His True Colors Chapter 801-803


His True Colors Chapter 801

The crowd was anxious, and another large group of doctors turned back the way they came, back to the mountainside villa, an all-encompassing examination of Su Yingxia's body, but the results were still nothing, a large group of doctors helplessly shook their heads, there was no way to do anything about it.

        An annoyed Han Tian Yang drove everyone out of the villa, no matter what famous doctor, no matter how high in Yun City, a cursing, no one dared to raise his head to refute, can only bow his head to bear.

        Nangong Boling also began to urge the world's famous doctors to hurry to Yun City as soon as possible, anyone who dared to put up a fight, none of them were held by a knife to the neck, it can be said that Su Yingxia's sudden change, implicated the entire world's medical community, and Nangong Boling, also no longer concealed the energy of the Nangong family, the means are strong, and if you do not obey the orders of the Nangong family, there is only one end, and that is death!

        Han Qianqian, who was in the Devil King's Cave, didn't know about this, but he also encountered a strange phenomenon, the little snake seemed to stick to him, wherever he went, the little white snake would follow him.

        "Brother Three Thousand, why is it so strange, why did we encounter nothing, but along the road, there are still corpses there, what did they die of?" Jiang Ying Ying was puzzled.

        Han Giang shook his head, he was also pondering this question, but so far, there was no idea at all.

        Since people were here, it meant that they must have encountered some sort of crisis, but they were now getting closer and closer to Fang Zhan's so-called exit, but the danger was getting farther and farther away from them.

        "I also feel a little strange, is there only a gorilla creature in here, but why would it escape." Han Giangli wondered.

        At that moment, the little white snake suddenly blocked in front of Han Giang, it seemed to understand Han Giang's words and displayed its presence in front of Han Giang.

        Han three thousand kicks it away and says disdainfully, "It's already a miracle that a little thing like you didn't die, what's there to show off in front of me."

        The little white snake hung on the wall, its eyes revealing an unexplainable sense of aggravation.

        Without a second glance, Han Qianli said to Jiang Yingying, "No matter what, as long as we can get out of here it's a good thing, as for the reason they died here, it has nothing to do with us."

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded, although she was used to the stench of the Demon King's Cave, she was still looking forward to leaving as soon as possible and said, "Brother 3000, let's get going then."

        The two of them quickened their pace, but not long after, there was movement in front of them, and the rumbling sound from the collision of rocks and mountains, it was clear that this would be the third creature that the two of them met in the Demon King's Grotto, Han 3,000.

        "Brother Three Thousand, it looks like we're overthinking it, it's not that simple to leave." Jiang Ying Ying said with a stern face.

        Han Three Thousand had expected this, he didn't think he was so lucky to be able to leave so easily after coming to the Devil King's Cave.

        "It's time to take another long look, so back off first." Han Qianli said to Jiang Ying Ying.

        Not long after, a giant winged lizard crawled in front of the two, spitting fishy red letters to demonstrate against the two, emitting a strong stench all over its body, as if it had seen something delicious and its mouth was running with saliva.

        "It looks like we've been treated as food," Han Giangli said to Jiang Yingying.

        Jiang Ying Ying could also see its desire and couldn't even muster the slightest thought of resistance against this terrifying creature.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what should we do." Jiang Ying Ying asked.

        What to do?

        This question could test Han Qianqian, who now finally understood why Fang Zhan would say that no matter what he encountered, let him not fight it head-on and just run.

        How could this kind of thing be defeated by human power?

        But the giant lizards were blocking the way, so where could he run to?

        "To get out of the Demon King's Grotto alive, it's not strength that counts, but luck." Han Giangli sighed, even though he had promoted to the Heavenly Apocalypse Earth Level as fast as he could, so what? In front of an opponent who was not at all on the same level, there was no choice but to wait for death.

        "Can we turn back?" Ginger Ying Ying asked.

        "There's no telling what we'll encounter if we turn back, and there's no food or drink here, so if we continue to consume, we'll run out of energy and die." Han 3,000 knew that there was no turning back, the only option was to fight the giant lizard head on, and maybe with luck, he could still have a chance to live.

        Now his hope could only be pinned on the power in his body, and if he could explode with even more power, he might be able to escape death.

        Han Three Thousand thought of Su Yingxia and Han Nian at this point, he couldn't die, he couldn't die in the Demon King's Grotto no matter what.

        "Brother Three Thousand, you ...... your head." At this time, Jiang Ying Ying looked at Han 3000 in horror, and his head emitted a faint light.

        At this moment, no one noticed that the little white snake on the side was excited, its red eyes jumping with unconcealed excitement.

        "You back off." Han Giangli said to Jiang Yingying in a deep voice.

        Jiang Yingying subconsciously took a few steps back, and at this moment she felt Han Three Thousand suddenly become strange and unusual, making her a little afraid.

        The little white snake also retreated some distance, but the surface of the snake's body was covered with a thin layer of scales, as if it had mutated.

        After Han Three Thousand entered the Devil King's Cave, all of Apocalypse's focus was on the Devil King's Cave, and aside from wondering if Han Three Thousand could come out of the Devil King's Cave alive, there was also He Xiaoxiang who was constantly cursing Han Three Thousand's death.

        She wished for Han Three thousand to die in the Demon King's Cave, only then would she be able to get back her dignity as a princess.

        At this moment, the Demon King's Grotto suddenly shook with earthquakes, and it wasn't an earthquake, but a movement emanating from within the Demon King's Grotto.

        The Fourth Gate's next oldest face changed dramatically and quickly rushed towards the Demon King's Grotto.

        Third Hall He Qingfeng was studying the booklet that Han Qianli had brought out from the stone hut, and sensing the movement in the Devil King's Cave, he also quickly put it away.

        They met at the exit of the Demon King's Grotto, all of them looking pensive.

        "How could there be such a big movement!" He Qingfeng asked the next old man in a deep voice.

        The next old man gritted his teeth, the thing he feared the most seemed to have happened.

        The so-called tests in the Devil King's Cave were not something that could be passed with strength, and once a head-on clash erupted with the creatures inside, it was bound to be a dead end.

        And the commotion just now was clearly the result of a conflict.

        "It looks like Han Qianxiang has already died inside." He Xiaoxiang appeared with a cold face and a pained smile.

        Finally dead, she would no longer have to worry about seeing Han Three Thousand and thinking back to her humiliation.

His True Colors Chapter 802

He Xiaoxiao's appearance made the next old man look frosty, and He Qingfeng's expression was a bit frightened as a result.

        He Qingfeng knew that in her heart, He Xiaoxiang very much wished for Han Third Thousand to die, but she should never fall on her sword at a time like this.

        Han 3,000 was the second oldest disciple, and this time Han 3,000's entry into the Demon King's Cave was crucial to the entire Apocalypse.

        No one had been able to pass the Demon King's Cave test in ten years, which had caused many people to fear the Demon King's Cave internally, and if Han Three Thousand was able to pass the test, he would definitely restore some confidence in the others.

        Now that even Han Qianxiang was dead, the effect of this was to make others fear the Devil King's Cave even more, who would dare to enter the Devil King's Cave in the future?

        The crucial test might be completely nullified from today onwards, and it also signaled that no more Heavenly Character experts would appear in the future, which was close to a devastating blow to Apocalypse.

        Moreover, it was still a critical moment, and the fluctuations in the forbidden area signaled that the Second World was on the verge of stirring, and with Apocalypse's current strength, it was impossible to fight against it.

        "Pizzazz, you shut up." He Qingfeng snapped at He Xiaoxiao in a cold voice.

        He unrestrainedly disdained He Qingfeng's words and continued, "He didn't think he could do anything, he died in the Demon King's Grotto, isn't he still allowed to be criticized, really treating himself as a great expert, this is the necessary price he paid for his ignorance."

        "Necessary price?" The next old man looked at He Xiaoxiao with a cold face and said, "You have been capricious in the apocalypse for many years, the four gates never intervened, but do you know that with your strength, even if you are He Qingfeng's daughter, you have no qualifications to appear here, the apocalypse is a place where you prove yourself with your strength, and you, however, only possess the strength of a yellow character, He Qingfeng has harbored you for many years, I never intervened, but what qualifications do you have to evaluate the A person who has only come to the apocalypse for half a month and has become an Earth Tier powerhouse?"

        "By virtue of the fact that I'm the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples." He Xiaoxiao looked proud, even in front of the Second Elder, she would not feel inferior, this was the result of how Qingfeng He had doted on her since she was a child.

        He Qishao was in the apocalypse, and was so arrogant that she didn't put anyone in her eyes, even if the next old man was just a dying old man to her.

        "Doesn't the daughter of the Lord of the Three Temples have to pass the grading competition?" The next old man turned his head to look at He Qingfeng with a torch-like gaze.

        He Qingfeng was guilty of dodging the next old man's gaze, with the rules of the Apocalypse, He Xiaoxiao was indeed required to participate in the grading competition, which was something that no one was qualified to overstep, but He Qingfeng didn't mention this and the four gates didn't interfere too much, thus causing others to take it for granted that He Xiaoxiao possessed extraordinary status in the Apocalypse.

        After all, she was He Qingfeng's daughter, who would dare to treat her as a yellow-letter grader?

        "Pizzazz, you quickly shut up." He Qingfeng didn't dare to face up to the next old man's question, and could only tell He Xiaoxiao to keep quiet, or else once the next old man got serious about this matter, He Xiaoxiao would only be relegated to the yellow-letter domain, and with her current strength and fear of fortune, I'm afraid that she would never be able to return to the core of the Three Temples in her life.

        He Xiaoxiang was determined to fight with the Four Gates today, and she had to take a good count on Han Giang, and she had to vent all the grievances she'd had over this period of time.

        "Yi Lao, you're just the master of the four gates, what qualifications do you have to meddle in the affairs of the three halls, my father gave you face, I'm not afraid of you." He Xiaoxiao said disdainfully to the next old man.

        The next old man didn't get angry, instead, he laughed and said to He Qingfeng, "He Qingfeng, this is the daughter of your discipline, who doesn't know how high and low the sky is, doesn't know her status, and doesn't even care about me, the master of the four gates."

        "Old thing, you're the one who doesn't know the heights of heaven and earth, what qualifications do you have to judge me." He Xiaoxiao said in an angry voice.

        He Qingfeng hurriedly walked up to He Xiaoxiao, although the conflict between the four gates and three halls had been going on for many years, he must not let this conflict become greater because of He Xiaoxiao, after all, it was now in a special period and the second world would most likely make a comeback, if the apocalypse broke out at this time with internal conflicts, he would become a sinner for the ages.

        "Apologize to the Second World immediately." He Qingfeng ordered to He Xiaoxiao.

        He Xiaoxiao didn't even look at Qingfeng He, as if he didn't even care about his own father, and said, "Why should I have to apologize to him, was I wrong?"

        Because of He Qingfeng's pampering and shielding, whatever He Xiaoxiao did, she didn't consider it a wrongdoing, even in He Xiaoxiao's perception, she had never made a mistake in her life, and since she hadn't, why should she apologize?

        He Qingfeng was furious, he used to spoil He Xiaoxiao because she hadn't made any major mistakes, and He Qingfeng believed that this was his only daughter and should protect and love her in every way, but now, He Qingfeng finally realized how stupid this overindulgence was, and now He Xiaoxiao was not just capricious, but lawless.


        He Qingfeng slapped He Xiaoxiao in the face and said in a cold voice, "I want you to apologize to the next old man."

        This was the second time in He Xiaoxiang's life that she had been beaten, and when she covered her face, her eyes were not filled with tears, but rather with hatred as she looked at He Qingfeng.

        "You hit me again, for Han Qianli, this is the second time you've hit me, a trash that's already dead can make you pay so much attention, He Qingfeng, have you forgotten what my mother said to you before she died? You swore before her that you would be good to me for the rest of your life before my mother was willing to close her eyes, and what you're doing now, is it fair to her?" He Xiaoxiao said to He Qingfeng in a questioning tone.

        "I did make a promise in front of her, and everything I'm doing now is for your own good, even if you're my He Qingfeng's daughter, you still have to pass the grading tournament before you're qualified to appear here, do you think that with your strength, you can become an expert of the Earth Grade? Or do you want to stay in the yellow-letter field for the rest of your life?" He Qingfeng said seriously, he couldn't be soft, once the next oldest was serious about this matter, He Xiaoxiao would remain in the yellow class for the rest of her life, this wasn't because he despised He Xiaoxiao, but because he knew very well what kind of person He Xiaoxiao was.

        To ask her to train hard, this was simply a fantasy, while great strength would not fall from the sky.

        "In this world, there is no such thing as getting something for nothing, and what I'm doing now is also protecting you." He Qingfeng continued.

        He Xiaoxiao didn't even realize the seriousness of this matter, and she didn't even think that He Qingfeng would let her go to the Yellow Letter level, all of this was just to scare her.

        After being a big sister for so many years, how could He Xiaoxiang compromise because of this bit of intimidation?

His True Colors Chapter 803

"You hit me and you even say you're protecting me, it's ridiculous, He Qingfeng, if you're capable of letting me go to the yellow level, my mother can be watching from heaven." He Xiaoxiao said with a hard mouth.

        He Qingfeng couldn't help but raise his hand once again, she was so brash, saying such words in public, not leaving a trace, He Qingfeng, as the master of the three halls, could let He Xiaoxiao do whatever she wanted within the three halls, but in front of the next oldest, he had to give an explanation before he could do so, or else this matter would become a permanent stain on the three halls.

        "He Qingfeng, since she made such a request, you should follow the rules of the apocalypse, my four gates were able to turn a blind eye in the past, but definitely not this time." After leaving these words behind, the next old man left.


        "Old Man Next, He Xiaoxiao has been barbaric in the apocalypse for many years, he should have been relegated to the yellow-letter domain long ago, and now it's time to seek mercy." The assistant said to the next oldest old man.

        The next old man shook his head and said indifferently, "It's none of my business even if she dies, her life doesn't matter to me or to the entire apocalypse, but now that Han Qianxiang has an accident, it's a devastating blow to the apocalypse."

        Thinking of Han Three Thousand, the assistant also had a deathly expression, he was well aware of the significance of Han Three Thousand's existence, if Han Three Thousand had been able to come out of the Demon King's Cave alive, it might have sparked the desire of others to challenge the Demon King's Cave, but now, even if he was dead, others would be even more deferential to the Demon King's Cave, afraid that they wouldn't dare to challenge the Demon King's Cave in the next ten, or even twenty or thirty years.

        Han Third Thousand became an Earth Level expert in half a month, such an achievement had far surpassed Lin Tong, the pride of the heavens, but even so, he still failed to pass the Demon King's Cave test, so one could imagine how this would make the others feel.

        "Han Three Thousand Years should have been unlucky, and I don't know what kind of creature he encountered." The assistant sighed and shook his head.

        The next oldest also heaved a sigh of bad luck and said, "The Forbidden Land fluctuation has arisen, which indicates that the Second World is likely to make a comeback, and with the current situation of the apocalypse, there's no way to stop it, does it mean that the apocalypse is running out of gas?"

        "Next old man, isn't there any other way?" The assistant frowned and said, although he also knew that Apocalypse could not compete with the Second World now, after all, at the peak of Apocalypse, thousands of Heavenly Character experts had fallen, but things were not absolute, and opportunities could be sought in desperate times, and it was absolutely impossible to give up lightly.

        "Approach?" The next old man shook his head and said, "I wish there was another way, but there is only one prerequisite to face this matter, and that is strong strength, without strength no amount of solutions will help, I originally thought that Han 3000 could change the apocalypse, or even that he was the savior, but now it seems that I was wrong, how can such a great responsibility be placed on him alone! It's on."

        "Next old man, you, you're not going to give up, are you?" The assistant asked anxiously.

        "Give up? Let's talk about it until the moment I die in battle." The next old man said with a firm tone, even though he knew that the Apocalypse was now unable to counter the Second World, the next old man never had the slightest thought of retreating, because behind the Apocalypse, there were billions of creatures, how could he give up lightly?

        Han Qianli's death in the Demon King's Grotto fermented rapidly in a short period of time, so much so that the entire apocalypse was covered in a layer of fear over the Demon King's Grotto, as no one was not lamenting the fall of a genius, even a rapidly puckering powerhouse like Han Qianli died in the Demon King's Grotto.

        Those Earth-ranked strongmen no longer dared to mention the three words Demon King's Grotto, and in this situation, they were even more repelled from entering the Demon King's Grotto, and the lure of their Heaven-ranked status seemed even more pale.

        Yellow Character Domain.

        After Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian, who were quite close to Han Qianqian, learned of this news, both of them were silent.

        Although there were some contradictions between Gong Tian and Han 3,000, with Han 3,000 proving himself with his strength, Gong Tian had no complaints within himself, after all, in just half a month's time, Han 3,000 had become an Earth Character level, while he had been coming to the apocalypse for many years and was still at the Yellow Character level, the difference was clear to Gong Tian's heart.

        "Master, I didn't expect Han Qianxiang to die just like that, I feel like I just met him yesterday." Gong Tian said.

        "Han Three Thousand's death is a piece of heavenly news for the apocalypse." Zhuang Tang shook his head, although he didn't know the significance of the existence of the apocalypse, but he understood that the apocalypse was now in a situation where no one dared to challenge the Demon King's Grotto, which meant that there would be no newborn Heavenly Characters, and perhaps the apocalypse would be in this awkward state for the next few decades.

        Gong Tian also understood this, nodding his head and saying, "Indeed, it's a pity that we don't know what exactly the apocalypse exists because of, we can't predict how much this matter will affect the apocalypse."

        "Gong Tian, why do you think that the apocalypse has gathered the world's strongest people together?" Zhuang Tang asked.

        "To deal with certain experts, or powerful forces." Gong Tian answered without thinking, because this kind of question had been thought over many times, and it wasn't just Gong Tian who had this kind of thought, most of the people in the apocalypse had had this kind of speculation, and the negative really couldn't explain the significance of the gathering of experts in the apocalypse.

        "Then have you ever thought that these experts are also experts or forces, not Earth creatures?" Chong Tang said.

        "Not an Earth creature?" Gong Tian looked at Zhuang Tang in horror, but he had never thought in that direction, and he didn't know why Zhuang Tang had thought that way.

        "Master, do you know anything about it?" Gong Tian couldn't wait to ask.

        Zhuang Tang shook his head, also being a yellow character, how could he possibly know about the core of the apocalypse, it was all just his imagination and speculation.

        "What I know is not as much as you, but in my opinion, to allow an organization like the Apocalypse to exist, the other party must be very powerful, and the Apocalypse is searching for experts in the world, to the convenience cannot be worldly forces, because just worldly forces, how would the Apocalypse put it in their eyes, and if you want to annihilate those people, wouldn't it be a simple matter to join forces with the authorities. " Zhuang Tang explained.

        Gong Tian carefully recalled Zhuang Tang's words and found them very reasonable, but what he had to say about creatures outside of Earth was still a little hard to believe.


        Those three words were a bit ridiculous to think about.

        "Master, if Han Qianxiang didn't die, with our relationship, we might still know something, but unfortunately, he's already dead." Gong Tian sighed.


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