His True Colors Chapter 797-798


His True Colors Chapter 797

The apocalypse set off a lot of discussion about Han Three Thousand Years, and the one who was hit the hardest was Lintong.

        Although Han Three Thousand's achievement in advancing to the Earth Level had far surpassed his, at least the two were still on the same level, and the Demon King's Cave was a place that filled him with dread, for years, Lin Tong had not even thought of going to the Demon King's Cave, but Han Three Thousand had made his choice so readily.

        Not to mention strength, in terms of courage alone, Lin Tong had once again lost to Han Qianqian, which had dealt a blow to the confidence of the proud son of heaven.

        Similarly, there was also He Xiaoxiao, in He Xiaoxiao's eyes, Han 3,000 was a yellow-letter trash, from the first meeting to Han 3,000 participating in the Demon King's Cave challenge, it had only been half a month, that trash, it seemed, had already risen to the top and accomplished what no one in the apocalypse could.

        "Dad, is Han 3,000 really going to the Devil King's Grotto?" He Xiaoxiao found He Qingfeng, she thought that this was most likely a rumor, how could Han 3000 go to the Demon King's Grotto so quickly.

        He Qingfeng was also very confused at this time, he and the next old man had the same idea, since Han 3,000 was able to enter the stone house, he could completely use the things inside the stone house to improve his strength, how could he go to the Devil King's Grotto so quickly?

        But the news had come out from the Four Door Next Elder himself, there was no way it could be false.

        "The news is from the Second Elder himself, there shouldn't be any fakes." He Qingfeng said.

        He Xiaoxiang's face was as white as paper, Han Qianli's action had once again caused her pride to suffer, as the daughter of the Master of the Three Temples, she didn't even have the qualifications to go to the Devil King's Grotto, and the trash trash she despised was now going to challenge the Devil King's Grotto where no one had come out alive in ten years.

        "He definitely doesn't know that no one has been able to come out of the Devil King's Grotto alive for a full ten years," He Xiaoxiao said through clenched teeth.

        "I'm sure the next oldest would have told him about the dangers of the Devil King's Grotto, I think he knows." He Qingfeng said.

        He Xiaoxiao's teeth were going even tighter, if that guy knew, why did he still dare to go, wasn't he afraid at all? Or was he really so confident in himself that he could even ignore the test of the Devil King's Grotto.

        Taking a deep breath, He Xiaoxiang asked, "Dad, what do you think the odds are that he'll make it out alive."

        He Xiaoxiang would feel better inside if Han Qianli died in the Demon King's Grotto, which at least showed that Han Qianli was an ignorant fellow, and even though he had some strength, he thought too highly of himself and ended up paying the price.

        Regarding this issue, He Qingfeng had already thought about it when he learned that Han 3,000 was going to the Demon King's Cave, and according to Han 3,000's current strength, it was very likely that he would be the first person to become the first person to come out of the Demon King's Cave alive in the past ten years, after all, the limits of his strength weren't shown to everyone now, and even when facing an Earth-level expert, Han 3,000 was still easily crushed.

        But the Demon King's Grotto was a place full of unstable factors, and no one could be sure what they would encounter in it.

        With good luck, it was possible that one could just go in and walk around and come out, but if one was unlucky and encountered those things awakening, it would be difficult for even a Heavenly Character expert to survive.

        "It's hard to say the probability, it depends on luck." He Qingfeng said.

        "Dad, there's no way to let him die in the Demon King's Grotto?" He Xiaoxiao asked.

        He Qingfeng's eyes glazed over, before, He Xiaoxiang had wanted to kill Han 3,000, and when she hadn't succeeded, He Qingfeng felt that she should have given up on that idea long ago, but he didn't think that He Xiaoxiang would still think that way.

        It would be good news for Apocalypse if Han 3,000 was able to come out of the Demon King's Cave alive, the fluctuations in the Forbidden Lands desperately needed Apocalypse to become stronger, and Han 3,000 was able to bring this to Apocalypse, if Han 3,000 died, it would be a big loss for Apocalypse.

        "I'm warning you not to do anything, Han 3000 is of great importance to Apocalypse, even if he's not from the Three Temples, I still want him to come out alive." He Qingfeng rebuked in a cold voice.

        The four gates and three temples were in the same breath and had to join forces when dealing with the dangers of the Forbidden Lands, in this situation, any internal conflicts became irrelevant, and He Qingfeng, as the master of the three temples, would not allow this to happen even more.

        "Importance, he's just a piece of trash, how important can he be." He Xiaoxiang said capriciously, her high and mighty princess status could not be trampled on by anyone, but Han 3000 was the first person to ignore her, and it was a very difficult thing to want her to change her mind about Han 3000.

        Even though Han 3,000 was now an Earth Tier powerhouse, he was still trash in He Xiaoxiao's eyes, this was the princess temper that had been raised since childhood, and as long as she didn't like what she saw, she could only destroy it.

        "Dad isn't joking with you, if you try to mess up on this matter, I'll have to put you in solitary confinement." He Qingfeng said.

        He Xiaoxiao squeezed her pink fist, in the past, He Qingfeng used to spoil her for no reason, but ever since Han Qianli came, his attitude changed, and all the causes were Han Qianli, so it was natural for He Xiaoxiao to impose her hatred on Han Qianli as well.

        In this situation, she then hoped all the more that Han Three Thousand Years would die.

        "How can I mess up, is it hard for me to go to the Demon King's Grotto? I just want this trash to die in the Demon King's Grotto." He Xiaoxiao said with hatred.

        In the afternoon, Han 3,000 and Jiang Yingying were led towards the entrance of the Demon King's Grotto by the next old man himself, during this time, there were countless eyes staring at Han 3,000 and the two of them, because the fear enveloped by the Demon King's Grotto that hadn't been born alive for ten years made most people avoid this test, Han 3,000's resolute choice made many people admire his courage.

        Qingfeng He had already been waiting at the entrance, and although Han Three Thousand was a member of the Four Gates, a test of this level in the Devil King's Grotto was worthy of him, the Master of the Three Houses, showing up.

        "Han Qianli, I didn't expect you to make your choice so quickly, I'm really surprised." He Qingfeng walked up to Han Three Thousand and said.

        "I've already given you the most valuable things in the stone house, and even if I go again, there's no point in going, so why not let it come sooner rather than later since it's something you'll have to face sooner rather than later." Han Qianli faintly said.

        "Kid, do you think I'll believe that?" Qingfeng He smiled.

        "If there really is something that can make people stronger, why don't I stay longer and become stronger as a way to improve my chances of getting out of the Demon King's Grotto alive." Han Giangli said.

        These words left He Qingfeng speechless, if the stone house really did have something he imagined, according to a normal person's choice, he would definitely delay entering the Devil King's Grotto before doing so, Han Three Thousand made his choice so quickly, which indeed meant that the stone house did not indeed have something he imagined.

His True Colors Chapter 798

"Maybe that's exactly the way you're using to confuse me," He Qingfeng said, although Han Giangli's performance had made it impossible for him to find any flaw, but he still didn't want to believe it, after all, it was Fuyan's residence, the most famous and powerful person in all the generations of the apocalypse.

        "With your life as the price?" Han Qianli smiled faintly and brushed past He Qingfeng, it was useless to talk too much, it didn't matter if He Qingfeng was willing to believe his words or not, only he could enter the stone house anyway, what the others thought about this matter was irrelevant to Han Qianli.

        "Have you really thought about it? There's still a chance to regret it now." As he walked up to the next oldest, the next oldest said to Han Marchand.

        "With so many eyes watching me, wouldn't it be a laughing stock if I chose to retreat at this point." Han Three Thousand Thousand said.

        "Even if it's a joke, it's better than losing your life, and you still have time to make more preparations now." The next old man said, this matter had indeed shaken the entire apocalypse, everyone was staring at it, and a temporary retreat would inevitably allow some people to catch on as a mockery, but compared to mocking and losing your life, the latter was clearly more important.

        "No need." Han Giangli said without hesitation.

        The next oldest sighed and said, "In that case, the Demon King's Cave is right in front of you, so go."

        The entrance was still a cave, but what was different from the usual cave was that it was as black as ink inside, nothing could be seen from the outside, and there was a sickeningly fishy smell emitting from the cave's entrance, which must have become even stronger after going in.

        Han Qianlian took a glance at Jiang Yingying and took the lead in walking towards the cave.

        Jiang Ying Ying followed behind, not showing the slightest hesitation.

        Seeing the two of them walk into the cave, this matter ending with no chance of going back on their word, the next old man heaved out a sigh of bad luck and said, "I hope they can come out alive."

        "He still has his wife and children as fetters, I'm sure he won't give up easily." Fang Zhan said.

        The next old man nodded, with the way Han 3000 treated Su Yingxia and Han Nian's feelings, he indeed wouldn't give up any slightest chance of surviving, but there were ultimately too many variables in the Devil King's Grotto, and it wasn't something that could be changed by human power.

        "Next old man, didn't Han 3000 give you anything?" Qingfeng He walked up to the next old man and asked.

        "He Qingfeng, you should let go of your obsession with the stone house, the most important thing right now is whether or not Han Qianli can come out alive, the consequences of the changes to the forbidden area, only he can change it." The next old man said with a serious face.

        He Qingfeng's selfishness was most vividly expressed in this matter, and he didn't make the slightest attempt to hide it, saying, "Although he is important, the things in the stone house are equally important and can even bring about greater changes, you can't hide your selfishness."

        "Words don't help, if you don't believe me, my four gates will let you search at any time." The next oldest said disdainfully.

        "Second Elder, if you say so, I'll be rude, and I'll definitely visit you at another time." He Qingfeng smiled.

        The next old man was furious, this fellow really didn't know how to do good, but the next old man who hadn't done anything wrong wasn't afraid of He Qingfeng's investigation.

        "If you're willing to come, then come, I won't stop you."

        Devil King's Grotto.

        After Han Qianli and Jiang Ying Ying came in, it was an endless darkness, while an extremely strong fishy stench came over, Han Qianli was barely able to endure it, but Jiang Ying Ying, who was a girl, was already lying on the side vomiting wildly.

        "How are you." Han Three Thousand held onto Jiang Ying Ying and asked.

        "Brother Three Thousand, what's this smell, why does it smell so bad." Jiang Ying Ying said with a pained expression.

        "Just rest here, we'll leave after you get used to it." Han Three Thousand looked at some light in the endless darkness, it was the other direction, which should be Fang Zhan's so-called exit.

        Jiang Ying Ying was not a hero and nodded her head, in her current state, she was indeed not quite fit to deal with those crises.

        Right at this moment, Jiang Yingying suddenly felt something crawling up her leg and subconsciously kicked it in alarm.

        "What's going on?" Han 3,000 was puzzled.

        "Brother Three Thousand, something is crawling up my leg." Jiang Ying Ying said in panic, she was a girl after all, and was inevitably afraid of things like snakes and insects and rats and ants.

        As it was too dark around her, it was impossible to see as far as the eye could see, Han 3,000 said, "Had I known that the environment here was so dark, I should have brought a flashlight."

        As soon as his words fell, several pillars of light descended from the sky and illuminated the surroundings, making the surroundings clear at a glance.

        When she saw everything in front of her, Jiang Yingying was even more terrified.

        There were countless bones beneath her feet, almost piling up into mountains!

        "Brother Three Thousand, how, how can there be so many bones." Jiang Ying Ying gripped Han three thousand's arm tightly and said.

        Han Three Thousand's face was heavy, these bones should be those who had entered the Devil King's Grotto before, the fact that they had died in this place meant that they had been killed just after entering the Devil King's Grotto, what kind of disaster must this be to have so many people die here!

        "Be careful." Han Giangli said in a deep voice, protecting Jiang Yingying's front.

        "Just now, there was something in my lap, could it be that it's what caused these people to die?" Jiang Ying Ying said carefully.

        Han Qianli nodded, it wasn't impossible, but what exactly was that thing right now, Han Qianli hadn't seen it yet.

        "I didn't expect the Demon King's Grotto to be so dangerous, just the entrance has caused so many people to lose their lives, no wonder Fang Zhan told me that no matter what trouble I encounter, I can only run." Han Qianli was serious.

        At this moment, he finally understood the meaning of Fang Zhan's words, and the bones beneath his feet had clearly told him that this was not a place to stay for long.

        "Let's go first." Han Giangli said, the unknown dangers couldn't keep them here, even if Jiang Ying Ying hadn't gotten used to the disgusting smell of the place.

        The two of them moved forward, but they didn't know that a peculiar-looking, white jade snake was traveling among the white bones beneath their feet.

        The little snake's eyes were red, but it had no hostility towards the two of them, only following Han Qianli's pace closely.

        At this time, outside the Devil King's Cave, the next oldest had returned to the Four Gates and looked worried.

        "Next Old Man, things have come to this, you need not worry too much," Fang Zhan said to the next oldest old man.

        It was true that Han Three Thousand Years had already entered the Demon King's Grotto, and no matter how much he worried at this point, it would be useless, but the reasoning was such that it did not curb the worrying feelings of the next oldest.

        "I hope they don't encounter the red-eyed jade python, or else it will surely be a dead end," The next oldest said.

        Hearing the four words red-eyed jade python, Fang Zhan's face turned as pale as paper in an instant, as someone who had passed the Demon King's Cave test, he knew how dangerous the red-eyed jade python was, it was the most vicious creature left behind in the Second World, and the entire Demon King's Cave was afraid that the entire Demon King's Cave would have to defer to it!


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