When Tian Ling'er heard this, she manipulated the wooden stick and struck directly at Su Hachao's head.

        Although the little girl's strength wasn't great, but a full-force blow and still hitting the head, it was a bad taste.

        Su Haichao cried out in pain and rolled around on the ground.

        After hitting a stick, Tian Ling'er did not relieve herself and raised her stick again to strike down in the air.

        This hit Su Hachao's knee, it is estimated that the bones are cracked, the heart-rending screams echoed in the basement.

        Su Yehan was trembling in fear, she was now in the middle of endless regret, but unfortunately it was too late now, it was already useless.

        "You, what right do you have to hit me." Su Haichao roared at Tian Ling'er.

His True Colors Chapter 822

Tian Ling'er didn't answer Su Hai Chao's question because she was simply not in the mood right now, and swung another stick to hit Su Hai Chao.

        Su Haichao screamed incessantly, and Mo Yang didn't make a move to stop her, because he also knew how angry Tian Ling'er was about this matter, and if she didn't let this princess vent her anger properly, how would she be able to get out of her heart?

        And with Mo Yang's status, he wasn't qualified to stop Tian Ling'er, after all, Tian Ling'er was Han Qianqian's sister, it was only natural that her sister would go out for her brother, and he, as the underling, would just watch from the sidelines.

        "Ling'er, if you're tired of fighting, there are still plenty of underlings here for you to drive around." Mo Yang said to Tian Ling'er.

        Tian Ling'er was indeed a bit tired, after all, she didn't exercise much and couldn't keep up physically.

        After throwing away the stick, Tian Ling'er walked over to Su Hai Chao, stomped on his face and said, "Don't you want to know what's going on, listen well, I want you to die a clear death."

        Taking out Chen Yi's phone, Tian Ling'er played out the recording.

        This was actual evidence, and it was also revealed by Su Yehan herself.

        Su Haichao felt desperate all of a sudden, with such evidence in Tianlinger's hands, would he still have a way to live?

        "Su Yihan, what the f**k did you do!" Su Hai Chao unwillingly yelled at Su Yeh Han.

        Su Yeh Han fell into the tender land, and with hindsight, how could she take responsibility on her own now that it had come to this.

        "If it wasn't because of you, could I have done such a thing, you harmed me, and you even came to question me." Su Yehan said.

        On the matter of Su Yingxia's illness, Su Hachao had put forward his own ideas, and it was actually Su Yehan who had suggested the real desire to smear Su Yingxia, but now in this situation, Su Yehan could only dump the blame on Su Hachao, hoping to get her own life back in return.

        But how could Su Haichao accept such a big mouthful of black pot on his head, when he immediately retorted, "Su Yehan, you dog can be really poisonous, obviously you are the one who suggested spreading rumors, but now you come to blame me, don't forget, this is what you want to do."

        "Bullsh*t, how could it be me, it was you who didn't like the way Han 3000 was looking at you, it was you who were not satisfied that Han 3000's status was now higher than yours, that's why you slandered Su Yingxia, so that everyone in Cloud City would know that she brought a cuckold to Han 3000, didn't you say that you still wanted to see Han 3000's jokes?" Su Yehan bites back, the ability to make up stories on the spot is out of this world.

        Su Haichao laughed, now the east window, Su Yehan threw all the dirty water on him, trying to use this to shirk responsibility, this is just a joke.

        The matter has come to this point, no matter how much the two of them argue, it will not change the outcome, does it matter whose responsibility it is?

        They had spread rumors and slandered Su Yingxia, which was not something that could be excused by any excuse.

        "Su Ye-han, do you think they'll leave us alone if you say that?" Su Haichao said.

        "Mo Yang, this matter has nothing to do with me, I'm just an informed lover, I didn't do anything, the person who spread the rumor was the one who found it and the idea was his." Su Yehan said urgently to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang looked at Tian Ling'er, he no longer had the right to dispose of this matter now, it all depended on Tian Ling'er's attitude.

        Because the current Tian Ling'er was like Han Qianqian personally present, her decision was in a way a pity to replace Han Qianqian.

        "Ling'er, what are you going to do with them." Mo Yang asked to Tian Ling'er.

        "My brother isn't here, so I'll be the one to decide this matter for him, after all, it's not only my sister who's implicated this time, there's also Han Nian, and I don't think he'll allow this to happen." Su Yingxia cuckolded Han 3000, this matter had now progressed to the issue of whether or not Han Nian was Han 3000's biological child, leading to such serious consequences, in Tian Ling'er's opinion, Han 3000's softness should also be exhausted.

        After a moment of silence, Tian Ling'er said, "I don't want to see them again in the future, so the best way is to let them evaporate from the earth."

        "I'll do it." Mo Yang said.

        Su Yeh Han and Su Hai Chao were completely desperate, and no matter how Su Yeh Han knelt down to apologize, Tian Ling'er's decision didn't waver in the slightest.

        As Tian Ling'er said, these two should not have been alive long ago, so how could she be soft now.

        "I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, Tian Ling'er, Mo Yang, please, give me another chance." The fear inside as well as the endless regret drove Su Hachao to constantly kowtow and apologize.

        Until this moment, Su Hachao finally knew how stupid it was to go against Han 3,000, Han 3,000 had let him off time and time again, it wasn't that he didn't dare to do anything to him, it was just that he didn't care to do it.

        Han Three Thousand Year's power, long ago was not something that a mole like himself could shake.

        It was a pity that Su Haichao realized this too late, and he would not be forgiven for what he had done this time, even if Han 3000 was in Cloud City.

        Su Yingxia, Han Nian!

        These two women are Han Qianqian's greatest treasures, the flesh of his heart, how could Han Qianqian allow them to be hurt!

        Tian Ling'er left the basement without any compassion in her eyes, this was the first time in her life that she had been so close to such a thing, and she had personally ordered it, but Tian Ling'er had not softened in the slightest, which increasingly reflected that the future of the Heavenly Family could be controlled in her hands.

        The embryonic form of a strong woman had gradually manifested itself on Tian Ling'er's body.

        "Brother, if you dare to blame me, I'll have to have my sister pull your ears off." Tian Ling'er pursed her lips and said with a wistful face.

        Back at the Tian family, Tianchang Sheng didn't ask about the final outcome of the matter, but he could probably guess it, because this time around, Tian Ling'er's temperament had become significantly different.

        This girl was the one Tian Changsheng had grown up watching, and he could feel half a change in Tian Ling'er.

        "Grandpa, I'm going back to my room to rest first." Tian Ling'er said.

        Tian Changsheng smiled and nodded, telling Tian Ling'er to be careful not to catch a cold.

        "Dad, Ling'er seems to be a little different." Tian Honghui said to Tian Changsheng.

        "It's different, I can trust the future of the Tian family to Ling'er with ease." Tian Changsheng smiled.

        Tian Honghui was stunned, regarding the future of the Heavenly Family, he knew that Tian Chang Sheng had actually been looking for a husband for Tian Ling'er, and the former Han Qianqian was the one who was valued by Tian Chang Sheng, but unfortunately Han Qianqian had already started a family, which made Tian Chang Sheng give up the idea.

        But in Tian Honghui's opinion, it was still a bit inappropriate to leave the Heavenly Family in the hands of a girl, and he also didn't want Tian Ling'er to get involved in too much right and wrong and see too much of the darkness of society.

        "Dad, if you do this, can Ling'er bear it?" Tian Honghui was worried.

        Tian Changsheng looked at his son with disdain and said, "I'm sure she'll do a better job than you, worrying about her is better than worrying about yourself."

        Tian Honghui lowered his head with an embarrassed face, not daring to speak again.

His True Colors Chapter 823


        The Four Gates Domain.

        Ever since the great commotion erupted in the Demon King's Grotto, everyone had already decided that Han Qianxiang was dead, and while this matter was regrettable, the dead had no nostalgic value to many, so gradually, the heat of Han Qianxiang's discussion died down.

        However, the next oldest had been nagged by this matter because he had put too much hope on Han 3,000, and now this was a consequence that the next oldest didn't want to see, and even more so, it was somewhat unacceptable to him.

        Originally, the second oldest still had hope, but as time slowly passed and a few days passed, he was completely desperate, as he knew very well that no one could survive with the Demon King's Cave being busy fighting against those creatures.

        The remaining hope turned into despair, and for a time, the old man became confused.

        He had originally planned to hand over the Four Gates to Han Qianqian after he was promoted to the Heavenly Level and he went to the Second World to take a look, but now, there was no one among the Four Gates who could take over the heavy responsibility, and the plan fell through, and the next old man didn't know what he should do.

        "Second Elder, these days you don't eat or drink, how can you go on like this, you can't come back to life after death, you can't stay decrepit like this." The assistant advised the next old man, he knew that it was hard for the next old man to accept Han Qianxiang's death, but it was a foregone conclusion, even if he couldn't accept it, he had to face reality.

        "Where's Lin Tong?" The next old man spoke up and asked.

        "He should have gone to the yellow level, he's been going to He Xiaoxiao a lot since He Xiaoxiao was relegated to the yellow level." The assistant said.

        The next oldest sighed, he had never thought of handing over the Four Gates to Lin Tong, this pride of heaven's fame was completely touted by people within the apocalypse, how could someone who didn't even dare to take part in the Demon King's Grotto test be worthy of the four words pride of heaven.

        Moreover, now that Lin Tong had already felt betrayal towards the Four Gates, it was even more impossible for the next oldest to do so.

        But he was faced with a very tedious problem again, the turmoil in the Second World made him have to go to the Second World to see what it was like, he had to know what kind of place the Second World was, only then, he might be able to find a solution to the Second World.

        "Lin Tong betrayed the four gates, and there is even no one available in the four gates, who do you think I can give the position of Gate Master to?" The next oldest asked the assistant.

        "Elder Next Elder, I don't think it's suitable for anyone but you." The assistant said without hesitation, this was a very realistic question, among the four gates, who had a better reputation than the next oldest? And even if he didn't focus on prestige, in terms of strength, no one would be suitable at the moment.

        It had to be said that Han Third Thousand was indeed the best choice, he had broken all of Apocalypse's previous records and promoted to the Earth Level as fast as he could, which completely crushed Lin Tong, and I'm afraid no one would even be able to do that in the future, but unfortunately he had some bad luck and fell in the Demon King's Grotto.

        "Are we going to sit around and wait to die forever? With Apocalypse's current strength, it would be impossible to resist if the Second World were to strike again, and I would have to go to the Second World to do so." The second old man said through gritted teeth.

        The assistant sighed inwardly, it was true that Apocalypse had no way to resist the Second World, this was an obvious problem, but he also didn't think that Next Old's solution could really solve this crisis, after all, among the history of Apocalypse, there were not many people who had gone deep into the Second World, they had gone without returning and must have already died in the Second World, and among these people, there were many who were no less skilled than Next Old.

        "Next Old Man, when soldiers come and go, they all have their destiny, so why do you need to be stubborn." The assistant said.

        "But I don't want to see the apocalypse destroyed in my hands." The next old man clenched his fist fiercely, his look filled with reluctance.

        The assistant sighed, this was an ending no one wanted to see, but what could be done, the apocalypse was no longer the apocalypse of old, and it was impossible for anyone to make the apocalypse stronger in a short period of time.

        Ultimately, it was still Han Qianqiang's bad luck, if he hadn't died in the Demon King's Grotto, perhaps the apocalypse wouldn't be in the current situation.

        Yellow Character Domain.

        Ever since He Xiaoxiao had been relegated to this place, Lin Tong had become a frequent visitor to the Yellow Character Level, and his admiration for He Xiaoxiao, though hidden deep, had been gradually revealed in recent times.

        And He Xiaoxiang could also feel this, but in He Xiaoxiang's eyes, Lin Tong, the pride of the heavens was still nothing, even though she was only the lowest ranking Yellow Character member now, she was still He Qingfeng's daughter after all, and the pride in her heart had never diminished.

        "Lin Tong, I know what you're thinking, even though I've been relegated to the yellow-letter level now, I'm still the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples, so I advise you that it's best to put away your ill-gotten feelings." He Xiaoxiao said disdainfully to Lintong.

        "Do you think you'll be able to go back?" Rintori faded.

        "Hmph." He Xiaoxiao snorted coldly and said, "My father is just scaring me and trying to teach me a lesson, in a short while, he will naturally take me back himself."

        Lintong appeared rather helpless and shook her head, He Xiaoxiao's self-righteousness was really ridiculous, now that the entire Apocalypse was staring at this matter, the mistake that He Xiaoxiao had made was by no means something that she could pretend that nothing had happened after she came to stay at the Yellow Letter level for a few days.

        The Heavenly Apocalypse was a place where strength was paramount, and anyone who wanted to advance their position had to show matching strength.

        The rules of the Heavenly Apocalypse could not be disobeyed even by the Gate Master.

        The reason why He Xiaoxiao had been able to live in the Three Temples for so many years was all because no one had deliberately mentioned this matter, but now that she had been relegated to the yellow level, even He Qingfeng would not dare to take her away easily.

        Unless, she could prove herself with her strength and win the grading competition, otherwise, it would be impossible for her to return to the Third Hall for the rest of her life.

        It was a pity that this lady, who didn't seem to realize this, ridiculously thought that He Qingfeng was only punishing her and would come to take her back personally.

        "He Qishao, the only one who can help you return to the Third Hall is me." Lintong said.

        "Cut." He Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Tong with contempt and mockery in her eyes and said, "Lin Tong, who do you think you are and how could I need you to take me back, father will come to pick me up himself."

        "He unrestrained, the rules of the apocalypse, even your father wouldn't dare to disobey them, how about we make a bet that He Qingfeng will never let you go back to the three halls unless you can win among the grading tournament." Lin Tong said.

        "You're full of sh*t, how could father treat me like this." He Xiaoxiao broke into a curse, if he really wanted to return to the Third Hall with his strength, it would be almost a lifetime impossible for He Xiaoxiao to do so.


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