His True Colors Chapter 694-696

Chapter 694

Jiang Ying Ying was also very touched inside, she hadn't felt the warmth of a family for a long time since she was a child with He Ting, and at this moment, she knew what it was like to have a family.

        When she saw Su Yingxia nodding her head in approval, saw Shi Jing smiling, and saw Han Tian Yang instructing her to draw lots, she couldn't help but wet her eyes as well.

        "Good." Jiang Ying Ying said and stretched out her hand nervously, although it wasn't a big deal, but it decided where Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet would be held, but more importantly, such a big deal was going to come out in her hands.

        "Don't be afraid, these places aren't bad anyway, you're just helping me with my tangles." Seeing Jiang Ying Ying's slightly trembling hands, Han Qianli comforted her.

        Jiang Ying Ying nodded, picked up a paper ball and handed it to Han 3000.

        "Brother Three Thousand, don't blame me if it's bad," Jiang Ying Ying said.

        "How could it be bad, these places are fine." Han Three Thousand opened the paper ball and the place chosen was the manor that he had visited earlier today.

        Han Three Thousand and Su Yingxia, and even Han Tian Yang were very satisfied with the place, the secluded and elegant environment was not to the point of being a paradise, but compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, a tranquility there was still very appealing.

        "Mom, this is the result of the lottery." Han Giang said to Shi Jing, who was definitely not too happy with this place since she preferred the magnificent hotels.

        "I'm fine with it."

        After the location was finalized, Han Three Thousand was ready to call the owner of the manor and inform him to prepare.

        The owner of the Bi Feng Manor was named Zhang Bi Feng, and ever since Han Qianli and the others left the manor, Zhang Bi Feng had been in a state of anxiety as he didn't know if Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet would end up being held at the Bi Feng Manor, which made him restrain his nervousness.

        "One day of nerves, it's just a Hundred Days Banquet, you're such a big boss, do you need to be nervous about this?" Zhang Bi Feng's wife said helplessly as she couldn't bear to watch this whole day, Zhang Bi Feng sat in the living room in a state of soulfulness, looking at his phone almost every other minute of the day.

        "What do you know about a woman with long hair and short insight, do you know what this Hundred Days Banquet means to the Zhang family." Zhang Bi Feng's eyes glared fiercely at his wife, could this be a small thing? The current Han 3000 was in a high position in Cloud City, whoever was able to undertake this matter would be able to raise their status in Cloud City, and Zhang Bi Feng didn't want to miss out on such a good opportunity himself.

        "What does it mean, do you still lack money right now, do you want to die if you earn less?" Zhang Bifeng's wife returned the glare.

        Zhang Bi Feng wasn't a man who was afraid of his wife, but more often than not, he wouldn't even bother with her, and verbal fights were even rarer.

        But in this matter, Zhang Bi Feng wouldn't spoil this woman, he had to let his wife know how powerful Han 3000 was and how important this matter was to the Zhang family, and he also had to remind this woman that she should never provoke anyone who was related to Han 3000, or else the Zhang family wouldn't even know how to die.

        "Saying you're short-sighted, I really haven't wronged you, can this be a matter of money? Do you think that I'm hosting this Hundred Days Banquet to collect money, Han Third Thousand's current status, as long as I can get in touch with him, the benefits that can be brought to the Zhang family are never just money."

        "Isn't this Han Three Thousand Years, just the former Su Family's wasteful son-in-law, no matter how powerful he is, how much more powerful can he be?" Zhang Bi Feng's wife said disdainfully.

        She was a woman who seldom asked about matters of the rivers and lakes, and although Han Qian had a few incidents that had stirred up Cloud City, the impression of Han Qian's wasteful son-in-law was too deep in her eyes, so it was hard for her to change her mind about Han Qian.

        Zhang Bi Feng who heard this instantly turned pale, even if this was his own home, even if these words said behind closed doors wouldn't be heard by others, he would still feel scared.

        "These words of yours will be swallowed back into your stomach honestly in the future, do you know that this kind of words can make my Zhang family fall apart, is the current Han 3000, is it something you are qualified to evaluate? The Su family's wasteful son-in-law, that was last century, but he's the youngest young master of the Yanjing Han family." Zhang Bi Feng angrily scolded.

        "You're fierce at me?" Zhang Bi Feng's wife looked at him with a startled look, looking like she was choking with tears.

        This time, Zhang Bi Feng didn't dare to be the slightest bit soft because he was worried that this woman was so arrogant that she didn't take Han 3000 seriously and something big would definitely happen in the future.

        "I'm warning you, outside, you are not allowed to mention the words Han Qianqian, let alone judge him freely, otherwise, I'll have you get out of the Zhang family." Zhang Bi Feng said coldly.

        The woman was completely dumbfounded, she had never seen Zhang Bi Feng so serious, and even the crying trick didn't seem to work anymore.

        It was only then that she knew how high Han Qianli was in Zhang Bi Feng's heart.

        This Su family's wasteful son-in-law had really become very powerful now?

        At this moment, Zhang Bi Feng's phone suddenly rang.

        He had been waiting for an incoming call for a whole day, and the excitement at this time simply could not be described with words.

        Shivering, he took a few deep breaths before Zhang Bi Feng picked up the phone, looking as if he was cautious about the matter, almost as if he was treating it with the devotion of a shower and a change of clothes.

        "Han ...... Han, hello." Zhang Bifeng stammered.

        "Mr. Zhang, our location has been chosen, it's at the Bifeng Manor, so please take care of the Hundred Days Banquet." Han Marchant said.

        "Yes, yes, don't worry Mr. Han, I will personally guard every aspect and will never let you down." Zhang Bifeng said excitedly.

        After hanging up the phone, Zhang Bifeng's face flushed red, it was all given to excitement out, although he had great illusions about it, but when this thing really fell on his head, the mood was completely different.

        This was not a simple Hundred Days Banquet, for Zhang Bi Feng, this was a step up in status, after the Hundred Days Banquet, Bi Feng Manor's status in the catering industry would definitely become a leader, and his status in the business world would rise as well.

        "From today onwards, I will live in Bi Feng Manor, don't disturb me if there's nothing, and don't allow anything, I will supervise the entire Hundred Days Banquet." Zhang Bifeng said to his wife.

        This kind of thing, one family was happy and several families were sad, except for Zhang Bifeng, the other bosses lived in an endless sigh of relief.

        However, from the next day onwards, Zhang Bi Feng received many calls from some of the group bosses who previously did not take him seriously, wanting to help with the Hundred Days Banquet and allowing Zhang Bi Feng to make any requests he had, as long as he could get them involved.

        If it had been before, such a large group owner would have definitely made him feel flattered, but now Zhang Bi Feng felt that he was taking it for granted.

        No matter how big the group was, could it still be bigger than Han Qianqian?

        And now that Zhang Bi Feng didn't need to put these people in his eyes at all, it was even less likely that he would give these people the chance to dabble, and the calls that came in were invariably rejected by him.

        This made a lot of people regret that they had the chance to pull together with Zhang Bi Feng and missed the opportunity, and now it was too late to mend their ways.

        This was how things were unpredictable, and no one could predict what would happen tomorrow.

        A small manor owner who became a big celebrity in Cloud City overnight, who could have imagined?

        When the countdown to Han Nian's Hundredth Day Banquet entered the three day countdown, a disliked figure appeared at the Cloud City bus station, dressed in tattered clothes, and people passing by would show a disdainful expression when they saw him, but he didn't care about those strange looks in the crowd, instead he looked quite impressed.

        To Fang Zhan, the hustle and bustle of city life seemed very strange, he had long since gotten used to living alone in the deep forest, and was used to having only snakes and insects and rats and ants around him.

        However, for someone like him, it wasn't difficult to adapt to the new environment, and in the past, he was a man of very high status, and he wouldn't have cared about those people's disdain for him.

        To exaggerate a bit, these people were just a bunch of ants in Fang Zhan's eyes.

        "Three days later, Han Three Thousand Years is going to hold a Hundred Days Banquet for his daughter, it's the perfect time for you to make your move, I don't just want him dead, I want everyone to know how useless he is." Lintong walked to Fang Zhan's side and said.

Chapter 695

Fang Zhan nodded slightly, to him, it didn't make any difference when or where Han Qianxiang died, all he wanted was to know where his daughter was.

        By satisfying Lin Tong's request, he would be able to find his daughter, and for that Fang Zhan could do anything.

        But he still couldn't help but say, "Make him a waste, will that raise your status in the apocalypse?"

        "Hmph." Lintong snorted coldly and said, "With my current position, do I still need to use this kind of trash as a stepping stone?"

        "You're afraid that your position will be affected by him, even if you don't admit that this is true, and such a mindset will doom you to not become a truly strong person." Fang Zhan said indifferently.

        Lintong gritted his teeth, could he become a truly strong person or not, was this something Fang Zhan could decide?

        He had established himself in the apocalypse as the son of heaven's pride, and if even he couldn't become strong, who else could?

        "Fang Zhan, isn't it a joke that your few words can conclude that I can't become strong?" Lintong said with dissatisfaction.

        Fang Zhan shook his head and said, "I'm not joking, because a truly strong person should be able to see everything, and you're afraid because of someone who hasn't joined the Apocalypse yet, such a mentality would never appear in a strong person."

        "I said, I'm not afraid!" Lin Tong looked at Fang Zhan with resentment, he didn't think he was afraid of Han Qianyang, he just didn't want to be unnecessarily affected because of Han Qianyang, this was just stifling the threat in its cradle, how could it be fear?

        Fang Zhan smiled faintly and said, "I've also said that it's true even if you don't admit it."

        "Hehe." Lintong smiled coldly and said, "Think what you like, the day I rule the apocalypse, I will definitely find you and show you how powerful I am, even if you turn into ashes, I will dig you out from the grave."

        Fang Zhan slightly shook his head, no longer engaging in unnecessary verbal sparring with Lin Tong, his definition of Lin Tong was by no means just words, but the result of his many years of experience.

        Tianqi wasn't the only proud son of heaven, there had been many powerful young people who had appeared, and those people had become strong later on because they had a heart that wasn't afraid of anything, but this was not something that Lin Tong possessed.

        How could a fearful heart turn into a strong one.

        And from start to finish, Fang Zhan could feel that Lin Tong didn't dare to face this matter on his own, he did so out of fear of the next oldest, out of fear of the effect on his reputation.

        Perhaps, if he dared to directly kill Han Qianqian, he would still have a chance to impress the next oldest, but this situation was absolutely impossible.

        Seeing Fang Zhan walking away, Lin Tong's back groove teeth were almost about to clench.

        "Dead thing, how dare you judge me, I'll definitely make you look good when I have the chance." Lintong said with murderous intent.

        Hillside Villa.

        Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet was approaching, but the family appeared to be doing nothing as everything was left to the people under their hands, and all they needed to do was hear Mo Yang's report every day.

        Han 3000 cherished the time he spent in Cloud City, barely going out and staying by Su Yingxia and Han Nian's side because he didn't know when his next departure would be, and it was even more of an unknowable unknown when he would return after he left.

        There were even times when Han Giang didn't want to face the apocalypse, but he knew very well that, as things stood, the greatest choice might have long since been out of his hands.

        On the same morning, Han 3,000 went for a morning run along the mountain road, and today Su Yingxia deliberately followed him, as if time had returned to the past.

        At that time, Han three thousand just bought the hillside villa, Su Yingxia will run together every day.

        The first time she stood on the top of the mountain, Han Qianli gave her the words, now Su Yingxia is no longer looking forward to the prosperous city in the north, she is more willing to stay in this small cloud city, as long as Han Qianli is with her.

        However, Su Yingxia knew that happy times were bound to be short-lived, and Han 3,000 wouldn't stay by her side forever.

        She had a sneaking feeling in her heart that Han 3000 was going to have something big to do in the future, and would definitely have to leave Cloud City, but this topic, Su Yingxia didn't take the initiative to provoke, and she didn't want to live in the torment of the countdown.

        "This old guy, why did he come back in!" Arriving at the top of the mountain, Han Giangli spotted a familiar figure, the old man with the white beard, who had been kicked out of his house a few days ago, actually appeared again today.

        "Do you know him?" Su Yingxia asked in puzzlement.

        "This divine old thing doesn't know where he came from, I saw him here last time too." Han Giangli explained.

        Su Yingxia sneaked a glance at the old man, who looked like an immortal, just like an old immortal in a TV series, he didn't look like an ordinary person at a glance.

        "Old man, why did you come back in here? If those security guards find out, you're going to get your legs broken." Han Qianli walked up to the next old man and said.

        Old God Next stroked his beard and said with a smile, "How could they beat me."

        "With an old bone like yours, you're just bragging." Han Qianli faintly said.

        The next old man couldn't laugh or cry, this old bone of his in the apocalypse, that anyone would have to bow respectfully at the sight of it, but he didn't expect to be so bad in front of his future disciple?

        "The air here is pretty good, the entire Cloud City, this is the only place that can attract me, you kid has good eyes." The next old man said with a smile.

        "This is a multi-million dollar mansion, the environment is naturally the best in the entire Cloud City, if you want to live here, I'll send you a villa, just don't bother me." Han Qianli said, tens of millions of dollars of villa said to give it away, and didn't even blink an eye, such a generous amount of money, it was estimated that only Han Qianli could do it.

        In the past, Han Three thousand never put extra belongings in his eyes, isn't money just made of paper? And now, Han Qianqiang didn't put money in his eyes even more, the Nangong family's amazing assets couldn't be spent even in ten lifetimes ah.

        "You're quite magnanimous, but I'm not interested in these mundane things." The next oldest said.

        "Then what are you interested in?" Han 3000 asked casually.

        "You." The next oldest turned his head and looked at Han Three Thousand with a smiling face.

        Han Qianqian had a vicious chill, and even Su Yingxia couldn't help but cringe.

        This old thing, could there be some special fetish!

        "Old man, what kind of person do you take me for, but I have a serious sexual orientation," Han Qianqian said.

        The next old man was stunned, ruined by Han Marchant's triple-view of his thoughts, this guy, does he think he's old enough to still like men!

        "How could your mind be so unclean, you fool." Yi Lao said.

        Han Qianqiang hadn't gotten angry yet, but Su Yingxia on the side couldn't bear it, how could her husband be called a fool.

        "Old man, I respect you because you're a year old, but how can you casually curse people." Su Yingxia said to the next old man with slight anger.

        The next old man sighed a long sigh, not only was his future apprentice not easy to deal with, this apprentice's daughter-in-law didn't seem to be a good person either, I really don't know what will happen if I bring these two to the apocalypse in the future.

        "I will soon become your benefactor, aren't you afraid of being condemned by the heavens for treating me like this?" The next oldest said.

        "A benefactor?" Han Giangli frowned, where did that come from, he had never met and had no grudges against this old man, why should he be his benefactor.

        "At the Hundred Days Banquet, someone will be looking for you, and only I can save you," The next old man said.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly, was there anyone who could threaten him in Cloud City now? And even if those people had eaten a bear's heart, they wouldn't dare to trouble him at this particular time ah.

        Taking a step back, even if such death-seekers did appear, with Han Qianqian's current skills, he wouldn't be afraid of them.

        "Old man, you're underestimating people, I still need you to save them?" Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        "There's a man outside the man and a heaven outside the sky, haven't you heard that before." Yi Lao laughed.

        The news about Fang Zhan coming to Cloud City was already known to the next old man, and he was very surprised by it, although he had long guessed that Lin Tong would not give up on the matter of killing Han 3000, but the fact that he was able to invite Fang Zhan out of the mountain was something that the next old man had never expected.

Chapter 696

Fang Zhan had been one of the top ten masters of the Apocalypse and his position had not been able to be replaced to this day, this was enough to prove that Fang Zhan was powerful.

        What's more, Fang Zhan was so determined to quit that even the second old man himself was unable to retain him, which showed that Fang Zhan's heart for seclusion was resolute, so he was able to be invited out of the mountain by Lin Tong, which made the second old man feel very surprised, and he couldn't even imagine what method Lin Tong had used.

        And Fang Zhan's strength was definitely not something that Han Qianqian could contend with, there was only one way for him to die in front of Fang Zhan.

        "Blow, if I can't even beat him, can you still beat him?" Han Giangli said indifferently.

        "Do you think I have to lie to you?" The next old man smiled and looked at Han Three Thousand.

        Suspicions rose in Han Qianli's heart, although he didn't know who this old man was, he really didn't have to lie to himself about such things, but who could threaten him in Cloud City today?

        A person's name suddenly recalled in Han Qianqian's mind.


        Both Han Tiansheng and Ma Yu had mentioned this person, and although Han 3000 hadn't met with Lin Tong, he knew that Lin Tong was targeting him.

        If the old man's words were true, then this person must be Lin Tong.

        "Old man, who exactly are you?" Han 3000 questioned, the fact that he was able to know about Lintong meant that his identity must not be simple, and it was even likely that he knew about the apocalypse.

        Second Elder smiled without saying anything, he wasn't planning to expose his identity in front of Han Qianli right now, this time he came to Cloud City, he actually just wanted to see what kind of person Han Qianli was, after all, he was going to accept a disciple, strength was one of the things, character was also very important.

        "You're from Apocalypse, did the next oldest send you to protect me?" Han 3000 guessed that the reason why he thought so had something to do with Ma Yu, because when Ma Yu had appeared at the critical time, it was the next old man who had sent him, and it was likely that the old man in front of him had the same identity position as Ma Yu.

        The next old man nodded his head along with the water, since Han Qianli thought so, it also avoided the trouble of him going to fabricate his own identity, and more importantly, even if Han Qianli knew his true identity in the future, Han Qianli couldn't blame him, after all, his identity was Han Qianli's own guess, if he guessed wrongly, could he still be blamed for it?

        "Why didn't the next oldest personally show up?" Han Qianqian asked.

        "Who do you think Next Elder is that he can casually come to see you, boy, don't think you can be arrogant and cocky just because Next Elder wants to take you as his disciple." The next oldest old said indifferently.

        "Cut." Han Qianli laughed disdainfully and said, "Do you think I'm really willing to be his disciple, I haven't agreed yet."

        The next oldest secretly bit his teeth, this guy really didn't know how lucky he was, how many people in the apocalypse wanted to be his apprentice who weren't even qualified yet, and this guy was completely unconcerned.

        "Why didn't you agree to such a good thing." The next old man couldn't help but ask.

        "Who knows what kind of person that old man is, what if he's a pervert, what if his character doesn't work." Han Marchiang said.

        A pervert!

        The next oldest almost couldn't help but want to teach Han Qianqian a lesson, this brat dared to call him a pervert.

        But the next old man held back, he didn't want to expose his identity.

        The clenched fist silently loosened, thinking that this brat would eventually fall into his hands one day, and then he would justifiably torment him properly.

        "Back to business, without me, you'd be dead." The next oldest said.

        "Since you're the next oldest to find help for me, do you still want to impose conditions on me?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Of course." The next oldest nodded and said, "How can I do it without some benefit if you want me to do it."

        "Say it, how much do you want." Han Qianli asked indifferently, for Han Qianli who wasn't short of money, as long as money could solve the problem, it wasn't a problem, after all, he now had the assets of the Nangong family in addition to sitting on the Han family's assets, which was a long list of staggering figures.

        The next oldest clenched his fists again, he couldn't guess what kind of image he had in Han Giang's mind that he wanted to use money to get rid of him.

        "I don't want money." The next oldest said.

        "If you don't want money, then what do you want?" Han Qianli was puzzled.

        The next old man smiled a very strange smile.

        When Su Yingxia saw this smile, she couldn't help but pull Han Three Thousand's sleeve and whispered, "I have a feeling he doesn't have good intentions."

        Su Yingxia covered up, but Han 3000 acted even more bluntly, not lowering his volume at all and said directly, "Seeing how he doesn't look like a good person, how could he have good intentions."

        The next old man took a deep breath, controlling his temper on the verge of exploding.

        If this was in the apocalypse, whoever dared to talk to him like this would have finished f**king calving long ago, and only Han Qianqian could be so insolent in front of him.

        "I want to be Han Nian's godfather." The next oldest said.

        "No." Han Three Thousand refused without even thinking, saying, "How can Nian'er be a goddaughter to a dirty old thing like you."

        The next old man stomped his feet in place in a grumpy rage, what's a creepy old thing that's creepy when his image is comparable to that of a fairy.

        "You ...... you really want to piss me off." The next old man's hand pointing at Han Qianqian was shaking uncontrollably, he was really on the edge of anger.

        "It just won't work anyway, you change something else." Han Marchiang said.

        The next oldest did this because he wanted to bind the relationship between himself and Han Three Thousand more tightly, and he had also secretly observed Han Nian, and although he couldn't say that he could see Han Nian's talent, the next oldest felt that this little girl must not be a simple character when she grew up in the future.

        "Pull it down, you're just waiting to die, no one can save you except me." The next old man's temper was also up, and he looked like he refused to compromise in the slightest.

        This was when Su Yingxia began to worry, he had made his words so absolute, what if someone really was against Han Qianli and needed him to save him? She couldn't just stand by and watch Han Qianxiang die at the hands of someone else.

        "Three-thousand, why don't you just agree to him, it's not a bad thing, what if someone does deal with you." Su Yingxia said worriedly.

        Han Three Thousand knew that if the other party was really what Lin Tong had found, his skills were definitely not ordinary, he would most likely not be a match, and if this old man didn't step in, maybe Han Nian's Hundred Days Banquet would be the death of him.

        But he really didn't like the way he looked at this old thing, how could he let Han Nian be his goddaughter?

        "Still I am a disciple ...... your wife is sensible, without my help, you would be dead, such a small request, or quickly agree to it." The next old man said with a smile.

        "Why do you want to be Nian'er's godfather?" Han Qianqian asked.

        This was difficult for the next oldest, as he couldn't let Han Qianli know what he was thinking, but the next oldest's mind was quick, but he instantly thought of a way to say it and said to Han Qianli, "If you become the next oldest's disciple in the future, you'll definitely be a big figure in the apocalypse, so must I find a way to flatter him?"

        "Shameless." Han Giangli said disdainfully.

        "Then you're willing to be a no?" The next old man smiled and asked.

        Now that his goal was just that, and it wouldn't cause any harm to Han Nian, Han Qianli could naturally say yes, but more importantly in this situation, Han Qianli had no other choice, he couldn't resist the visitors, so he could only put his hope in this old man.

        "If you won't, you have to die, can I refuse?" Han Qianli compromised.

        The next oldest laughed openly, and all the evil anger that had been blocked in his heart just now was instantly released.

        "But there's one thing I want to make clear to you, I need you to confront him head on, and I'll only make my move when you're in a crisis." The next old man said, this time Fang Zhan came forward, it was also an opportunity for Han 3000, if you wanted to become strong, you had to have the chance to fight the strong opponent, being one of the top ten masters of the apocalypse once, he would definitely be able to make Han 3000 comprehend something.

        "I'm not so cowardly that I don't dare to fight." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        The next oldest nodded, this was what he appreciated about Han Three Thousand, after he learned about Han Three Thousand's experiences, he found that no matter what kind of opponent Han Three Thousand encountered, he dared to fight against them, and it was precisely because of this lack of fear of strong opponents that the next oldest wanted to take him as his disciple, after all, what the Apocalypse faced was not something that ordinary people could endure.


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