His True Colors Chapter 529-530

Chapter 529

It was still that big room.

        The place that had been so easily cleaned by the internal staff was now back to the scene of last night, and the air was filled with pungent blood, which if an ordinary person were in such an environment, they would have been scared out of their wits long ago.

        At this moment, however, Han Qianqian looked unusually calm.

        In front of him, there was still a trembling fellow kneeling before him.

        This man had stained a hundred lives with his hands, and before he was caught in the center of the earth, he was even known as a murderous demon.

        He boasted of walking in the purgatory of the human world, having seen all kinds of evil-like brutality in the world, and was even more proud of the fact that the Earth's core had locked him up in Area A. But at this moment, he was so scared that he didn't even dare to say anything.

        It wasn't until he met Han Qianqian that the image he thought of himself as a demon was simply a joke.

        What was a demon?

        The person standing in front of him at this moment could only be called a true demon.

        Other than him, the remaining people were all dying in an extremely twisted manner.

        He witnessed a man's head being blown off, blood splattered.

        He witnessed a man being gutted and falling down with his organs in his hands in resignation.

        Others stared with their eyes wide open, their necks twisted three hundred and sixty degrees in a rigid manner.

        What was purgatory?

        This moment was the scene that could be called a true purgatory.

        "Have you ever seen an old man in District A? His surname is Han." Han Giangli asked faintly, an icy tone as if the devil was calling.

        The man trembled all over and said, "No, I haven't seen anyone in Area A. For me, there's only darkness and loneliness."

        Han Giangli frowned, there was only darkness and loneliness, did it mean that the entire A-District was a confinement room?

        If there wasn't a similar place to let loose in B Block, there would be no chance of them meeting at all.

        "If you tell half a lie, I'll make you die a miserable death." Han Qianli coldly said.

        The man was so frightened that he kowtowed repeatedly, he had just seen Han Qianli's cruel methods, so he wouldn't doubt Han Qianli's words in the slightest and said, "No, I really haven't met anyone."

        Han 3000 heaved a sigh of relief, it seemed that trying to dig up some useful information on this guy was obviously unlikely, the only thing that would give Han 3000 a little understanding of Area A was the difference between Area A and Area B.

        "In that case, go to hell." Han Three Thousand said.

        The man looked up at Han 3,000 in fear and tried to beg for mercy, his pupils snapped open, and as he was looking down, he had seen his chest caved in by Han 3,000's punch.

        Instantly he had trouble breathing and fell to the ground struggling for no more than a moment, not moving.

        Han Giangli sighed and returned to his bed, surrounded by corpses, but he closed his eyes peacefully.

        He was very anxious to leave the Earth's core right now, but there was nothing he could do in the face of this situation but soldier on.

        He knew that no matter how anxious he was inside, he could only wait now until the right opportunity presented itself so that he could leave alive.

        In any case, he had to live, he had to return to Cloud City alive, and only by living could he see Su Yingxia's mother and son.

        Today's change in identity forced Han Giang to give more consideration to his own safety.

        His life was no longer one person's, and he needed to be responsible for Su Yingxia's mother and son.

        The next day, the same scene still horrified those inside to no end.

        There was a fundamental difference between District A and District B. In addition to the fact that their methods were more brutal and easier to pick trouble out of control, there was also the fact that these people's skills were in no way comparable to those in District B.

        In the view of the insiders, today next year should be the death anniversary of Han Qianli, but they didn't expect that he would even kill all the people from District A and still seem to be unharmed, which made them unbelievable.

        Such a powerful and ferocious District A man was no match for him!

        "Don't be too surprised, I'm afraid that what happens in the future will scare you to death." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        The internal staff lowered their heads one by one, not daring to look directly into Han Qianli's icy eyes or enter the big room to clean up the mess with Han Qianli in it, until it was time to let off steam and Han Qianli had left.

        "Who the hell is this guy, he's so powerful that not even the people in Area A are his match."

        "It's really terrible, these people died miserably."

        "Is ...... is he going to be the first one to leave the Earth's core?"

        "No way, he's powerful, but he's only dealing with the people locked up here, how can he break out, the boss hasn't even sent out the real experts yet."

        "Good, even if he can beat everyone and can leave the detention area, he'll be desperate when he sees the true core of the earth."

        This last statement was acknowledged by the other insiders, who nodded and laughed.

        The true core of the earth, if he really had the chance to see it, he might experience the true meaning of the word despair.

        When Han Giangli appeared in the Ventilation District again, his image undoubtedly became even taller, as everyone here knew that District A had come to deal with him, but the fact that he was able to get away unscathed meant that even the people of District A had no way of holding him, and no one in District B was qualified to underestimate such a fearsome and powerful man.

        Blade Twelve walked over to Han 3,000 with a very heavy black eye on his face, he hadn't slept all night last night and was very worried about Han 3,000's condition until he saw Han 3,000 and then he was relieved.

        "Brother Three Thousand, how is it?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "It's true that they're a little stronger than the people in District B, but they died worse." Han Marchiang said.

        The gopher's eyelids jumped straight after hearing this, dying even worse! How miserable that must have been, I'm afraid it had reached an unimaginable point.

        The gopher wanted to ask why Han 3000 had suddenly become so strong, but was afraid of violating Han 3000's taboos, so he didn't dare to ask.

        "Will the Earth's core continue?" Blade Twelve asked, if the Earth Heart continued to send people to kill Han 3,000, then the people coming would definitely be more powerful each time, and the situation Han 3,000 was in would become more and more dangerous.

        "You don't have to worry about me dying, after this series of events, I rather think that the Earth Core won't kill me." Han Three Thousand said.

        "How so?" The gopher couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "There are too many simple and direct ways to kill me, after all, this is their territory, do you need to cause so much trouble if you want me dead?" Han Giangli faintly said, although he couldn't guess what the earth's heart was trying to do, but one thing was certain, if the earth's heart killed him, he would have died long ago, and the reason he was able to live until now was because the earth's heart hadn't actually killed him at all.

        This made Blade Twelve and Gopher nod their heads repeatedly, as they had the same suspicion as well.

        "It seems that Earthheart has other plans." Knife Twelve said.

        Han Giangli nodded his head, but unfortunately, what Earthheart actually wanted to do was something he couldn't guess at this stage.

        The next period of time passed very peacefully, Han Three Thousand returned to his independent room, no more fishy nights, but this peace was more like the eve of a storm, as if there was greater trouble waiting for him.

        The more time engravings on the gopher's arm, the more anxious Han three thousand inside, because these engravings represent the time of Su Yingxia's labor approaching day by day, while he is still locked in the Earth's core unable to leave.

        On this day, Han three thousand was brought to the iron cage ring once again, and after being calm for such a long time, it seemed to everyone that the Earth's Core must have arranged a super strong opponent for Han three thousand.

        And Han Three Thousand himself thought so, but when he saw an aged figure appear, he couldn't help but be left dumbfounded on the spot.

        This familiar yet unfamiliar person caused an uncontrollable excitement to swell within Han Three Thousand's heart.

        Han Tian Yang!


        He was actually still alive, and except for being even older, he was exactly the same image as Han Qianli remembered.

        Two lines of tears gushed out, and Han Three Thousand thousand kneeled in front of Han Tian Yang with a thud.

        The people watching the battle outside the cage were all shocked, Han Three Thousand's image as the God of War was deeply rooted in their hearts, and in their opinion, no matter what kind of opponent, Han Three Thousand had a chance to defeat, but why had he already kneeled down after only meeting his opponent?

        Could it be that he knew he was no match for this old man and that was why he was on his knees begging for mercy?

Chapter 530

"What's going on here Brother 3000!" The gopher who saw this scene was also very horrified and couldn't help but ask Knife Twelve, in the past, Han 3,000 faced experts with great ease, but this old man who looked like a candlemark, why would he kneel?

        "Gopher, it seems you're not in your right mind, what was the reason Brother 3000 came to the Earth's core, have you forgotten?" Blade Twelve said faintly.

        "Because his grandfather ......" The gopher froze before he could finish his sentence and looked at Han Tian Yang, his eyes half shocked and half delighted.

        "Is this, is this Brother 3000's grandfather?" Gopher said.

        Knife Twelve nodded, although he hadn't seen it, he was certain of Han Tian Yang's identity, but other than that, what reason did Han 3000 have to kneel?

        The gopher took a deep breath and continued, "The fact that he's still alive means that Brother 3000's trip wasn't in vain, now all we need to do is find a way to leave."

        Kneeling on the ground, Han 3,000 kowtowed heavily and said, "Grandpa, I'm sorry that my grandson is late and has caused you to suffer."

        Han Tian Yang looked very haggard and pale, but the expression on his face was very comforting, and he smiled and said, "I'm already very happy to see you, but ...... why did you come here, it's impossible for anyone to come in and go out of this place."

        "Grandpa, don't worry, I'll take you away, no one can stop me." Han Third Thousand said.

        Han Tian Yang walked up to Han Three Thousand and helped him up, saying with relief, "Already taller than me, the little guy from before has grown up ah."

        Han Three Thousand nodded his head, not knowing what to say, he had never thought that this day would actually come, never thought that he would still be able to meet up with Han Tian Yang.

        The only person who saw him as a family member, this moment once again made Han Three Thousand feel the care from his loved ones.

        "Grandpa, they didn't do anything to you," Han Three Thousand asked.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head and said, "Other than not seeing the sun, they're eating and drinking well and having a comfortable life."


        How can you live comfortably in the heart of the earth? And that feeling of not seeing the light of day was by no means something ordinary people could endure.

        Han Giangli knew that Grandpa must have suffered a lot here.

        "How's the family?" Han Tianyang suddenly asked Han Three Thousand.

        The Yanjing Han family had long since changed, but Han Three Thousand Thousand did not conceal these things, but told Han Tian Yang the whole truth.

        When Han Tian Yang learned that Nangong Qian Qiu had been forced to hang herself and Han Jun had been reduced to an invalid, he didn't accuse Han 3000, but sighed and said, "I know you must have your own reasons for doing this, and you've had a very fortunate life all these years."

        The long-lost concern once again made Han Three Thousand wet her eyes and said, "Fortunately, I used to steal a lot of pocket money from Grandpa, otherwise I might have starved to death."

        Han 3000 had a very hard time during the time when he was first ostracized by the Han family, he didn't even qualify to go to the dinner table, and his servants would often steal the food given to him, starvation was common, but it was good that he had some money in his hand to tide him over that time.

        Han Tian Yang patted Han Three Thousand's shoulder and said, "That bit of my private money, but you've almost glued it up."

        Han Three Thousand was shocked, he had always thought that Han Tianyang didn't even know about this, but hearing him say that, it seemed like he already knew.

        "Grandpa, did you know?" Han Qianli asked in awe.

        "I'm running low on money, can I still not know?" Han Tian Yang cheerfully said.

        "If you ...... know that, why don't you put the money somewhere else?" Han Qianli looked at Han Tian Yang in puzzlement.

        "Change in case you can't find it." Han Tian Yang said.

        Han Third Thousand stayed still again, then hugged Han Tian Yang tightly in his arms.

        Except for the heavy rain, Han Third Thousand cried like a child, and it was the first time in so many twenty years that he had cried so recklessly.

        In front of Han Tian Yang, Han Three Thousand showed his most vulnerable side to the fullest, because only when he faced Han Tian Yang could he feel the care from his loved ones in this world, a feeling that even his own parents had never given him.

        "Alright, how old are you, how ugly it is to cry, you don't want grandpa to be humiliated with you." Han Tian Yang said, rubbing his slightly sore nose.

        Han Qianli quickly wiped away her tears and said, "Grandpa, I'm not crying."

        Han Tian Yang nodded his head and smiled, "Sand fell into my eyes, I know, I understand."

        "What is this place?" Han Tian Yang looked at his surroundings and puzzledly asked Han 3000, as he had been locked up in Area A, so he had no idea what the iron cage ring was for.

        Han Tian Yang's words reminded Han 3000 that he was still in the iron cage ring at the moment.

        But he didn't understand why Earthheart had arranged for his grandfather to be his opponent, did they still not understand that this method wouldn't work against him after what happened with Blade 12?

        Even Knife Twelve wouldn't kill, how could Han 3000 kill Han Tian Yang?

        There was no sound coming out of the loudspeaker late, and the person who gave the order seemed to have merely brought Han Tian Yang in front of Han 3,000, which made Han 3,000 even more puzzled.

        "Huh." Han Three Thousand suddenly voiced out in shock as he discovered something very strange.

        The previous few times in the Iron Cage Ring, the Earth's Core would have a lot of internal personnel staring out, but today, not a single internal personnel could be seen, and it was as if those guys had disappeared into thin air.

        Since all of Han Qianqiang's attention was focused on Han Tian Yang after seeing him, he couldn't care less about what was happening around him.

        Did those insiders never appear from the beginning to the end, or did they evacuate at some point in time?

        In any case, this situation seemed very strange today.

        "Can you see the inner workings of the Earth's core?" Han Giangli said to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve looked around, then surprised, he locked eyes with Gopher, it was obvious that the two of them had just discovered this situation and it was very shocking to them.

        "There's no one, not one." Knife Twelve said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqiang subconsciously kept Han Tian behind him, and this inexplicable situation made him feel very bad.

        The eve of a calm storm ushered in an even more bizarre calm, which could never be normal.

        "You two be careful." Han Giangli warned to Knife Twelve and Gopher.

        Knife Twelve and Gopher had their backs to each other as a way to deal with any contingencies that might arise.

        "Blade Twelve, take a look at the others, some of them are clearly out of shape." Gopher warned to Knife Twelve.

        "These people have bloodshot eyes, like they're under some kind of stimulus." Knife Twelve said.

        Gopher's heart sank and said, "It's as if they've been given some kind of hormone and are on the verge of losing their minds, if the entire Earth's core riots, the consequences will be unimaginable."

        Blade Twelve gritted his teeth, if the situation was as Gopher said, the form they would have to face would be very severe.

        "Brother Three Thousand, take your grandfather away first, these people might be crazy." Knife Twelve bellowed to Han Three Thousand.

        Although Han 3,000 didn't know what was going on, he could see that the others were different, and if there was a real fight, he definitely wouldn't be able to protect Han Tian Yang well in the middle of such a scuffle.

        "You guys be careful." Han Three Thousand said, then pulled Han Tian Yang out of the iron cage ring.

        The people who entered the madness quickly fought, and a small group of people who hadn't even reacted to what was going on were already dead.

        Those crazy people were like possessed, but they attacked, but they were not crazy people, and soon, the two of them, Blade Twelve and Gopher, were surrounded.

        With the two of them, especially the gopher, it was very difficult to deal with these people.

        At this time, the Earth's core alarm was raised, and in that unknown Area A, all the room doors opened at the same time, the people of Area A who had been imprisoned for at least ten years, rushed out of the room at this moment as if they had regained their freedom, but they all had one characteristic, their eyes were red.

        The Earth's core, it seemed, was about to have a most brutal fight, and Han Kuanyuan wanted to get out of this predicament, there was only one option, to kill everyone in the Earth's core.

        "This great show will ruin my Nangong family's centuries of hard work, but it will be worth it."


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