His True Colors Chapter 791-793


His True Colors Chapter 791

"So secretive, is it possible that you're planning to tell me the secret of the apocalypse in advance?" Han Giangli was curious.

        "That's another thing that only He Qingfeng and I are qualified to know," Next Old Man said.

        In the entire Apocalypse, only the Second Elder and Qingfeng He knew!

        This made Han Giangli a little surprised at how many things the apocalypse was hiding, this seemed to be a place shrouded in secrets.

        "Go ahead, I'll listen." Han 3000 dug his ears, and although he looked like he didn't care on the surface, he was already curious on the inside.

        "Do you know the rumors about the strong man of the apocalypse?" The next oldest asked.

        A strong man of the apocalypse?

        This matter was something Han Giang had heard Fang Zhan mention, and it wasn't much of a secret, many Apocalypse people knew about it, even the lowest Yellow Character level had heard about it, so what kind of bullsh*t secret was this?

        "Next old man, do you have nothing to do, are you bored to such an extent that you're trying to fool me with these things, there are many people at the yellow character level who know about this matter as well ah." Han Qianli disdained.

        "To them, this matter is just a legend, but what I'm about to tell you is that this person does exist, her residence is only known to me and He Qingfeng, but there's no way to know if she's dead or alive." Next Old Man explained.

        "As far as I know, this strong person existed for a hundred years, so how could he still be alive given his long history." Han Giangli said.

        "That will need to be confirmed by you," Next Old Man said.

        "Me?" Han Giangli looked at the next old man in surprise and said, "Where can I confirm this, do you want me to break into Hades and see if the Life and Death Thingy has his name on it, I'm not a stone monkey."

        "She lives in a place that He Qingfeng and I can't open even though we've tried all kinds of ways, perhaps, you can open it." Next Old Man said.

        "You've come to find me, just to take me to this place?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Good." The next oldest was silent for a moment and said, "Her residence might be able to unlock many of the secrets of the apocalypse, and if you were able to enter it, the apocalypse would most likely change as a result, something I've never thought about before, but after He Qingfeng suggested it, I think it's feasible."

        "Since you guys know about this place, you must have exhausted all kinds of methods, but you can't open it, what makes you think I can open it?" Han Giangli said with a shake of his head, what the next oldest and He Qingfeng couldn't do, but it fell on his head, Han Giangli didn't think he could do it.

        "Try, maybe you can do it." It was a fluke mentality, both Next Old and He Qingfeng were of the same mindset, they didn't expect Han 3000 to necessarily be able to do this thing, they were just making a try, after all, there were too many secrets of the apocalypse there, and Han 3000 did have something unusual again.

        "Alright, just try it, when do you want to go." Han Three Thousand asked.

        "Tomorrow, but you can't tell anyone about this matter, not even Jiang Ying Ying." The next oldest reminded.

        Han 3,000 patted the next oldest on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, old man, my mouth can be very tight."

        "Can't you call out to Master?" The next old man was helpless.

        Han Giangli turned away, resting his hand on the back of his neck, and said faintly, "In my next life, I'll think about it."

        The next old man shook his head and sighed, with his position, it was so difficult to hear his master's voice, if this were anyone else, he would have already kneeled down and offered him tea.

        Returning to his room, Han Qianli pondered over the matter, this legendary strong man used to have a high status in the apocalypse, and the next old man said that his residence still hid many secrets of the apocalypse, which made him wonder what kind of person was qualified to carry this kind of responsibility, and why was he in a situation where outsiders didn't know whether he was dead or alive?

        After tossing and turning all night, Han Giangli was unable to sleep, but it didn't affect his spirits the next day.

        The next day, the next old man met up with Han 3,000 early in the morning, and they headed towards the back of the mountain, meeting He Qingfeng on the way.

        He Qingfeng was pestered by He Xiaoxiao, and it took almost nine tigers of effort to get away.

        Now He Qishao's self-confidence was severely damaged, and even had a psychological shadow, Han 3,000 was too powerful, which made He Qishao feel that she no longer had the capital to be proud of her identity in front of Han 3,000, this change was unacceptable to He Qishao's heart, and she even developed a fear of Han 3,000 and didn't dare to meet with Han 3,000, because once she was high and mighty in front of Han 3,000, but now she was no longer Such a qualification and bottom line now.

        "Han Three Thousand, your performance in the middle of the grading competition really impressed me." He Qingfeng said to Han Three Thousand, feeling a little sorry that Han Three Thousand wasn't a member of the Third Hall, and now even if Lin Tong wanted to join the Third Hall, He Qingfeng had no interest in the matter, because in front of Han Three Thousand, Lin Tong was nothing, and he, the pride of the heavens, was now just a name in vain.

        "Hall Master He thinks highly of me, I'm just a bit lucky and lucky." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "Being too modest can be hypocritical, a young man still has to be a bit proud." He Qingfeng said.

        "Since Hall Master He said so, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth, the Grading Tournament is just a path to the Demon King's Grotto in my eyes, and I've never faced up to the Grading Tournament." Han Qianli faintly said.

        He Qingfeng was stunned, this brat had a really big mouth when he wasn't humble, in the history of the apocalypse, no one had ever dared to underestimate the grading tournament like this, but he wasn't bragging, being able to defeat an Earth Grade expert in a test, this was something that no one had indeed dared to dream of in the past.

        And not only did he do it, even his maid was able to do it.

        "Your maid is also very strong, it really makes me wonder how talented you two are." He Qingfeng said.


        Han Qianli was slightly displeased and said, "Jiang Yingying is not a maid, she's my sister, and I hope that Hall Master He doesn't underestimate her status."

        If this were an outsider who dared to say such words to He Qingfeng, He Qingfeng would definitely be furious, but he couldn't get angry when faced with Han Qianqian.

        With strength, he would be able to speak with a straight back in the apocalypse, even if he was the Lord of the Three Temples, so what?

        The next old man was holding a smile at the side, it was rare for He Qingfeng to be so defeated, but he couldn't find any pleasure in Han Three Thousand, he didn't expect that He Qingfeng would have to suffer a dumb loss as well.

        This brat Han Three thousand, ever since he came to the apocalypse, he didn't seem to know what it meant to keep a low profile, and his previous state in Cloud City was completely different from the one he was in.

        In fact, this change was easy to understand for Han Three Thousand, in the past, he had to swallow his pride because of his scruples, but in the Apocalypse, a place where strength was paramount, since he was strong enough, why would he have to bend down and be lowly?

His True Colors Chapter 792

The three of them traveled side by side and finally arrived at their destination.

        In front of Han Giangli was a bare mountain, with not a single weed other than rocks.

        "This is his residence, where is it?" Han Giangli wondered to the next oldest, he couldn't see that there could be a place for people to live here.

        "Follow me." The second oldest said in a deep voice, every time he came here, the second oldest would carry a sense of awe and wouldn't dare to be a bit playful, as this place had once housed the strongest person of the apocalypse.

        Only when he arrived in front of the mountain wall did Han Qianli discover some details, although the surface of the mountain wall presented an irregular bump, there was a neat stone crack, like a stone door.

        "Look here, like what?" The next oldest pointed to a spot on the mountain wall and asked Han Qianli.

        "A palm print." Han 3,000 said without hesitation, it was clearly a palm print and slightly thin, more like a woman's hand.

        "This strong man is a woman?" Han Qianli was confused.

        "Her name is Fuyu, so she should be a daughter well, but that's just a guess by He Qingfeng and I." The next oldest explained.


        This name does seem like a woman's name, and it carries a fairy air, it looks like she should be pretty in life, the negative would be sorry for the word.

        "This stone door is the key to enter, as for the palm seal, it should be the mechanism to open the stone door, but I tried it with the next old man and there was no reaction." He Qingfeng spoke up at this time.

        Han Giangli stretched out his own hand and compared it to the palm seal with his eyes, the two didn't match up with the naked eye alone, and to open the stone door, only Fuyu himself should be able to do it.

        "Looks like I came here today for nothing, this palm print doesn't match the size of my hand, how could I open it." Han Giangli said.

        There was indeed a big difference in such a comparison, but the next old man and He Qingfeng had asked Han Marchian to come with the intention of giving it a try and didn't have much expectation.

        "Since we're here, let's give it a try," The next oldest said.

        Han Qianli shrugged his shoulders and said, "Try it then, but you can't blame me if it doesn't work."

        The moment Han 3,000 stretched out his hand, the expressions of the Second Elder and He Qingfeng tensed at the same time, and although they weren't expecting much, they were still expecting a miracle to happen inside.

        Han Marchan noticed that not only did their expressions change, even their breathing became a bit more rapid, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and he withdrew his hand, saying, "Look at you guys, what are you so nervous about, ease up on the atmosphere, don't make it so serious, okay?"

        The next old man was speechless, this kid was really good at torturing people, and quickly said, "Cut the crap, try it."

        He Qingfeng barely managed to pull out a smile and said, "Han Qianli, stop playing around, try it."

        "Hey." Han Giangli sighed and extremely helplessly placed his hand on the mountain wall palm seal.

        Han Third Thousand, who wasn't holding out any hope, suddenly felt the mountain wall seem to tremble, which made him turn pale.

        No way!

        Could he really be able to open the stone door.

        The trembling of the mountain wall likewise made the hearts of the next old man and He Qingfeng rise to the top of their lungs.

        This palm seal had been tried by both of them, but they had never had any reaction, but Han Qianli was able to trigger such a resonance!

        "Can drive! Can drive!" He Qingfeng said excitedly.

        The next old man also unconsciously squeezed his fist, his face reddening, if Han Giangli could really open the stone door, the secrets inside would be able to be seen again!

        "Han Three Thousand Years, how are you feeling." The next oldest could not wait to ask.

        Han Three Thousand's brows furrowed, other than the momentary tremor just now, there seemed to be no next reaction, and the stone door hadn't been opened, what was going on.

        "There's no feeling, it's just moving," Han Giangli said.

        "How could it be, how could it just move a little bit." He Qingfeng didn't want to believe the facts in front of him, but the stone crack really didn't show any signs of moving.

        At that moment, the stone door suddenly became illusory, rippling with a wave of energy, like a water wave caused by a stone being smashed on the surface of a calm lake.

        Such a change caused Han Giangli to unconsciously take two steps back, but He Qingfeng, however, couldn't help but take two steps forward.

        "It's open, it's really open." Qingfeng He was overwhelmed with excitement, and his subconscious move was to rush through the stone door.

        "He Qingfeng." When he sensed He Qingfeng's intentions, the next old man shouted at him, trying to stop He Qingfeng.

        But He Qingfeng didn't stop and charged towards the stone door, looking like he didn't want to be stopped by the next oldest.

        But the moment He Qingfeng made contact with the stone door, he was stopped by a force and caused a very strong rebound, so much so that his entire body flew backwards like a kite with broken strings.

        He Qingfeng, who landed heavily on the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood and was obviously injured quite badly.

        "How is it possible, the stone door is already open, how can I not get in." He Qingfeng said unwillingly.

        With anger showing between his eyebrows, the next old man walked up to He Qingfeng and said, "Is this why you wanted Han Qianqian to open the stone door, you couldn't wait so long and wanted to have exclusive access to the secrets inside?"

        He Qingfeng looked at the next oldest and sneered, "Don't you want to, don't you want to become stronger because of the secrets inside?"

        After He Qingfeng said those words, the next old man finally understood his true purpose, he actually wanted to use the secrets in the stone door to make himself stronger, it wasn't even the so-called change of the apocalypse.

        "He Qingfeng, your thoughts don't represent me, and the stone door was opened by Han Qianli, only he has the right to enter, but if you want to make a second attempt, I won't stop you." The next old man said.

        He Qingfeng gritted his teeth, he was now heavily injured and the results were already very clear, he wouldn't be able to enter the stone door, even a second attempt would only aggravate his injuries, there was no way he would be able to enter.

        He Qingfeng looked at Han Qianli and said with a vicious look in his eyes, "Kid, when you come out, bring me everything you can bring out, and you must also tell me everything you see."

        Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully, such an order from He Qingfeng was truly ridiculous to him.

        "Why should I listen to you, He Qingfeng, even though you're the master of the Three Temples, you're not qualified to order me," Han Giangli said.

        It was true that He Qingfeng, as the Lord of the Three Temples, was not qualified to order the Four Gates, but in the face of great benefits, he could no longer care so much and said, "It's true that I can't order you, but if you want to protect the well-being of your worldly family, you must do as I command."

        Han Qianqian's face was instantly frosty, what he hated most was people threatening him with Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        Walking up to He Qingfeng, Han Qianli said in a cold voice, "Now that you're seriously injured, if I want to kill you, what can you do to me?"

        Not only was He Qingfeng shocked by these words, but even the next oldest person on the sidelines turned pale!

His True Colors Chapter 793

Killing in the Apocalypse is forbidden, not to mention the fact that Han Qianxian was about to kill the Master of the Three Houses, He Qingfeng!

        The next oldest appeared in front of Han Three Thousand at the first opportunity, placing a hand on Han Three Thousand's shoulder and saying seriously, "Han Three Thousand, don't mess around."

        Han Qianqian didn't even look at the next old man, still looking at He Qingfeng with murderous intent, and said, "Threatening me with my family is the biggest mistake you've ever made."

        As the Master of the Three Temples, He Qingfeng hadn't felt anything like fear for many years; not only was his position high and lofty, but he was also very strong, and no one could threaten him.

        But at this moment, He Qingfeng felt a sense of dread, especially when he sensed the killing intent in Han Qianqian's eyes, he subconsciously moved back.

        This young man before him was able to cause him to retreat!

        "I'm the Lord of the Three Temples, you can kill me?" He Qingfeng gritted his teeth and said.

        "With your current state, wouldn't it be easy for me to kill you?" Han Qianqiang asked rhetorically.

        He Qingfeng's reckless actions just now made him pay a painful price, his current state was indeed worrying, and Han Qianqian's strength wasn't bad, it was indeed not impossible to kill him, but there was still the next oldest, He Qingfeng didn't believe that the next oldest would just stand by and watch this happen.

        "Next old, this is a member of your four gates, you should know what consequences he would cause if he killed me, the four gates and three halls will be completely hostile to each other because of this matter, and the apocalypse will fall apart." He Qingfeng said to the next old man.

        The next oldest naturally understood this truth, which was why he would stop Han Giangli in the first place.

        Once the apocalypse was irreversibly conflicted from within, the consequences that would be triggered were unimaginable, and now that the Second World was clearly showing signs of recovery, civil unrest at such a time would be very detrimental to the entire planet.

        "Han 3,000, the apocalypse cannot expand the conflict at this time, or else your wife and daughter will also be affected by this matter." The next oldest said.

        Han Qianli frowned, how could the conflict of the apocalypse involve Su Yingxia and Han Nian?

        "Why?" Han Giangli asked.

        The next old man took a deep breath and said, "You will understand all of this after you pass the test in the Demon King's Grotto, and at that time, you will know the significance of the apocalypse, and believe me, I am definitely not joking with you."

        Han Giangli looked at He Qingfeng, then turned around and walked towards the stone door.

        While He Qingfeng was relieved, it was only then that he realized that he was actually covered in cold sweat, not expecting to feel this way when he was facing a district-level person.

        Although there was an element of injury, He Qingfeng knew that it was also because of Han Qianli's strength, even if he hadn't passed the Demon King's Cave test yet, his own strength was bound to have reached the Heavenly Character level.

        It was hateful that such an expert did not belong to the Three Temples!

        "The next oldest, you don't know if Fuyuki is still alive?" Standing in front of the stone gate, Han Giangli asked the next oldest of them.

        The next oldest nodded, this matter was indeed impossible to ascertain due to the lack of proof, after all, Fuyue was only a legend to them, and the next oldest had learned of Fuyue's residence from the previous Lord of the Four Gates.

        "It is true, but according to common sense, she should be dead." The next oldest said.

        "Common sense? In the apocalypse, what are the chances of something going against common sense happening?" Han Marchan continued to ask.

        The possibility of defying common sense?

        This next old man really couldn't be sure, because the secrets that the apocalypse guarded were beyond common sense, and the apocalypse was even less able to be deduced from common sense, such as the second world, which was simply impossible in most people's eyes.

        "It's big." Next Old Man said.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "I hope I won't be thrown out if I break into her boudoir."

        After saying that, Han Qianli stepped forward and half of her body entered the stone door.

        The sight of the second old man's heartbeat quickened, for so many years, he and He Qingfeng had tried all sorts of ways but couldn't get in, but Han Qianli was able to enter so easily, which not only showed Han Qianli's extraordinary ability, but also proved that Han Qianli could bring change to the apocalypse.

        And whether or not this change could bring Apocalypse back to its previous peak was the point where the next old man was nervous, because of the fluctuations in the Second World, Apocalypse now desperately needed to grow its strength.

        "Second Elder, when he comes out, he must be allowed to tell us everything he saw, the four gates cannot swallow this secret alone." At some point, the wounded He Qingfeng had approached the next oldest.

        "Only a selfish person would have such selfish thoughts, if you were the one who went in, you definitely wouldn't share what's inside with me, right?" The next old man said indifferently.

        He Qingfeng hadn't thought about it, but when the next oldest asked, the first thought that flashed through his mind was that of sole possession.

        Naturally, He Qingfeng would not admit it.

        "This is a key factor in whether or not the entire Apocalypse can be strong, how could I be so selfish, to face the attacks of the Second World, it's not something I can do by being strong alone." He Qingfeng said.

        The Second Elder smiled calmly, after knowing He Qingfeng for so many years, he knew exactly what kind of person he was, how could his words be worth believing?

        "Whether he'll tell us or not is his business, and even I can't influence him." The next oldest said indifferently.

        "What do you mean." He Qingfeng gritted his teeth as he looked at the next old man, his words were a clear attempt to keep the secret to himself, which was unacceptable to He Qingfeng.

        "I made it very clear, and I advise you, it's best not to threaten his family, it's his reverse scale, he can do anything for it, the dragon's reverse scale, he'll die if touched, I hope you can remember that clearly." The next old man said.

        Inside the stone door, Han Qianli had been stunned by what he saw.

        The room wasn't large, but there were many very expensive-looking ornaments that emitted a glowing light, and more importantly, a long-haired woman's figure was currently in front of him, and although her back was to him, it still managed to make Han Three Thousand feel incomparably astonished.

        Just a mere shadow on her back could make one feel so astonished, her looks must be like that of a fairy.

        Although Han Three Thousand had previously envisioned the possibility that Fuyuki might still be alive, this was definitely unlikely, after all, it wasn't an easy thing for a human to live for more than a hundred years.

        "You're Fuyuki?" Han Giangli asked cautiously.

        There was no response, and the figure in front of her remained in the same position, not even moving a muscle.


        With a doubtful heart, Han Giangli walked towards Fuyan's front.


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