His True Colors Chapter 744-746

His True Colors Chapter Han Jingru 744

Master Wang's small mind was self-evident, he wanted to use Jiang Ying Ying's strength to make a name for himself as the Ling Yun Daoist Hall.

        The Martial Dao Conference was held once every three years, this was an invaluable opportunity for Master Wang, he didn't want to miss it, and he did have a justifiable reason to do so, participating in the Martial Dao Conference was ineligible if you didn't have a quota for the Dao Hall.

        "Master Wang, you're really clever, trying to use me?" Jiang Ying Ying said in a cold voice, her tone clearly carrying a murderous tone.

        Master Wang quickly lowered his head in shock and explained, "You have to do this if you want to participate in the martial arts tournament, because the rules are very strict, and there's no way I can help you get an invitation without a dao hall slot."

        Han Giang looked at Jiang Ying Ying and signaled to her not to be angry, this time it was just to give Jiang Ying Ying more combat experience anyway, and who she fought for wasn't the most important thing.

        "In that case, take us to the Martial Dojo." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes." Master Wang quickly said.

        Jiang Ying Ying followed behind Han Marchant, still very unhappy, and said, "Brother Marchant, why do you want to cheapen this old thing."

        "People have their own rules, and since they want to participate in this game, they have to follow them." Han Three Thousand smiled.

        "Can't you just fight for the Han family?" Jiang Yingying didn't want to do something that was futile and unpleasant, even if she went to war, it would be worth it to fight for the Han family.

        Han Qianli smiled, not expecting Jiang Ying Ying to still have such thoughts, but for the Han family, these false names were something Han Qianli didn't care about, even if the Han family was now in decline and its reputation was no longer loud, there was no need to use this matter to raise the Han family's status, after all, there was still the Zhong family as a stepping stone, as long as the Zhong family was destroyed, the Han family would also be able to return to the peak.

        "Ying Ying, the Han family doesn't have a martial arts school, even if we open one now, it's too late." Han 3,000 said.

        Ying Ying Jiang sighed and had to stop.

        The Lingyun Dojo was still a full hour's drive away from the Han family compound, such was the trouble caused by a city that was too big, even if it was in the same city, there was a large distance between north and south.

        Arriving at the Lingyun Dojo, Han Qianli found that the environment here was still very good, and the dojo was not small, it looked very imposing, it looked like Master Wang was still doing well in this line of work, in Yanjing, it should have a good reputation.

        The only problem was that the dojo was very small and seemed particularly empty.

        "Is this such a big place, just these few people?" Han Qianli asked Master Wang.

        When it came to this matter, Master Wang couldn't help but sigh, in the past, the Ling Yun Daoist Hall was very powerful, with hundreds of lively students, but over the years, it couldn't resist the pressure given by other Daoist Houses, and many of them ran away, plus the last two sessions of the Martial Dao Conference Ling Yun Daoist Hall didn't achieve good results, so it was becoming increasingly depressed.

        "In the past, the Lingyun Daoist Hall was a top-ranked existence in Yanjing, but I'm getting old and I don't have any powerful disciples under me, so that's why it's turned into the current situation," Master Wang said.

        About the details Han 3000 didn't ask much, a small martial arts dojo was just a small martial arts dojo, it wasn't worth him being too concerned.

        In Cloud City, Tian Chang Sheng was also a martial arts enthusiast and had his own martial arts dojo, but it wasn't as competitive as Yanjing, and the Tian family's status in Cloud City itself was very high, so naturally no one dared to compete with him.

        "How many people are attending the conference in total?" Han Qianli asked.

        "There are a total of three classifications in the tournament, Junior, Youth, and Master, the so-called Master group is the true experts of each martial arts school and the master is also qualified to enter the tournament, there are a total of one hundred and eight candidates." Grandmaster Wang said.

        "One hundred and eight, that's an interesting number, what group is Jiang Ying Ying in?" Han 3000 said.

        "I've placed her in the youth group, she's just the right age, and with her ability, she'll have no problem winning the championship in the youth group." Master Wang said.

        Han Giangli shook his head, it was only the youth group, it was too unchallenging for Jiang Ying Ying, and was about to speak when Master Wang spoke up.

        "The youth group has an age requirement, and she's already over that age, so she can't compete in the youth group," Master Wang said.

        Han Qianli was dumbfounded, was this guy old and confused? How could he let Ying Ying Jiang compete in the Junior Division?

        "Help her add a spot in the Masters group," Han Giangli said.

        Master Wang was stunned, although he knew that Jiang Ying Ying was very strong, it was still a bit unrealistic in his opinion to participate in the Master's Group, after all, the Master's Group could be full of true top experts, and he had heard that several martial arts school owners would personally participate in the competition, the competition in the Master's Group was not only fierce, it could even be bloody, how could Jiang Ying Ying be allowed to participate as a woman?

        "This, how can we do this, the Master's Division is very dangerous and could very well endanger lives." Master Wang said.

        "You look down on me?" Jiang Ying Ying, who was standing behind Han Qianqian, said in a cold voice.

        Master Wang shrank his neck in shock and said, "No, no, I didn't think so."

        "Since I didn't, why don't you hurry up and register me, I'm not interested in the youth division." Jiang Ying Ying faintly said.

        Master Wang felt that these two must be crazy, or else they didn't understand the rules of the conference at all, and said, "For the Master category, you have to owe a life and death certificate, even if the other party dies, they won't be responsible."

        "That's better, I can let go of the fight." Jiang Ying Ying said.

        Master Wang would have wanted to break into a rant if he hadn't been so jealous of Jiang Yingying's strength, was he really treating the conference as a child's play? This was a place of experts, and she was so unconcerned.

        "Are you sure?" Master Wang asked.

        "Do you have a question?" Jiang Ying Ying asked rhetorically.

        Master Wang took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay, I'll sign you up."

        The entire Yanjing martial arts world boiled over when Master Wang increased Jiang Ying Ying's quota for the Master's group, as the name looked like a woman at first glance, and it was unbelievable that the Lingyun Dao Hall was even letting a woman participate in the Master's group.

        Sending Han Qianli and the others away, Master Wang sat in the corner of the dojo staring, he knew that there would be many people laughing at him behind his back for letting a woman fight, but Han Qianli and Jiang Yingying insisted on doing so, and there was nothing he could do about it.

        In the afternoon, a man around Master Wang's age arrived at the Ling Yun Dojo with a few young men.

        As soon as the visitor saw Master Wang, he had a sneering expression on his face and said, "Old Wang, I heard that you actually let a woman participate in the Master's group, you don't need to push a woman onto the stage of life and death even if there's no one available in this Ling Yun Daoist Hall."

        "Fang Zhantian." Seeing the visitor, Master Wang gritted his teeth, he and Fang Zhantian were from the same school, but they turned against each other and each established their own martial arts dojo, the reason why the Ling Yun Daoist Hall was in such a depression was in large part because of Fang Zhantian.

        To begin with, the Lingyun Daoist Hall was full of talent, it was Fang Zhantian who used despicable means to poach many people, so much so that the Lingyun Daoist Hall was devastated.

        "We're brothers and sisters, so if you have no one to use, give me a mention and I'll lend you some manpower ah." Fang Zhantian smiled.

        A few young men behind him were strapping, shaking their muscles.

        Fang Zhantian continued, "Look at the people in my Zhantian Dojo, all of them are experts, how about it, they are much stronger than a woman."

        "Fang Zhantian, did you come to my place just to show off your power?" Master Wang said coldly.

        "Old Wang, how can you be so stingy, I'm here to help you, to avoid you being laughed at by the martial arts world, how humiliating it is to have a woman fight for the Ling Yun Dojo, we're from the same school no matter what, I'm helping you so that I don't lose face ah." Fang Zhantian said.

        "Oh, you're really kind, but I don't need it, take your people and get lost." Master Wang said.

        Fang Zhantian's face turned cold and said, "Old Wang, don't be unkind."

        "What my Ling Yun Daoist Hall wants to say, it's not your turn to interfere." Master Wang said.

        "It seems that you really want to seek death, in that case, let me give you some good news, my disciple Lei Heming will also be participating in the master group." Fang Zhantian said.

        Hearing the words Lei Heming, Master Wang's face instantly turned pale.

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 745

Lei Heming was a rookie in recent years, and arguably the strongest among his age, the Battle Heaven Daoist Hall had kicked frequently in the last two years, making many Daoist Houses infamous, thanks to Lei Heming, and because of Lei Heming, the Battle Heaven Daoist Hall had hidden the momentum of being the number one Martial Daoist Hall in Yanjing.

        But the rumor was that Lei Heming would not be fighting in this martial arts tournament, so many people were relieved, but Master Wang never thought that these rumors were false!

        The words coming out of Fang Zhantian's mouth definitely did not need to be questioned, so it seemed that the winner of this martial arts tournament had already been decided.

        How many pavilion masters had lost to Lei He Ming, and the others were even more unlikely to be his opponents.

        Seeing Master Wang's intimidated appearance, Fang Zhantian's face revealed a proud smile, this was the reason why he wanted Lei He Ming to kick the pavilion in the first place, he wanted these people to be scared to death when they heard Lei He Ming's name.

        "Scared? This is normal, with Thunder Crane's strength, you should be afraid." Fang Zhantian said.

        Master Wang took a deep breath, he was indeed afraid, even though he wasn't competing, Lei He Ming's reputation still made him feel chilled.

        Although Jiang Ying Ying was not bad, there was absolutely no half chance of winning against Lei He Ming.

        "I advise you, you'd better let that woman withdraw from the competition, or else Lei He Ming will let her die in the ring." Fang Zhantian continued.

        Master Wang's heart sank, Fang Zhantian was trying to drive her to extinction, if he chose to withdraw at this point, the Lingyun Dojo would definitely become the joke of the Yanjing martial arts world, but if he didn't, Jiang Ying Ying's life would be in danger.

        "Fang Zhantian, do you have to be so decisive?" Master Wang gritted his teeth and said.

        "Treating trash, do I still need to show mercy, you and I are from the same family, I don't want to ruin my master's reputation by being influenced by you, just watch it, if she dares to enter the stage, I will let her walk out of the ring without her life." Fang Zhantian said in a cold voice.

        Master Wang slumped his shoulders and looked dejected, and when Fang Zhantian left with his men, he was even more powerless as he sat paralyzed on the ground.

        In front of his strength, Master Wang had no room to struggle, and he had hoped that Jiang Ying Ying would be able to help Ling Yun Daoist Hall salvage some of its reputation, but now it seemed that this possibility was almost non-existent.

        "Master, that woman is really stupid, just take part in the youth group properly, she has to go to the master group, this is great, when she meets Lei He Ming, she will only die." A young man in his twenties walked up to Master Wang and said disdainfully.

        Master Wang smiled bitterly, he hadn't expected Jiang Yingying to think like this, but this matter had now spread throughout the entire Yanjing Martial World, and it was too late to regret it.

        "Shame on you, the Lingyun Dojo is already ashamed enough anyway." Master Wang said and stood up.

        When the young man saw him leaving, he quickly asked, "Master, where are you going?"

        "Go get her to cancel the game." Master Wang said.

        Arriving outside the Han family compound once again, Master Wang's knowledge of the Han family was also deep, after all, the Han family also had a high reputation in Yanjing, it was just that now there was a feeling of the sun waning in the west, this feeling was like the glorious Ling Yun Dojo that had fallen from the altar.

        "They are all fallen people from the ends of the earth, it seems that no one is qualified to be remembered all the time, the era that belongs to individuals will eventually come to an end." Grandmaster Wang sighed to himself and pressed the doorbell of the Han family compound.

        When the door opened, Master Wang smiled faintly as he saw Yan Jun.

        Yan Jun had single-handedly stirred up the bloodstorm in Yanjing, and in the era when Han Tian Yang rose to prominence, Yan Jun's name was like that of a demon, but unfortunately, he was now old.

        "Who are you looking for?" Yan Jun asked with a straight face.

        "I'm Wang Xin from the Ling Yun Dojo, here to see Han Qianqian." Grandmaster Wang said.

        Yan Jun had heard about the Martial Dao Conference and knew that this so-called Master Wang had helped Jiang Ying Ying get a quota for the competition, so he led Master Wang directly into the compound.

        "The Martial Dao Conference is held once every three years, and in the last two editions, it seems like we haven't heard of any good results from the Ling Yun Dao Hall." On the way to meet Han Qianqian, Yan Jun said.

        Master Wang sighed and said, "Since the Ling Yun Dao Hall has been drained of talent, it no longer has a chance to pull itself together, and to be able to maintain it until now, I've given everything I have, so how could I possibly have good results."

        There was one humiliating thing that Master Wang himself didn't want to think back on, and that was that everyone who remained at the Ling Yun Daoist Hall now was on salary and was willing to stay on for the sake of the money, otherwise, he would have been the only person left at the Ling Yun Daoist Hall long ago.

        "This time, the Lingyun Daoist Hall should be able to revive itself." Yan Jun smiled, with Jiang Ying Ying appearing and participating in two graded competitions at the same time, the Ling Yun Daoist Hall would definitely be able to make a splash and return to its previous peak once again, or even better.

        "Have you heard of Lei He Ming?" Master Wang asked.

        "I know, a very outstanding young man these past few years, kicking down countless Daoists, I heard that he is only in his twenties, he has a bright future." Yanjun said.

        "I didn't expect even you to have such a high opinion of him, this Master's Group competition will include him, with him here, where will it be the other Daoist's turn to play?" Master Wang shook his head helplessly, Lei He Ming's strength was so far beyond the norm that even many museum masters were no match for him, and it wasn't too much to say that he was the internal champion.

        "Do you have so little confidence in Jiang Ying Ying?" Yan Jun laughed, this guy, still holding a treasure in his heart, there was no need to worry, as long as Jiang Yingying stood on the ring, she was an invincible existence.

        Master Wang is not lack of confidence, but a little thought, although he lost to Jiang Yingying, but this does not reflect how strong Jiang Yingying is, after all, he is now older and his skills have regressed, while Lei He Ming is like the sun, the peak of strength, Jiang Yingying with what to fight him?

        When he saw Han 3000, Han 3000 was putting Han Nian to sleep and made a silent motion to Master Wang, so Master Wang could only wait in silence.

        In Master Wang's eyes, there was nothing special about Han 3,000 other than that he was a bit handsome, and with such an image of a milk father, he couldn't really associate it with the man who had let it slip that all those who had targeted the Han family would kneel down in front of the Han family compound, the difference was just too great.

        Was he just verbally bragging for fun?

        But these words had offended many of the Yanjing family, and if he didn't have the ability to do the right thing, this matter would be enough to bring about the end of the Han family.

        A little ten minutes later, Han Nian finally fell asleep, and after Han 3,000 was handed over to Su Yingxia, he and Master Wang came to the front yard.

        "What's the matter that you're in such a hurry to find me?" Han Giangli asked.

        After a short moment of hesitation, Master Wang said, "I want Jiang Ying Ying to withdraw from the competition."

        Han Qianli frowned, this guy was hoping that Jiang Yingying could salvage some reputation for the Ling Yun Dojo, so why did he suddenly want Jiang Yingying to withdraw again?

        "For what reason?" Han Qianli asked.

        "After you left, the master of the Battle Heaven Dao Hall found me, there's a man named Lei He Ming who is very powerful, this time he'll be fighting for the Battle Heaven Dao Hall in the Masters division, he's already let it slip that he wants Jiang Ying Ying to die in the ring, I don't want to get innocent people involved." Master Wang said.

        Han Qianli was a bit surprised after hearing this, this guy had planned for Jiang Yingying to stand up for the Lingyun Dao Hall, but now he was thinking about Jiang Yingying's safety, what kind of person was this?

        "You have a conscience?" Han Giangli smiled.

        "I admit that I do want to use her, but it has to be under conditions where there's no danger to life, and the situation is completely different now, once she goes up against Lei He Ming, it's bound to be a dead end, and I don't want to carry such a fresh life." Master Wang said.

        "It seems like you still have a bottom line, but why would you want to work for someone like Zhong Tianli, you should know what kind of person Zhong Tianli is," Han Giangli asked curiously about what the real Master Wang was like, since he really didn't act like the same person before and after.

His True Colors Han Jingru Chapter 746

When it came to this matter of Zhong Tianli, Master Wang had an even more helpless expression on his face, even with some bitterness, because the Lingyun Dojo needed to use money to keep going, and he was almost out of ammunition, so he was forced to do something ugly like taking people's money to take away their calamities for them.

        "Would it be too vulgar if I said it was for money," Master Wang said.

        "Is the Ling Yun Dojo still short of money?" Han 3,000 unexpectedly, Lingyun Dojo is very imposing, this look is a masterpiece production, take Tianchang Sheng's unrelated and Lingyun Dojo compared, there are several levels of difference, he even still lack of money?

        "Shortage, and very shortage, in the past when the Lingyun Dojo was at its peak, it did make a lot of money for me, but now it's fallen out of favor, not only does the Lingyun Dojo not make money, but it loses money every day, those people you see when you go to the Dojo are not so much my disciples, they're more like office workers, they receive a salary from me, if they didn't have any money, they would have left long ago, the whole Dojo, Maybe I'll be the only one left." Grandmaster Wang said.

        Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh out loud, this master was having an awful time, his disciples actually needed money to keep them, and I'm afraid that a museum master who had gotten to his level was the only one in the world.

        Faced with Han Qianli's sneer, Master Wang didn't feel any resentment, because this was reality, and reality didn't give him any qualification to refute Han Qianli.

        "If you don't have any money, why should you stick around?" Han Giangli questioned.

        "The Martial Hall is my lifelong obsession, if there is no Martial Hall, I'd rather die." Master Wang's tone suddenly became firm as it was his conviction, he had spent his life specializing in martial arts so that he could cultivate more martial arts practitioners, if he didn't even have a martial arts hall, what was the point of living.

        Han Qianli suddenly fell silent, and only after a long time did he say, "I'll give you one hundred million, so that you can have the capital to receive more disciples, but these people will be at my disposal in the future."

        One hundred million!

        This money was a very staggering sum even for Master Wang at his peak, and Han 3,000, just saying give it?

        "You ...... you're not kidding me, 100 million?" Master Wang asked in a trembling voice.

        "Do you look at me like I'm joking, or do you doubt that I, the young master of the Han family, can't come up with this much money?" Han 3,000 faded.

        As the saying goes, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, the Han family is not as good as it used to be, but it was once a big family, how could the Han family not have just 100 million?

        But Master Wang couldn't figure out why Han Three Thousand was willing to invest so much money in the Ling Yun Dojo.

        "What do you want them to do for you?" Master Wang asked.

        "Don't worry, illegal things will never be done, and it's possible that I won't need them for the rest of my life." Han Three Thousand said, the reason for this arrangement was considered a secret move by Han Three Thousand, since he was used to facing anything in advance since childhood, every step he took would leave him more leverage, and he was about to go to the apocalypse, perhaps the power of the Lingyun Daoist Hall would be able to give some help in the future, but whether it was useful or not was too early to say.

        Of course, the biggest reason for being able to do this was still being rich and generous, the current Han 3000 didn't care about this small amount of money at all, with the financial support of the Nangong family, 100 million didn't even need to blink an eye.

        This was the true portrayal of the capriciousness of money.

        "Are you not joking with me?" Master Wang wasn't sure if what Han Giang was saying was true, and asked once again.

        "Of course not, this amount of money is just pocket money to me," Han Marchan said.

        Master Wang was sweating, this was a truly rich man ah, a whole hundred million ah, but in his mouth it was pocket money, this kind of pocket money, can crush ninety-nine point nine percent of the world's people.

        "As for the Jiang Yingying Masters group, she won't withdraw from the competition." Han Qianli continued.

        Only after Han Three Thousand's words did the topic get back on track.

        The main reason Master Wang had come to see Han Three Thousand was because of this matter, as he was well aware of Lei He Ming's power, so he understood the dangers he would encounter after entering the ring better than Han Three Thousand.

        Seeing that Han 3000 wouldn't allow Jiang Ying Ying to withdraw from the competition, Master Wang persuaded, "It's never a wise choice to fight Lei He Ming, so you should reconsider."

        "What conditions do I need to have to be astonished?" Han Qianli suddenly asked a question that baffled Master Wang.

        Master Wang thought about it and said, "Own strength is strong and ruthless, if there is another stepping stone it is naturally better."

        Own strength is strong this is one thing, but the most crucial thing is still a stepping stone, because a stepping stone is the only way to better prove and embody it, and if no one knows how strong the strength is, then what's the point?

        "Isn't Ray Crane a good stepping stone?" Han Giangli laughed.

        Master Wang's pupils trembled like an earthquake, and he was using Lei He Ming as a stepping stone!

        If this was spread out, there was no telling how many people would sneer at him.

        Lei He Ming's strength was obvious to everyone in the Yanjing martial world, and his kicking move had even set off a frenzy in the martial world, causing countless people to chase after him, and a rising star like him was destined to become famous for miles and miles, possibly even becoming the pinnacle of existence in the entire Yanxia martial world.

        And in Han Qianli's eyes, such a powerful character was a stepping stone?

        Master Wang, who had been unable to regain his senses for a long time, was so immersed in shock that he had lost the ability to think.

        "Ying Ying's strength is no match for any Lei He Ming, you don't need to worry, just sit in the audience and watch Ying Ying perform properly." Han Giangli continued.

        The stunned Master Wang nodded numbly, not that he didn't want to refute, but he simply didn't know how to refute in his current state.

        Leaving the Han family compound, Master Wang appeared to be a little disoriented, although he had received 100 million to keep the Lingyun Dojo going, the shock it brought to him was far less intense than Han Three Thousand's words.

        Lei He Ming!

        That's Lei He Ming!

        How dare he think such a thing?

        Or was it not that he had exaggerated Jiang Ying Ying's strength, but that Jiang Ying Ying was really capable of doing it?

        Thinking of this, Master Wang couldn't help but draw a breath of cold air, if Jiang Ying Ying really did it, not only would it be astonishing, I'm afraid the entire Yanjing martial arts world would be shaken.

        And yet, she was still just a woman.

        At this moment, Master Wang couldn't help but look forward to Jiang Yingying's performance, and even hoped that the Martial Dao Meeting would start soon, so that he would have the chance to see Jiang Yingying's true strength.

        "Fang Zhantian, maybe this time, you're going to miss your chance, if Lei He Ming is really defeated, I'd like to see your expression." Master Wang said to himself.

        The Han family compound.

        Every day, Jiang Ying Ying would have systematic training, and she would only have time to rest after the training was over.

        "Brother 3000, I heard that Master Wang is here again?" After the training was over, Kang Ying Ying found Han 3,000 the first time and asked about it.

        "Yeah." Han 3,000 nodded his head.

        "What's he doing here, is there some variation in the competition?" Jiang Ying Ying was concerned.

        "He said there's an expert named Lei He Ming who will be competing in the Masters division and this person has a problem with him and the other side has put out a message that if you dare to stand in the ring, they want you dead, so he wants you to withdraw from the competition." Han 3,000 said.

        Jiang Ying Ying tensed up, originally she didn't really care to participate in the martial arts tournament, but after learning about Han Marchian's intentions, she was already very serious about preparing for this tournament and would be very unhappy if she really withdrew from the tournament.

        "Brother Three Thousand, you won't agree to this," Jiang Ying Ying asked nervously.

        Han Three Thousand smiled and shook his head, saying, "How could I possibly agree to it, in my eyes, that Lei He Ming can't possibly be your opponent."

        Jiang Ying Ying was relieved that she hadn't agreed to it.

        "Brother 3000, don't worry, I definitely won't embarrass you." Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "Since Lei He Ming is known as a rising star in the Yanjing martial arts world and has succeeded in kicking ass countless times, it means that this person does have real skills, so you should never take it lightly." Han Qianli warned.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded heavily and said, "From today onwards, I'll double my training time, and I'll make him lie down in the ring regardless of what he's calling Thunder Crane Thunder Crane."


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